Evangelion Unit 22

Name: Evangelion Unit 22
Model: Divine-Model Type
Role: Berserker
Pilot: Elena Clement

Characteristics (Normal)

Name Value Bonus Upgrade Modifiers
Weapon Skill 45 4 - Hatred: Evangelions, Mecha (55)
Ballistic Skill 45 4 - -
Strength 70 7 Upgrade 4 -
Toughness 70 7 Upgrade 4 -
Agility 40 6 - Twitch Fibers I-II
Intelligence 40 4 - -
Perception 30 3 - -
Willpower 35 3 - -
Fellowship 35 3 - -
Synch Ratio 65 7 - -

Characteristics (Berserk)

Name Value Bonus Upgrade Modifiers
Weapon Skill 70 7 Expert Hatred: Evangelions, Mecha (80)
Ballistic Skill 60 6 Expert -
Strength 70 16 Upgrade 4 Unnatural Strength, Beyond Your Means
Toughness 70 14 Upgrade 4 Unnatural Toughness
Agility 60 8 - Twitch Fibers I-II
Intelligence 60 6 - -
Perception 60 6 - -
Willpower 60 6 - -
Fellowship 60 6 - -
Synch Ratio 100 11 - -

Body Parts

Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 8 23
Upper Right Arm 11-15 8 25
Upper Left Arm 16-20 8 25
Lower Right Arm 21-25 8 25
Lower Left Arm 26-30 8 25
Body 31-70 11 35
Right Leg 71-85 8 25
Left Leg 86-100 8 25


AB Half Full Charge Run
6 12 18 36 72


Armour Slot Loadout
Slot 1 Specialised Armour: Rending
Slot 2 Specialised Armour: Energy
Slot 3 Specialised Armour: Explosive
Slot 4 Fortified Armour
Right Wing Loadout Type Cargo
Lance Dock False Lance
Left Wing Loadout Type Cargo
Lance Dock False Lance
Upper Right Hand Cargo Natural Weapons
- Claw
Upper Left Hand Cargo Natural Weapons
- Claw
Lower Right Hand Cargo Natural Weapons
- Claw
Lower Left Hand Cargo Natural Weapons
- Claw


Category Name Description
History Nemesis Hatred: Evangelions, Hatred: Mecha, treats other Evas as the enemy when berserked
Construction Reinforced Starting AP is +1
Mutation Divine-Type Higher starting AP, higher wounds calculation, four arms
Soul Angelic -5 SR, +1 ATS, will be attacked by berserk Evas
Berserk Absolute Berserk Gains US/UT*2, Celerity, gains "Berserk EVA-22" Characteristic line, heals TB on all body parts, has full control of its AT Field Powers, can increase SR by 5d10 per round for free to a max of 400



Name Effect
Accelerated Mitosis Regeneration Quality
Adrenal Implants Can test toughness on defeat to last for another TB amount of rounds
Advanced Biology +10 to Strength and Toughness
Dermal Armour Reduce Critdam by 1
Fleshwarper Spend Full and Reaction to heal 1d5+TB Wounds
Redundant Organs I-III +3 to Wounds
S2 Organ Unlimited Power
Strength 1-4 +20 Strength
Toughness 1-4 +20 Toughness
Twitch Fibers I-II +2 to AB
Winged Form Flight, +20dm range to AT Powers, can augment

Natural Weapon

Weapon Upgrade Effect
Claws Hardened +4 Damage
Claws Sharpened I +4 Penetration
Claws Sharpened II +4 Penetration
Claws Tearing Tearing Quality
Claws Energy Field +2 Pen, Energy Damage, Power Field
Bite Serrated I +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Bite Serrated II +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Bite Serrated III +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Bite Corrosive If attack deals damage after AP and TB, deals extra +1d5. Damage type becomes E
Bite Tearing Tearing Quality
Spit Breath I +5dm, Flame Quality
Spit Breath II +5dm, +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Spit Breath III +5dm, +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Spit Toxic Toxic Quality
Spit Necrotoxin If attack hits, enemy's TB is reduced by 1 until Eva's next turn


Name Effect
Ablative Carapace Absorbs attack to chest
Armor Enhancement I-III +3 AP
Autobalancer +10 to Acrobatics
Electrified Armour Enemies attacking in melee test Toughness or be stunned; +1 energy Critdam
Fortified Armour Immunity to Righteous Furies
Heavy Chassis +1 body Wound, allows for heavy equipment
Improved Plug +5 to WS/BS
Lance Dock*2 Creates large docks for Lances
Specialised Armour: Energy +4 AP vs. Energy Attacks
Specialised Armour: Explosive +4 AP vs. Explosive Attacks
Specialised Armour: Rending +4 AP vs. Rending Attacks

Upgrade Points


Increase Decrease Reason Total
+40 - Divine Startup 40
- -6 Strength 1-4 34
- -6 Toughness 1-4 28
- -4 S2 Organ 24
- -2 Winged Form 22
- -3 Advanced Biology 19
- -3 Redundant Organs I-III 16
- -2 Twitch Fibers I-II 14
- -2 Accelerated Mitosis 12
- -2 Fleshwarper 10
- -2 Dermal Armour 8
- -2 Adrenal Implants 6
- -2 Natural Weapon: Claws 4
- -2 Natural Weapon: Spit 2
- -2 Natural Weapon: Bite 0


Increase Decrease Reason Total
+25 - Divine Startup 25
- -1 Bestial Claws: Hardened 24
- -1 Feral Claws: Sharpened I 23
- -1 Monstrous Claws: Sharpened II 22
- -1 Terrifying Claws: Tearing 21
- - Berserker Bestial Claws: Energy Field 21
- -1 Bestial Bite: Serrated I 20
- -1 Feral Bite: Serrated II 19
- -1 Monstrous Bite: Serrated III 18
- -1 Terrifying Bite: Corrosive 17
- - Berserker Bestial Bite: Tearing 16
- -1 Bestial Spit: Breath I 15
- -1 Feral Spit: Breath II 14
- -1 Monstrous Spit: Breath III 13
- -1 Terrifying Spit: Toxic 12
- - Berserker Bestial Spit: Necrotoxin 12
- -6 False Lance 6
- -6 False Lance 0


Increase Decrease Reason Total
+25 - Divine Startup 25
- -6 Armor Enhancement I-III 19
- -4 Lance Dock*2 15
- -1 Improved Plug 14
- -2 Ablative Carapace 12
- -2 Specialised Armour: Rending 10
- -2 Specialised Armour: Energy 8
- -2 Specialised Armour: Explosive 6
- -1 Autobalancer 5
- -1 Heavy Chassis 4
- -2 Electrified Armour 2
- -2 Fortified Armour 0


Berserker Talents

Name Effect
Absorb Berserk: As Cannibalize but gain +1 BUP instead
Advanced Berserk Use AT Powers during Berserk
Bestial (3) Upgrade three Natural Weapons
Beyond your Means Berserk: +2 SB
Breakthrough Berserk: Attack an enemy, reduce their ATS by an amount equal to your degrees of success for the purposes of Deflection
Brutality All Out Attacks have the Tearing quality
Cannibalize Berserk: Devour defeated enemy to heal 2d5 wounds
Carnage Carnage: Use special attack
Like a Cruel Angel: Deus In Machina Gain the Unnatural Speed (x2) Trait and gain a second reaction.
Disturbing Anatomy Evangelion's melee range becomes 10m, natural weapons become Flexible
Eat and Run Berserk: Devour removed limb as a half to heal 1d5 wounds
Feast Berserk: As Cannibalize, but heal 1d10+TB instead
From the Grave Spend Fate if defeated, then roll Berserk. On success, Eva rises one round later and continues to fight, heals TB wounds to lethally wounded body part
Ghost in the Machine Reroll failed Berserk
I'll be Back Roll 1d10 when defeated. On roll of 8, 9 or 10, Eva rises one round later, heals TB on all critically damaged areas, and berserks. Does not stack with From the Grave
Loose Control Roll Berserk if pilot is stunned
Lucid Eva Automatically succeed on Berserk rolls. Eva berserks in the case of negative synch disruption
Rampage When making All Out attack, spend Reaction to penalise dodge/parry by 10 per degree of success on the hit
Rip and Tear Berserk: Make Called Shot on critically damaged enemy limb. On a success, opposed Strength vs. Toughness; on a pass, limb is automatically removed
Self-Preservation Roll Berserk if Eva loses a limb and the pilot fails feedback
Stirring Beast Berserks on a Berserk roll of 8, 9 or 0
The Beast Within (3) Gain 3 Fates upon berserk
The Dead Walk Berserk: Take 2 fewer Critical Damage when inflicted; minimum 1
Unleash the Beast Spend Fate to automatically pass a Berserk roll
Unstoppable Spend Fate when berserking to gain the Stuff of Nightmares trait

Weapon Proficiency Talents

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General Yes Yes Yes
Melee Prog Yes Yes Yes
Basic Bolt Yes - -
Basic General Yes - -
Basic Maser Yes - -
Basic Positron Yes - -
Pistol Bolt Yes - -
Pistol General Yes - -
Pistol Maser Yes - -

Melee Talents

Name Effect
Berserk Charge +20 to Charge attacks, not +10
Blademaster Reroll one attack made with a blade per round
Crushing Blow +WSB/2 damage to melee attacks, rounded down
Furious Assault Spend Reaction to add a second attack to All Out Attack
Hammer Blow Add SB/2 to penetration when making a single All Out Attack
Heroic Assault Combine Furious Assault and Berserk Charge
Killing Strike Perform a single All Out Attack that cannot be parried or dodged
Street Fighting +2 Critical Damage with a knife or unarmed

Movement Talents

Name Effect
Drop Trained Treat falls of 10dm or more as though you had fallen only 1/3rd the distance

Fortitude/Physical Talents

Name Effect
Blood Frenzy Declare once per combat. Reroll damage with melee weapons, increase penetration by +4, fury on an 8, 9, 10. Lasts for rounds equal to WPB.
Extreme Endurance Declare once per Session. Reroll failed Toughness tests with a +20 bonus for 10 hours
Extreme Resilience Ignore Critical Damage/Fatigue effects until end of battle
I Cannot be Defeated Add +2 to Fatigue limit
Iron Jaw Roll Toughness tests to avoid Stunning
Feat of Strength Declare once per Session. Gain Unnatural Strength (x3) and +10 to Strength tests for WPB/3 rounds
Renewed Vigour Declare once per Session. Heal wounds equal to TB as a free action
True Grit Halve Critical Damage taken to a minimum of 1

Morale/Mental talents

Name Effect
Battle Rage May parry whilst Frenzied
Frenzy Spend Full Action to enter Frenzied state (+10 WS, Strength, Toughness, cannot dodge, must engage foes, must use All Out if possible)
Indomitable Reduce ego damage by 1 to a minimum of 1
Resistance (Fear) +10 to Fear tests

AT Field Talents

Name Effect
Quick Spread All Spreads are a half

AT Field Powers

AT Field Spreads

Accelerated Territory
Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflective Field
Layered Field

Offensive Powers

Cross Blast

Enhancement Powers

AT Appendage
AT Weapon
Blast Fist
Massive Momentum

Utility Powers

Kinetic Manipulation
Kinetic Mastery

Weapons and Natural Attacks

Melee Attacks

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Berserk Damage Base Pen Real Pen Berserk Pen Special
Claw Melee (Natural) 1d10+4E 1d10+13E 1d10+23E 10 10 10 Tearing, Power Field
Bite Melee (Natural) 1d10+6E 1d10+15E 1d10+25E 6 6 6 Tearing, Corrosive
False Lance (Great Weapon) Melee (2H) 2d10+4R 2d10+13R 2d10+23R 4 4 4 Unwieldy, Binary
False Lance (Lance) Melee (1H) 1d10+4 1d10+13R 1d10+23R 8 8 8 Throwing, Tearing, Lance*
  • Penetrates AT Fields below 1d5+8

Ranged Attacks

Name Class Range RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special
Spit Basic (Natural) 20m S/-/- 2d10+4E 2d10+4E 4 4 Flame, Toxic, Necrotoxin
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