Dwarf Homes

Dwarf Homes

Blackrock Dwarves

All Dwarves are known to be firm, hardy workers who do not shy away from labour, even if it may be dangerous. The risk of collapsing mine shafts, unseen monsters or sudden floods cause most Dwarves the least of a delay. Yet even other Dwarves consider the Blackrock Dwarves to be insane. The Blackrock Dwarves hail from the Duchy of Udirid, the capital of which is Stodirmestthos. Stodirmestthos is notable for one significant reason: it is a Fortress built into a volcano. With ingenious techniques the Blackrock Dwarves divert magma from the volcano into their forges and factories, which run day and night producing some of the greatest metalworking in the Empire, if not the world. The Dwarves who do not live within Stodirmestthos instead farm the surrounding regions, which are rich in nutrients due to the volcano's ash.
Appearance: Skin varies dark brown to black, hair tends to be dark brown, black or dark red Beard Style: Short, neat and practical. Accent Style: Practical, simple, with a Russian edge to the pronounciation.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Toughness
Talents: Resistance (Heat)
Skills: Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Blackrock), Metalwork, Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Toughness
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Duskhall Dwarves

500 years ago, a band of Dwarven scholars travelled to the Tathiton Lowlands by Lake Tath. Their goal was to dig, hoping to find the remnants of the legendary ancient city of Koshoshkulet. It was the ninteenth such expedition, and many thought their quest fruitless. To everyone's incredible surprise, the search was a rousing success. Deep below the earth they found the ruins of Koshoshkulet, incredibly preserved, filled with ancient libraries of knowledge and magic long lost to the Empire. The King gave the scholars a Commission of Settlement, and in that year the city of New Koshoshkulet was founded on top of the old ruins. The ancient libraries were extracted, and the magic researched. Today, New Koshoshkulet is the Empire's greatest bastion of knowledge and lore, and home to the Great University as well as the headquarters of the Order of the Seven Spheres, the Empire's greatest college of magic.
Appearance: Skin tends to be pale to dark or golden brown; Hair runs from light silvery to black. Beard Style: Ranging from short goatees to collar-length. Beards that run along the jawline and sideburns popular. Accent Style: Soft, measured. Generally similar to Israeli Hebrew.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Intelligence
Talents: Book Nut
Skills: Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Duskhall, Any Three), Scholastic Lore (Any two), Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Knowledge
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Goldhill Dwarves

The Goldhill Dwarves of Limulinen are a sturdy folk even by the standards of Dwarvenkind. The second oldest of the Duchies, the city of Limarineth was once the wealthiest city in the world due to its immense gold deposits. That, however, was centuries ago. Newer, more modern cities such as Tetothonol have risen to prominence, whilst Limarineth and the Duchy have declined as the gold deposits have run out. The hardy folk of Limulinen are mildly disdained by wealthier clans, since in comparison Limulinen is now quite poverty-stricken. However, the fact remains that the people of Limulinen have dedicated themselves to that most quintessential of Dwarven professions: mining. Disdained or not, when the Goldhillers emigrate (and they often do in droves) to new settlements, the overseers are quick to accept them for their natural skills.
Appearance: Skin is generally golden. Hair varies from red to blonde, with a few darker. Beard Style: Sharp, short, angular. Accent Style: Broadly Swedish.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Strength
Talents: -
Skills: Athletics, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Goldhills), Mason, Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Strength
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Seavale Dwarves

The Seavale Dwarves hail from the Duchy of Allasebsur. A region made up of a long coast and many small islands in the Bay of Limulinen, the Seavalers are at one with the ocean. Its cities, especially its capital of Migrurazin, often lay in hills or cliffs close to the sea, and many of them have long tunnels that open into coastal cave shelters, crafted by the Dwarves. The Dwarven Royal Navy shelters in these underground harbours, deploying to patrol the seas and clearing pirates off trade routes. Countless fisherdwarves use these caves as well. Simply put, a great deal of the Seavalers grow up near or around ships, and it is estimated that over eight tenths of the Royal Marines are made up of Seavalers. Seavalers have a long tradition of excelling in ranged weapons, since engaging in close combat is much more difficult on the sea. As a result, Seavale Dwarves are some of the best marksdwarves in the Empire.
Appearance: Skin tends to be olive, often darker, occasionally lighter. Hair can be blonde to black. Beard Style: Very practical, favouring small braids over huge beards. Accent Style: Quick, rapid form of speech. Pronounciation similar to North Italian.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Ballistic Skill
Talents: Sea Legs
Skills: Athletics, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Seavale), Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Starlake Dwarves

The Duchy of Virner is a fairly old duchy, and one close to the heart of all Dwarves. The Starlake Dwarves that call it home earned their imaginative name from the Five Asteria, which were five glorious gems of unmatched luminosity and beauty- the Star Ruby, Star Emerald, Star Sapphire, Star Topaz and the Black Star Diamond, all of which were placed into the Royal Crown. The Five were scouted in a lake, the Starlake which gave the Duchy its name; the lake has long since been drained in the search for other gems. The capital of Dorenkosoth grew incredibly wealthy off the gem-rich mountains around it, but unlike certain other regions, managed to channel the massive profits into developing a new type of industry: that of machinery. Collaborating with the wise dwarves of Tathitol, Dorenkosoth has now become the most advanced city in the world, full of amazing inventions such as gunpowder, explosives and steam. Its people are quick-witted and clever, and the Dwarves of Starlake are respected wherever they go.
Appearance: Skin is light brown and tends to darker rather than fairer. Hair is often short. Beard Style: Short and loose-hanging beards are discouraged. Accent Style: Similar in general to Midlands English.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Agility
Talents: -
Skills: Artificing, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Starlake), Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Finesse
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Steelheart Dwarves

The Steelheart Dwarves hail from Delerzanor Marchdom, the southernmost region of the Empire. This is an untamed, dangerous land, and its lush, wet forests hide many beasts and monsters. Beyond the borders of the Empire are creatures unknown, hostile forces waiting to storm north and tear out the heart of the Empire. A prime example occurred 300 years ago, when the capital of Delerzanor, the Fortress of Nilibash, was beset upon by the loathsome Dragon Lord Zagith-Terstum, who demolished the city, slew the defenders and made it his forward base for his armies. Pleas for aid were sent to Etarimtar, and reinforcements were duly sent. However, before they could arrive, the son of the dead Margrave of Delerzanor- the Margrave-Apparent rallied the remaining Steelhearts and drove them forward to battle. By the time the reinforcements arrived, the Margrave-Apparent had driven the Dragon Lord and his armies out. To this day the Steelhearts man their fortresses and look to the wild south, where threats beyond the knowledge of maps thirst for vengeance against the stalwart Steelhearts.
Appearance: Skin varies from bronze to very dark brown. Hair is dark brown or darker. Beard Style: Sharp, short, angular. Accent Style: Broadly similar to Standard German accents.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Weapon Skill
Talents: -
Skills: Parry, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Steelheart), Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Weapon Skill
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Stonebeard Dwarves

The Stonebeard Dwarves originate from Etarimtar, the seat of the High King of Dwarves, and the surrounding territory, known as the Lamdurad ('Stonebeard') Principality. The Stonebeard Dwarves created the Dwarven Empire, and as such are the oldest and most iconic branch of Dwarves, just as Etarimtar is the oldest of the Fortresses. The Stonebeards proudly claim to be more 'Dwarvish' than the other clans, claiming to drink more, dig more and slaughter more goblins on average than any other group. They are natural commanders and used to authority, and a disproportionate amount of Dwarven leadership stems from the Stonebeard Clans.
Appearance: Skin varies from fair to bronze; Hair goes from light brown to black Beard Style: Most popularly long and elaborate Accent Style: Broad Scottish Lowlands to North English.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Willpower
Talents: -
Skills: Command, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Stonehand), Intimidate, Speak Language (Dumseng)
Aptitudes: Willpower
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Sunland Dwarves

Few Dwarves are as 'Un-Dwarvish' as the Sunlanders. Friendly and welcoming, the Sunlanders descend from a group of colonists dispatched by the Empire some 400 years ago to colonise a lone mountain on the borders of human and High Elven territory as a strategic buffer. The mountain, disappointedly, was mineral-poor and had little good underground farmland. However, the mountain itself was near a powerful river, and the soils were incredibly rich and fertile. As a matter of necessity the colonists of Tetothonol- the city built into the mountain- expanded to settle and farm the region… above ground. Although a life under the sun is considered to be a bizarre and unwelcome fate for most Dwarves, the colony's food production exploded and before long hungry migrants from all over the Empire were making the journey to Tetothonol. The demesne of Tetothonol, the Duchy of Adnir, found its wealth in trade, for its strategic location and thriving population made it a popular trading post between Dwarves, Humans and High Elves. To this day, Tetothonol is the only Dwarven city with a significant permanent Human and High Elf population, who primarily live outside. Sunlanders are thus highly accepting of others, and often make fine diplomats.
Appearance: Skin tends to be fair to light brown. Hair ranges fully from blonde to black. Beard Style: Neatly combed and decorative, and sometimes even clean-shaven. Accent Style: Warm, friendly. General American accent.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Fellowship
Talents: Peer (Any two)
Skills: Charm, Commerce, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Sunland), Speak Language (Dumseng, one other (Human or High Elven))
Aptitudes: Fellowship
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)

Wildwood Dwarf

The Wildwood Dwarves inhabit the Marchdom of Omristlolum. Despite its proximity to Lamdurad, much of Omristlolum is undeveloped. This is purely down to the fact that the land is abnormally treacherous and rough, even by the standards of a people who routinely hollow out mountains. Mountainsides are often sheer deathtraps with jagged valleys with razor-sharp rocks, whilst the massive forest that occupies most of the region is filled with savage beasts and small groups of Fae Elves, and the capital of Omerekast is a small city by any standards. However, as a rule the people of Omristlolum are highly resilient people with incredible survival skills and, despite living in such a dangerous area, filled with wanderlust. Many go deeper into the continent, beyond the forests and mountains and into the Unknown Lands.
Appearance: Skin is bark brown, varies fairer and darker. Hair is similar, and often braided. Beard Style: Medium-length, highly braided. Accent Style: Warm Australian accent.
Characteristic Modifiers: +10 Perception
Talents: Survivor
Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (Dwarven Empire, Wildwood), Speak Language (Dumseng), Survival
Aptitudes: Fieldcraft
Traits: Dwarf, Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2)
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