Detective Walter Darling
Name: Walter Stewart Darling
Occupation: Detective for the Paxian Police Department
Age: 29
Birthday: 3rd of Balanarest
Height: 5'11
Weight: 146lb
Physical Description:
Walter has medium-length black hair with light green eyes; he is quite tall with an odd touch of the slender to his otherwise fit and firm form.

Walter grew up always wanting to be the detective. The only child of Stewart Darling, a famous and well-regarded police detective in Paxia, he was adamant that he would follow in his father's footsteps and more; his childhood dreams often saw him imagining himself as the greatest detective in the world, visiting far off countries and solving nigh-unsolvable crimes with only a handful of clues…

His childhood was not an easy one. With his mother dying when he was very young and a father who was more devoted to his work than he was to his son, Walter often felt as though his father simply didn't care for him.

As he grew to adulthood, Walter became determined to strike out on his own and out of his father's influence. He managed the feat of moving out of his father's house and into his own apartment by the time he was sixteen, and was able to support himself as he pursued his dream of becoming a detective.

By the time he was finally accepted as such, his father had retired; but if Walter assumed that this would allow him freedom from his father's shadow, he was dead wrong. For years after being accepted, he was introduced as "Stewart's boy"; every superior he met measured him against their memories of his father, and every peer measured him against the legend.

Unfortunately, despite his natural ability and competence, Walter has generally been seen as coming up short on both counts, a fact he despises. He yearns for the breakout case that propels him out of his father's shadow and into his own territory.

A battling alcoholic and with a limited social life, Walter is severely unhappy with his current situation. The current case with the Slayer has met little in the way of success, a fact that has continually drained his self-confidence over time; rumours that he might be replaced or even laid off have not helped his nerves at all.

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