Daniel Forrest

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Name: Daniel Jack Forrest
Nickname: 'Gumpy'
Position: Major General, Army of the Federation
Sex: Male
Age: 18 (Born 2000)
Nationality: American
Place of Residence: Undetermined

Physical Details
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Rather muscular

Personal Details
"FUCK YOU, WELLINGTON! ARGH! I heard you the first time! Shut up- I know what the hell I'm doing! I'm not leading these bastards for your sake!"

Daniel Forrest is a Major General in the Army of the Federation. Due to the circumstances of his recruitment, he is not attached to any one nation's forces or military unit. Before this, Forrest was actually a Junior Magistrate in the UN's New World Army, where he served as the aide-de-camp to none other than Marshal Magistrate Dieter Hauptmann. When Hauptmann was captured and subsequently befriended by the Federation, he bid Forrest serve the UEF in a military capacity. Forrest was happy to comply, since his loyalty was to Hauptmann, not the UN.

Unfortunately, they then assigned him to the command of none other than Alphonse Wellesley. For the Companions, this pairing brought a great deal of laughs, because one of the most infamous legends of that project was the bitter feud between Wellesley and Forrest. Although Forrest would never disobey an order and thus bring shame on Hauptmann by proxy, he nevertheless lets his disdain for Wellesley be known. Constantly. Loudly.

Forrest was indeed part of the NeoAlexander Project. He was born in Jackson, Mississippi in January 2000. Louisiana and Mississippi were devastated by Impact, and both of Forrest's parents died. He was subsequently entered into the orphanage system and later recruited into the NeoAlexander Project, where he showed great potential. It's also where he met Wellesley.

It's not really sure how their mutual antipathy was born. Perhaps it's the fact that Wellesley has always been calm, polite and just a little superior, whilst Forrest has always been brash, quick-tempered and grudge-holding. Alternatively, it could've been the fact that Forrest devoted much of his effort towards defeating Wellesley on tests, whilst Wellesley devoted most of his effort to defeating Minerva Linden, essentially dismissing Forrest. Any number of things could've set it off. One way or another, however, by the time they were ten years old, they were mortal nemeses. They both had 'nicknames' for each other- Wellesley would call Forrest 'Gumpy', whilst in return Forrest insisted on calling Wellesley 'Wellington', knowing full well that Wellesley hated being associated with the title.

It was also during the Program where Forrest met Dieter Hauptmann, one of the head tutors. The two struck up an instant friendship; Forrest, who never knew his parents, saw humble, devoted Hauptmann as a father figure and was as loyal to him as one might expect. When the Program concluded, Forrest was singled out and offered a support role in Hauptmann's staff, which he gladly took. The two have been inseparable ever since, and where Hauptmann has gone, Forrest has followed. This meant that when Hauptmann was incorporated into the New World Army's Magistrate system, Forrest went as well, where he was retrained as a Junior Magistrate- the youngest on record.

When the Program ended, Forrest was 14, and had just been assigned to Hauptmann's staff. During a routine inspection of a UN warship assigned to the Panama Canal Garrison, an act of sabotage caused massage damage to the vessel. Hauptmann's life was endangered, and Forrest fearlessly pulled him to safety. In the chaos, however, Forrest was pinned by falling debris and had much of his chest crushed and mangled, nearly killing him. It was only modern technology that saved him- for a year he was kept on life support whilst a 'work-around' was designed. In the end, he was the recipient of some of the first working 'synthetic organs' developed by NERV and its affiliates. That said, they didn't work very well at first. They've long since been replaced by superior cybernetics, including an artificial heart and lungs.

Apart from Hauptmann, Forrest has one other very important person in his life- Liliya Lytvynenko, a high-ranking engineer on board the Sword of Damocles and his partner. A Companion like him, Lytvynenko was a good friend of Forrest's during the Program. He developed a strong crush on her and, after reuniting with her during the LN War, took the opportunity to make something of it, with the two quickly striking up a warm romance. Forrest is very clearly adoring of her and keeps a photo of her with him at all times, sealed inside a compartment within his artificial chestplate. Being separated from Lytvynenko due to his capture is a cause of great heartache for him, and he greatly fears that something might happen to her during the cause of the war.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 40 35 45 40 50 30 30 40
Athletics, Awareness+10, Charm, Command+10, Dodge, Intimidate, Literacy, Scrutiny
Scholastic Lore (Tactics+10, Universal Law), Speak Language (Arabic, German, English)
Characteristic Boost (BS, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence), Tactician, Touched by the Fates (1), Unnatural Toughness (2)
Tactician/Junior Magistrate (+10 BS, +1 Ranged Damage. Land Units gain +1 extra Ranged Damage and Fire Drill (1).)
Melee (General, Prog), Basic (General, Positron), Pistol (General, Positron)
Gun Drill (Positron), Rapid Reload
Rapid Reaction, True Grit
Jaded, Unshakeable Faith
Air of Authority, Enemy (UN), Forward you Dogs, Iron Discipline, Radiant Presence
Coordinate Volleys, Massive Damage
Defensive Formation, Repel Attackers
Master Tactician, Tactician's Foundation
18 73 Magistrate Carbine, Magistrate Glaive, Magistrate Power Armour, Pulse Rifle, Pulse Pistol, Positron Grenades (2)

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