Faster And More Fast O Er Night S Brim Day Boils At Last

[20:29] <Marianne> [[Season Three: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Season Title: God's in his Heaven, All's (not) Right with the World.-
[20:31] <Marianne> [[Session 34: Date: 24th August, 2016. Episode Title: Faster and more fast, o'er night's brim, day boils at last.-
[20:44] <Marianne> [There wasn't a big enough church left in Paris-2 to accomodate the attendants to Dorian's funeral. Instead, it was held in the last large indoors space left in Paris-2: NERV HQ.-
[20:46] <Marianne> [A large, rectangular room within the central area had been cleared of tables and filled with four hundred chairs. At the very front was an altar, a priest, and a coffin- a coffin lined with photos. Some of them showed Dorian as they remembered him- cocky, mildly ungroomed. Some showed him with a gentler face, or as a youth.-
[20:47] <Marianne> [The pilots would be sitting at the front, with other NERV officers and important people. Marianne was already sitting there, her face quiet and still. Next to her was Ariadne, her head bowed…]
[20:50] <Aline> For her purposes, Aline appeared… stoic. She felt the mourning spirit, but in her own way. Nonetheless, the girl was probably a slight counterpoint to the much sadder woman near where her comrades sat.
[20:52] * Sept hadn't really been seen since the last battle, insisting on solitude even after finally being moved to his usual post-EVA hospital locale. His eyes… still retained that dead look, making any attempt at displaying emotion look just slightly off. He'd worn his dark suit to the occasion - if there was anyone Sera could respectfully be uncomfortable for, it was Dorian.
[20:55] * Yanmei had found her seat briskly, determined not to show how worn down she was at an occassion as important as this one. She had stopped at Ariadne's side after entering and being directed to the front, and had put a hand on her shoulder, murmuring something in a low voice. Now her eyes danced between her and Marianne,-
[20:55] <Yanmei> and other familiar faces filing into the massive room, fingers clamping down had on the black clutch purse she had brought with her.
[20:57] * Raphael sat directly behind Marianne in the next row back, electing to leave the space to her other side for whomever really required it. He was in full NERV dress uniform, immaculately pressed even beyond his normal standards, and he stared up towards the altar with a grim, tired expression.
[21:05] <Marianne> [The Ikaris were there, all three of them; Gendo and Yui sat at the front as well, with Ginevre, who, strictly speaking, didn't have permission to be there, but no one was willing to refuse her. Shinji sat next to Aline, wearing his own dark suit, looking quiet.-
[21:06] <Marianne> [Freya accompanied Sera, as did Tsubaki, the two of them flanking him. Tsubaki looked distant, not quite as dead as Sera, but in her own way not quite there. Freya looked downcast- which was rare for the upbeat girl.-
[21:07] <Marianne> [Isaiah was with Yanmei, in his own suit. His expression was torn and broken when he looked at Ariadne, and he made sure to stick close to Yanmei.-
[21:08] <Marianne> [Raphael was accompanied by Mana and Suzanne… Whilst Misato sat next to Marianne's free side. Next to her sat Rei, and to her Alphonse, dressed in his dress uniform, fighting back tears and not looking at the photographs.-
[21:10] <Marianne> [The priest stood before the altar, taking in the rows of quiet, glum NERV employees, former French Army officers… Those who knew and loved Dorian. He took a breath and waited for their attention.]
[21:14] * Yanmei did not stop her vigil entirely. She did, at least, tone it down enough to turn her head in the priest's direction and to include him in her gazes as well.
[21:15] * Raphael doesn't divert his attention from the altar, but his hand manages to find Suzanne's to give it a quick squeeze.
[21:16] <Sept> The priest had Sera's undivided attention, for now. His head was tilted slightly toward Freya.
[21:18] * Aline remained still and watchful, for now. She leaned a bit closer to Shinji, though.
[21:29] <Marianne> ["Dear people." Began the priest, his voice heavy and sombre. "I would like to welcome you all here, in the spirit of compassion and solidarity, to this sad event. Today, we say goodbye to this man, this child of God, who has helped us, and led us, and guided us through dark times." He stared out at them all. "To say goodbye to Dorian Lachapelle."-
[21:29] <Marianne> [Soundlessly, Ariadne's shoulders began to shake, and Marianne's arm around them tightened.-
[21:36] <Marianne> ["Dorian Lachapelle was born on June the 4th, 1978, in Our Ladies of Mercy Hospital, Bordeaux, to Andrew and Sandra Lachapelle, who migrated here from South Africa in 1961. He had one sister, Lucille Lachapelle, who was born in 1981. He attended school at Saint Peter's College in Bordeaux from the age of six to his graduation at seventeen. He was a sharply intelligent child, fiercely proud, and marked for greatness. It was here that he met the love of his life, Ariadne Delacour."-
[21:36] <Marianne> [Marianne's head was bowed, too.-
[21:41] <Marianne> ["When he was eighteen years old, he won a scholarship to Saint-Cyr Special Military Academy, where he flourished. Sadly, he, like so many, many others, suffered greatly in Second Impact, losing his beloved sister as well as his parents. He himself was crippled in the disaster. Nevertheless, not even this could halt his drive and ambition, and in 2002 he was put in charge of a regiment as part of the Congo Campaign. He was a natural at the art of war, and never in his long history did he suffer a defeat. He was promoted to General in 2006 and put in charge of the entire African Pacification Campaign, which was a success both from a tactical and humanitarian perspective."-
[21:45] <Marianne> ["Finally, in 2011, he was hired by NERV as the Operations Director for the Paris-2 Evangelion forces, which first saw action in 2015. In twelve engagements he led his forces to victory." The priest's voice became grave. "… On August the Sixteenth, 2016, he was killed in action during the battle with the Seventeenth Angel, Ramliel. Despite this, the forces he led and organised managed to win victory, and by doing so, protect the entirety of humanity. He was awarded the Grand Croix of the Legion d'Honneur posthumously for his everlasting sacrifice."]
[21:46] * Aline didn't necessarily sadden or stiffen or… other such things. But she /did/ make a significant gesture in the form of a single, heavy nod.
[21:53] * Raphael just bows his head respectfully at that last note, trying to get a look at Suzanne out of the corner of his eye.
[21:53] * Sept mmh'd, with a small nod at the speech. He opened his mouth and leaned a bit to whisper something to Freya, but then shook his head and said nothing.
[21:54] * Yanmei listened quietly. Most of the rest of the congregation had dropped from her attention, save for some longer looks at Ariadne and a glance or two at Isaiah.
[21:55] <Marianne> [Suzanne was holding his hand. She wasn't looking at the priest, but up at Raphael- the look on her face all too familiar, mirroring a grief she hadn't come to grips with yet…-
[21:58] <Marianne> [Isaiah was quiet, his face lowered respectfully. His eyes were closed…-
[22:05] <Marianne> [The priest crossed himself, taking his Holy Bible and opening it slowly. "Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen."-
[22:05] <Marianne> ["Amen." Chorused the gathering.]
[22:10] <Sept> "Amen," echoed Sera with the others. He leaned to Freya again, whispering. "He didn't believe in any of this, did he?"
[22:10] <Raphael> "Amen." Raphael murmurs, still giving Suzanne a worried, uncertain look. It's all he can do to reach out and gently place an arm around her shoulders.
[22:11] * Yanmei mumbled along with the others. She finally pried a hand from her purse and reached for Isaiah's hand.
[22:11] * Aline …looked straight down when they said that. She… she couldn't believe this anymore, and couldn't hide it that well.
[22:12] <Marianne> ["He… Might've." Murmured Freya quietly.-
[22:13] <Marianne> [Yanmei would feel her hand gripped tight by Isaiah's warm, shaky own.-
[22:13] <Marianne> [Suzanne nodded a little at Raphael, huddling up to his arm as best as she could.-
[22:13] <Marianne> ["I invite Marianne Amatore-DeForest to deliver the eulogy." Said the priest quietly.-
[22:25] * Marianne was still for awhile, unwilling to leave Ariadne, who had yet to look up. But eventually Ariadne squeezed Marianne's hand and bid her go, so she stood and slowly walked to the altar, turning to address the congregation. "The first time I met Dorian, face to face, was during an interview. For being employed by NERV, actually. It was supposed to be on at 6PM, but I had car trouble. Of all the days, huh?" She smiled shakily. "I beat it into working, of course, and I sped towards the office at speeds that broke most road safety laws. I managed to arrive in the nick of time- well, a few minutes late. He said to me. 'You're late, Amatore-DeForest. What the hell were you doing?' And I explained to him that my car broke down, and, well…" She smiled. "He didn't apologise. He wasn't good at them. Instead he just grabbed the surveillance videos and verified what I did. And then he told me… 'That's not bad, Amatore-DeForest. To get your car working like that.' He was impressed with me. With how I'd handled it." She chuckled, but it was a sad, grieving sound. "He… He was impressed. He never gushed. He just… He'd study. He'd watch how you did, and he'd nod, and say, 'good job'. He… He took me under his wing, and he taught me… H-He taught me a lot. Things I wouldn't have learned from anyone else. Things I…" She bowed her head, her words trailing off into a choking sob. "H-He had faith that I could fill the shoes he left behind… I-I think the old bastard h-had way too much faith."
[22:30] * Raphael 's arm on Suzie's shoulder tightens a little as he watches that sob, but his expression betrays no other emotion even as he allows his head to bow again.
[22:32] * Sept was silent at that, watching the others' reactions.
[22:32] * Aline too, was basically… silent. Maybe even distant? She was probably now starting to feel awkward.
[22:33] * Yanmei shifted forward in her chair a little, as if she might leave it too, but she stayed seated, otherwise quiet, waiting for the moment when she -could- go to them.
[22:35] <Marianne> Marianne rubbed her eyes, swallowing- before turning to Yanmei. "Y-Yanmei. Why don't you come up here and share something about Dorian?"
[22:40] <Yanmei> …eh? Yanmei stared at her a moment, eyes growing slightly wider. Nevertheless, her rigidity turned to motion, and she rose from her seat, taking to the alter. She stared out at everyone.
[22:43] * Sept looked back at Yanmei, curiously.
[22:44] * Raphael looks up again at the sound of Yanmei's footfalls on the podium and, should she look in his direction, gives her a small, encouraging nod.
[22:44] * Aline stared ahead, though she briefly made a sympathetic little smile.
[22:49] * Marianne put her arm around Yanmei, squeezing tightly. She lowered her head and whispered.
[22:50] * Yanmei …hugged back before turning to the audience once more. She cleared her throat. "F-faith is a powerful thing." Her voice echoed a little. It took a split second to get used to it. "The thing with Dorian, was that he always showed a lot of faith in himself and others. I'm sure critics have thought that he was a little too self-assured at times,-
[22:56] <Yanmei> but the truth is that the assurance he projected tended to rub off on people. When he led them, even into critically dangerous situations, with the air of someone who was in control, the pressure of the situation seemed lessened somehow. Even still, he cared desperately about the people he led."-
[23:03] <Yanmei> "I know this, because there have been times when I and other colleagues nearly died in battle. And, speaking with him afterward, you could tell how effected he was by both losses and near-losses alike." She frowned a little, seeming to remember as she went along, and swallowed hard. "I can remember him coming and talking to me after a particularly bad battle-
[23:08] <Yanmei> - in the hospital, no less - and telling me that I had done a good job. At the time, I wasn't sure if I believed him, but I could see the relief -
[23:09] <Yanmei> on his face and hear the confidence in his voice, so I decided that it really didn't matter. That's just the way it was." She smiled, maybe a little sheepishly, but the expression evened out to something calmer. "That confidence of his was completely his own, but I think it was also an expression of how much he cared, too. So… that was Colonel Dorian Lachapelle."
[23:13] * Sept nodded, leaning over to Tsubaki this time. "Well said, wasn't it?"
[23:15] * Aline smiled a bit more broadly. Now /this/ made her feel a bit better about it.
[23:17] * Raphael allows himself a very faint smile, nodding slowly in approval.
[23:19] * Marianne gave Yanmei another little squeeze, whispering again, before she gently released her and headed back to her seat, to where Ariadne's frail form was shaking violently. Muffled sobs could be heard from her…-
[23:19] <Marianne> [Tsubaki slowly turned to look at Sera, her eyes veiled and low, and nodded. "Colonel Dorian loved people very much, and that's what was important… Love is always the most important…"]
[23:24] * Yanmei exhaled quietly. Not a bad reaction for an impromptu speech. She nodded, uttered a half-audible thank you, and returned to her own seat, leaving Marianne to care for Ariadne for now.
[23:24] <Marianne> [Isaiah squeezed her hand as she came back…-
[23:30] <Marianne> [And now Alphonse stood up, swallowing tightly, taking a step forward- and he froze as his gaze fell on one of the pictures of Dorian. He stared at it, transfixed, stunned- before Rei stood up, placing a hand gently on his shoulder. He awoke from his recollections, shaking his head, and with her accompanying him he made it the rest of the way to the podium, turning around to face the congregation.-
[23:35] <Marianne> ["…" He swallowed. "Like many people here… I lost people in Second Impact. I lost my father. I… I never knew him myself. I was too young. But…" He closed his eyes for a second before continuing. "In my mind, whenever I think of him, I… I always, always, think of Colonel Lachapelle- Dorian- who… Who was the one who vouched for me, sponsored me. The one who saw my potential and looked out for me. Throughout my training, he would help me with techniques, teaching me how to act in certain situations, or helping me to digest some nugget of information. I-I've had a lot of teachers in my life." Said Alphonse, his shoulders trembling. "B-But Dorian was… More. He was a mentor. And… And… H-He was the one who backed me up when I graduated, when I became who I am now. He was so proud… H-He sometimes said that I reminded him of himself, sometimes. I always felt like that was high praise from him…" … The shaking became too much, and Alphonse started to choke, tears pouring down his cheeks. "H-H-he… He was a f-father. H-he cared a-and helped me… A-And… W-Whenever I think of my father, I-I'll always think of him first… I-I… I'm going to m-miss you, Dorian…"]
[23:37] * Aline stared, now… Stared deeply, and muttered under her breath. "I never knew that he felt that way…"
[23:40] <Yanmei> Yanmei's face had softened a good deal by now. She looked away quietly, as if doing so would offer the guy a bit of privacy for the pain he felt.
[23:42] <Sept> -Somehow-, Sera could relate to that. "He did well to take his place like that…"
[23:44] * Raphael gives the pair on stage a sad stare, lingering on Rei even longer than Alphonse himself, and glances Misato's way.
[23:45] <Marianne> [Alphonse began moving slowly, shakily back to his seat, but… He turns his broken gaze on Sera. "Sera. Dorian always had the highest respect for you. It… It would be good if you could speak next for him."]
[23:47] * Sept didn't move. "Are you sure?"
[23:47] <Marianne> [Alphonse nodded rapidly. "Please."]
[23:56] * Sept nodded back. "Alright." He got up and walked to the front, offering the photos a brief glance on the way. "Dorian always gave us good advice." His voice was, at times, hesitant, but never faltering. It had the tonal range of a holeless wind instrument. "Even when we didn't want to hear it. He could do that because he was a leader more than he was a soldier. He always helped us win
[23:56] * Sept our battles, and he treated us as friends and as equals. I think at times, he made sure others did, too."-
[00:03] <Sept> "And Dorian was an equal. Despite all that he had, he was always held back by things. A lot by his injuries, but more by himself. He would often hide his weaknesses. I think he was afraid that if he spent effort on himself, he'd lose the focus he'd achieved so much with. He fought for the present, never looking too far ahead to forget what was around him.-"
[00:06] <Sept> "And because of that, Dorian was afraid. Of many things. He was petty about the strangest matters. And he'd found he could excel like that. So he did."-
[00:06] <Sept> "And now he's gone." Sera walked away from the podium, and took his seat again.
[00:07] * Aline …didn't know what to make of that one. It almost sounded as critical as it was praising. She couldn't figure it out.
[00:09] <Yanmei> Yanmei was staring blankly, her mouth slightly open at several things that had just transpired all at once.
[00:11] * Raphael watches Sept all the way back to his seat, and for a few long seconds after, his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Well… he supposed they'd asked.
[00:13] <Marianne> [There were more than a few glances and murmured asides throughout the crowd… Ariadne's sobbing had intensified. On the right hand side of the room, Ginevre closed her eyes and shook her head just slightly.-
[00:15] <Marianne> [Freya eyed Sera, leaning forward a little. "That was a curious thing to say…"-
[00:16] <Marianne> [Misato stood up now, walking to the front of the room and behind the podium. She took a deep breath.-
[00:17] <Sept> "No one else was saying it, Freya…"
[00:17] <Marianne> ["Yes, well, there's a reason for that…"-
[00:29] <Marianne> [Misato finally spoke. "I can't say I know Dorian as well as some of the other people here. I spoke plenty to him. We sometimes went drinking together if we could spare the time, and I collaborated with him on some of his battle plans. But we were colleagues, and friends. He could be a grumpy old bastard at times. He wouldn't want me to hold back on that." She smiled. "Sometimes he got a little too sure of himself. But… He seemed solid. Like a pillar, someone who you could rely on. Someone who you could reliably say, no matter the circumstances, 'there's old Dorian, he never changes'. It was comforting. Actually, I think that's how I remember him. He was comforting. He wasn't afraid to take responsibility. He wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions or give the brutal answers. He was only human. He was afraid of things. He had regrets. Dreams, like everyone…" She paused, staring down at one of the pictures, and smiling before looking up. "He did what he could, and that's the best anyone could ask for. He did everything by his own terms. He might've been afraid, but he did it anyway. He'd look any challenge in the eye and go, 'I can do it.'. When he set his mind to it, he did whatever the hell he wanted. He didn't compromise for anyone." She looked up solemnly at the congregation. "He was weak. But he was -strong-. Strong enough for himself, and strong enough to lend it to others, too. And I know that that magnificent bastard wouldn't let his own death keep him from having the last laugh. He knew we'd be able to get through this- and whatever else comes at our way, too." She looked down at a picture of a smiling Dorian. "… He wouldn't have it any other way."
[00:29] <Marianne> ]
[00:33] * Aline smiled again, and resisted the urge to clap. This was a /funeral/ damnit.
[00:34] <Sept> "It's who he was. He'd want us to remember that." He placed a hand on Freya's in a hopefully comforting gesture.
[00:37] * Yanmei wasn't quite settled yet. She could appreciate Misato's words, even though she sat, still frowning distractedly.
[00:38] <Marianne> [Freya merely smiled helplessly, patting Sera's hand in return.-
[00:38] <Marianne> [Misato turned her gaze to Aline. "You want to come up and say something?"]
[00:39] * Aline held a hand to her chest… but then stood up. "I'll need a moment to think of it, but… yes. I think I will."
[00:41] <Marianne> [Misato nodded. "Take your time." Before returning to Ariadne's side.]
[00:49] * Aline waited a bit longer, then took the podium solemnly, laying her hands on it without much fanfare. "Dorian… was our commander. More than anything else, I'll know of him as the father of the Parisian Evangelion team. If NERV is like the nervous system, the Evas are its body… and Dorian made himseld to be the heart of that body, driving it forth and refreshing its strength when it
[00:49] * Aline - we - faltered. Even if he did things that felt abusive - god do I remember the /coordinated dance routines/ - they always had the goal of forging us into a coherent unit again. I had once said that all of us pilots would come back, we always had. I'm… a bit saddened that I was proven wrong about casualties in the entire EVA-side of NERV operations, as our gathering here attests… but
[00:49] * Aline it was both Dorian's leadership, and his inspiration to Captain Wellesly who took his place, that helped ensure that, just as much as us pilots did, or Sir Guillory and Miss Favager whose rank I forget please forgive me, or Shoftiel, the Angels' Heart. Dorian's guidance will be missed, but… just as he in some way is, it will not be truly gone. For those of us who prepare for death, here…
[00:49] * Aline we must never forget, that of the many horrifying things NERV must deal with every day, there's still that little light of hope. The knowledge that souls are real beyond a shadow of a doubt, and that Dorian Lachapelle's soul will always be with us, in some way, some form." …And with that, Aline sat back down.
[00:52] <Marianne> [Shinji took her hand and squeezed it. "That was really n-nice…" He murmrued quietly.]
[00:53] * Aline smiled at him, and squeezed back. "Thanks…"
[00:53] <Sept> "He never made -me- dance..?" Sera wasn't quite sure what to think of that.
[00:54] * Yanmei kept quiet. Her frown had lessened somewhat, though, and she looked a little more relaxed.
[01:00] <Marianne> [There was silence after that, an appreciative one. Then…-
[01:01] <Marianne> [Ariadne stood up, shakily, tears still streaming down her cheeks, although she fought to stem them. Marianne stood as well, supporting her, whispering. She asked something, and Ariadne shook her head, before slowly she made her way up to the podium. Once she was there, she seemed to take awhile to collect her thoughts…]
[01:02] * Aline stared up at Ariadne, and could feel, just /feel/ the weight of the woman's sorrow. She clenched her hands together in a sort of desperate 'you can do it!' gesture.
[01:04] * Sept was waiting patiently, with a sort of expectant air.
[01:05] * Yanmei was a little startled at first, but finally she lapsed into another smile, this one gentle and encouraging.
[01:24] <Marianne> [Ariadne took a deep breath, looking around at the faces before nodding slowly. "I… um. I can't really say much. I-I don't really know what I'm going to say at all. This… T-This hurts pretty bad." She mumbled. "I-I… I-I m-met Dorian in school, a-at Saint Peter's College. H-he was a pretty bossy kid. E-Even back then…" She smiled, but it was an incredibly sad, aching smile. "I-I helped him out. A-And he helped me. One day, h-he asked me out. I'm not really sure what I was t-thinking when I said yes. He was… v-very intelligent, even as a kid." She rubbed one of her eyes, sniffling painfully before continuing. "When… When Impact hit, Dorian… H-He really took it hard. We both did. S-So much so that we drifted apart." She lowered her head. "H-How many happy memories d-did we miss out on because of that? H-How different c-could life have been if we hadn't fallen apart… A w-wound that took fifteen years to fix…" Her shoulders trembled violently, and the tears flowed. "I-I… I-I want o-one more chance. J-Just one more chance to speak to him again. T-To tell him how much I love him. H-How I always did… H-How it hurts to be left alone." She began to sob, wracking, aching sobs. "H-H-He's never c-coming back. A-And… A-And it hurts -so- much. It hurts…" Her sobs grew more painful, more like low screams. "I just- w-wanted to be -happy-! I-If it w-weren't for this g-goddamned w-war…" She couldn't say anymore. All she did was repeat the word "Dorian" over and over until Marianne slowly escorted her back to her seat.]
[01:25] * Aline now looked… deeply shocked.
[01:27] * Sept just looked on, repeating that gesture with Freya.
[01:29] * Yanmei gave Isaiah a glance.
[01:31] <Marianne> [He was sitting there, head bowed, tears in his eyes. When Yanmei looked at him, he scooted a little closer, grasping her hand tightly, before releasing it.-
[01:32] <Marianne> [Shinji stared at her with pity and regret in his eyes…-
[01:32] <Marianne> [Misato took Ariadne's other hand and squeezed it tight.]
[01:34] * Yanmei gave Isaiah a faint smile that was both grateful and an acknowledgement of sorts before she stood, and finally wandered over to the sobbing Ariadne, and finally threw her arms around her, formal seating arrangements be damned.
[01:36] <Marianne> [Ariadne grasped her tightly, pulling her and clinging to her, her entire body shaking with grief.]
[01:38] <Marianne> [The priest watched on with gentle, sad eyes, before turning to the congregation. "Thank you all for your kindness and words of remembrance. It can be difficult to speak at times like this, with our hearts not yet fully healed. But with hope, and the love of those around you, and the kindness of Almighty God, all wounds must heal." He opened his bible.-
[01:39] <Marianne> ["Lord, we pray for those who mourn, for parents and children, friends and neighbours. Be gentle with them in their grief, show them the depths of your love, a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. Spare them the torment of guilt and despair. Be with them as they weep beside the empty tomb of our risen Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."-
[01:39] <Marianne> ["Amen."]
[01:46] <Sept> "Amen." Sept murmured to himself. "…I hope it's what you wanted."
[01:47] * Aline just bowed her head, again.
[01:48] * Yanmei gently murmured things, the final prayer going ignored.
[01:53] <Marianne> [The priest closed his bible. "Thank you all once again for coming to pay your respects and say goodbye to this great man. If I could have the casketbearers to come forth to bear Dorian to his final resting place…"-
[01:55] <Marianne> [Alphonse stood up, as did a grief-stricken Frederic, his face a mask of tightly-controlled grief and suffering. Along with Shinji and Isaiah, they respectfully cleared the casket of its adornments and began bearing it away.-
[01:55] <Marianne> [Ariadne spasmed, jumping to her feet, gripping Yanmei's arm tightly.-
[01:55] <Marianne> "Let's go." Said Marianne. "We all need to be there for this."
[01:56] * Aline stood up and… slowly nodded to Marianne, her voice whispering. "…Right."
[01:58] * Yanmei jerk to her feet as well - not that she had a choice with Ariadne's grip.
[01:59] * Sept stood up as well, following the casket with an unblinking gaze.
[02:05] <Marianne> [The procession proceeded through NERV's corridors, followed by the others- including Ginevre and the Ikaris- out to the rarely-touched Exterior of the Geofront- the green grass and sparkling clear lake, bathed in the sunlight of the Geofront. There, they carried him to a special marker, about five foot tall, in white marble, marked, 'Here lies Dorian Lachapelle. Leader, friend, companion. We will always cherish your memory.' A neat hole had been dug for him, with six burial attendants waiting patiently. It was to these men that the casketbearers transferred the casket, who, gripping it tightly, placed it upon the harness on which it'd be lowered. Alphonse was openly weeping once again, and Isaiah was pale and shaky. Shinji wasn't saying anything; Frederic stared very, very firmly at the monument, until a tentative touch from Sophie roused him back.-
[02:05] <Marianne> [The priest waited for the others to surround the monument and the casket, Ariadne's grip on Yanmei redoubling.]
[02:07] * Aline stared solemnly, though… she actually did say something softly. "Fitting, burial in the cradle of life. Cradle to grave and back again."
[02:12] * Yanmei stared down at the grave as she led Ariadne to it. She was quiet, or at least, still trying to mutter comforting things to her.
[02:12] <Sept> "Yes. This is a place for remembering great ones that have passed before us. It's appropriate."
[02:17] <Marianne> [The priest made the sign of the cross, then began to read. "In the midst of life we are in death; of whom may we seek for succor, but of thee, oh Lord, for who our sins art justly displeased?" He continued to read as they lowered the casket down into the depths.-
[02:17] <Marianne> ["D-Dorian!" Ariadne fell, shaking to her knees, arm reached out at the lowering casket. "P-Please…"-
[02:18] <Marianne> [Alphonse bowed his head, hiding his tears from no one. Rei reached out and put a hand on his shoulder gently.-
[02:20] <Marianne> ["… In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, we commend to Almighty God our brother Dorian Lachapelle; and we commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The Lord bless him and keep him; the Lord make his face to shine upon him and be gracious unto him; the Lord lift up his countenance upon him and grant him peace. Amen."-
[02:21] <Marianne> [Ariadne's sobs seemed to drown out some of his words- they certainly drowned out the sound of Alphonse shakily taking a spade and reluctantly, painfully throwing the first spadeful of dirt upon his mentor. It was all he could do before he tossed the spade aside, crying.]
[02:25] * Yanmei made a motion, as if she was going down on one knee next to her, but she didn't. The woman could at least have the freedom to cry openly if she wanted to, right?
[02:26] * Aline sighed deeply - not a sigh of annoyance, but of emotion. She just didn't have the connection the two of them did, but it was still a sad occasion, no?
[02:27] * Sept seemed to take a small step back from the whole scene, still holding on to Freya. But he still looked at that hole.
[02:28] <Marianne> [Freya watched on, not impassively, but a subtle, quiet sadness in her eyes now.-
[02:29] <Marianne> [The priest turned to the gathering. "My condolences." He said quietly. "He was a good man."-
[02:29] <Marianne> [Ariadne's sobs continued, but they were quieter now, as if she were exhausted. Marianne was kneeling down with her now, holding her.-
[02:31] <Marianne> ["Before his prime." Said a new, unfamiliar voice- a tall, blonde man in a German officer's dress uniform had travelled with some of the procession. His face was impassive, but only out of practice- this was hardly the first time he'd had to witness a friend being buried. "Miss Zhang? Mr. de Pteres, Ms. Amatore-DeForest, Miss Blanc… I know this is sudden. But I'm required to speak with you all."]
[02:33] * Aline tilted her head, suddenly. "…Ah? Right… uh." She knit her hands. "Shall, uh, we?"
[02:34] <Yanmei> "… I see." Yanmei looked back to the grave again, and to Marianne specifically. "I could rely the information back to you later if…"
[02:35] <Yanmei> ^relay
[02:35] <Marianne> [Marianne gave Yanmei a nod. "A good idea."-
[02:36] <Marianne> [Shinji, Isaiah, Alphonse and Rei drifted over at this point. "I'm going to stay here with Ariadne for awhile." Said Alphonse to Rei. "If you want to go ahead to the wake, that's fine."-
[02:37] <Marianne> ["I'll stay with you, Alphonse."]
[02:37] <Sept> "That's alright. We have time."
[02:44] <Marianne> [The officer nodded. "Alright then. Why don't we go somewhere inside, with a bit of privacy?"]
[02:46] <Sept> "There will be a lot of empty space here now, yes."
[02:47] * Aline nodded firmly. "…Yes."
[02:48] <Yanmei> "Privacy?" Yanmei withheld a bitter smile in favor of a polite one. "Do you mean an office, for example?"
[02:50] <Marianne> [The man turned and started to walk. "Yes, and no. Any place will do, honestly."-
[02:50] <Marianne> ["Then we can use mine." Said Isaiah.-
[02:50] <Marianne> ["Alright."-
[02:52] <Marianne> [Led by Isaiah and the officer, the group arrived in the office- tidy as usual, occupied by a wolf as usual. The officer stared at the wolf for a long second before moving to occupy the far wall. "My name is Maximilian von Leitzkau. I served with Dorian before he joined NERV. Before he died, he empowered me to enact out his last will and testament. You and a few others are all mentioned in this."]
[02:54] * Aline tried to make herself comfortable as well, and nodded a few times during that. "I'm a bit surprised he'd put us in his will, but I suppose it makes enough sense…"
[02:55] <Yanmei> "A will?" Yanmei had taken to standing too. There were only a limited number of chairs in here, after all. von Leitzkau… she tried to remember that for later. "So you're a lawyer?"
[02:58] <Marianne> ["I work with the UN Peacekeeping Force in Germany, but I'm a certified lawyer, as well." He nodded, taking out a thin book from his coat. "Sera de Pteres."]
[02:59] <Sept> "Yes?"
[03:03] <Marianne> ["To you, Dorian left his stake in the New Thruster Unity Project Corporation. This gives you 1,734 shares in the startup- around 1% of the entire share holdings for the rather fledling little corporation."]
[03:04] <Marianne> [Freya let out a small, surprised gasp.]
[03:04] * Sept cocked his head. "Shares?"
[03:05] * Yanmei also gawked. "It… means that you own part of the company. Well, a small part of it, but…"
[03:05] * Aline nodded. "And you have a small right to say what goes on with it, and it's, of course, worth money."
[03:07] <Yanmei> "Was he really collecting shares in that thing?" Yanmei murmured to herself. "Crafty…"
[03:08] <Marianne> ["He always did have a good head for business." Said von Leitzkau. "Aline Blanc."]
[03:09] * Sept looked at the offerers of the Helpful Explanation. "Of course. But… Very well. I will take care of them."
[03:09] * Aline craned her head back and forth. "Yeah?"
[03:12] <Marianne> ["He wished you to have the Dragoon Uniform you weared during your 'unit cohesiveness training exercises', as well as a book written by him. The book deals with many topics- politics, military tactics, some of his own life at school, history and stories he's learned by talking to people on the ground."]
[03:17] * Aline …tilted her head. Again. "The uniform's an odd one, but… the book should prove interesting." …There was something she didn't add, but you could almost tell she was feeling.
[03:21] <Marianne> [von Leitzkau nodded. "Yes. No doubt he had some plan for them." He coughed.-
[03:21] <Marianne> ["If it's alright, I would prefer that everyone but Miss Zhang leave for her own entry."]
[03:23] * Yanmei blinked at that and…cast a wary eye, not at the other occupants, but at the ceiling and corners of the room, as if looking for something. "It can't be that sensetive, can it?"
[03:24] <Marianne> ["Let's just say it's for your eyes only?"]
[03:25] <Sept> "Do you want us to go, Yanmei?"
[03:25] * Aline slowly nodded. "I… well, if it's like that…" Aline sighed. "It might be something that'd embarass you if we were to hear of it."
[03:27] <Yanmei> "That does sound a little like something he'd do." Yanmei sighed too, but it was with a faint smile. "Just two minutes, okay? Then it will be safe to come back."
[03:28] <Sept> "Okay. See you in a bit, Yanmei."
[03:28] * Aline stood up right then. "Consider it done." …and she headed out!
[03:28] <Marianne> [Isaiah nodded. "… Alright." He headed out.-
[03:28] <Marianne> [Once the room was cleared of everyone but Yanmei and von Leitzkau, he tapped his paper.-
[03:30] <Marianne> ["You can tell Ms. Amatore-DeForest that Dorian made it clear that he vouches for her to become the next OD of Paris-2 with an instant promotion to Colonel, by the way."]
[03:34] <Yanmei> "The next Operations Director?" She didn't quite gasp, but she almost wanted to. "It's not just his decision alone, but his opinion is certainly going to carry a lot of weight. I assume that it's going to be delivered to the higher-ups in writing at some point?"
[03:37] <Marianne> ["Indeed. It's my next port of call." Said von Leitzkau. "But you… You get something else. See, Dorian was an important man. Over the years he made a lot of friends- important friends in high places. People who owe him favours. Or, occasionally, people who require him to keep secret about certain matters." von Leitzkau smiled. "He said here that you were a person who would soon find themselves wading into the political arena. So he asked me to grant you my help, and who am I to deny him? But… He also asked me to pass along the journals, notebooks and the like that detailed these people who owe him favours, why, and how they should be utilised."]
[03:43] <Yanmei> "His professional acquaintences… and, you'll help me too?" She gazed up at him, curiously. "Assuming that my goals are reasonable?"
[03:44] <Marianne> ["That's correct."]
[03:46] <Yanmei> "You're not put out by it? I mean, we don't even know each other."
[03:47] <Marianne> ["Dorian always spoke highly of you in our conversations. And I'll be honest, it'll be lonely with out the Battleaxe around."]
[03:49] <Yanmei> "I'll try to be a good substitute." She grinned back at him. "I'll have to work on being grumpier, though."
[03:52] <Marianne> ["Hah." von Leitzkau smiled. "I'm going to miss that old bastard…"]
[03:53] <Yanmei> "Yeah." Her smile faded a little now, with subdued sadness. "I don't think you're the only one."
[03:54] <Marianne> ["So it seems, my violet companion." He said slowly, staring up at the roof. "Well, that is all. I suppose you can return to your friends now. I must be going." He said, rather abruptly, snapping out of his mulling with the force of a whipcrack.]
[03:55] <Yanmei> "Got my contact information?"
[03:56] <Marianne> ["Oh, you want it now?"]
[03:57] <Yanmei> "I'll just give you my cell number." She walked over to Isaiah's desk and scribbled it down on a spare slip of paper, which she then handed over to him. "Call me soon?"
[03:59] <Marianne> ["Certainly." von Leitzkau took the slip of paper and tucked it into his wallet. "Have yourself a good day, now." He headed to the door, opening it. "The same to you young ladies and gentlemen."]
[04:02] <Yanmei> "Goodbye for now, sir!" She saw him off with a little wave, and then smiled at those still gathered in the hallway.

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