Elijah S Remorse

[23:29] <Firgrim> [Doctor Elijah Gabriel stepped off the elevator.-
[23:30] <Firgrim> [He was confronted with a large empty room, with corridors leading off… Somewhere. They were unmarked.-
[23:30] <Firgrim> [He was below the Synfront, now, and he wasn't exactly supposed to be, but he didn't care. He picked a direction and began to walk.-
[23:34] <Firgrim> [It wouldn't be long before he'd… Feel the Phantoms, hovering around him, watching him. Or maybe it was his imagination. But they wouldn't hurt him. They wouldn't dare.-
[23:55] <Firgrim> [And so he was allowed to pass unharmed. He came to a certain door.-
[23:55] <Firgrim> [It opened, and Dr. Gabriel stepped through into the Eternity Drive chamber.-
[23:56] <Firgrim> [Caine was standing on the central dais, and didn't bother to turn to look at him until Dr. Gabriel was about ten metres away.-
[23:58] <Firgrim> [They stared at each other.-
[23:59] <Firgrim> [Dr. Gabriel took a gun out of his coat and promptly pointed it at her.-
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[00:04] <Firgrim> [This didn't phase Caine in the slightest. "Are you going to shoot me?"-
[00:04] <Firgrim> ["If I did, what would happen?"-
[00:04] <Firgrim> ["What do you think would happen?"-
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[00:05] <Firgrim> ["There are three obvious answers." Said Dr. Gabriel. "The first is that a Phantom would appear and take the bullet."-
[00:09] <Firgrim> ["The second is that, if you have done the smart thing, whatever part of Lilith you're using to shackle the souls to the Eternity Drive, you'd have consumed it. I shoot this bullet, and you deflect it with the combined AT Fields of four billion people."-
[00:10] <Firgrim> ["The third is that, assuming there are no phantoms, no AT Field, the bullet strikes you. Unless it hits you directly between the eyes, it doesn't do a damn thing, does it?"-
[00:11] <Firgrim> [Caine stared. "And what makes you say that?"-
[00:13] <Firgrim> ["Most of that body's a reconstruction." Said Dr. Gabriel. "Eva technology. Most of your body's just… Synthetics and metal. I'm right, aren't I?"-
[00:13] <Firgrim> ["You are, but I wonder now how you found out."-
[00:14] <Firgrim> ["I was a double agent. You knew that from the beginning. Did you know that I was the one who took down Delacour on the Enterprise, when she was transporting the Cradle of Adam to Paris?"-
[00:17] <Firgrim> ["You were one of the suspects, yes." Said Caine.-
[00:17] <Firgrim> ["I took the Cradle and gave it to Azariah, and in exchange he gave me information about you, your goals."-
[00:17] <Firgrim> ["Did he tell you how to stop me?"-
[00:18] <Firgrim> [Dr. Gabriel stared at her with steel in his eyes. "No. I know better than to try to stop you, but I'm still gonna hate you. I remember this room."-
[00:18] <Firgrim> ["Or the one you had in Hamburg, anyway. That one was smaller. It didn't take a fucking hour to cross."-
[00:23] <Firgrim> ["I remember that you took me in and showed me that everyone who died in Impact was there, including Liyi. You- you showed me memories. You told me you could bring her back, if only I did a few things for you."-
[00:23] <Firgrim> [He continued. "You lied, though. You didn't bring her back. You owe me."-
[00:23] <Firgrim> ["I brought her back in the Eva." Said Caine.-
[00:23] <Firgrim> ["She's -mad- inside that thing!"-
[00:31] <Firgrim> ["No. That is human nonsense." Said Caine. "Many say that the Evas drive their occupants insane, but that isn't true. What simply happens is a change of perspective. An Evangelion knows that it can be crippled, torn to pieces, and it'll endure. It knows that if a person dies, their soul simply goes elsewhere. These things hold less importance for them now. They focus that import on several
[00:31] <Firgrim> smaller things."-
[00:33] <Firgrim> ["I'm not here to waffle with you." Said Dr. Gabriel. "Zhang knows she needs to use EVA-08. You need to give her access."-
[00:37] <Firgrim> ["She does?" Said Caine. "Good. I grant her access."-
[00:37] <Firgrim> ["…"-
[00:37] <Firgrim> ["What, Gabriel? Surprised?"-
[00:45] <Firgrim> ["… You…" He stared at her, his eyes wide. "Of course. You wanted him injured. You wanted him to synchronise with 08."-
[00:46] <Firgrim> ["Of course. Is this truly a surprise to you?"-
[00:46] <Firgrim> ["But- you won't be able to control him. He'll break free."-
[00:47] <Firgrim> ["He is conditioned. He does not even know it, but he is completely under my control."-
[00:47] <Firgrim> ["…" Gabriel's arm dropped, then rose again, as though he would love nothing more to shoot that gun dry.-
[00:47] <Firgrim> ["If you did not like the trade, Gabriel, you should not have made it in the first place." Said Caine, turning her back on him.-
[00:48] <Firgrim> [She refused to speak to him after that. He screamed at her. He threw curses at her. But she did nothing. He was nothing to her.-
[00:48] <Firgrim> [Eventually he broke down, hands over his face, his eyes, sobbing through them. He didn't need to be escorted out. He could find his own way.]

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