Isaiah Gabriel-Wei
Name: Isaiah Gabriel-Wei
Chinese Name: 魏 弘灵 (Wei Hongling)
Position: Student of Saint Louis; NERV nurse, Pilot Health Team 03 (Zhang Yanmei's Team)
Sex: Male
Age: 17 (Born 2000)
Nationality: French-Chinese
Place of Residence: Paris-2 16e Arrondissement

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slim

School Details
Class: 11-C
Average Grade: A-
Best Subject: Mathematics (A+)
Worst Subject: Drama (C+)
Club(s): Mathematics Club, Drama Club, Fencing Club

Personal Details
"I… Like numbers. They're easy to understand. One plus one always equal two… They always make sense. Not like people. Can't figure people out."

When the topic of Isaiah Gabriel-Wei comes up in Saint Louis discussion, two things are generally agreed upon- that the boy is brilliant, and that he is very socially awkward.

A perpetual loner, Isaiah rarely makes friends or even speaks to anyone willingly. The only exception is for Maths Club, but even then he's often quiet. He nevertheless has an unparalleled mind for science and mathematics, and consistently scores excellently on tests in those subjects.

Despite his loner status, Isaiah is often considered to be very kind beneath his unwillingness to socialise. Saint Louis anecdotes are peppered with stories of how Isaiah has shown up to lend a hand with a difficult task or even to give a surprise gift to someone, before smiling a little and heading off. The idea of Isaiah being a lovely, but lonely and socially awkward person has caught on greatly amongst his peers, and some more softer-hearted people try to go out of their way to help the boy.

Isaiah has grown greatly as a person in the last year. His relationship with Zhang Yanmei has blossomed into a deep and abiding love, a strong romantic bond that is underlined by a curious AT Field effect known as the Libido Effect, that links the pair permanently, sharing their emotions and thoughts.

His father, Doctor Elijah Gabriel, works for NERV as part of the Weapons Development Department. The assignment has created a great deal of stress for the Doctor, who is a philosophical pacifist- but one of the world's foremost experts on Positron generation and application.

Personal Details

Name: Isaiah Gabriel-Wei
Background: Prodigy
Gender: Male
Career: Berserker/AT Tactician/Skirmisher (Dervish)
Rank: Chimera/AT Magician/Gunslinger
Experience: 27,400


Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 58 5 Expert
BS 34 3 -
Strength 51 5 Expert
Toughness 50 5 Expert
Agility 60 6 Expert
Intelligence 60 6 Expert
Perception 34 2 -
Willpower 56 5 Expert
Fellowship 31 3 -
Synch Ratio 93 9 Expert

Wounds: 26


AG Bonus Half Full Charge Run
6 6 12 18 36

WUP Pool: 10
Fate Points: 4/4
Berserk Points: +1
Insanity Pts: 49/100

Ego Barrier: 100(75)%

Assets, Drawbacks and Traits


Egghead (Logic)
Egghead (Medicae)
Mad Skill
Quick Healer
Gifted (Willpower)
Fluffy-Haired Snuggles (Relationship point from Yanmei)


Duty of Care (Elizabeth)
Can't Live Without (Yanmei)


Maternal Instinct (Spend Fate point, halve breach damage)
A10 Sensitive (+5 to Synch Ratio)
Open Mind (-10 to Feedback)
Untrained Eye (-3 to BS)


Prodigy Berserker

Starting Skills: Literacy, Logic, Speak Language (Chinese), Speak Language (English), Speak Language (French), CL Science, CL History, SL Medicae
Starting Talents: Neutralize, Deflective Field, Melee (General), BUP, WUP



CL (History)
CL (Science)


SL (Anatomy)+10
SL (Chemistry)
SL (Medicine)+20
Speak Language (Chinese)
Speak Language (English)
Speak Language (French)
Trade: Cooking+10


Weapon Proficiency Talents

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General Yes - -
Melee Prog Yes - -
Basic Bolt - - -
Basic Fusion - - -
Basic General Yes - -
Basic Maser - - -
Basic Positron - - -
Pistol Bolt - - -
Pistol General Yes - -
Pistol Maser - - -

Generic Combat Talents

Berserk Talents

Name Effect
Absorb As Cannibalise, but add 1 BUP to your BUP Pool
Allied Eva Do not attack allied Eva units when Berserk
Advanced Berserk Use AT Powers during Berserk
Bestial*2 Upgrade 2 Natural Weapons
Berserker Vitality Calculate Eva wounds using Berserker TB
Beyond your Means Berserk: +2 SB
Cannibalize Berserk Eva can devour defeated enemy, regenerate 2d5 wounds
Carnage Use a special absorbing attack when Berserk
Cruel Angel: Seraphic Halo Berserk Eva gains +4 ATS, not +2, gains the Light of the Soul trait, and can increase its SR by +20 as a free action per round.
Disturbing Anatomy Evangelion melee attacks gain 10dm range, natural attacks become flexible
Eat and Run When Berserk, upon removing a limb, may devour as half action to regain 1d5 wounds
Feast As Cannibalize, but 1d10+TB instead
Ghost in the Machine Reroll failed Berserk
Loose Control Roll Berserk if pilot is stunned
Lucid Eva Automatically succeed on Berserk rolls. Eva berserks in the case of negative synch disruption
Restraint Reduced chance to attack allies
Rip and Tear When Berserk, use Called Shot on crit-damaged limb. On hit, test Strength vs. Toughness. On success, automatically remove limb
Self-Preservation Roll Berserk if Eva loses a limb and the pilot fails feedback
Stirring Beast Berserks on a Berserk roll of 8, 9 or 0
The Beast Within (1) Gain 1 Fate upon berserk
The Dead Walk Berserk: Take 2 fewer Critical Damage when inflicted; minimum 1
Unleash the Beast Spend Fate to automatically pass a Berserk roll

Melee Talents

Name Effect
Berserk Charge +20 to Charge attacks, not +10
Blademaster Reroll one melee attack with a blade per round
Crushing Blow Add WSB/2 to melee damage
Furious Assault Spend Reaction to add a second attack to All Out Attack
Street Fighting +2 Critical Damage with a knife or unarmed
Swift Attack Attack twice
Unarmed Warrior Unarmed attacks do 1d10+SB-3 damage, and do not count as Unarmed

Ranged Talents

Physical Talents

Name Effect
Drop Trained Reduce Falling Damage above 10dm
Feat of Strength Once per day, gain US(*3), +10 to Strength tests. Lasts for WPB/2.
Hard Target -20 to enemy BS to hit when Charging (-20) or Running (-40)
Hardy Always count as Lightly Wounded in regards to damage healing

Mental/Fortitude Talents

Name Effect
Battle Rage Can parry when Frenzied
Blood Frenzy Can trigger once per combat. Reroll all damage, gain +4 Pen to all attacks and fury on a 8, 9 or 10. Lasts for WP Bonus worth of rounds
Frenzy Can spend Full Action to trigger Frenzy.
Foresight Spend ten minutes to gain +10 to relevant Intelligence test
Indomitable Reduce Ego damage taken by 1 to a minimum of 1
Resistance (Fear) +10 bonus vs. Fear tests

AT Field Talents

Name Effect
AT Duelist As long as you have an ATS of 1, reduce the augmentation of all AT Powers used against you by your WP Bonus.
AT Focus Designate AT Power, bank ATP up to IB. Next turn, augment power by that much.
AT Reserve Eva is treated as having an ATS of 1, even if all ATP have been spent.
Analyse Field As Scan Field, but if you pass test by 3 degrees or more, make Perception+10 test. For every degree of success, learn about what 1 AT Power does
Mimic Field May test Synch Ratio to 'learn' an AT Power used by another for a number of rounds equal to Int Bonus. If power is unique Angel power, ATP cost is Angel's unmodified ATS/2.
Reinforce Ego May spend fate to ignore one attack to ego barrier. May only be used once per session.
Sanity Grip May spend fate to ignore one source of Insanity points.
Scan Field Roll Perception test when within 20dm of target to gauge strength of their ATS.
Spark of Genius Spend fate to temporarily gain power that one meets the prereqs for but does not have
Spread Mastery: Alacrity of Thought When using Accel Territory, AT Powers that take Full Actions take only Halfs; AT Powers that take Halfs take only Reactions.
Spread Mastery: Defensive Magnetism gain an extra Reaction that can only be used to parry. This parry can be used on most projectile attacks, excluding cone, flame and blast attacks.
Quick Spread Spread AT Field as a half

AT Field Powers

  • Berserk only.

AT Spreads

Accelerated Territory
Anti-AT Field*
Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflection Field
Inverted Field
Layered Field

Offensive Powers

Anti-AT Blast*
AT Beam
Cross Blast
Rising Cross

Enhancement Powers

AT Appendage
Massive Momentum

Neutralization Powers

Destructive Interference
Reality Reinforcement

Utility Powers

Lock Zone
Kinetic Manipulation
Wrap Beam

Dirac Sea Powers

Dirac Abduction
Dirac Breach
Dirac Cache
Dirac Jaunt

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