Skills, Talents and Traits


Basic Skills

Skill Name Acrobatics Action Full Action unless otherwise noted.
Characteristic Agility Aptitudes Agility General
Acrobatics is the skill of moving with agility, grace and balance. Balancing on a tight rope, understanding the best stance for a jump, or somersaulting away from an enemy- all of these are uses of Acrobatics. Use of Acrobatics include keeping your balance in unstable or uneven ground, jumping from a height and landing without harming yourself, or moving around enemies without slowing down.
Example Uses and Modifiers
+30 +20 +0 -20 -30
Moving in an open environment, completely unarmoured Moving through an open forest or grass field, with hands free Moving across shifting sand or loose rubble Moving with both hands tied behind your back Moving in dense gravity, or with an injury
Special Uses
Maneuvering Contortionist Jumping
You may make a Disengage action (normally a Full Action) as a Half Action, so long as you pass an Acrobatics +0 test first. As a Full Action, you may test Acrobatics to free yourself from bonds or restraints. This may only be tested once to escape restraints; if you fail the first time, then you are simply too tightly bound to wriggle free. This test may be modified depending on the quality of the bonds. You may also use Acrobatics to escape from a grapple in place of testing Strength or Agility. When jumping or leaping, you may test Acrobatics in place of Agility and Strength tests.

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Animal Handling Action Half Action
Characteristic Agility Aptitudes Agility Fieldcraft
Animal Handling is the skill of handling animals, both in the sense of caring for them, raising them, and riding them. It is the skill of taming a wild animal, and the skill of executing particular maneuvers whilst on chocoback. Animal Handling is also used to train animals and give them commands. When it comes to training or commanding animals, Intelligence or Fellowship might be used instead of Agility.
Example Uses and Modifiers
+30 +20 +0 -20 -30
Caring for a tame or placid animal Taming an animal that you've great experience with taming Riding a trained chocobo into battle Taming a wild animal, one that is particularly stubborn Taming a monster that is rarely if ever tamed
List of Example Specialisations
Specialisation Description
Behemoth Incredibly dangerous and temperamental creatures, those who can tame and handle the Behemoth are outnumbered by those who tried and died a thousand to one. (Requires GM permission).
Chocobo Chocobos: the smart, swift, strong flightless bird which is the preferred beast of transportation, sport and war in Ivalice.
Dogs Although no dog is big enough to carry a man, they remain loyal and highly useful animals in Ivalice.
Dragon Aggressive but not particularly bright, most Dragons are unable to fly, but the few who can tame them can make them into extremely devastating mounts. (Requires GM Permission)
Livestock Handling the most common varieties of livestock in Ivalice- pigs, cows and sheep.

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Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect Horde Effect Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2
Tier One
Ambidextrous - Do not take -20 penalty to hit when making attacks with your off hand. If used with the Two Weapon Wielder talent, reduce the to-hit penalty with both weapons to -10. N/A Agility 30 Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill
Favoured Foe One category You take a +10 bonus to hit enemies of the chosen category. N/A GM Permission Offense General
Honest Work Skill, '1-2 Select one Trade skill. Whenever you make a test in this skill you gain a number of Degrees of Success equal to X. Every time you purchase this Talent, X increases by 1. N/A Skill level is Known+ Skill's Aptitude Skill's Aptitude
Tier Two
- - - - - - -
Tier Three
Arms Master - Take a -10 penalty when wielding weapons without Proficiency instead of -20. As normal WS 45, BS 45 Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill
Skill Mastery Chosen Skill You may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a test in the chosen skill, so long as the overall test modifier is not negative. You automatically gain a number of Degrees of Success on the test equal to the Characteristic Bonus of the Characteristic the skill uses. N/A Skill Level is Veteran Skill's Aptitude Skill's Aptitude

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Trait Name Subname Effect
Bestial - This creature tends to act instinctively, rather than rationally. It never needs to test Survival in its natural habitat. Unless starving or desperate, a threatened Bestial creature must test Willpower when frightened, startled or injured. On a failure, it acts in a way specific to its species, usually fleeing.
Elemental Resistance Element, X This creature has a natural resistance toward a certain (usually magical) element. It counts its TB as higher by X against attacks of that element.
Elemental Immunity Element This creature has a natural immunity toward a certain (usually magical) element. It takes no damage from attacks with this element.
Elemental Absorbtion Element This creature has a natural immunity toward a certain (usually magical) element. It heals 1d5 wounds if exposed to attacks of this element.
Elemental Weakness Element, X This creature has a natural weakness toward a certain (usually magical) element. It counts its TB as X lower against attacks of that element, and takes a -20 penalty to resist any Qualities or secondary effects.
Stampede - When this creature fails a Willpower test, it automatically stampedes, charging in a straight line forward as far as possible (up to its Run speed), overrunning anything in its path until the source of its fear or worry is gone. Anything in the path takes damage equal to the creature's Natural Weapon attack (or 1d10+SB damage if it doesn't have one). One stampeding creatures causes all nearby creatures with this trait to also stampede. The effect lasts until the source of its worry is gone or until 1d10 minutes pass, whichever comes last.
Touched by the Fates X This creature is more than just a normal entity. It possesses a number of Fate Points equal to X, which it may use as any PC would. It may also gain the ability to inflict Righteous Furies if it did not already do so.
Unnatural Characteristic X This creature is especially gifted in one or more of its abilities. It may be a powerful creation, or someone with incredible ability. Select one Characteristic. It increases this Characteristic's Bonus by X. For every 2 ranks of this Trait, the creature reduces the penalty of tests made in that rank by 10 (-30 becomes -20 etc), and also adds 1 Degree of Success to any successful rolls using that Characteristic. Note: Unnatural Toughness will affect the Character's wounds.

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