Ezra Caine

Name: Ezra Emmanuel Caine
Position: Co-Executive and Commander of Promised Land
Sex: Male
Age: 28 (Born Born 1990)
Nationality: German
Place of Residence: Itinerant

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Caine Blue
Height: 6'1"
Build: Fit and toned

Personal Details
"People without families seek new families. People without homes seek new homes. That's what I want Promised Land to be to the lost children we take in."
Ezra's Theme

Ezra Caine is the commander of the private military group called 'Promised Land'. He oversees its day to day running, sets goals for the group and selects the missions and contracts it takes on. He is also a trained geologist with credentials from the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Ezra was born in 1990, the son of Emmanuel Caine, the son of Benjamin Caine, who was Jeremiah Caine's first and closest cousin. This makes Ezra Mary Caine's second cousin, once removed, and the third cousin of Silas Caine. Benjamin, a child at the time, and his family fled to Denmark shortly before the breakout of World War 2, and were later smuggled to Sweden as part of the 'rescue of the Danish Jews' when Germany's occupation of Denmark took a turn for the worse. As a result, Benjamin and his family survived where Jeremiah's did not. Benjamin was thus raised in Sweden, with his son Emmanuel being born in 1954. In 1955, they were summoned to Germany by Jeremiah Caine, who had informed them that Benjamin's big brother, Ezekiel, had committed suicide. Upon arriving in Hamburg (now part of West Germany), Benjamin was informed that Ezekiel's death had been due to exposure to an alien artifact- an Obelisk of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jeremiah exposed the entire truth to Benjamin, including the nature of Lilith and their plan to save humanity. Jeremiah hoped that Benjamin would work with him, Caine alongside Caine, favourite cousin to favourite cousin.

Benjamin, however, distraught over the death of his brother, refused, accusing Jeremiah of having lost his way, betraying not only the family, but their ideals, their heritage and even God himself. Jeremiah took this poorly, and the two had an almighty falling out. Despite this, Jeremiah gave Benjamin a 'consolation prize' of a corporate position in Frankfurt, which Benjamin took. Ben relocated to Frankfurt with his family; as a result, he and his descendants are referred to as belonging to the 'Frankfurt-Caine Line', as opposed to the 'Hamburg-Caine Line' that referred to Jeremiah and his children. The two men never met in person again, although it seems that Ben's attitude, although never anything less than cold, thawed slightly over time, and he provided certain aid to Jeremiah and Seele when requested.

Benjamin's own son, Emmanuel, would end up working much closer with Seele in his own fashion. A quiet, reserved and gentle man, he met Azariah Caine at a family reunion in the 1970s and the two struck up a firm friendship. For the rest of their lives they worked closely together, travelled together and at various times, lived together. Emmanuel was best man at Azariah's wedding to Teresa Ingall- who had, in fact, been introduced to Azariah thanks to Emmanuel in the first place. Similarly, Azariah was best man at Emmanuel's own wedding to Else Brun-Vezina- Ezra's mother.

Ezra himself was born on June 4th, 1990, in Frankfurt. He was a healthy, robust, bright child, and unlike his cousins, was raised in an environment separate from the influence of the Hamburg-Caines. He spend a great deal of time growing up with Azariah and his father, and became extremely close to both; when his parents were killed during Impact, then, it came as no surprise that Azariah was the one to take Ezra in- a great change in circumstances considering that the Azariah household was currently raising a baby of their own, Silas. The grief of his loss shook Ezra deeply- he still carries a picture of his parents around wherever he goes- and without Azariah's help, then chances are the outcome could've been much worse than it was.

Which is saying something considering it was decided that Ezra and Silas both would be drafted into the NeoSpartan programme.

Ezra, of course, was a decade or more older than just about every other conscript in the programme. As a result his training was markedly different. Although he received the same level of physical conditioning and combat training that all of the children did, he was spared some of the more brutal mental training designed to make conscripts obedient to orders. Ezra was instead trained to be the closest thing the NeoSpartan corps would have to a supreme commander. He was trained in strategy, tactics and organisation, and in all of these he excelled. In many cases it was similar to the NeoAlexander programme, although to put it bluntly, without the alarming streaks of bizarre decisions that so coloured that project. As part of his training, Ezra made it a priority to understand, befriend and know as many of the NeoSpartans as he could, often in conjunction with 'Big Brother' Silas. As a result, even though he was spared many of the brutalities of the project and was never considered for Evangelion piloting, Ezra would take the loss of so many of his comrades particularly hard. The programme would see his general attitude towards Seele, Gehirn, and the Caines- even his beloved 'uncle' Azariah- sour, and once the programme was suspended, Ezra returned to Frankfurt, hoping to leave the Project and its tortured memories behind. It was here, at the age of 17, that he enrolled into Goethe University, pursuing geology.

It was also here that he met Sarah Holt during his second week of university. Sarah was a student from Denmark, a state which had been nearly wiped out during Impact. Ever since, it had functioned as an autonomous federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany, receiving German aid and piggy-backing off German economic benefits and treaties, but retaining self-governance. Many Danish students would end up studying in Germany, benefiting from generous welfare subsidies put aside for 'the wellbeing of the next generation of Denmark', with the intent to rebuild the state independently by 2025. And so Sarah had come to Denmark to study geology in Goethe University.

Sarah had caught Ezra's eye in the second week when, expecting himself to be the premiere student (after all, he'd done his research and was a NeoSpartan with a bevy of thought tricks to help the process along), he found himself competing with her fiercely- and losing, a fact which astounded and impressed him equally. After their classes had finished, the two started to talk, and quickly made plans to go out together. Ezra, however, in the interests of full disclosure, laid out a stumbling block: his family had a tendency to organise strategically beneficial marriages regarding its current youths and Ezra was no exception. As attracted as he may have been to Sarah, he didn't feel right enacting plans without resolving this entanglement, both for Sarah's sake and the sake of his projected bride. Sarah appreciated the sentiment, and for the next few weeks they met only in the most informal of circumstances- during or between classes, maybe with a quick lunch here and there. Once Ezra announced that he had no intention to carry through with the arranged marriage (a declaration that relieved his bride-to-be and infuriated the Caine leadership), he and Sarah quickly began dating in earnest.

Their romance blossomed quickly, and they quickly became inseparable. By 2010 they'd both graduated and were thinking of marriage- when Ezra ran into some old 'friends': NeoSpartans who had been scattered across various schools as 'unactivated agents'. Their skills were being put to no use, and their experiences had left them isolated and detached from society, and it showed in their resentful attitudes and depressive natures. And just like that, Ezra's former life returned into sharp focus, as much as he wanted to forget about it. Feeling he had no choice, he explained to Sarah about his past, what had happened, what the NeoSpartans were intended to do and what they'd suffered. He told her how strongly he wished to do something to help them, something to give them purpose, but wasn't sure what.

It was Sarah who ultimately gave him the idea. Since geologists tended to move around anyway, she proposed that Ezra create a sort of 'company' for the NeoSpartans, where they could be with their own kind, and they could be treated properly and, when they were ready, the company would offer them work placements into situations where they would flourish professionally. Sarah noted that she was entirely enthusiastic about seeing this idea through personally.

And so, in one fell swoop, Ezra found himself in the process of setting up a company- and planning a wedding. They were married in the spring of 2011- they exchanged moissanite rings. He still regards her with a deep sense of warm, nestling, almost infatuated love, and to his eyes she's the loveliest person to ever live.

This was the foundation of Promised Land, Ezra's private military company. The very first challenge, however, would be to ratify it, as the UN had outlawed PMCs and mercenary groups once its global authority had been established. As much as he might've hated it, he was forced to bring the case to Mary, who permitted him to form the UN's 'only' sanctioned private military group. He received funding and support from her, as well as intelligence; however, he knew that such things came with a cost, if not a tangible one…

And so Promised Land began to operate, offering employment to the various dissatisfied and lonely NeoSpartans (and later on, Companions) now languishing in school systems around the world. Around 40 accepted, forming the core of the organisation. This was then supplemented with military instructors and leaders from around the world, including may dispossessed or fugitive ones (for example, ones fleeing the Soviet Union's crackdowns, or leaders of the conquered regions of China). After that, they began accepting missions.

Considering the training and the nature of the NeoSpartans as well as Ezra's own inclinations, at first very very few of the missions were combat ones, and if they were they would only involve himself and other adults. Much of Promised Land's time was put to training its NeoSpartans, not only in combat or military tactics, but also how to cope in modern society and encouraging their own personal ambitions, giving them the training and education needed to do so. It was through Promised Land that Remy Fabien Awala was able to pursue his dream of wildlife study, for example, and it was through Promised Land's negotiations that Mana Kirishima would end up being connected to various missions. that said, the bulk of Promised Land's missions were divided into two broad categories: military development, and rescue.

Military development involved Promised Land being recruited to help organise and train fledgling militaries, especially in newly formed UN-backed states, or states wracked by civil war or economic collapse. Few of these missions involved combat directly- rather they involved the NeoSpartans planning and directing training plans and implementing new command systems. Promised Land training was especially useful for states wanting to develop first-class special forces units, for obvious reasons. Many states around the world benefited from this training, including several that would later go on to join the Liberated Nations.

Rescue involved missions into dangerous areas to save civilians. This could include civilians caught in the middle of wars, people affected by natural disasters (and later on, Angel attacks) or helping refugees on dangerous legs of their journeys. Indeed, many rescue missions were launched into the nuclear wasteland encompassing the Levant, Mesopotamia, Iran and India, where Promised Land helped rescue many desperate people as well as contact the rare communities that had mostly been insulated (however barely) from the worst of the attack. Many of these people were as 'lost' to the world as the NeoSpartans had been- and so Promised Land became a home for them, too, sometimes temporarily, other times permanently.

When Eden Base suffered its massive cataclysm which saw hundreds of NeoSpartan children reincorporised, Promised Land ultimately ended up taking in 415 of them, since at this point they were deemed to be quite well-suited to doing just that… Although Ezra ensured that they only took in those who had missed out in the first rounds of adoptions.

415 were far too many to have missed out on proper homes.

As such, Promised Land has been active for many years, although it has firmly remained in the background of events, especially avoiding actively intervening in wars if at all possible. This is despite the fact that most of its NeoSpartan stock have long since reached 'fighting age', as Ezra had banned under-16s from active war zones. When the LN War broke out, for example, Promised Land flatly refused any combat missions, even though they were offered handsome rewards by the LN and the UN both. Not even Azariah's request was enough to move Ezra, no matter how much he might've loved his 'uncle'.

By 2016, Promised Land was a strange, dynamic mix of elements. Older NeoSpartans, 'younger' NeoSpartans, Companions, war veterans, refugees… This eclectic melange of the lost and tempest-tossed became Ezra's true home.

Ezra is intelligent, friendly and good-humoured, possessed of a reliable sense of self-confidence and a dry yet positive outlook on things. He is a dangerous enemy, a master of using the terrain against his foes and striking in unexpected ways. He is respectful of friend and foe alike, except for those who've truly earned his contempt, such as most of his own 'family', meaning the Caines. His 'true' family- Promised Land- he regards with a deep sense of warmth and protectiveness, and will act however he deems necessary to shield it from threats.

On a final note- he and Sarah are expecting a child by December 2018, a fact that brings him no end of joy.

Character Details
Name Ezra Caine Gender Male
Background Companion Career Director
XP Total 30000 Rank Elite

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Asset Subname Effect
Academic Gain 3 Lores and the Talented (Lore) talent.
Innovative Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used when attempting a creative plan or unorthodox use of a skill.
Sexy Voice Females Gain +10 to Fellowship skill tests toward a gender of your choice.
Shrewd Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used in negotiations or social interactions. The Point may not be used to heal wounds, but it can remove fatigue if that fatigue resulted from social interactions.

Injuries and Complications

Injury Effect Cause Incident

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