Ezra Caine S New Egypt

Ezra Caine's New Egypt

"Egypt has gone neglected for far too long. Now we will work to right those wrongs."
- Ezra Caine, Marshal, UN New World Army

On the 9th of August, Ezra Caine announced a truly massive rebuilding programme for Egypt. It was something Egypt had wanted desperately ever since Impact. In fact, the amount of resources being poured into Egypt was truly staggering- it was hundreds of billions, if not trillions of UN credits' worth of resources. New roads, buildings, dams, irrigation, levees, land reclaimation…

Naturally the Egyptians are overjoyed, and the act has done much to quell many mutterings within the country about the lack of generosity on the part of the UN.

However, with such a tremendous undertaking comes gaps in security, stretched defenses, and many a vulnerable convoy…

Chosen Option


It seems rather gauche to assault the aid to Egypt, doesn't it?
No Effect.

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