Expanded Skill And Crafting Rules
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Expanded Skill Uses



May use Acrobatics in place of Strength/Agility when making tests for jumping, running and leaping. Use Agility bonus in place of Strength bonus for jumping/leaping distance.

Hot Pursuit

May use Acrobatics in place of Agility when making Agility tests during Pursuits.

Negotiating Obstacles

May test Acrobatics in place of Agility when charging or running through treacherous terrain that would cause you to fall prone.

Tumbling Evasion

May test Acrobatics during a Disengage to reduce it to a half Action. Failure means you still move away, but the enemy makes a free attack with +10 modifier.


Eye for Detail

May use Awareness when examining a scene (i.e. crime scene) in conjunction with investigation skill test. Each degree of success reduces difficulty of investigation skill test by 1.



Offer money and make a Barter test. For every degree of success, you gain +5 bonus to your next interaction test vs. bribed individual so long as the test is made within Fel Bonus number of days. Difficulty of barter tests depends on size and nature of bribe and the honesty of the recipient.


Create Disturbance

Assist an ally with Blather. Make a Blather Test as normal- the opponent is considered to be dumbfounded, and furthermore ally's test is Assisted (+10). Failure on your ally's part may alert enemy nevertheless.

Distract Opponent

Can use Blather to conceal hostile intentions until it's too late. So long as you are not in combat and have not exhibited any hostile or overly confrontational behaviour, you may test Blather opposed by your opponent's Willpower or Scrutiny. If you pass, then you are treated as if you had feinted. So long as your next action is a standard attack, it cannot be dodged or parried.


Drinking Contest

A Drinking Contest is simply an opposed Carouse check between two competitors. The nature of the drinking contest is up to them (drink all the alcohol fastest, last man standing etc)

Iron Stomach

May test Carouse in place of a Toughness test when knowingly ingesting something poisonous or toxic. No effect vs. injected, inhaled or toxins delivered by weapons.



Convince a target to do something they wouldn't do otherwise. Compel the target, improving his/her disposition by 2 steps rather than 1, by voluntarily taking on a -20 penalty to your charm test. The target will then do as you ask, but is entitled to an intelligence check afterwards to see if he/she realises they have been used. If he/she succeeds, disposition worsens by 3 steps.
A failed Compel test worsens the target's disposition by 1 step.

First Impressions

When first meeting someone, may test Charm to subsequently make all Interaction Skill tests with them one step easier until you fail a skill test or commit a breach of etiquette. If you fail a First Impressions test, all Interaction Skill tests with them become on step harder.


Those in a position of authority can use the Charm Skill to inspire a group-related test, either with positive or negative reinforcement. Success provides a +10 bonus to the next Characteristic Test of the motivated group, such as passing a Willpower Test to resist Fear or recover from Pinning.


Concealing Poisons

Test Chem-Use -10 to apply poisons to a person's food, drink etc. In a way they won't detect. Every degree of success makes Detect Poisons to analyse poison from victim's remains test -10 harder.

Detect Poisons

Use Chem-Use to analyse remains of a victim to detect poisons or chemicals. A successful Chem-Use test reveals the presence or absence of a poisonous substance. Each degree of success reveals more information, including: what it is, method of delivery, point of origin, and likely procurement places. This test is -20 if undertaken without the aid of a chemistry or forensics lab.



May make a Climb test in place of Strength when Abseiling.

Help others Climb

You may Assist others with the Climb skill even if they don't have the Climb Skill trained.


When using ropes to rappel, may test Climb to move at three times your normal Move Rate. A failed test means you make no progress. A failed test by 1 or more degrees means you have become tangled up in the rope and must succeed on a Climb test on the following Round to free yourself. A failed test by 3 or more degrees means a terrible mishap has occurred. You fall, sustaining fall damage as usual.

Speed Climbing

By taking a -20 penalty to your Climb skill, you can climb at your normal move rate, not half.



As per Charm.

Devoted Followers

Whenever you succeed on an order to Devoted or Fanatical minions, you grant a +5 bonus to a single Test related to that order for every degree of success attained. Multiple tests are not cumulative. The benefits of a successful Command test remain for 1 hour per FB.

Instil Loyalty

Make a Command test to improve the Disposition of your followers. This test takes a few minutes and on a success, improves your minions' disposition by 1 step. The improved disposition remains until circumstance or your behaviour gives them reason to change.

Common Lore

Famous Stratagems

You may test Common Lore (War) in place of Scholastic Lore (Tactics) at a -20 penalty, providing the test relates to famous battles or strategies.

Local Knowledge

You may test Common Lore (Local/related (such as 'France', 'America' etc)) to see if you know anything regarding the local area, granting a +10 to Survival or Navigation tests.

Practices or Procedures

You may make a relevant Common Lore test when dealing with members of a specific organisation (i.e. Common Lore (French Government). If you pass, you gain a +10 bonus to Interaction tests made when dealing with them.

Red Tape

When requesting information or assistance from a bureaucracy, you may take a relevant Common Lore or Scholastic Lore test. If successful, you reduce the time taken for assistance to arrive by 2 hours per degree of success. Alternatively, you can do the same to delay someone else's attempt to gain information by 2 hours per degree of success.
On a failure, the effects are reversed- it takes 2 hours longer per degree of failure, and if you attempt to delay someone else, the time it takes for them to find their information is decreased by 2 hours per degree of success.



Can test Concealment and apply the results to another character. The effects last only so long as the person has the benefit of cover (walls, fog, etc) and does not move.


When you fire from a hidden position, you are no longer concealed. You can attempt a concealment test to duck back into cover, but enemies gain a +20 Awareness bonus against it.

Taking Time to Hide

For every additional five minutes you spend to hide yourself, you gain a +10 to your bonus, to a max of +30 for 15 minutes.


Hiding in Odd Places

Can test Contortionist in place of Concealment for hiding in odd places (air vent, oil drum, vase etc)


If you can first grease your body in some way, you gain a +10 to Contortionist tests.



When pretending to be someone else (i.e. via the Disguise skill), may test Deceive to enhance your disguise. A successful test opposed by your opponent's Scrutiny grants a +10 bonus to all Disguise tests made for a number of minutes equal to your Fellowship Bonus. You can only use this feature when communicating with someone and must make a successful Deceive test before Disguise.


As per Charm.

The Con

When misleading a target for any period of time for your own gain, you may make a Deceive Test in place of any other Interaction Skill.

Soothing Platitudes

You may make a Deceive test to convince another character of some falsehood, whether in the form of a compliment or plain deception. If you succeed on an Opposed Deceive test vs your opponent's Scrutiny, you gain a +10 bonus on Interaction tests vs. the target for a number of minutes equal to your Fellowship Bonus.


Booby Trap

A booby-trap is an explosive designed to act as a trap. Typically, it is a normal explosive equipped with a proximity trigger designed to go off when a door or package is opened. An Awareness Test opposed by the Demolition test to plant the booby-trap may be made to notice it before it goes off.

Detecting Explosives

You may use the Demolitions skill to find an explosive device. In all cases, the test is your Demolitions opposed by the Demolitions test used to plant the device.

Explosive Entry

You may, if you have an appropriately small clump of explosive, use Demolitions in place of a Security test to open doors. Success indicates that the lock is destroyed, opening the door but probably alerting guards. Failure indicates that the lock is destroyed but the door remains sealed, the explosives failed to detonate or that the explosives emanate outwards instead of inwards, catching anyone nearby in the blast.

Repurpose Explosive

If you find a bomb or other explosive, you may alter its trigger mechanism so that it detonates when you want it to rather than when the original demolitionist wanted. Resolve this as an Opposed Demolitions test, with a success on your part allowing you to reset the bomb as if you had planted it. A failed test indicates that you are unable to alter the explosive without first diffusing it. A failure of 5 degrees or more indicates that the bomb explodes.


Disguise Voice

You can use the disguise skill to alter your voice so that it sounds like someone else. If you simply want to change your voice in a way so that you're unrecognizable, make a Disguise test. If you want to alter your voice so that it matches someone else, you must spend at least a week (Minus your intelligence bonus in days) training your voice by listening to and replicating recordings of that specific voice. Impersonating a voice is always difficult (-10), or hard (-20) if the person is particularly well known.


You may use disguise to impersonate another person. You must have prosthetics or a picture of the person's likeness and other useful tools. Impersonating a person is always Hard (-20), or Very hard (-30) if the person is particularly famous.

Look the Part

With an appropriate disguise, you can make your lies easier to digest, such as disguising yourself as a messenger to get past guards at a front door. If you make a successful Disguise Test you may gain a +10 bonus to related Deceive tests, so long as the disguise makes the deceit all the more believable.


Dive for Cover

Whenever you are allowed to make a dodge test to negate an attack, you may instead take a -10 penalty to the test to dive behind cover. The cover must be within 2 metres of your starting position. If you succeed, you not only negate the attack, but also move behind the covering obstacle as well.

Protect Ally

You may test Dodge -10 to swap places with an adjacent ally that has been attacked. If the test succeeds, you take the attack instead.


Hide in Traffic

When driving, so long as there's plenty of similar vehicles around you, you can test Drive in place of Concealment when doing an opposed test vs. Awareness to remain hidden.

Shadowing in a Vehicle

May make a Difficult (-10) test whilst piloting or driving in place of a Shadowing test to shadow someone or something.

Forcing a Vehicle to a Halt

If you are close to another vehicle of the same size or smaller, and you are both going at the same speed, you may make an Opposed Drive Test to force the other vehicle to a halt. If you succeed, the other driver must brake to avoid hitting you, is forced off the road or brought to a halt by colliding with your own vehicle. This may inflict damage on one or both vehicles, but either way the vehicle is stopped. If you fail, your vehicle is the one that is brought to a sudden halt, letting the other vehicle escape unhindered.



If you first successfully evaluate an item, every degree of success grants you a +10 bonus on a subsequent barter test to buy or sell the item.

Weak Points

When making an attack vs. a stationary heavily fortified target such as a pillbox or bunker, make an Evaluate test. Success adds an additional +4 Pen to the character's weapon for his next attack if it is made against the target. Each degree of success adds an additional +4 Pen. This is a full action.

Solid Cover

When in cover, a character can make a Challenging (+0) Evaluate Test to find the cover’s strongest point. Success adds an additional +4 AP to the cover (for the character only) with each additional Degree of Success adding another +4 AP to a total max of the cover's AP bonus *2. This is a Half Action.


Baleful Consequences

Make a difficult (-10) Intimidation test before gambling. If succeeded, +5 to gambling test. On a failure, -5 to gambling test.

Off Guard

Use a game to lull others into a false sense of security. Make a Gamble test to calm down and ingratiate yourself with others. If successful, +10 bonus to your next Interaction or Inquiry skill test.


As a free action at the start of combat, make a hard (-20) Gamble test. On a success, gain a +10 to any single test for the duration of the encounter. On a failure, take a -10 instead to any one test, determined by the GM. Only can be used once per encounter.


Asking Around

Make an inquiry test to see if anyone has been asking about you, your colleagues or anything else you might be on the hunt for. Opposed Inquiry test.

False Rumours

Make an inquiry test to plant false rumours for others to discover. A successful test reduces anyone else's inquiry test in the same area by 1 step, +1 extra step per degree of success.

Lines of Inquiry

Can make an inquiry test in place of an interrogation test. -20 Inquiry test.


Carry a Big Gun

You gain a +10 to Intimidate tests with other people So long as you have a weapon that is bigger or deals more damage.

Fearsome Glare

Test intimidate as a half instead of a full, but receive a -10 penalty and the effects only last for a round.

Scare Factor

Take a -10 penalty to Intimidate in order to intimidate people who don't speak your language.

Obey my Command!

Succeed on a difficult (-10) Intimidate test to gain +5 to command tests vs. targets you intimidated, for number of minutes equal to your SB or FB. If fail, -5 penalty.


As part of a Charge Action a character may use the Intimidate skill to make a war cry. This is a Free Action that targets the recipient or recipients of the character’s charge—i.e. those he will end up in combat with and make melee attacks against. The character then makes an Intimidate Test, based on Strength, opposed by the target’s Willpower. If the character is successful, the target suffers –10 to all Parry and Dodge tests against the charging character.
Creatures immune to the effects of Fear and other mindeffecting psychology are immune to the effects of a war cry.

Lip Reading

Lip Speaking

Use Lip Reading skill to mouth secret messages to someone, either by mouthing them or by inserting secret codes into your normal speech. Test Lip Reading. The recipient must also test Lip Reading to understand.


Speed Reading

Take a Literacy test at -10 penalty to skim a book, reading 1 page per round. However, such results will be sketchy.


Analysing Clues

Late in an investigation, when the clues are all in place, you may use your Logic skill to try to bring it all together. Make a Logic test alongside another Investigation skill test. If both are successful, you can roll a 1d10 and subtract the time taken to carry out the investigation by the result.

Code Cracking

You may roll Logic to decipher a Cipher.


Once per session, if you are stumped or at an impasse, you may make a Very Hard (-30) Logic test to conjure up an idea from the depths of your mind. On a success, the GM might grant you a hint, nudge you in the right direction, or offer some previously overlooked clue to help you in your investigation.

Machine Mathematics

You may test Logic test when dealing with a machine. On a success, add +10 to a Tech Use roll made at the same time. Alternatively, you can use Logic to assist another's Tech Use skill.

Soothe Machines

In the event of a weapon or piece of equipment malfunctioning or jamming, you may make a difficult (-10) Logic test. On a success, the machine does not malfunction or the weapon does not jam.



Can diagnose an injury or illness. GM rolls in secret. Success reveals the basics, with extra degrees giving extra info. A failure has no result. A failure by 3 degrees results in a gross misdiagnosis.

First Aid

Test Medicae. Amount of damage healed depends on type of wound.
Lightly Wounded (Taken less than twice TB amount of damage) = Healed by IB
Heavily Wounded (More than twice your TB amount of damage) = Healed by 1
Critically Wounded (Taken Critical Damage) = Healed by 1. -10 penalty to test.

A failure on a Lightly or Heavily wounded test results in 1 point of damage.
A failure on a Critically Wounded test results in the patient having to test Toughness or die.

Can only be applied once per type of injury.

Example: Raphael has been hit by two Mas bolts and a knife. Because mas bolts are Energy type (E), and knives do Rending damage (R), he can receive the benefits of First Aid twice.

A Difficult (-10) Medicae test halts blood loss.


When administering a drug or removing poison, You may take a -10 Medicae test to add +5 to your Chem Use test. On a failure of 3 or more degrees you take a -5 penalty.


Throwing off Pursuers

May use a Navigation test to assist a Tracking/Concealment test to throw off pursuers.



May convey secret messages via your songs, stories, etc. May make a difficult (-10) Performer test in place of a Cipher or Secret Tongue test. The recipient must have the correct skill to understand the message.


Shadowing in a Vehicle

As per Drive.

Scholastic Lore

Practical Knowledge

May make a Scholastic Lore test to gain a +10 to a related skill test or assist another. However, doing so increases the amount of time it takes for a task to be finished. Rounds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become days, and days add another 1d10 days onto their timeframe.


Scholastic Lore Related Skill
Astronomy Navigation
Beasts Survival, Wrangling
Computers Tech-Use
Chemistry Chem-Use
Cryptology Ciphers
Law Intimidate, Interrogate
Mathematics Barter, Evaluate, Logic
Tactics Command



Opposed Scrutiny vs. Deceive to discern a target's disposition towards you.


Make a Scrutiny test to add +10 to a subsequent Deceive test.


Lengthy Searches

Add 5 minutes to your search time for a +10 bonus. Stacks for a max of +30 at 15 minutes.

Search for Clues

Test Search when at a crime or investigation scene. Every degree of success makes the Investigation test easier by one step.


Hiding from Sensors

May use the Security skill in place of Concealment to hide from electronic sensors that are not based on physical input (i.e. sight), so long as you have some means to deceive or disrupt it.

Security Rigging

Can test Security to install a security system. Each degree of success improves the difficulty of breaching the system by one. Takes one hour.

Security Surveillance

May use Security in place of Awareness when using handheld scanners or security monitors etc.


Evade Pursuit

If you are aware you are being followed, you can use Shadowing to throw your opponent off. Test Shadowing vs enemy awareness. If you succeed a number of times equal to enemy's Intelligence bonus, you shake him off.

Silent Move


So long as you are not in combat or have not been noticed, you can test Silent Move vs an enemy's Awareness to sneak up on an enemy. If you pass, your next action, providing it is a Standard attack, cannot be dodged or parried.


May test Silent Move whilst Shadowing. If Silent Move test is successful, +10 to Shadowing.

Sleight of Hand


May test Sleight of Hand to distract audiences with tricks (i.e card tricks). If successful, allies' subsequent tests are treated as if you were assisting them.

Speak Language

Understand Similar Languages

May test Speak Language at -20 to understand a similar or related language to one you already have. Difficulty drops to -10 if the language is a related dialect or language (etc. English to Scottish)



May use Survival in place of tracking when hunting for animals in the rival at a -10 penalty.


Aquatic Combat

Fighting submerged deals a -20 penalty to all WS and BS tests. When you succeed on a swim test to move underwater by 2 or more degrees of success, however, the difficulty drops to -10.

Hiding Underwater

May use Swim skill instead of Concealment when hiding underwater from someone on land.


Can test Swim to rescue someone struggling in water, but difficulty worsens by 1 step.


Tech Support

When another character's skill test involves a piece of equipment, you can use Tech-Use to assist, even if they're using a different skill.


Escaping Pursuit

Can use Tracking to conceal your tracks instead of Concealment.

Tracking Suspects

May use the Tracking skill in place of an Investigation skill in situations where it is important to work out who or what has been present at a site, when they were there and how many of them there were, and where they went.

Expanded Crafting

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