Dwarf Creation

Dwarf Creation

Creating a Dwarf is a simple process that has four steps.

The first is to choose your Dwarf's Dwarf-Home. The Dwarf-Home is where your Dwarf grew up, which comes with Characteristic Boosts, special Traits, Aptitudes, skills and basic physical appearance.

The second is to choose your Dwarf's Focuses. Each Heroic Dwarf has three Focuses, and each Focus offers some type of Characteristic Boosts, Skills, Aptitudes, a Profession and starting equipment.

Third, you roll the Dwarf's Characteristics, Wounds and Fate Points, and then apply the various bonuses from Dwarf-Home and Professions.

Fourth, you purchase the Dwarf's Drawbacks and Assets.

Fifth, all Dwarves begin with 400 XP to spend on whatever abilities they like.

After this, the only step left is to fill out your Dwarf's character, personality, family… etc.

Step One: Choose Dwarf-Home


Step Two: Choose Focuses


Step Three: Create Starting Characteristics, Wounds and Fate Points


All Dwarves roll 9#3d10+20. They drop the lowest 1d10 of each roll. If the average result is below 12, then all dice are rerolled. Finally they may reroll one single Characteristic result of their choice. They then distribute the end results to whatever Characteristics they prefer and add any bonuses from Dwarf-Homes and Professions.


All Dwarves are hardy creatures, and start with 15+TB+1d5 Wounds. If your TB increases later, this benefit also increases.


All Dwarves roll a 1d10 at creation. On a result of 1-6, they begin with 2 Fate Points. On a result of 7-10, they begin with 3.

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