Example Mission



Turning Points

Turning Points
Secure Milan.
Secure Turin.
Secure Naples.
Protect the French Army of Italy.
Destroy or Rout the Enemy Forces.
Hunt the UN Aircraft Carrier Byzantium.
Hunt the UN Battleship Carthaginia.
Hunt the UN Battleship Cyrene.
Hunt the German Army Group Italy.

Local Allies

French Army of Italy

The French Army of Italy, consisting of:
Artillery%20Pog.png?dl=0 6th Artillery Division Artillery%20Pog.png?dl=0 7th Artillery Division PogArmored.png?dl=0 5th Armored Division PogInfantry.png?dl=0 7th Infantry Division PogInfantry.png?dl=0 8th Infantry Division
Type Armored Type Armored Type Armored Type Infantry Type Infantry
Mag 100/100 Mag 100/100 Mag 100/100 Mag 100/100 Mag 100/100
Arm 1 Frag Missiles Arm 1 Frag Missiles Arm 1 Railcannons Arm(s) Infantry Weapons Arm(s) Infantry Weapons
Arm 2 Rail Vulcans Arm 2 Rail Vulcans Arm 2 Rail Vulcans Spec(s) Sergeant Spec(s) Sergeant
Spec 1 W-Spec (Bolt Shells) Spec 1 W-Spec (Bolt Shells) Spec(s) Sergeant
Spec 2 W-Spec (Frag Missiles) Spec 2 W-Spec (Frag Missiles)
PogBear.png?dl=0 4th AC Division
Type AC Suit
Mag 100/100
Arm 1 Railcannons
Arm 2 Rail Vulcans
Arm 3 Anti-Air Missiles
Arm 4 AC Prog Swords
Spec 1 Weapon Spec (Positron Missiles)

Valid Resources

All valid Evas, Superheavy Squads and ODs may be deployed.

Valid Horde Armies are as follows.

Army Name Contents
Dorian Lachapelle Battlegroup LachapellePog.png?dl=0
Liberty Bell Battlegroup Liberty%20Pog.png?dl=0
Royal Navy HMS Invincible Battlegroup Carrier%20Pog.png?dl=0 Battleship%20Pog.png?dl=0 Cruiser%20Pog.png?dl=0 Cruiser%20Pog.png?dl=0 Destroyer%20Pog.png?dl=0 Destroyer%20Pog.png?dl=0
RAF Air Command PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0
Armee de l'Air CFA PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0 PogFighter.png?dl=0
2e Armee Francaise PogBear.png?dl=0 PogInfantry.png?dl=0 PogInfantry.png?dl=0 PogArmored.png?dl=0 Artillery%20Pog.png?dl=0 Artillery%20Pog.png?dl=0
French Superheavy Corps PogDread.png?dl=0 PogDread.png?dl=0 PogDread.png?dl=0
Wizard Army Iron%20Pog.png?dl=0


Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Enemy Reinforcements. Enemy Reinforcements, predominantly AC Suits and Armored Units, are predicted to be deployed in Southern Italy. It will take an average of 4 turns for them to arrive.

Victory and Defeat Effects


Victory here will add the French Army of Italy to your Resource Pool.


Defeat here will add the Mission "Operation Tombstone: UN Invasion of Southern France" to the list of Missions next turn. If Operation Tombstone has already been activated due to a defeat in Operation Windmill, then the enemy forces will be much stronger than usual.


Advisor Advice
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "Italy's narrow and hilly. The Army of Italy can pretty easily seal the peninsular to the southern advance. The Apennine Mountains run right up the spine of Italy, and putting our forces here should give them a good deal of survivability."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "The Expeditionary Peacekeeping Forces will have a fairly balanced force, although I suspect they'll prioritize artillery units to pound the Army of Italy into dust. The UN Battlefleet is based around three capital ships: the Carrier Byzantium and the Battleships Carthaginia and Cyrene. The Fleet designed to support the Expeditionary Force- they'll run up the west coast, launching aerial attacks from the Carrier Byzantium's Air Groups, whilst their two Battleships smash the Army of Italy. Finally, the German-UN Heeresgruppe Italien is likely to be predominantly swift, with heavy Armored and AC concentrations."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Speed is of the essence here. The faster we reinforce the Army of Italy the better. The Army of Italy has a very limited anti-air capability, so the first thing we should do is make sure we have heavy air power here to counter the Byzantium's Air Groups. We can block the German advance into Northern Italy if we use the fortified city of Milan as our forward base. We might also consider sending Katsuragi to lead the Army of Italy, or reinforcing them with rock-hard Iron Guard. Finally, the Liberty Bell or the Dorian should be sent to launch a direct attack on the Byzantium and its ships. The Bell and the Dorian can carry Superheavies in its hull, shielding them from damage until the moment is right."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "The enemy's Supreme Commander is Lord High Magistrate Marco. Marco is a highly aggressive leader, and he'll favour hitting our forces as quickly as possible. He probably won't try to hold what he takes, preferring to defeat his foe decisively in the field. To that end, any tactic that slows or delays his forces will quickly see them overextend, allowing us to defeat his armies one by one."
Misato3.png?dl=0 "Yeesh. Okay, I'm thinking EVA-01 or 09, just our heaviest, hardest units to get right in there and protect the Army of Italy. Any Eva that helps the Army of Italy'll be hit by Fusion Bombers and Battleship fire, but anything that's hitting an Eva isn't hitting the boys on the ground."


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