Unique Weapons


Lance of Tears

Name Class Range Damage Penetration Special
Lance of Tears Melee (1H) Thrown 10dm 1d10+4R 2 Augmented, Balanced, Tearing, Unbreakable
Lance of Truth Melee (1H) Thrown 10dm 1d10+6R 4 Amp (2), AT Foci (2), Augmented, Balanced, Tearing, Unbreakable
The Lance of Tears has two forms: The Tears form and its stronger secret form, the Lance of Truth. Both forms may be Augmented by channeling ATP into the blade as a half.
ATP Channelled Effect Name Effect
2 ATP Penetration Increase +1 Penetration per 2 ATP, to a maximum of +5.
2 ATP Damage Increase +1 damage per 2 ATP, to a maximum of +5.
4 ATP Toughness Ignorance Ignores 1 TB per 4 ATP to a max of 3 TB.
4 ATP Accuracy Bonus +10 to Attack tests made with the weapon.
8 ATP Positron Field Gains the Positron and Power Field Qualities, as well as +2 Penetration.
15 ATP Force Bolt Weapon Gains the Force Bolt Quality.

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Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone is a round, bright red orb that shimmers with barely-contained energy. It can fit perched in an Evangelion's hand, but once attuned to the wielder does not need to be held at all; instead it will float around them, automatically reacting to their thoughts.

Equipping the Philosopher's Stone immediately grants the wielder +2 ATS, and projects a 20dm zone around them. All enemies with E-Scale AT Fields that enter this zone, once per round, so long as they are in the zone, test Willpower. On a failure, they lose 1d5 ATS and the wielder of the Stone gains the lost ATS.

The Stone grants the bearer a pool of Might Points equal to their Intelligence Bonus, and a pool of Will Points equal to their Willpower Bonus, as well as a conditional Fate Point. Furthermore, every turn it replenishes one point spent of any of these categories, although it cannot restore burned points.

Might Points are focused around offensive improvements and have the following abilities:
1) Increase (or if desired, decrease) damage and Pen to an attack by +2
2) Reroll damage die.
3) Automatically confirm a Righteous Fury attack.
4) Automatically bypass Deflection with an attack.
5) Add a +10 bonus to an attack roll.

Will Points are focused around defensive improvements and AT Fields and have the following abilities:
1) Reduce an incoming attack's damage by -2
2) Increase ATS by +1 for 1 round
3) Restore 1d5 wounds
4) Gain an extra reaction that persists until spent

Furthermore, the Philosopher's Stone has a list of powerful abilities that require expenditure in Points, listed below.

Name Point Cost Action Description
Absolute Annihilation See Desc 2 Full This attack unleashes an 100*ATS long, 20dm wide beam of energy. It deals 10d5+IB damage, and ignores all defenses, including AT Fields, TB, AP, Ablative Armour etc. The cost to activate this power is 5 Might Points, and the user must spend all remaining Fate Points, of which they must have at least 1, and finally must also burn a single Fate Point.
Angelic Grace 3 Will Free Refresh all spent actions (doesn't affect Celerity)
Astral Avoidance 2 Will Free (Evasion) Add +50 to a single Evasion roll
Astral Guidance 2 Might Half Add +50 to a single attack roll.
Distortion Light 3 Will Reaction Breaks all Neutralization and Grapples, Neutralizers/Grapplers must test Pilot Toughness or Willpower at a -20 penalty or be stunned for 1 round
Heaven's Will 3 Will Full All AT Powers are treated as being augmented by an amount equal to WPB for a number of rounds equal to WPB
Maximize 2 Might Free (Attack) Maximize a single damage die.
Redirect Harm 2 Will Free Reduce damage taken by an attack after AP and Toughness by 50%.
Phase Aversion 3 Will Half The Wielder grants themselves the Aberrant Body trait, meaning they cannot be damaged by an attack unless that attack is an AT Field Attack or augmented by an AT Field. Lasts for 1d3+2 rounds.
Philosopher's Shield 2 Will Half The Wielder may reduce all damage taken by WPB as well as TB and AP. This ability lasts for WPB amount of rounds.

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Name Class Range RoF Dmg. Pen. Special
Lance of Cassius
Lance of Cassius (Divine Spear, 1H) Melee (1H) Thrown (SB*2dm) - 1d10+8R 5 Best; Drill, Hyper-Progressive, Sigilite; Devastating (2), Proven (4)
Lance of Cassius (Divine Spear, 2H) Melee (2H) Thrown (SB*2dm) - 1d10+8+(SB*1.5)R 5 Best; Drill, Hyper-Progressive, Sigilite; Devastating (4), Proven (4)
Lance of Cassius (Divine Lotus) Basic (1H) 350dm S/-/- 2d10+8E 10 Best; Holy Light, Holy Shield, Sigilite; Amp (2), Balanced
Sceptre of Supremacy Melee (1H) - - 1d10+4I 4 Best; Sigilite, Supremacy (Sceptre); Amp (2), AT Foci (4), Defensive, Projection (4)
Blade of Supremacy Melee (1H) Thrown (ATS*5dm) - 1d5+5R 5 Best; Compact, Sigilite, Supremacy (Blade); Fast, Offhand, Tearing
Morningstar of Supremacy Melee (1H) - - 1d10+6I 5 Best; Pneumatic, Sigilite, Supremacy (Morningstar); Concussive; Unwieldy
Tendril of Supremacy Melee (1H) 10dm - 1d10+5I 5 Best; Heat, Shield (4), Sigilite, Supremacy (Tendril); Acid (2), Balanced, Flexible
Galatine Set
Galatine Sword Melee (1H) - - 1d10+6E 5 Best; Galatine, Heat, Positron; Balanced
Galatine Shield Melee (1H) - - 1d5+0I 0 Galatine, Shield (3); Defensive
EVA-01 Unique Weapon Special Qualities
Name Effect
Lance of Cassius
Drill If, after to-hit and evasion rolls, you strike an enemy more than once, you may sacrifice your extra hits to deal extra damage to the first hit, at a rate of +4 damage per hit.
Holy Light Attacks made with the Lotus form may either be treated as a Line attack (hitting all things in a straight line, although ignoring allies or targets you don't want to harm), or as a Blast (4) attack. The Lotus can be used to parry one ranged attack per turn.
Holy Shield The Lotus is capable of generating an energy field up to 5m in diameter as a half action (sustained half). Attacks that pass through this barrier aimed at you or your allies must have three or more degrees of success, or else are repelled. Even if they do not possess the requisite Degrees of Success, any attempts to dodge these attacks may be rerolled, taking the final result. This barrier is broken if you do not sustain it, if you attack with the Lance, or is hit with an attack with 4 or more Degrees of Success.
Supremacy (Sceptre) If you channel 6 ATP or more into the Sceptre, it gains the AT Surge quality.
Supremacy (Blade) The Blade is bound to reappear in your hand regardless of its state at the end of the round. If thrown, it reappears; if dropped or lost it does the same, unless it is willingly done so. If the arm or hand is destroyed it reappears in the next hand or, if that hand is occupied, in a free Wing Dock. At certain levels of AT Channelling, the Blade gains extra abilities as shown below:
8 ATP: AT Leech Gains the AT Leech Quality at 8 ATP or more.
10 ATP: Core Knife Gains the Core Knife Quality at 10 ATP or more. Once expended, the Blade reappears as usual.
Supremacy (Morningstar) On a successful hit that deals damage to an enemy, all enemies within a 20dm cone behind the hit target are also hit and instantly take half damage to a random location; against Hordes, instead this weapon's attacks are treated as a 20dm cone attack. At certain levels of AT Channelling, the Morningstar gains extra abilities as shown below:
8 ATP: Tearing Gains the Tearing Quality at 6 ATP.
10 ATP: Felling (4) Gains the Felling Quality at 8 ATP.
Supremacy (Tendril) The Tendril fuses over the wielded arm and body, counting as a Shield (3). The Tendril has a melee range of 10dm, a parry range of 5dm, and may parry flexible attacks without penalty. At certain levels of AT Channelling, the Tendril gains extra abilities as shown below:
4 ATP: Acid (+1) Increases its Acid Quality by 1 per 4 ATP.
6 ATP: Lash Gains the Lash Quality at 6 ATP.
8 ATP: Devouring Gains the Devouring Quality at 8 ATP.
10 ATP: Snare (2) Gains the Snare (2) Quality at 10 ATP.
Galatine Set
Galatine Whenever the Galatine Shield intercepts an attack (either through a Parry, a Sacrifice, or whenever the shield's location is hit), it gains a single charge (multiple hits through Flurries or Bursts still only provide a single charge). It may hold up to 3 charges. The Sword may be stowed in the Shield as a Ready action; on being withdrawed, you may expend the Charges to add +1 Damage and Penetration per charge to the Sword. At the end of the next turn and every turn thereafter, these bonus values decrease by one.

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Lance of Cassius

The Lance of Cassius, the Security Device given to Lilith billions of years ago, has been reforged and reactivated. It has not reclaimed the level of power it once possessed; nevertheless it remains an extremely potent weapon. The Lance's main form is that of a shaft terminating in a large drill head; the other form, however, terminates in a flower around a white core, capable of powerful energy blasts.

The Lance of Cassius grants the user access to a pool of Divine Points. The Lance begins every battle with at least 2 Divine Points. For every enemy felled that possesses a notable AT Field (Angel, Angelspawn, Evas, etc, but not E-Destroyers), the Lance gains 1 Point. These points carry over to the next battle, and are not depleted unless spent. If the Lance of Cassius has 2 or more Divine Points at the end of the battle, then it gains one extra Divine Point.

Divine Points may be spent on triggering the abilities listed below. Each ability may only be triggered once per battle.

Name Point Cost Action Description
Energy Sheath 1 DP Free (Part of attack action) Use this on dealing a hit with the Divine Spear. You increase your number of hits by +2 for purposes of using the Drill quality.
Hard Light 1 DP Half Your current or next Divine Lotus shield may only be penetrated by an attack with 4 or more DoS, and can take an extra penetrating attack before breaking.
Expanding Point 2 DP Half Your next attack with the Divine Spear has the Crippling quality.
Light Transmission 2 DP Reaction When using Divine Lotus mode, target a spot within range and LoS. You immediately teleport to this spot. You may instead target an ally and swap places with them when using Light Transmission.
Starfall 3 DP Full Make a Divine Lotus attack, treating it as a Full Auto attack with a rating of S/-/3.
Light Entanglement 3 DP Half Select a single enemy within 50dm. For the next 3 turns, whenever the enemy moves, you may immediately move as a free action, appearing no less than 5dm away or more than 10dm away from the target's end point. You always know where the enemy is, and allies within 3dm of you know as well.
Sacred Occultation 4 DP Half You designate an area around you equal to 15dm or 2km in diameter. For the next 2 rounds, any enemy entering the area is immediately subject to a free opportunity attack from you. These attacks do not remove your ability to make a normal opportunity attack.
Starlight Gravity 4 DP Full All enemies within a 50dm long cone in front of you are drawn 2d10dm towards you in a straight line. Once this is completed you instantly deal a normal Divine Lotus attack to all enemies within a 40dm lone cone.
Morning Star 10 DP 2 Full You must spend a Fate Point to activate this attack. This attack unleashes an 100*ATS long, 20dm wide beam of energy. It deals 1d10+SB damage, +1d10 per Fate Point spent, and ignores all defenses, including AT Fields, TB, AP, Ablative Armour etc. Once used, the Lance is unable to use any more Abilities for a week.

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Galatine Set

The Galatine Set refers to a custom sword and shield, designed to be used together; the sword can even be fitted into the shield. The Galatine Sword is a fine Positron Sword, designed with special capacitors that allow it to temporarily be charged with extra particles, increasing its lethality. The Galatine Shield, on the other hand, absorbs the energy of incoming attacks and can then divert that energy into the sword, filling its capacitors and, for a short time, increasing its potency.

The Positron Sword may be upgraded like a normal melee weapon.
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An artefact weapon taken from the defeated Archangel Raphael in the ruins of New Delhi, Supremacy reflects the powerful will of its owner, who demonstrated incredible mastery over the physical world, including its own form. Much like its owner, Supremacy is changeable and highly adaptable.

Supremacy has four forms, one of which it uses at the start of the battle at your choice. Each form provides different bonuses and abilities. The forms can be changed from one form to another as a Free Action so long as your ATS is 4 or higher; or as a Half if your ATS is 1 or higher.


Name Class Range RoF Dmg. Pen. Special
Excalibur (1H) Melee (1H) - - 1d10+8E/R 6 Best; Excalibur, Hyper-Progressive, Sigilite; Balanced, Power Field, Razor-Sharp
Excalibur (2H) Melee (2H) - - 2d10+8E/R 6 Best; Excalibur, Hyper-Progressive, Sigilite; Balanced, Brutal, Devastating (2), Power Field, Razor-Sharp; Unwieldy
Imperial Herald
Herald of Apocalypse Melee (1H) - - 1d10+6R 5 Best; Heat, Herald (Apocalypse), Sigilite; Balanced, Tearing
Herald of Redemption Melee (1H) Thrown (SB*2dm) - 1d10+5R 6 Best; Heat, Herald (Redemption), Sigilite; Devastating (2), Tearing
Herald of Devastation Basic 30dm S/2/4 1d10+5E 5 Best; Heat, Herald (Devastation), Sigilite; Carbine, Flame
EVA-04 Unique Weapon Special Qualities
Name Effect
Excalibur Excalibur's attacks count as both Rending and Energy, and when dealing Critical Damage, you apply the worst penalties of both results. Enemies with a resistance to Rending or Energy attacks do not benefit unless they resist both types of damage. Finally, Excalibur ignores the Stuff of Nightmares trait and any ability that would permit a target to survive a lethal blow from Excalibur (apart from ones that require fate expenditure) are ignored.
Imperial Herald
Herald (Apocalypse) At certain levels of AT Channelling, the Herald of Apocalypse gains extra abilities as shown below:
8 ATP: Proven (5) Gains the Proven (5) Quality at 8 ATP.
10 ATP: Cleaving Gains the Cleaving Quality at 10 ATP.
Herald (Redemption) At certain levels of AT Channelling, the Herald of Redemption gains extra abilities as shown below:
4 ATP: Devastating (+1) Increases its Devastating Quality by 1 per 4 ATP.
10 ATP: Crippling Gains the Crippling Quality at 10 ATP.
Herald (Devastation) At certain levels of AT Channelling, the Herald of Devastation gains extra abilities as shown below:
6 ATP: Blaster Gains the Blaster Quality at 6 ATP.
8 ATP: Fusion Gains the Fusion Quality at 8 ATP.

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Dual Entry Plug

Name Effects
Dual Entry Plug +5 to WS, +5 to BS, See below

The Dual Entry Plug Configuration allowed for an Evangelion to receive two Entry Plugs and in doing so, receive two pilots. This configuration would be the height of impracticality for most pilots, since the conflicting nervous signatures would confuse the unit's actions. However, the Dual Entry Plug Configuration is designed to be used for pilots bonded with the Libido Effect, and when piloted as such, it can turn an Evangelion into a powerful juggernaut.

The Dual Entry Plug Configuration works in the following way:
1) Both Pilots roll Initiative. They then choose the single highest from all of the rolls and choose that as their Initiative.
2) The Pilots do not act separately. For all intents and purposes they are considered to act at the same time and count as only one entity.
3) The Unit acts like a normal unit in the sense that it has 1 Full or 2 Half Actions and a Reaction. However, the Unit also gains a single spare Half Action per round that may be used normally, and can be used as a Reaction if not used on turn.
4) Only the highest SR value is used, but the ATS value provided is increased by 50%.
5) When Synch Disruptions occur, roll separately for each. Traits that affect Disruptions, such as Flux or Explosion, apply to both rolls.
6) Pilots both suffer from Feedback. If one Pilot is knocked out or otherwise killed, then the other Pilot loses all benefits and functions of the Dual Plug.

The Dual Entry Plug Configuration offers the following benefits:
Name Effect
Act as One The two pilots may share Fates freely.
Feedback Buffer All Feedback Tests are rolled at +30.
Shared Ability Both pilots make tests based on the highest Characteristic and/or Skill value between them, not individually.
Protective Coupling Both pilots share any immunities to status effects.
Universal Knowledge If either pilot possesses a Talent or AT Field Power, then both Pilots are treated as knowing it.

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Excalibur, the Ever-Slaying Sword

Excalibur, the Ever-Slaying Sword of the Youthful King- Adam. A powerful and malevolent weapon that actively attacks the unwieldy who dare to hold it, it was destroyed in the ancient battle against Lilith, but was repaired during Second Impact. A long sword without ornamentation, it is a weapon dedicated to destruction, and was designed to fight against an old and incomprehensible foe.

Excalibur has a single form. It may be wielded one-handed or two-handed, and depending on this configuration has the following stats as above. The Sword has access to a limited suite of powers, the activation and use of which are detailed below.

Name Restriction Action Description
Dark Fire Once per battle Half For the next 3 rounds, every attack Yanmei makes with Excalibur is treated as a 10dm cone attack, hitting enemies behind the target she is aiming at as well. Excalibur's attacks also gain the 'flame' quality.
Eyes of Unmaking Once per battle Full The next attack Excalibur makes that hits deals no damage, but has the Brutal quality instead.
Futility of Resistance Once per battle Half The next attack Excalibur makes that hits counts as anti-AT damage.
Unleashed Fury of the Ever-Slaying Sword 1 Fate Burn 2 Full Yanmei must spend all remaining fate points to use this attack, one of which is permanently burned. This attack unleashes an 100*ATS long, 20dm wide beam of energy. It deals 1d10+SB damage, +1d10 per Fate Point spent, and ignores all defenses, including AT Fields, TB, AP, Ablative Armour etc. Once used, Yanmei takes 2 fatigue and takes a special -10 penalty to all tests on top of that.
Wraith Call Once per battle Full Unleashes strange, malevolent spirits within the sword. Yanmei summons 1d2+1 Hordes of Sword Wraiths, which will attack her enemies. They dissipate once all enemies are dead.

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Imperial Herald

The Imperial Herald was the weapon of Azrael, the champion of Metatron and shaper of the Earth. Azrael's weapon now belongs to Yanmei, Azrael's spiritual child. With Azrael and Metatron defeated the weapon's true powers have emerged.

The Imperial Herald has three forms: The Apocalypse form is a long one-handed sword glowing with heat; the Redemption form is a spear as tall as an Eva that leaves heat trails in its wake; the Devastation form is a molten glove that fits over the Eva's arm and allows it to project devastating lava blasts at enemies. The Herald can be changed from one form to another as a Free Action so long as your ATS is 4 or higher; or as a Half if your ATS is 1 or higher.
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