Emily Unaipon

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Name: Emily Unaipon
Position: Tinkerer, equipment manager for the Eureka Resistance
Sex: Female
Age: 20~ (Born before Impact)
Nationality: Australian
Place of Residence: Undetermined

Physical Details
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"They're solar cartridges, please don't charge them by your fire! Solar lamp? Yeah, here you go, it's on the fifth aisle, made it myself so you know it's good. And let's see… You want to what, sorry? Okay, this would be doable if I had maybe fifteen Maser Cannons. But I only have two. Plus my tinker model. And like, fifty masguns…"

Young Emily Unaipon is the head equipment manager for the so-called Eureka Resistance. Her job is not only to keep inventory, but also to acquire new equipment for the Resistance. For much of the past two years she's been dedicated to providing modern weaponry for the Resistance, especially maser weaponry, since maser weapons are powered by energy cartridges whose batteries can be recharged through twelve hours exposed to solar energy, which is helpful on a continent as sunny as Australia. As a result, Unaipon deals with various shady organisations, especially the Alves Group. Remarkably, whilst many of the maser weapons used by the Resistance were purchased, several were actually built from scratch by Unaipon herself using local and imported materials. Her incredible skill with machines and technology also gives her enough expertise to customise the equipment she acquires.

Unaipon was raised in the ruins of Melbourne. By 2004 her entire family had perished, either through disease, starvation, murder or suicide. Emily herself was spared due to the intervention of a Tinkerer, a man named Ronnie Sparks. Young Emily was mute, so Sparks named her himself, naming Emily after his mother and Unaipon in recognition of her Indigenous heritage (David Unaipon was a famous Indigenous inventor).

Despite the horror that had beset her early years, Unaipon had a childhood that was as best (and better) than any could hope for in Melbourne. Her adopted father's status as a Tinkerer ensured her safety from the gangers, and she was given a standard of living better than nearly anyone else in the city. She also had access to her father's resources, such as his books, which is incidentally where the two began to really bond. Desperate to bring her out of her shell, Sparks tried reading to her every night. After a month of this, however, Sparks would notice that Unaipon had gone missing. In a frantic rush, he'd end up finding her in the least likely place- inside his private (locked) library, reading up a storm. She was reading everything, reading through books far beyond her age level. Sparks, recognizing her talent when he saw it, began to teach her everything he knew. Before long, however, he had nothing left to teach, which is when he began speaking to other Tinkerers.

There was an explicit agreement between all the Tinkerers in Melbourne that, whilst too many trips outside the city could be dangerous, any new knowledge gained was to be shared as widely as possible with other Tinkerers. Furthermore, any children of Tinkerers would be trained by as many Tinkerers as possible, with the hope of providing a generation after their own that would be more capable than the first generation Tinkerers could ever hope to be. Unaipon was the first real expression of his, taking lessons from almost every Tinkerer in the city, from men who had been, before Impact, engineers and scientists, professors and doctors… Unaipon took it all voraciously.

By the time she was 14, Unaipon herself had become a fully-fledged Tinkerer, free to practice as she liked within the city. It was also around this time that her curiosity saw her expanding her horizons, seeking contact with groups outside of Melbourne- which brought her into contact with the Eureka Resistance. Even though they were based outside of the city, finding someone with Unaipon's ability was next to impossible with the Eureka Resistance's resources, so they asked her for help. She accepted, and after that began alternating her time between living in Melbourne and working outside of it. Through the protection of the Eureka Resistance, she was able to travel to other cities, and even overseas, allowing her to grab even more knowledge on the way.

As the level of technology began to pick up around the world, Unaipon was at the forefront of the Resistance's efforts to acquire some of it themselves. Her initiative served her well; special deals made with groups like the Alves, or the Liberated Nations, saw the group's arsenal swell. The LN was especially generous, so long as the Resistance continued to harass and damage Chinese forces in Australia.

After the LN collapse, many Iron Guard took refuge in Australia. In many cases, their presence caused huge disruptions, as they'd often clash with Chinese and government forces, almost always winning. They set up warlord-esque clans, each one associated with a geographical region and a specific style of living. They weren't too fond of the Resistance, either. Brown, however, saw an opportunity. He offered many of the clans in Australia a proposal to work together for common goals. The clans would help the Resistance, give it some resources from what they could spare, and in exchange, Unaipon would repair the Iron Guard's highly specialised equipment. With Tech Guard extremely rare in Australia, the clans were all too happy to agree. This agreement has kept Unaipon extremely busy ever since (imagine trying to repair Iron Guard Power Armour, using only tools you yourself have made). Nevertheless, the opportunity to work with such advanced equipment makes Unaipon very happy.

Despite the unquestionably martial aspect to her work, Unaipon is actually very gentle and unfond of violence herself, having gotten her fill of it in Melbourne. Her love of weapons technology comes mostly from the purely technical edge to it, and whilst she believes in the goal of the Eureka Resistance, can't bring herself to harm another human being directly. Many resistance fighters have noticed, on closer inspection, some of the scratch-built weaponry she made possesses curious little touches, like small prayers asking forgiveness engraved into stocks or barrels.

She dreams of being able to work for a hyper-advanced group, such as the Adeptus Evangelion- an organisation with technology and equipment that seems like pure fantasy to the common people.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 20 20 30 40 60 40 40 50
Awareness, Charm, Chem Use, Commerce+10, Deceive, Demolitions, Inquiry, Logic, Scrutiny, Literacy, Medicae, Tech Use+20
Speak Language (English)
Characteristic Boost (Intelligence, Fellowship), Extra Skills (2), Extra Talents (2), Touched by the Fates (1)
Engineer (+2 AP to Horde, +4 if in Cover)
Melee (General), Basic (Maser), Pistol (Maser)
Infused Knowledge, Jack of all Trades, Talented (Tech Use), Specialist (Tech Use)
Brilliance, Jaded, Total Recall
Applied Engineering, Careful that's Dangerous, Jury Rig, Master Engineer, Percussive Maintenance, Temporary Reinforcement
9 73 AT Scanner, Fed. Light Power Armour (W/Mediglove), Combi Tool, Long Maser (RDLS), Maspistol

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