Confronting Villeneuve

Confronting Villeneuve

Martin Pierre Villeneuve is the leader of France's UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), a centre-right political party and the second largest behind the ruling Second Socialist Party to which President Mazarin belongs. Villeneuve and the UMP have sat in opposition to the Socialist Party for the past 11 years, during which they have fought unsuccessfully to remove Mazarin and his party from power.

Mazarin's disappearance following the Crystal Massacre may have given Villeneuve his chance, especially since Villeneuve played a large part in the desperate events surrounding the massacre such as relocating the government to Orleans and mobilising the army. Indeed, it seems Villeneuve promised certain members of the ruling cabinet his support regarding the mobilisation in exchange for their help in toppling Mazarin. To this end, Villeneuve has embarked on a campaign to erode Mazarin's credibility… And his first target is Zhang Yanmei, whom has been summoned to face a full house inquiry lead by Villeneuve himself. There, he intends to question her about the nature of the UEF, its mechanisms, its raison d'etre, the war and her ability as a leader. It is widely expected, although left unsaid, that Yanmei will flounder and be exposed as a puppet figurehead.

Villeneuve and his party have traditionally been integrationists, and as such are pro-UN. For a long time they've argued for greater resources to be put to restoring the defunct European Union (a policy the Socialists reject). They perceive the Federation as a rogue entity, not as an alternative, and consider the actions of Yanmei and the AEC to be illegitimate. When Operation Imperatrix caused a destructive battle in Paris-2, Villeneuve argued for the prosecution of UEF leaders, especially Yanmei. All in all, he is opposed to the war and the UEF in general.

The major problem is that his support is growing as the anti-war movement gathers steam in France. If Mazarin's credibility is sufficiently eroded and Villeneuve is able to force an election, there's a significant chance that he'll carry the tide of sentiment all the way to the Elysee Palace… And in doing so rob Yanmei and the Federation of one of its strongest allies.


Answer the Inquiry

Mazarin has made it clear that he expects Yanmei to answer the inquiry and outflank Villeneuve by not being the pushover he so expects. This would blunt Villeneuve's momentum and quiet political problems on the home front for awhile.

This option has the following effects:
Inquiry: Yanmei confronts Villeneuve in a roleplayed Social Conflict.
Settling the Home Front: If Yanmei succeeds, then the Administration of France Occupation will be unlocked in Turn 3.
Fed in the Dock: If Yanmei fails, then the Fed in the Dock Event will be triggered in Turn 4.

Refuse the Inquiry

Yanmei is free to refuse the inquiry, but doing so will basically forfeit this chance to stop him here and now, which has severe knock-on effects.

This option has the following effects:
Fed in the Dock: The Fed in the Dock Event will be triggered in Turn 4.
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