Elena Clement
Name: Elena Clement
Position: Student of Saint Louis
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (Born 2000)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Build: Fit
Theme Song: Kanae's Feelings

School Details
Class: 12-C
Average Grade: A
Best Subject: Science (A+)
Worst Subject: Drama (B-)
Club(s): Science Club, Social Awareness Club, Track and Field Club

Personal Details
"My father expects a lot from me, it's true. I have to study an awful lot, but… I don't mind. I have to work to make him proud, and besides, he works everyday trying to protect the world- that makes my study regimen seem easy by comparison."

Elena Clement is a model student. Diligent and studious, she occupies the much-needed niche of "Teacher's Pet and Pedigree Grades Student" in Saint Louis's 10th year classes. The daughter of the Head of NERV Medical Division, Elena is under a lot of pressure to perform both at home and at school, and by and large she does well. When asked about her demanding lifestyle, Elena shrugs it off with a smile and talks about how much harder her father works.

Nevertheless, her academic excellence has come at a cost. She doesn't have very many friends, and whilst she's seen as a good person and looked upon with respect, she often seems to be isolated from her peers.

Elena became good friends with Isaiah Gabriel-Wei as well as a friend to Sera de Pteres during her time at Saint Louis. However, it was often on Gabriel-Wei's shoulder that she cried about her constant poor treatment, oftentimes at the hands of none other than Zhang Yanmei. Intervention by Gabriel-Wei finally brought an end to this; since then her life has become quieter, and slowly happier.

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