Elisha Caine
Name: Elisha Caine (later Fontaine)
Position: First Director of Gehirn; Later, souls for EVA-00, 01 and 04
Sex: Male
Age: 40 (Born 1967, Died 2007 (50))
Nationality: German (French by marriage, Jewish descent)
Place of Residence: EVA-00, EVA-01, EVA-04 (body supposedly interred in Caine Mausoleums at Hamburg)

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 6'3"
Build: Athletic and toned
Elisha's Theme
Personal Details
"We began this journey following the outline of the Dead Sea Scrolls. What were we looking for? Clues, something that might be able to prove our theories about Super-Solenoid Separate Energy. We were desperate. But hopeful, nevertheless.

S2 Energy! The idea was so fanciful that I do not blame lesser men for mistrusting it. Katsuragi, that brave man, understood, and was ridiculed for it. But how could he not? The dream of every scientist, of every human being. A source of unlimited power. Human civilization would be changed over night. We were searching for a future written in gleaming stars.

But we didn't understand. Beneath the ice of Antarctica, Katsuragi found a terrible being. It showed us but a small hint as to its true power. This wasn't even the power of the Super Solenoid Engine. This was something beyond it. We were so unprepared! How could anything possess so much power?

But that power led me onward, to new secrets. Beneath the chasms of Paris I found an equally terrible being. But I found more than that.

Everything has gone wrong. I came here searching for the future, but I have instead found humanity's past. I came searching for the Philosopher's Stone of science, and instead found the secrets of life itself- the power to turn humanity into gods."

Elisha Caine was born on August 9th, 1967, the third and last child of Jeremiah and Sharon Caine. It is said that if Mary inherited her father's ruthlessness and ambition, Elisha inherited his genius and force of will. In truth, this is at best a gross oversimplification; Elisha Caine was his own person, living on a level of existence his father simply could not grasp.

As Elisha grew, the dynamics of the family he had been born into began to affect his life in greater ways. His parents groomed him, just as they did his siblings; they taught him science, literature, mathematics, self defense techniques, and techniques which strictly speaking could not be classified as anything defensive. Of his siblings, Mary, the eldest, treated him with indifference at best and disdain at worst, seeing him as an unneeded element and a threat. Azariah, in contrast, had doted on Elisha from a very young age, essentially pampering the boy.

Nevertheless, Elisha was always very willful and fierce in his personality. He was intelligent- and this was something that everyone was more or less forced to acknowledge- but his sheer personality was a force of nature at times. By and large, he grew up fully willing and confident that he would become the most pivotal person in human history.

(In this he was essentially right, often in different, simultaneous ways, although probably not how he had envisioned.)

Elisha was, in fact, an E-Type; a person with a special AT Field that could retain or seal other types of AT Fields within itself. When paired with a specific A-Type AT Field, an unbreakable bond born of ancient affection was reforged. When Elisha, aged 20, found Ginevre Fontaine- a young, beautiful and endearingly naive (by his standards, at least) 18-year old starting her first year at the Sorbonne, he would become the first E-Type in over a century to successfully reunite with his A-Type. (The Sorbonne was also, curiously, the location of the last meeting, between Marie and Pierre Curie (Librarian and Peacekeeper, respectively).)

After university, Elisha moved into research. His education in Metaphysical Biology- a birthright of the Caines- gave him insight into issues that were dimly perceived, if at all, by other fields. He began seeking out fellow members of his father's organisation in order to help his own research, and he found them in Ikari Yui and Katsuragi Hideaki. Along with Fontaine and Ikari's husband, Gendo, the five of them began research into the theory of Super-Solenoid Separate-Energy. At the risk of oversimplification, the theory of S2 involved generating a 'formless sea', a pocket existence that connected to the prime universe via an engine. Within the sea, time had no meaning and space was boundless, meaning that even if the sea produced only one kilowatt of power a minute, by controlling the flow of time within the sea, an engine could create theoretically limitless power. Even at the most conservative of measurements, the Engine would produce far more power than it would take to actually maintain its own existence.

This theory quickly turned the five of them into a laughing stock the world over. The very idea of such a thing flew in the face of more or less all science in human history.

Ultimately, Caine was right. It took Second Impact to prove his theory, though- when Dr. Katsuragi woke the First Angel, Adam, in Antarctica.

The earthquakes that shook the world destroyed Paris, and revealed something beneath the city's depths- a sphere, nothing less than an ancient starship, buried beneath the crust of the world.

The Black Moon.

Within he found Lilith, the mother of humanity- and slowly things began to move into action. Gehirn was created- Elisha at its lead- and a new all-purpose fighting machine was designed- the Evangelion.

Events at this time become complicated. What is known is that Elisha suffered a catastrophic accident during a handling of EVA-01, that left him a raging psychotic mess. He died soon after.

In truth, the 'accident' had been a partial salvaging process, splitting his soul into thirds- one third went to EVA-00 and another into EVA-01, forming the Cores of the two Evangelions. Later, after his death, the remaining parts of his soul were salvaged into EVA-04.

Thus, despite his physical form perishing in 2007, his soul lived on through the three Evangelions. He had traded his physical form for a godly trinity.

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