Dorian Lachapelle
Name:        Dorian Lachapelle
Background:    Impact Survivor
Gender:        Male
Career:        Operations Director
Rank:        Captain
Current Exp:       0
Total Exp:      7400

Ch.   Rating  Bonus
WS:     28    2                
BS:     37    3    (Simple)    
S:      30    3                
T:      23    2        
Ag:     34    3                
Int:    51    5    (Simple)    
Per:    32    3                
WP:     31    3        
Fel:    51    5 (intermediate)

Wounds: 13

AG Bonus Half Full Charge Run    
   4      4    8     12    24  

Fate Points:    0/3                
Insanity Pts:    1/100        

Ego Barrier:    100%

Dollars:        1000
Monthly Income: 1000    

Build:        Built (5'11", 87kg)
Skin Color:    Dark brown        
Hair Color:    Black
Eye Color:    Grey        
Age:        38

==Combat Abilities==
Tactical Genius- Spent fate, add 1 degree of success to pilot's roll, or offer reroll
Remote Care- Spend fate point as half action, remove stunned, 1 level of fatigue, blood loss in 1 pilot
Foresight- 10 minutes to gain +10 to next Int roll
Precision Targeting- Give one ally IB to Penetration with weapon
Just as Planned- Reduces Foresight time to 1 minute
Feedback Tampering- Pilots hit with ego or insanity damage can only take half action, but reduce points = IB
Absolute Order- Spend a fate point. Pilot -must- do action, or spend a fate point instead
Inspiring Voice- abilities that work on people who see Dorian now work on people who can hear him too
Iron Discipline- People under Dorian's command reroll fear/pinning checks if they see or hear him
Into the Jaws of Hell- People under Dorian's command are now immune to fear or pinning if they can see or hear him
Brilliance- test Int instead of any other characteristic once per Session
Delegate- Can use, once per session, a fate-spend ability w/out spending fate
Dynamic Umbilical- Can, as a reaction, launch an unused umbilical in its base 15dm
Battlefield Control- May, once per round, deploy a purchased (but undeployed) turret/support structure (no closer than 10dm to Angel/EVA (5 for barrier plate))
Requisition Airstrike- Full round action. Start of OD's next turn, 3d10x Pen 1 Blast (6) bomb drops on location.
Promote Assistant- Member of bridge crew may use the Remote Care, Precision Targeting, Surefire Ejection or Requsition Airstrike Talents = to Fel Bonus, without 
fate points or actions from Dorian
==Equipped Items==
Ranged Weapons
Name              Class  Range  RoF    Damage   Penetration Clip  Reload  Special    Weight Equipped
Assault Rifle L      Basic  90m    s/3/6  1d10+3I  0         30    Full    Extra Grip 4.5kg  N
Assault Rifle R      Basic  90m    s/3/6  1d10+3I  0         30       Full    Extra Grip 4.5kg  N
Heavy Machine Gun Heavy  120m   -/-/10 1d10+4I  3           100   2Full   -          35kg   Y
Grenade Launcher  Basic  60m    S/-/-  2d10X    0           6     Full    Blast (4)  12kg   N  

Melee Weapons
Name        Class  Damage  Penalty  Special  Weight

Name              Class  Location         AP  Weight
UN Combat Armour  Flak   All               4     11kg

Head (1-10)
Combat Armour (4 AP)

Right Hand (11-20)
Assault Rifle
Combat Armour (4 AP)

Left Hand (21-30)
Combat Armour (4 AP)

Body (31-70)
Combat Armour (4 AP)

Right Leg (71-85)
Combat Armour (4 AP)

Left Leg (86-100)
Combat Armour (4 AP)        


-Positive Traits-
Add 2 degrees of success instead of 1 when spending fate point

Spend a fate point to succeed on any Common Lore or Scholastic Lore test

-Negative Traits-
Succeed on a difficult (-10) Willpower Test or physically try to intervene if
another human being's life is in danger. -30 penalty if personally known

Uncomfortable Memories
Take a -20 penalty to Willpower Tests +1d5 rounds upon smelling lavender

Impact Survivor Skills
Common Lore (Second Impact), Tech Use

Operations Director

Starting Skills: Command (Fel), Scrutiny (Per), Speak Language (Eng), Literacy (Int)
Starting Talents: Skill Proficiency (Evas), Skill Proficiency (Charm), Melee Weapon Training (General), Pistol Weapon Training (General), Cut Synch

==Basic Skills==
Skill           Characteristic P. +10 +20
Awareness                  Per *        
Barter                     Fel
Carouse                    Tou
Charm                      Fel *   *  *   * 
Climb                      Str
Concealment                Agi *   *  *
Contortionist              Agi
Deceive                    Fel
Disguise                   Fel
Dodge                      Agi
Evaluate                   Int
Gamble                     Int
Inquiry                    Fel
Intimidate                 Fel
Logic                      Int *
Scrutiny                   Per *
Search                     Per
Shadowing                  Agi *
Silent Move                Agi
Swim                       Str
Common Lore (History)      Int *            
Common Lore (Second Impact)Int *      
Common Lore (War)          Int *       
Literacy                   Int *             
Speak Language (English)   Int *             

==Advanced Skills==
Skill           Characteristic P. +10 +20
Command                    Fel *  *                         
Scholastic Lore (Tactics)  Int *  *
Scholastic Lore (Evas)     Int *
Tech Use                   Int *

Melee Weapon Training (General)
Pistol Weapon Training (General)
Basic Weapon Training (General)
Skill Proficiency- Scholastic Lore (Evangelions)
Skill Proficiency- Logic 
Skill Proficiency- Concealment
Skill Proficiency- Charm
Skill Proficiency- Shadowing
Skill Proficiency- Inquiry
Skill Training- Tactics
Skill Training- Charm
Skill Training- Concealment
Skill Mastery- Concealment
Skill Mastery- Charm
Talented- Tactics
Talented- Charm
Peer (NERV)
Contact (Colonel Maximilian von Leitzkau)
Tactical Genius
Remote Care
Just as Planned
When Suddenly...
Feedback Tampering
IOU: R&D (Spent on Prototype GPC)
Foster Teamwork
Pilot Surveillance
Absolute Order
Inspiring Voice
Two Weapon Wielder (Ranged)
Dynamic Umbilical
Battlefield Control
IOU: Political Official
Requisition Airstrike
Equip Loadout: Bombing Run
Requisition Support 1: Bumblebee
Requisition Support 2: Bumblebee
Requisition Support 3: Bumblebee
Requisition Support 4: Dragonfly
Requisition Support 5: Dragonfly
Requisition Support 6: Dragonfly

Academic (Scholastic Lore: Tactics, Common Lore: War, Common Lore: History, Talented: Tactics)
Gifted- BS
Battlechair- Dorian upgrades his wheelchair to a more advanced, field-capable roll. His SB and TB count as +1, and his Agi counts as +1 for the purposes of speed. 
He also gains the 'Ambidextrous' talent, the Two Weapon Wielder (Ranged) talent and counts as permanently braced for the purposes of firing heavy weapons.

Big Ego
Physically Challenged

Nerv Uniform
Nerv ID
Nerv Phone
Protective Jacket
UN Combat Armour
Assault Rifle
10 Assault Rifle clips
Semi-Automatic Pistol
1 Semi-automatic clip

==Special Qualities==

==Experience Log==
+400 XP (Startup) [400]
+400 XP: Drawbacks [800]
-400 XP: Assets [400] (400)
-100 XP: Awareness [300] (500)
-100 XP: Intelligence Training: Simple [200] (600)
-100 XP: Foresight [100] (700)
-100 XP: Contact [0] (800)
+800 XP: Gazardiel Battle [800]
-100 XP: Peer (NERV) [700] (900)
-200 XP: Tactical Genius [500] (1100)
-200 XP: Remote Care [300] (1300)
-100 XP: BS Training: Simple [200] (1400)
-200 XP: Precision Targeting [0] (1600)
+800 XP: Iadiel Battle [800]
-100 XP: Skill Proficiency: Concealment [700] (1700)
-100 XP: Skill Proficiency: Carouse [600] (1800)
-100 XP: Basic Weapon Training (General) [500] (1900)
-100 XP: Skill Proficiency: Shadowing [400] (2000)
-100 XP: Skill Training: Charm [300] (2100)
-100 XP: Logistics [200] (2200)
-200 XP: Just As Planned [0] (2400)
+800 XP: Asmodel Battle [800]
-100 XP: Skill Training: Concealment [700] (2500)
-100 XP: Skill Mastery: Concealment [600] (2600)
-200 XP: When Suddenly... [400] (2800)
-200 XP: IOU: R&D [200] (3000)
-0 XP: Feedback Tampering [0] (3200)
+1000 XP: Qaphsiel Battle [1000]
-200 XP: Foster Teamwork [800] (3400)
-200 XP: Pilot Surveillance [600] (3600)
-200 XP: Absolute Order [400] (3800)
-250 XP: Inspiring Voice [150] (4050)
-100 XP: Skill Proficiency: Inquiry [50] (4150)
+600 XP: Sefirah Battle [650]
-100 XP: Command +10 [550] (4250)
-200 XP: Iron Discipline [350] (4450)
-100 XP: Brilliance [250] (4550)
-100 XP: Delegate [150] (4650)
-50 XP: Sound Constitution (1/2 Captain) [100] (4700)
-100 XP: Requisition Support (1/2 Captain) [0] (4800)
+600 XP: Samandiriel Battle [600]
-100 XP: Dynamic Umbilical [500] (4900)
-200 XP: Battlefield Control [300] (5100)
-200 XP: IOU: Political Official [100] (5300)
-100 XP: Requisition Support (2/2 Captain) [0] (5400)
+200 XP: Thruster Solace Battle [200]
-100 XP: Requisition Support (1/4 Major) [100] (5500)
-100 XP: Requisition Support (2/4 Major) [0] (5600)
+800 XP: Post-Jamaerah Battle [800]
-250 XP: Requisition Airstrike [550] (5850)
-200 XP: N2 Strike [350] (6050)
-100 XP: Fellowship Training: Simple [250] (6150)
-250 XP: Fellowship Training: Intermediate [0] (6400)
+1000 XP: EVA-05 battle [1000]
-100 XP: Requisition Support (3/4 Major) [900] (6500)
-100 XP: Requisition Support (4/4 Major) [800] (6600)
-100 XP: Equip Loadout [700] (6700)
-200 XP: Talented (Charm) [500] (6900)
-100 XP: Charm+20 [400] (7000)
-200 XP: Promote Assistant [200] (7200)
-200 XP: Into the Jaws of Hell [0] (7400)

Total XP: 7400

==Cash Log==
+1000: February
-400: Assault Rifle (600)
-50: Bullets (550)
-450: Protective Jacket (0)
+1000: March (1000)
-600: UN Combat Armor (400)
+1500: April (1900)
+1500: May (3400)
-250: Camouflage Clothes (3150)
-1500: Heavy Machine Gun (1650)
+1500: June (3150)
-2000: Grenade Launcher (1150)
-720: 12 Frag Grenades (430)
+1500: July (1930)
-400: Assault Rifle (1530)
-50: two Extra Grips for Assault Rifles (1480)
+1500: August (2980)
+1500: September (4480)
+1500: October (5980)
+1500: November (7480)

Name: Dorian Lachapelle
Position: Operations Director of NERV
Sex: Male
Age: 38 (Born 1977)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'11" (177.6cm)
Build: Solid

Personal Details
"'NERV is a waste of money', eh? Let me put it to you like this, General Jackass. I Graduated with accolades from Saint-Cyr. Sixteen military campaigns around the world- all of them successes. Ninety-six battles, all of them victories. I am the greatest military mind of the twenty-first century without a doubt. And you know what? You could offer me command of a hundred tank divisions, the air forces of every nation in Europe, and the entire French N2 Arsenal… And I'd just laugh in your face. I command three Evangelions. No military can come close to matching that."

Captain Dorian Lachapelle, known as "The Destroyer" to those who respect him, and "That arrogant jerk" to everyone who actually knows him, Captain Lachapelle is a well known figure of NERV. The imposing, wheelchair-bound Operations Director knows he has a job to do, and he also knows that he's very good at what he does- something he's not afraid of showing.

Captain Lachapelle graduated from the prestigious Saint-Cyr Special Military Academy shortly before Second Impact, where he quickly showed promise due to his intense intellect and level of focus. He was noted as having 'Tactical acumen that borders a precognitive level'… But at the same time, had trouble getting on with his fellow cadets. Even as a trainee, Lachapelle was convinced of his superiority.

For years after his graduation, Lachapelle joined the French military, and later on became a UN commander, conducting attacks and campaigns all across the chaotic world. He served with distinction, and received commendations for much of his work.

Unsurprisingly, his actions caught the eye of NERV, and he was offered the position of Operations Director. He took it without looking back.

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