Eli Reid

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Name: Elisabet Kristin Reid
Position: Promised Land Intelligence
Sex: Female
Age: 20 (Born 1998)
Nationality: Estonian
Place of Residence: Itinerant

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Build: Average

Personal Details
"Good rule of thumb: NERV got the golden children, Promised Land got the misfits."
Theme: Falling Angel

- Born in Estonia in 1998, making her a touch older than many of the NeoSpartans.
- Her family was primarily Jewish, resettled further afield after WW2. While they were physically untouched by Impact, the economic devastation made the NeoSpartan Program's offer to provide her a "better life" an easy sell.
- Showed at best marginal proficiency when it came to the NeoSpartan's piloting program, showing just enough achievement to keep her from becoming expendable to the program's overseers.
- This, combined with her status as one of the older candidates left her feeling increasingly paranoid and exposed. To bolster her "usefulness" to the program, developed a rather intense ruthless streak when it came to the more mundane aspects of the NeoSpartan training. This did not exactly endear her to many of the other children.
- Felt a particular kinship with Ezra given their slightly closer ages, and their respective maturity. While he was polite, kind and receptive when Eli wanted or needed to talk, this feeling was largely one-way.
- When the program finally collapsed, she attempted to return home only to find herself feeling apathetic and detached when it came to normal life. After struggling for a year, she fled home and broke contact with her family, spending the next few years drifting across Europe and struggling to adjust.
- Was one of the initial 40 NeoSpartans recruited to the Promised Land, positively jumping at the chance to work with Ezra again.
- While not old enough to participate in combat - her first choice - Ezra instead utilized her talents coordinating recon and intelligence for the Promised Land. While initially dissatisfied with this, Eli quickly found her niche and has prominently served the company in this role ever since.
- Does not suffer fools gladly, and her typically flippant attitude acts as cover for an incredible work ethic. She has plenty of acquaintances but very few friends.
- Has been nursing a pretty righteous crush on Ezra since childhood, but keeps that fact tucked under her hat given their individual circumstances.
- Call her Elisabet and she will break you.

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
50 40 30 30 50 30 40 30 30
Acrobatics +20, Athletics, Awareness +10, Dodge +20, Literacy, Scrutiny, Security +10, Stealth +20
Operate (Void Military), Speak Language (English, Estonian), Tech Use
Pathfinder (+10 Agility, Mobile (1))
Characteristic Increase (WS, BS, Agility), Extra Talent (1), Specialist (Agility), Survivor (5), Touched By The Fates (1)
Melee Training, Prog Training, Pistol Training (General, Maser, Bolt), Basic Training (General, Bolt) Two Weapon Wielder (Melee)
Ambidextrous, Combat Master
Berserk Charge, Crushing Blow, Assassin Strike, Lightning Attack
Hard Target, Silent Hunter, Stalking Predator, Step Aside, Swift Shadow
15 - -

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