Dr Ikari And Dr Akagi Discuss Matters

[00:59] <Ikari‘Yui> [Above the pilots sat, of course, two women… One, the intelligent and motherly Dr. Ikari Yui… The other, of course, was Dr. Akagi Ritsuko, head of NERV Japan’s Technical Division. The two women watched Sept, Yanmei, Aline and their partners enter quietly, Akagi sipping a flute of wine.]
[01:00] <Ikari‘Yui> "So. Did Lachapelle tell you the news?" Asked Dr. Ikari, quietly watching the vista outside.
[01:01] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "He didn’t. What haven't I been told?"
[01:04] <Ikari‘Yui> "Gendo called about half an hour ago." Said Dr. Ikari. "03 had a self-activation event. It self-activated, looked around, and let out a growl before disabling itself."
[01:06] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Ah." Dr. Akagi frowned. "Mother doesn’t like her duckling missing. She did the same thing during the NERV Games."
[01:07] <Ikari‘Yui> "Mm." Murmured Dr. Ikari, sipping a small bottle of… Some liquor. It tasted sweet.
[01:08] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "How is the old bastard, anyway?"
[01:11] <Ikari`Yui> "Who, Lachapelle?"
[01:11] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "No. Gendo."
[01:12] * Ikari`Yui gave Akagi a look, then turned away. "Don’t you speak to him on a day to day basis?"
[01:13] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "Yes, but I don’t know him. It's just business." Dr. Akagi smiled wryly. "I'm not my mother, so I can't profess to know him that well."
[01:16] * Ikari‘Yui gave Akagi another look, slightly darker. "He is… Fine. A little stressed."
[01:17] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Hm." Akagi frowned. "Does it have anything to do with our increased orders? I’ve been busier than ever myself."
[01:18] <Ikari‘Yui> "Partly." Said Ikari diffidently. "With Berlin-2 destroyed, NERV Japan is having to shoulder the burden of building most of EVA-05."
[01:19] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "That doesn’t explain much." Said Akagi. "We were building half of 05 anyway. You're out of touch, Ikari."
[01:23] * Ikari‘Yui sighed a little. "He doesn’t like me travelling around. I've been doing it a great deal recently."
[01:23] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "Ah. He misses you?"
[01:24] <Ikari`Yui> "Yes, you could say that."
[01:24] * Akagi`Ritsuko stared out at the little group below them for a minute or two, saying nothing.
[01:24] <Ikari`Yui> "Where’s Tsubaki?" Asked Ikari finally.
[01:26] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "Last I saw, she was looking at the picture of a Swiss valley in our bedroom." Said Akagi.
[01:27] <Ikari`Yui> "Ah. How is she doing…?"
[01:27] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "She’s fine. She was rather eager to see her new brother."
[01:28] <Ikari‘Yui> "Yes. It is a rather odd attachment, isn’t it?" Asked Ikari, peering over at Sept.
[01:28] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "An ironic one, especially considering…" Akagi trailed off.
[01:29] <Ikari`Yui> "…?" Dr. Ikari stared at Ritsuko for a moment, sipping from her bottle.
[01:30] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "… You know." Dr. Akagi nursed her flute. "I never did ask how you felt about Tsubaki."
[01:31] <Ikari`Yui> "Hm?" Dr. Ikari quirked an eyebrow. "She’s a good pilot. A rather battered girl, emotionally, but she's a NeoSpartan. They're all a battered lot, even if some hide their scars well."
[01:33] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "No. I mean…" Akagi shook her head. "About… Her father."
[01:33] <Ikari`Yui> "…?" Dr. Ikari shrugged.
[01:35] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "… That’s it?" Dr. Akagi frowned. "He cheated on you."
[01:35] <Ikari‘Yui> "It had to be done. We knew what we were doing. -Someone- had to father Tsubaki." Said Dr. Ikari quietly. "I wouldn’t call it cheating so much as I would call it a disgusting action in the name of a greater good."
[01:37] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "’Greater Good', huh." Said Dr. Akagi, her tone disbelieving. "So, Shinji doesn't know that…?"
[01:38] <Ikari‘Yui> "That he has another sister? No." Said Dr. Ikari. "Why tell him? It’s not as if it would change anything for the better."
[01:39] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "…" Dr. Akagi frowned. "Tsubaki doesn’t know either. She thinks of him as a kind of uncle." Disgust in that tone.
[01:40] <Ikari‘Yui> "It seems to me that that’s a good view." Said Dr. Ikari softly. "He can be very loving, you know."
[01:44] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "Really?"
[01:45] <Ikari`Yui> "Oh, yes. He is very tender towards Rei. She is daddy’s little girl."
[01:46] * Akagi‘Ritsuko made a face of disgust at that. "How awful for you. Should I send her a get well soon card?"
[01:47] * Ikari`Yui sighed. "You should refrain from that attitude. I am his wife, and we are very fond of one another."
[01:49] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "But… How do you know he didn’t cheat again?"
[01:51] <Ikari‘Yui> "It wasn’t cheating. Besides, I have faith in him."
[01:53] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "…" Dr. Akagi stared down at that group once more. "Gendo knew Fontaine, didn’t he? Back in university."
[01:54] * Ikari‘Yui let out another sigh. "Yes. You will remember, Ritsuko, that I was friends with Elisha at the time as well. We all worked together."
[01:56] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Of course." Said Dr. Akagi coolly. "But Gendo and Fontaine seemed to be very fond of one another, as you put it. Weren’t they?"
[01:57] <Ikari‘Yui> "… One might construe it in such a way."
[01:58] * Akagi`Ritsuko stared down at that table, as the waiter slipped away in shame. "And no one seems to know who de Ptere’s parents are, yet Fontaine is known to favour him."
[02:01] <Ikari‘Yui> "…"
[02:04] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "And furthermore…" Akagi frowned. "I felt the strangest thing when I first saw him."
[02:05] <Ikari`Yui> "Oh?"
[02:05] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "His eyes… The look he gave me made me think of him."
[02:06] * Ikari`Yui scoffed. "Such an unscientific statement, especially from you, Ritsuko."
[02:07] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Hmph. Sometimes I have to go with my gut feeling." Ritsuko finished off her glass.
[02:09] <Ikari`Yui> "I think your gut feeling is simply all that wine." Said Dr. Ikari, shrugging her shoulders.
[02:11] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Hm." Dr. Akagi sighed, staring down at the table. Her eyes fell on Yanmei.
[02:11] <Ikari`Yui> "Hm?"
[02:11] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Zhang. The daughter of Zhang Mingzhu? NERV China’s branch?"
[02:11] <Ikari‘Yui> "That’s right."
[02:12] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "She has to pilot 04…?"
[02:12] <Ikari`Yui> "Mmm."
[02:13] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "Will she be able to handle that? Considering what happened…"
[02:14] <Ikari`Yui> "There were very few choices for 04. Most of the pilots we sampled were incompatible with it."
[02:14] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "What makes her so special?"
[02:15] <Ikari`Yui> "I’m not sure." Dr. Ikari frowned slightly.
[02:15] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "…" Dr. Akagi leaned forward. "… The A Project was a failure, wasn’t it?"
[02:16] <Ikari‘Yui> "Yes." Dr. Ikari sighed. "Did you honestly take me to dinner to ask me all of these questions about work, Ritsuko?"
[02:16] <Akagi`Ritsuko> "I appreciate being able to ask them." Dr. Akagi smirked. "In an environment that isn’t bugged."
[02:17] <Ikari‘Yui> "I’m tired, now." Said Dr. Ikari wearily. "I don't care much for these questions any longer."
[02:17] <Akagi‘Ritsuko> "Tch…" Dr. Akagi leaned back in her chair. "… Then. Let’s talk about something else. How's Rei going?"

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