Edvard Durandi
Name: Edvard Durandi
Position: Eigenhart Representative for Eastern Europe
Sex: Male
Age: 63 (B. 1954)
Nationality: Hungarian/Libre-Citizen
Place of Residence: W-Base

Physical Details
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'6"
Build: Oddly lanky

Personal Details
"No, but the dream remains, and so long as the dream remains, I remain useful.""

During the days when the LN was a proper organisation, Edvard Durandi was a member of the Eigenhart Institute, a sort of NERV-like organisation made by Azariah Caine and those of Gehirn who followed him into exile. Over time, the organisation turned into something of a clandestine international council representing LN cells across the world. Edvard was chosen to represent the Eastern European cell, which despite being based in the UN stronghold of Europe was one of the most devoted.

With the collapse of the LN, one might think that Durandi's power has faded- and it mostly has. Nevertheless he still has access to a lot of his old contacts- and he also represents something of the old regime, giving him and his actions a sense of legitimacy to those who would call themselves LN supporters.

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