E D A 2a Co Jingu



Detail Category Entry
Designation: ED-A 2A-CO "Jingu"
Class: E-Destroyer Alexander-Type
Pilot: Horaki Hikari

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E-Destroyer Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade Modifiers
Weapon Skill 40 4 Adv. Cmp -
Ballistic Skill 50 5 Adv. Cmp -
Strength 30 3 -
Toughness 30 3 -
Agility 65 6 Agility 3 -
Perception 40 4 Scp. Lock -

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Body Parts

Body Parts
Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 11 13
Right Arm 11 – 20 11 15
Left Arm 21 – 30 11 15
Body 31 – 50 13 19
Right Leg 71 – 85 11 15
Left Leg 86 – 100 11 15

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Trait Effect
Ablative Shell The E-Destroyer is equipped with an ablative shell as standard. Gains the Ablative Carapace upgrade.
Battlesuit Cockpit The E-Destroyer's cockpit is actually a Lightning AC Suit. This has multiple effects. If the E-Destroyer's head is destroyed, the E-Destroyer does not shut down but rather is treated as blind. It may test Perception once per round to remove blindness penalties against enemies and attacks within 3dm. Furthermore, any Cockpit breach damage is halved. Finally, the pilot never suffers problems with ejections.
Aerial Balancer Flight System You gain a +10 to dodge and the Hoverer trait. You no longer expend a Reaction in order to fly. However, if you take Critical Damage to the body, this upgrade ceases to function. This system may also be targeted by a Called Shot (-20 penalty), where it is treated as having 12 wounds and your body's AP, -2.
Machine The E-Destroyer is a Machine, rendering it susceptible to EMP attacks and the like, but immune to toxic-based or similar attacks. It uses the Machine Critical Damage table.
Modular Frame The Alexander-Type is designed for flexibility and versatility, and to that end all upgrades cost 1 SUP less.
Stake Gauntlet Most E-Destroyers possess Stake Gauntlets as standard. It counts as possessing either a Tesla or Pneumatic Stake on each arm, which it may use as normal but does not require to be held in the hand to use.

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Advancement Level
Agility 3
Durability 3
Strength 0

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 Scope Lock Array

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Flash Cannon
Esoteric Defense Advanced ABFS Custom
Pilot Computer Advanced System
AI Enhanced AI

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators -
Shoulders Markerlight System Smoke Launcher
Arms Ablative Gauntlet Ablative Gauntlet
Hands Recoil Suppressor Recoil Suppressor

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Component Slot Component
Legs Stealth Enhancements

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Name Effect
Agility 3 +15 to Agility
Durability 3 +3 AP, +3 Wounds
Scope Lock Array +5 Perception, sacrifice Full Aim Bonus to remove all BS penalties
Advanced ABFS-Custom So long as your ABFS has not been destroyed, you may now perform Run-distance jumps as a half action movement which does not trigger attacks of opportunity, with all the benefits as though you had actually used the Run action. Can be used four times before the system collapses and must be repaired.
Advanced System +5 BS, '+5 WS
Enhanced AI AI with 45/45 WS/BS. Possesses the Rapid Reload and Combat Master talents, is trained in Athletics, Awareness, Parry+10, Dodge+10.
Flash Cannon Emit 10dm cone as a half; all enemies that possess electronics and sensors must test Toughness or be struck blind and deaf for 1d5 rounds. One use only.
Ablative Gauntlet Arm gains a single Ablative shell that is depleted after a single hit that deals damage after TB and AP.
Dock (A)*2 Holds 1 pistol/Compact weapon or two clips of ammo
Dock (B)*2 Holds either a 1-handed Melee weapon or a Basic ranged weapon.
Markerlight System Select one enemy target and expend a half action. All allies gain a +10 bonus to BS tests made to hit the target. If a single body part is hit with 3 Markerlights in the same turn, then Called Shot penalties against the location disappear and all Horde/Mob attacks against the target hit the targeted location.
Recoil Suppressors*2 May fire Basic Weapon one-handed without penalty.
Smoke Launcher Has two cartridges that create smoke around it. Can be deployed as a half action, and creates smoke as per the 'smoke grenade' in a 5dm radius around you for 1d5 rounds.
Stealth Enhancements You reduce the penalty to Stealth due to high AP by 10, and gain a +10 to Stealth.

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Upgrade Points


Increase Decrease Reason Total
1 0 Support Start 1
18 0 Support Class 19
0 3 Durability 3 16
0 3 Agility 3 13
0 0 Scope Lock Array 13
0 0 Advanced System 13
0 0 Enhanced AI 13
0 0 Docks (A*2, B*2, Smoke*2) 13
0 0 Docks (Markerlight) 13
0 4 Ablative Gauntlet*2 9
0 2 Recoil Suppressors 7
0 1 Stealth Enhancements 6
0 4 Advanced ABFS System 2
0 1 Flash Cannon 1
0 0 1

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Favoured Weapon Loadouts

Favoured Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost

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Favoured Ranged Weapons

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Favoured Special Ammo

Custom Ammo: Bleeder Rounds Targets hit by ammo of this type take +2 damage from all attacks until healed. - - Deals -1 damage
Custom Ammo: Dumdum Rounds Weapon deals +3 damage. However, target AP is doubled against attacks from this clip. - - -
Custom Ammo: EMP Cartridge Deals Energy damage, gains the Shocking (0) quality and deals +3 damage to enemies with mechanical components (Evas, Modular Fighters etc). Full Auto quality halved. Halved Halved Unreliable
Custom Ammo: Inferno Rounds Weapon gains the Flame quality. Halved Halved Loses Reliable (or gains Unreliable)
Custom Ammo: Manstopper Rounds Weapon gains +3 Penetration. - Halved -

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