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Trait Name Subname Effect
General Traits
Bestial - This creature tends to act instinctively, rather than rationally. It never needs to test Survival in its natural habitat. Unless starving or desperate, a threatened Bestial creature must test Willpower when frightened, startled or injured. On a failure, it acts in a way specific to its species, usually fleeing.
Stampede - When this creature fails a Willpower test, it automatically stampedes, charging in a straight line forward as far as possible (up to its Run speed), overrunning anything in its path until the source of its fear or worry is gone. Anything in the path takes damage equal to the creature's Natural Weapon attack (or 1d10+SB damage if it doesn't have one). One stampeding creatures causes all nearby creatures with this trait to also stampede. The effect lasts until the source of its worry is gone or until 1d10 minutes pass, whichever comes last.
Touched by the Fates X This creature is more than just a normal entity. It possesses a number of Fate Points (which are identical to Realisation Points) equal to X, which it may use as any PC would. It may also gain the ability to inflict Righteous Furies if it did not already do so.
Unnatural Characteristic X This creature is especially gifted in one or more of its abilities. It may be a powerful creation, or someone with incredible ability. Select one Characteristic. It increases this Characteristic's Bonus by X. For every 2 ranks of this Trait, the creature reduces the penalty of tests made in that rank by 10 (-30 becomes -20 etc), and also adds 1 Degree of Success to any successful rolls using that Characteristic. Note: Unnatural Toughness will affect the Character's wounds.
Attack Traits
Auto-Stabilised - This creature always counts as braced.
Baneful Presence X This creature's menacing aura seems to charge the very air. All characters suffer a -10 penalty to Willpower tests taken whilst being within X range of the creature.
Brutal Charge - A creature with Brutal Charge deals +3 damage on attacks made as part of the Charge action.
Fear X This creature forces enemies within X*10m to make Fear tests, with a penalty equal to X*10.
Toxic X This creature is poisonous. It transmits its poison either through its natural weapon, through contact or some other method. All natural Weapons have the Toxic (x) Quality.
Defensive Traits
Elemental Resistance Element This creature has a natural resistance toward a certain (usually magical) element. It halves damage from attacks of that Element after soak.
Elemental Immunity Element This creature has a natural immunity toward a certain (usually magical) element. It takes no damage from attacks with this element.
Elemental Absorbtion Element This creature has a natural immunity toward a certain (usually magical) element. It heals 1d5 wounds if exposed to attacks of this element.
Elemental Weakness Element This creature has a natural weakness toward a certain (usually magical) element. Attacks of that element gain Special Damage on the target, and the target takes a -20 penalty to resist any Qualities or secondary effects.
Fearless X You ignore one rank of the Fear trait when exposed to it; if this reduces the trait to below 0, then you do not test Fear.
From Beyond - This creature is immune to Fear, Pinning, Stress or mental attacks designed to control or trick it.
Perpetual - This creature is highly resilient, and killing it permanently requires a certain method. It does not permanently die when killed; instead it regenerates back to life after 1d10+7 days. It ignores kill results from Critical Damage that are not to the head or body.
Regeneration X This creature regenerates or has a self-repair function. It may heal X wounds per round, but cannot remove critical damage.
Stuff of Nightmares - This creature possesses the Undying trait, and is immune to blood loss and environmental hazards. They also ignore any Critical Effect apart from one that would remove a limb or kill them.
Sturdy - This creature takes a +20 bonus to resist Knockdowns and Takedowns. Grapple attempts on them take a -20 penalty.
Undying - This creature is immune to poisons, toxins and has no need to breathe. It can survive unaided in a vacuum.
Form Traits
Amorphous - This creature possesses a strange, malleable shape. As a free action, it may increase or decrease its size category by 1, although its movement values are not changed by this action. It automatically has the Crawler trait.
Armor Plating X The creature gain AP on all areas equal to X. May not be taken with Natural Armour. Stacks with worn armour.
Incorporeal - This creature can walk through solid objects. It gains the Hoverer (6) trait and +30 to Stealth tests. Incorporeal creatures are immune to normal weapons, which simply phase through its body. Persona attacks, Shadow special attacks and Persona-infused weapons can all hit an Incorporeal creature, as can other Incorporeals. Incorporeal creatures cannot usually interact with the physical world, and thus may not attack opponents unless they possess a suitable ability or talent. Incorporeal creatures with Magical attacks or Angelic attacks may harm enemies as normal, however.
Machine X This creature is a Machine. It does not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, does not need to breathe, and is unaffected by mind-influencing mental attacks, and its AP counts towards fire damage. Machines have the Armour Plating trait equal to X on all locations.
Multiple Arms X This creature has multiple arms. The value of X represents how many extra arms it possesses (with two arms being the norm; ie if it has four arms total this creature will have Multiple Arms (2)). It takes a +10 bonus to Athletic tests. When it uses the Multiple Attack action, it gains an extra 'offhand' attack for every two extra limbs. Furthermore, if the creature has the Swift or Lightning Attack talent, it increases the number of attacks made by +1 per two extra limbs.
Multiple Legs X This creature has multiple legs, making it faster. The value of X represents how many extra legs it possesses (with two legs being the norm). Creatures with multiple legs count their AB as +1 for the purposes of movement, then another +1 for every 2 extra legs it possesses; a creature with 4 extra legs thus gains +2 AB, whilst one with 6 legs gains +3 AB.
Natural Armour X This creature has a natural armour, such as a thick hide. it has a natural AP score of X. It stacks with worn armour. It may not be taken with Armor Plating.
Natural Weapons X This creature has a natural attack that deals 1d10+SB+X damage, which counts as primitive, cannot parry, but also cannot be disarmed.
Natural Weapons (Improved) X This creature has a natural attack that deals 1d10+SB+X damage, which cannot be disarmed. However, they can be used to parry and do not count as Primitive.
Phase - As a half action, this creature may gain or lose the Incorporeal trait.
Size (See Below) 1-10 This creature is especially huge or especially small, and possesses one of the associated categories listed in the Size tab.
Unspeakably Ugly X This creature has a visibly disturbing visage. Against people who have not learned to overcome its horrific appearance, it takes an X penalty to Charm and an X bonus to Intimidate.
Movement Traits
Amphibious X This creature is naturally suited to aquatic spaces as well as surface terrain and may be in or under water without suffering any penalties or needing to make Athletics swim tests. In the water, it treats its AB as though it were X.
Aquatic X This creature is native to the water, and whilst it may not leave it, suffers no penalties for being in water. In the water, it treats its AB as though it were X.
Bounder - This creature possesses the ability to make Boosted Jump; making a Jump in two consecutive rounds, however, incurs a level of fatigue.
Burrower X A creature with Burrower may move through solid objects via burrowing. It may burrow at a speed of X metres per round. What objects a creature can burrow through depends on the material- some can dig through sand, dirt, rock or even metals.
Crawler - This creature is like a snake, slithering over terrain. It halves its AB for the purposes of calculating movement, but ignores Difficult Terrain.
Flight X This creature is capable of flying. Its flight speed is calculated treating AB as X.
Hover X This creature is capable of hovering a few metres above the air. Its Hover speed is calculated treating AB as X.
Sensory Traits
Blind - Blind creatures automatically fail tests based on vision, and automatically fail BS tests. They take a -30 to WS tests and other tests that involve vision. These penalties may be negated by being paired with other sensory traits.
Dark Sight - This creature has powerful night vision, and ignores penalties associates with low light or darkness.
Sonar Sense - This creature has a special sonar sense, which lets it locate the position of any solid object within 30m. Others may test Awareness -10 to detect the sound.
Unnatural Senses - This creature has powerful senses, either highly advanced tech or something more esoteric and supernatural. It may automatically detect anything within X metres, where X is PB*5.
Supernatural Traits
Celerity - This creature moves with a truly unearthly speed and haste. Instead of rolling once, this creature rolls twice on the Initiative Table and takes a turn on both results- effectively, they gain two turns to everyone else's one. However, its Reactions do not refresh on the second turn, and status effects with durations (eg. Stun 4 rounds) do not count the second turn when ticking down duration. It loses the second turn if it takes Critical Damage to any body part (if the creature ignores a certain type of critical damage, then this result too is ignored)
Demonic X This creature is a damned Demon of Hell, who now stands on the physical realm, ready to wreak havoc. Creatures with this trait increase their Toughness Bonus by X, in the same manner as Unnatural Toughness (and they stack); however, this extra Toughness Bonus is ignored by certain attacks, most usually sanctified and holy attacks. Other creatures with Demonic also ignore this Toughness Bonus.
Force of Will - This creature's force of will is such that it imprints itself on the world around it almost unconsciously. It gains the Mage Rating (+WPB) talent.
Lucavi - This creature is a Lucavi, a Fallen Angel, one of the Twelve made by God in Heaven, cast to Hell. All Lucavi possess the Celerity, Demonic, Stuff of Nightmares and Force of Will traits, as well as the Fear trait equal to their Fellowship, Strength or Willpower Bonus, whichever is highest. It may spend a Fate Point to heal an amount of wounds equal to its TB distributed as it wishes. It may burn a Fate Point to heal 1d10+TB wounds, or automatically negate an attack that it deems too dangerous. If the regenerated wounds are enough to bring a limb out of Critical Damage it loses all penalties associated with the damage instantly, but may not heal destroyed limbs.
Soul Bound - This creature's soul is somehow bound to the will of a higher being. That being has a measure of control over this creature, and that creature must follow its patron's directives in a reasonably faithful manner. In return, the creature has had the crushing burden of self-direction replaced with the blessed tranquility of submission- this creature gains a +10 to all tests so long as it is following its master's orders. If the Master gives the creature an order, they must follow it; similarly, the Master takes a +20 bonus to any tests to activate Tactics or similar with this creature. If it is performing an action that has not been ordered, but it knows may harm or go against its Master, it takes stacking -10 penalties depending on the severity of the act.
Superior Action - This creature is either unnaturally efficient or just moves too fast for the eye to track. It may make Full Actions as though they were Half Actions, and may perform a Half Action as a Reaction once per round. It may use attack actions more than once per round, so long as it is with different weapons.
Undead - This creature is undead- something that has died and been reanimated. It ignores Fear, Pinning and Fatigue, but is harmed by Restoration spells, and the Revive spell automatically inflicts 1d5 Lethal damage on it.

Size Chart

Size categories are below. Size modifies a creature's base movement and also modifies a creature's stealth tests- smaller creatures are better at hiding, whilst larger ones take significant penalties. It also modifies how certain characters interact.
When attacking a target, you take a +10 bonus to hit for every size category above Average. So Hulking would be +10. You also take a -10 penalty for every size category below Average- so Scrawny would be -10.
When grappling a target, you take a bonus to your test equal to the difference between your size category and their own, multiplied by ten. So if you are Hulking (5) and they are Scrawny (3), you take a +20 bonus (5-3=2, 2*10 = 20).
The reverse applies. You take the same penalty when trying to grapple someone larger than you.
When parrying a melee attack from a target larger than you, you take a -10 penalty per category of size they have in advantage over you.
Size Stealth Modifier Base Movement
Miniscule (1) 30 AB-3
Puny (2) 20 AB-2
Scrawny (3) 10 AB-1
Average (4) 0 AB-0
Hulking (5) -10 AB+1
Enormous (6) -20 AB+2
Massive (7) -30 AB+3
Immense (8) -40 AB+4
Monumental (9) -50 AB+5
Titanic (10) -60 AB+6

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