Basic Skills

Skill Name Acrobatics
Characteristic Agility
Aptitudes Agility, General
Action Full Action unless otherwise noted
Acrobatics is the skill of moving with agility, grace and balance. Balancing on a tight rope, understanding the best stance for a jump, or somersaulting away from an enemy- all of these are uses of Acrobatics. Use of Acrobatics include keeping your balance in unstable or uneven ground, jumping from a height and landing without harming yourself, or moving around enemies without slowing down.
Special Uses
Maneuvering You may make a Disengage action (normally a Full Action) as a Half Action, so long as you pass an Acrobatics +0 test first.
Contortionist As a Full Action, you may test Acrobatics to free yourself from bonds or restraints. This may only be tested once to escape restraints; if you fail the first time, then you are simply too tightly bound to wriggle free. This test may be modified depending on the quality of the bonds. You may also use Acrobatics to escape from a grapple in place of testing Strength or Agility.
Jumping When jumping or leaping, you may test Acrobatics in place of Agility and Strength tests.

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Animal Handling
Characteristic Agility
Aptitudes Agility, Fieldcraft
Action Half Action
Specialist Examples Chocobos, Dogs, Livestock
Animal Handling is the skill of handling animals, both in the sense of caring for them, raising them, and riding them. It is the skill of taming a wild animal, and the skill of executing particular maneuvers whilst on chocoback. Animal Handling is also used to train animals and give them commands. When it comes to training or commanding animals, Intelligence or Fellowship might be used instead of Agility.

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