Ephraim Siskin Von Brandt
Name: Ephraim Siskin von Brandt
Position: American Representative of the Human Instrumentality Committee
Sex: Male
Age: 52 (Born 1965)
Nationality: German-American
Place of Residence: Synfront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Build: Thin, almost gaunt

Personal Details
"Oh, my dear, sweet Zhang Yanmei. Don't you know that those who play with the devil's toys are brought by degrees to wield his sword? What did you do?"
von Brandt's Theme

Ephraim Siskin von Brandt, newly appointed to the position of American Representative to the HIC, is an enigmatic figure. Tall, thin, seen with his trademark bifocals and trademark smile, the man is congenial, warm and polite. Yet much of his history is an utter mystery, and his genial exterior conceals the fact that he remains a figure of abject terror to many who've met him- including the NeoSpartans.

von Brandt was the head of psychology and conditioning of the NeoSpartan Project. His methods were deeply confronting, using techniques culled from the Navy Seals, Chinese Special Forces, the Russian Spetsnaz and a few of his own to mould the NeoSpartans into the ideal soldier. His methods earned him a sobriquet amongst the children: Nightmare.

He was first met by Yanmei during a visit to Gilles de Orleans. Although introducing himself warmly, when Yanmei's guest, Asuka, entered the room, the mere sight of him was enough to send her fleeing in a mad panic from the room.

For some reason, von Brandt stayed behind during Operation Imperatrix, and was captured by Yanmei and her forces. After his relocation to the Dorian Lachapelle, Mr. Blue gave Yanmei some insight as to von Brandt's history.

According to Blue, von Brandt was once part of the Shangri-La Settlement, a hidden settlement in far western China where awoken A-Types- those with special abilities- hid, protected from the outside world. Von Brandt apparently had the ability to read minds and control them to a certain extent, but when Second Impact hit, all awoken A-Types lost their powers and Shangri-La was quickly destroyed by an old foe: the Russian Army. He managed to avoid death, and somehow made his way into the clutches of SEELE, but his fellow survivor, Serafina Raskova, was not so lucky; by the time she resurfaced, the Soviets had molded her into a cold killer dependent on a highly destructive drug for her abilities.

He also revealed that von Brandt was also Mary Caine's intimate romantic partner, much to Yanmei's dismay.

His stay on the Battleship has been punctuated by encounters with the crew, all of which have ended badly- for the crew. Zhang Yanmei was rattled by his statements; Chiisana confronted him, hoping to use her field to persuade him to share his information, and the end result of that was her permanent split with Hyuga Makoto; and when Raphael Guillory went to menace him after his behaviour to Chiisana, he too left in anger, having come away with a gnawing, uncomfortable truth courtesy of von Brandt.

Von Brandt has a naturally excellent memory, although it doesn't count amongst the fabled eidetic or photographic memories that some claim to have. He is not a fighter, happily proclaiming to all that he is a pacifist; nor is he a tactician or leader capable of directing armies. He is simply a man with a good memory and an uncomfortable level of perception- and this makes him dangerous.

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