Character Creation

Starting Character

A starting character begins with 25 in all ten Characteristics. The breakdown of these is below:

Weapon Skill Determines your skill at hitting with melee weaponry, as well as parrying.
Ballistic Skill Determined your skill with ranged weaponry.
Strength Determines your physical strength, carrying capacity, and adds Strength Bonus to melee damage.
Toughness Determines your resilience, carrying capacity, and Toughness Bonus reduces damage.
Agility Determines your speed and grace, your initiative, and is used for many skills related to movement, carefulness and stealth.
Intelligence Determines your character's intellect and memory abilities, and is used for many skills related to knowledge and problem-solving.
Perception Determines your character's awareness and their sensory acuity, and is used for many skills related to extracting information from the environment.
Willpower Determines your character's ability to control their own actions, resist fear and compulsion, and manifest magical abilities.
Fellowship Determines your character's ability to interact with others, either as a leader or as an equal, and is used for many social skills.

From here, a Character then chooses a Background, Occupation and Class. This determines a character's starting skills, talents, equipment, abilities and also provides characteristic modifiers. After that, a character then generates their characteristics, purchases assets and drawbacks, then makes Experience purchases; finally, they settle on a name, gender, Zodiac and religion.

Backgrounds, Occupations and Classes

Choosing your Background, Occupation and Class is the most important and defining element of character generation, as it forms the meat of a character's skill set and determines how that character grows.

Note: If a Character gains the same Aptitude twice for any reason during this stage, they may replace the second Aptitude with any one of the nine Characteristic Aptitudes.
Note: If a Character gains the same skill twice for any reason during this stage, they gain an extra rank in that skill.
Note: If a Character gains the same talent twice for any reason during this stage, they gain an extra rank in that talent, if it is a talent with multiple ranks; otherwise, they exchange it in for a talent of the same Tier.


Backgrounds reflect the upbringing of your character.

All characters gain the skills Linguist (Ivalician and Ordalian) and Literacy at this step.

Aptitudes: Strength or Toughness
Characteristic Gains: +5 Strength, +5 Toughness
Fate Points: 2
Starting Wounds: 12+TB
Skills: Operate (Wheeled or Sea), Trade (Agrarian or Prospector) or Animal Handling (Livestock or Chocobo)
Talents: Exertion
Traits: Peer (Agrarian 1)
Background Abilities
Name Subtype Effect
Tireless - Whenever you gain Fatigue, you may make a Toughness or Endurance test; on a success, you reduce the amount of Fatigue taken by 1. Your Fatigue threshold increases by 2.


Occupations reflect the dominant career of your character.

Aptitudes: Social
Skills: Charm, Scrutiny, Lore (Religion)
Occupation Equipment: Priestly Robes, one Book of Faith
Occupation Abilities
Name Subtype Effect
Creed - On Character Creation, select one specific religious creed (for example, Victorianism). You gain the Lore (that creed) skill and the Peer (chosen creed, 1) Trait.
Exhortations - Once per round, whenever you or an ally within communications range spend a Fate Point to gain a +10 to a test, you may make it a +20 instead as a Free Action.


Classes reflect the role of your character. It is one of the most important options, informing a great deal about your character's role within the party and how they develop.

Class Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Perception, Finesse, Fieldcraft
Characteristic Gains: +5 BS, +5 Perception
Bonus Wounds: -
Class Skills: Navigate (Any), Survival, Animal Handling (One category)
Class Talents: Ranged Training, Rapid Reload
Class Equipment: One Ranged Weapon, Value 40 or lower; one Melee Weapon, value 10 or Lower; Leather Outfit; Field Cloak
Class Abilities
Name Subtype Effect
Hunter's Grace - Once per round, after making a Move-type Action, you may make a single Standard Attack with any non-Heavy Ranged Weapon you are currently wielding as a Free Action.
Pathfinder - Once per Chapter as a Full Action, you may select one Agility or Perception based skill. All allies within communications range may treat your skill training level in that skill as if they had that same level of training. This lasts for 10 minutes.
Sentinel Spirit - You may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass an Awareness or Scrutiny test, with a number of Degrees of Success equal to your Perception.
Longshot - Whenever you make a ranged Standard Attack benefitting from the Aim action, you may add half your PB to the damage dealt.

Generate Final Characteristics

At this stage, your characteristic line (which began at 25) will have been modified by the Characteristic Bonuses of Background and Class. Here, you finalise your character's starting characteristics.

You gain 60 points, which are spent to increase your Characteristics. You may not increase a Characteristic above 50 in this way. Once all points are spent, you finalise your Characteristic line; this is the line you will be using at the start of the game.

Assets and Drawbacks

Asset Name Subname Character Implications Effect Special Requirements Depth Cost
Author - You have written a book, which has been well received and been a modest success, with even those who disagree with it acknowledging its worth. Thematically, the contents of the book do well to tie into your Occupation and your chosen skill (see right). A Veteran, for example, may have written a military memoir that now acts as a geographical guide to a region, whilst a Professional might record the various cultures he's interacted with as a merchant trader. It is thematically appropriate, but not required, for an Erudite with the Doctorate bonus to choose Author (their Thesis Skill). You gain the Trade (Scribe) skill and the Peer (Read Book, 1) talent. Furthermore, choose one Lore, Navigation or Trade skill you possess; your book is published based on this skill, and as author you begin with one copy. The book is also available on the market. - - 5
Athlete - You are quite fit and spend a good deal of time being physically active. You begin with the Athletics skill. You automatically gain 2 successes when using Core Training to improve Strength, Toughness or Agility. - Strength 30, Toughness 30 5
Catlike - You are gifted with unusual grace and skill at moving quietly. Gain the Stealth skill, and you gain a Conditional Fate Point that may only be spent to reroll or add Degrees of Success to Stealth tests. - Agility 30 5
Charming - You're unusually attractive, not always in a way related to looks; it could be how you speak, smell, or act in some way. Gain +10 to Fellowship skill tests toward those who would be attracted to you. - Fellowship 30 5
Common Sense - You're not an idiot, and will probably recognise when things could go bad. You may, once per session, consult with a GM about a specific action, and be told if and how the idea is inherently flawed, in the context of what the character would be expected to know. - - 5
Cynic - You're naturally suspicious of others, or maybe you have experience dealing with cons, lies and cheats. You don't have to be actually genuinely cynical. Gain the Scrutiny skill and +20 to Scrutiny tests to resist Charm or Deceive. - - 10
Driven - You're the sort of person who fights harder the more the odds are stacked against them. Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used in any way you prefer when facing a superior foe or exceptionally bad odds. - Willpower 30 10
Duelist - Years of practice and experience- or perhaps a natural knack- have made you accomplished at dealing with a foe, one on one, weapon to weapon You begin with the Duelist talent. - Weapon Skill 30 10
Eidetic Memory - You have a nearly flawless memory. You gain the Total Recall talent. Whenever you roll on the Trauma Chart you add +20 to the result. - Intelligence 30, no 'Forgetful' Drawback 5
Egghead Chosen Skill You profess a great and focused interest in a particular intellectual pursuit. Choose one Intelligence-based skill; you now gain that skill and, whenever you test against that skill, you may reroll and take the preferred result. May be taken a number of times up to your IB. Intelligence 30 5
Elemental Affinity - You are particularly attuned to a certain elemental affinity. Although many people might possess innate affinities, it takes training as a mage to attune them to have a noticeable effect. This affinity might be coupled with noticeable phenotypical traits- a Fire affinity might match a person with red hair for example. This asset works well if paired with the Elemental Weakness Drawback. Choose one Element (Air, Dark, Electric, Earth, Holy, Ice, Fire, Water). You deal +3 damage with Spells of this type, and begin with the Elemental Resistance (WPB) trait for the chosen Element. - Mage trait 10
Established - You have established a space for yourself in which to work, which may be a shopfront, a by-commission workshop, or something similar. You begin with one Workshop. - Trade Skill 10
Fast - You're unusually fast; this asset goes well with the Athlete skill thematically. You count your Agility Bonus as one higher for the purposes of movement. - Agility Aptitude 10
Fearless - You're either recklessly brave, suicidal, or an idiot. You gain the Fearless (1) Trait. - Willpower 30 15
Hardened Nerves Long experience with a particular threat has made you jaded towards it. Choose one category (such as, for example, 'Predators', 'Gore', 'Monsters', 'Natural Disasters', 'Explosions', etc). You treat the chosen category's Fear rating as being one level lower than it usually is; should this push it below 0, you negate that source of Fear. May be taken multiple times, but each time choose a different category. Willpower 30 10
Healer You're an accomplished medical practitioner; you may be officially trained, or just had to pick it up through experience. You gain the Medical Skill and the Master Chirurgeon talent. - Intelligence 30 5
Hedonist You party hard in the pursuit of pleasure (or to forget); at this point you've built up a type of immunity to intoxicants. You gain a +20 bonus to Tolerance and Addiction tests. - - 5
High Endurance You're highly tough, capable of taking blows and working hard hours without collapse. You may test Toughness when incurring fatigue. On a success, you reduce the fatigue taken by 1, minimum zero. Increase fatigue threshold by 1. - Toughness 30, no Chronic Pain Drawback 10
Hyperactive You act and think fast in a crisis, faster than most people do. You may spend a Fate Point in order to perform a single Half Action as a Reaction instead. This may be before or after someone else's turn, but not during. - - 10
Incredible Sense You possess, either through birth or through training, an extremely well-developed sense. Choose one sense (sight, hearing, touch, taste+smell); take a +20 bonus to Perception tests relying only on that sense. Stacks with Heightened Senses. - No 'Poor Vision' Drawback if Vision is chosen 5
Innovative You're highly innovative, capable of unorthodox thinking and bursts of creativity. Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used when attempting a creative plan or unorthodox use of a skill. Furthermore, you take a +10 bonus to tests related with inventing or creativity. - Intelligence 30 5
Local Hero You did something of note in a particular region, and now they love you for it. The details should be worked out between you and the GM, as the events of the heroism may have impact later. Select a region; you gain the Peer (chosen region, 1). However, you're also highly recognisable in this region, which can make attempts to be subtle very difficult. - - 5
Military Enthusiast You're always willing to listen and pay attention when the word is about war. You may be a scholar who has read deeply on the topic, or you may have done some fighting yourself and picked up some things, or you just pay a lot of attention to war stories. You gain a single Lore related to war; whenever you test this skill, you may reroll and take the preferred result. May be taken multiple times, each time choosing a different Lore - 5
Mimic You have a knack at mimicing the voices of others. You gain the Mimic talent. - Perception 30 5
Natural Leader You're a natural leader, either due to use of authority from birth, from experience, or just some sense of charisma you possess. You gain the Command skill, and may use the Inspire special use of Command as a Half Action. - Leadership Aptitude 5
Paranoia You're always suspecting an ambush or a trap or some threat to come out of nowhere. You gain the Paranoia talent. - No "Inattentive" Drawback 5
Platonic You're a stone wall when it comes to romance. You may simply not be interested, or you're too devoted to one particular person, or you're just shockingly dense at taking the thing. Seduction attempts against you automatically fail, and Charm tests against you take a -10 penalty. If you willingly enter into a romantic relationship, then this is waived for that one individual. - - 5
Polyglot You have a natural knack for languages. You may be a traveler, or you grew up in a particularly cosmopolitan environment. You gain the Polyglot talent. - - 5
Precious Item Item You possess a precious and rare item, one that may be an heirloom, or a reward for heroic deeds, or even something you stole during a particularly daring raid. You begin play with one item of any type with a Value of 80 or below. - - 5
Quick Healer You're unusually quick to heal from injuries. This pairs well with the Hardy talent and the Agrarian or Marcher background, but is not exclusive. Whenever you recover wounds, no matter what the source, you regain one extra. When you spend a Fate Point to heal wounds, you may add your TB to the amount healed. - Toughness 30, no Slow Healer Drawback 10
Resilient Metabolism Hard or desperate living, or just a fluke of nature, either way you have an admirable resistance to poisons and toxins. You gain a +20 bonus to resist illness, and reroll toughness tests when hit with a Toxic weapon. - Toughness 30 5
Resilient Mind Some people are better able to handle trauma than others, and you're one of these people. Whenever you take Insanity Points, you reduce the amount taken by 1, to a minimum of 1. You may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a Trauma test. - Willpower 30, no "Exposed" Drawback 5
Rugged Long exposure to rough terrain has made you a master of it, and the envy of the clumsy and foreign. Choose one environment (eg. Ocean, urban, desert, forest, ice etc). In this environment you take a +20 to Survival tests and reduce the DTV of Difficult Terrain by 2. You also apply this to any Hordes you command. Stacks with Itinerant's Familiarity. - - 5
Shrewd You're a shrewd and cunning negotiator. You gain one conditional Fate Point to be used in negotiations or social interactions or Social Conflicts. The Point may not be used to heal wounds. - Fellowship 30 5
Streetwise Either due to your own circumstances or your nature, you're able to communicate freely with those who society has marginalised. Gain a +10 bonus to Social Skill tests made when dealing with the socially excluded or those living informally outside of the system. - No "Pompous" Drawback 5
Thrill Seeker You're either addicted to thrills, or whenever you find yourself in dangerous situations, you just switch on. Whenever you spend a Fate Point in dangerous situtations where you are outmatched or performing an exceptionally brave feat, roll a 1d10. On a 10, the Fate is regained. - No "Coward" Drawback 5
Troublemaker You're not comfortable with authority, and you wriggle and worm and squeeze your way out of it whenever possible. You gain two of the following skills: Stealth, Security, Sleight of Hand. Authority figures take a -20 penalty to Charm or Command tests against you if attempting to make you do something. - No "Submissive" Drawback 10
Uncanny Luck Things just, sometimes, go your way, often in highly unusual or unlikely ways. Once per session, you may subtract an already rolled test result by 2d10. - No "Cursed" Drawabck 5
Unremarkable You're not remarkable to look at. In fact you're actively forgetful. People trying to remember your face have a genuine problem doing so. You gain the Unremarkable talent. - - 5
Urbane You're at home in urbane situations, when dealing with those in power or prestige. Gain a +10 bonus to Charm, Deceive, Scrutiny and Inquiry tests made when dealing with the authorities, socialite classes and in formal situations. - - 5

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Aptitudes and Experience

At this stage, all starting characters can purchase Advancements, which improves a facet of a character's abilities. Advancements are divided into Characteristic Advances, Skill Advances, Talent Advances and Spell Advances.

The cost of an Advance is determined by your Aptitudes. Each Advance has two Aptitudes, a Tier, and an XP cost. If you possess one Aptitude, you gain a discount to XP cost; if you possess two, you gain a larger discount. You can still purchase a talent if you possess no Aptitude for it, but the cost is likely to be very harsh.

All starting Characters begin with 1,000 XP with which to spend on Advancements.

Here is a list of Aptitudes, with a small description of what they do.
Aptitude Name Description
General Advances with this Aptitude are simple or easy to learn, accessible to just about everyone. For this reason, everyone is treated as having the General Aptitude.
Characteristic Aptitudes These represent the nine Characteristics each Character possesses: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower and Fellowship.
Offense This aptitude represents a focus on the attack and is often tied with brute force and superior force of arms. Characters with this aptitude often excel at dealing damage, particularly in melee.
Finesse This aptitude represents careful planning, use of sophisticated skills and precision. These kinds of characters excel with ranged weapons and agility.
Defense This aptitude represents a knowledge of how to keep oneself alive whilst in the swirling storm of brutal combat.
Knowledge This aptitude represents an ability to acquire knowledge, whether it be through the written word, through the stories of orators and storytellers, or through ancient fragments of lost civilizations.
Tech This aptitude represents an understanding and capability to work with tech; they understand or at least shape and control it, turning it to their own will.
Fieldcraft This aptitude represents the ability to survive in many types of environments or to perform behaviours that would assist in that.
Arcane This aptitude represents the awe-inspiring, yet dangerous art of wielding magical powers, manifesting one's will onto the world.
Leadership This aptitude represents one's ability to lead their peers, whether on the battlefield or in the palaces of power.
Social This aptitude represents one's ability to understand and use the dangerous and subtle arts of social grace and knowledge to further their own gains.

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Bring the Character to Life

Here, you put the final finishing touches on the Character- you give them a name, an age, a gender, a Zodiac Sign and a Religion. You also should consider their personality, their hopes, dreams, aspirations, what they hate and what they want to destroy.

Zodiac Date
Aries March 21 to April 19
Taurus April 20 to May 20
Gemini May 21 to June 20
Cancer June 21 to July 22
Leo July 23 to August 21
Virgo August 22 to September 22
Libra September 23 to October 22
Scorpio October 23 to November 21
Sagittarius November 22 to December 21
Capricorn December 22 to January 19
Aquarius January 20 to February 19
Pisces February 20 to March 20

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