Everett Wilton Reginald

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Name: Everett Wilton Reginald
Position: Major General, Army of the Federation
Sex: Male
Age: 56 (Born 1962)
Nationality: English
Place of Residence: Undetermined

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 6'3"
Build: Powerfully built

Personal Details
"Oh ho! Now this is a grand moment, let me tell you! Do you mean to say that the game is afoot once again and that I am up to bat once more? Well this is a curious thing. After all the effort your lads went to in order to bring us down… How do the youth of today put it? Now you hate us because you ain't us. Well in that case, I say yes, welcome to the new LN, and of course I'm up for a bit of the biff, so long as you replace my tank."

Everett Wilton Reginald is a Major General in the Army of the Federation. He was recruited to their ranks shortly before the operation to bring down Metatron, in preparation for the inevitable war against the UN. He belongs to an alarming breed of older soldier that takes genuine thrill out of the clash and fire of warfare, and whilst he doesn't let this prevent him from carrying out his duty (or from ensuring his soldiers' lives are not spent for nothing), he is nevertheless surely mad and a danger to himself and others.

Reginald was born in 1962 in Edinburgh, Scotland, to an English father and a Scottish mother. The military was well-represented on both sides of his military, and as Reginald himself will happily tell you, has ancestors from both sides participate in the same battle- on the opposite sides. Unsurprisingly, he was raised on a diet of war stories and acts of heroism. He set his sights on the military and, as soon as he could, joined the British Army as an officer cadet.

He married in 1988 to a miss Eileen Kearney. They have five children together, with the oldest being 28.

During his time with the British Army, Reginald saw his fair share of conflicts, including the Gulf War, the Bosnian War and the Kosovo War. His service was considered to be quite good, and he was well-liked for his troops for his candid personality and his fiery spirit.

When Second Impact hit, the UK was devastated not by the floods or earthquakes, but by a nuclear device devastating London and destroying the central government. The UK collapsed into civil war, split between three factions- the republican nationalist Birmingham Movement, loyal government and monarchist Manchester Remnant, and the Scottish Independence Army. Reginald had originally intended to stay neutral in the conflict, but when he saw the brutality inflicted on borderland Scots by the other two factions, he dutifully joined the SIA and fought for the freedom of his mother's homeland.

The SIA lost, and like many who were on the wrong side of such conflicts post-2I, Reginald fled and, eventually, made his way to what would eventually become the LN. When the war broke out with the UN, Reginald was given command of the 19th Berber Division, a mechanised combined-arms unit intended for battle in North Africa and the invasion of Europe. It was this force that made up the bulk of LN forces during the invasion of Malta and Sicily. Despite his efforts, Reginald was defeated and the 19th was repelled from both islands. His forces would instead act in a defensive capacity for some time, repelling attacks on Tunisia and Algeria, before the bulk of his remaining forces were reassigned to support Linden in the United States. There he had much greater success, with his fortunes only waning when Linden was decisively defeated at Boston.

Since then, Reginald has been living a civilian life with his family, his forces having been disbanded by Linden in accordance with the treaty she signed with the UN. However, with the UEF having emerged and now at war with the UN, Reginald's abilities are in greater need than imagined- and once again he finds himself fighting for a rebellious cause against UN tyranny.

He loves it.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
40 30 30 45 40 45 30 40 50
Athletics, Awareness, Charm, Command+10, Dodge, Intimidate, Literacy, Parry
Operate (Ground Military+10), Scholastic Lore (Tactics+10), Speak Language (English, Scots)
Characteristic Boost (WS, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Fellowship), Tactician (1), Touched by the Fates (1)
Tactician/General-Colonel (+10 WS, +1 Damage. Land Units gain Overwhelming (1) and +10 WP.)
Melee (General, Prog), Pistol (General, Bolt), Basic (General)
Armour Master
Berserk Charge, Furious Assault, Mighty Blow, Swift Attack
Iron Jaw, True Grit
Fearless, Resistance (Fear)
Air of Authority, Into the Jaws of Hell, Iron Discipline
Butts and Bayonets, Fanatical Fury, Rip and Tear
Hold the Line, Stiffen Backs
Tactician's Foundation
12 73 Fed. Heavy Power Armour (w/Inspirational Panoply), Prog Sword, Commando Bolt Pistol

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