Spoils Of War

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Spoils of War

"H-huh? You mean I could end up … o-owning Ezekiel…?"
- Ayanami Go

Our recent combats and victories have seen a limited number of powerful items enter our possession. These items may only be tuned to a single wielder, however, so we must decide that now.

The first item is a Sigilite Lance, retrieved from a Mass Production Evangelion during Operation Lily. It may be assigned to any Evangelion unit. (Given to Sho)

The second item is the Philosopher's Stone, for which we traded Joan. The Stone is a highly powerful item, capable of amplifying an AT user's might greatly. It is also the physical vessel of Ezekiel, the Emissary. For various reasons, it may only be bonded to one of the following individuals: Ayanami Chiisana, Ayanami San or Ayanami Go. (Given to Go)

It is now up to us to decide.

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