Eva 01
EVA 01

WS: 73 +7 (58+15)
BS: 52 +5 (37+15)
ST: 72 +8 (32 +20 Upgrades +10 Advanced Bio +10 Mighty Form)
TO: 71 +7 (31 +20 Upgrades +10 Advanced Bio +10 Mighty Form) (TB*2 Unlocked Organ)
AG: 39 +6 (54 -10 Mighty, -5 Heavy) (+3 AB Twitch, Inertia)

==Body Status==

Part Armor Wounds
Head   12    19
RArm   12    21
LArm   12    21
Body   14    30
RLeg   12    21
LLeg   12    21

Movement: 14/28/42/84

Skill Bonuses: Acrobatics (+10), Stealth (+20), Grapple Defense (-30)


This Eva is a protective spirit, both towards itself and to others. When Berserk, it may add its AB to its DoS on a parry or dodge test, and its AT Field may be used to deflect attacks aimed at adjacent allies, just like the Guardian talent. However, it lacks some of the ferocity one might expect of a berserk Eva; it gains 10 less Strength on a Berserk.

**Mighty Form**
This Eva's body is a powerful form, stockier and thicker than the others, but its organs are designed to be potent, but also slower than usual. It gains +10 Strength and Toughness, but takes a -10 penalty to Agility.

**Heavy Armour**
This Eva is heavily armoured, turning it into a walking juggernaut. It gains +2 AP, and reduces the cost of Armor Upgrades, including Armor Enhancement, by 1 SUP (to a minimum of 1). However, the extra weight reduces its Agility by -5.

This Eva is considered the flagship unit for a particular country, and was unveilled with pride. It bears that country's insignia on it prominently. The pilot gains a conditional fate point to spend as they likeā€¦ Unless they perform an act considered to be unheroic or inappropriate, in which case they gain a single Curse Point for the duration of the encounter. This includes, for example, attacking clearly helpless foes (including fleeing Hordes), particularly brutal or AoE attacks in, on or around urban centres, or refusing to assist allied Hordes in danger.

Primary: Dull Green
Secondary: Dark Orange

==Biological Upgrades=
-Strength, Levels 1 - 4
-Toughness, Levels 1 - 4
-Accelerated Mitosis
-Adrenal Implants
-Advanced Biology
-Core Array
-Dermal Armour
-S2 Organ
-Winged Form
-Redundant Organs I-V
-Twitch Fiber Grafts I-II

==Structural Upgrades==
-Active Camouflage
-Armor Enhancement I-V
-Assault Dock
-Dense Surovite Plating
-Electrified Armor
-Heavy Chassis
-Impact Bolt
-Spec Armor (Rending, Explosive, Energy)
-Reactive Charges
-Redundant Ejector
-White Noise Generator
-Ablative Shield x2
-Ablative Carapace
-Ablative Absorbers
-Entry Plug (Improved) (OBSOLETE)

Ranged Weapons
Name        Class  Range  RoF   Damage  Pene.  Clip  Reload  Special                      Cost
PosRifle3   Basic  75dm  S/3/6  1d10+6E   5     18    Full   Positron, Smoke Launcher   2 WUP

Melee Weapons
Name                    Class   Damage   Pene.           Special        Cost 
Progressive Sword     Melee   1d10+4 R    5        HProg. Blncd. Lgt.     4 WUP
*Damage, Penetration upgrades
Charged Shield - x
Talons - Melee - 2#1d10+5 R p4, Disengage with Move, Automatically passes Fury check (Pistons, Tearing, Pneumatic, Hardened, Sharpened I)
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