Father Tycho

Name: Antoine Tycho
Occupation: Head of the Order of St. Ophelia the Oblationist
Age: 61
Birthday: 14th of Mardest
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170lb
Physical Description:
A tall, reasonably fit man for his age, Antoine Tycho possesses a thinning head of white hair and dark brown eyes.

Antoine Tycho has been the head of the Order of St. Ophelia for nearly twenty years; he was chosen shortly after retiring, replacing Lady Nadia. Before that, he had built a reputation for himself in many circles for being the consummate Oblationist. Intelligent, clever, incorruptible and wise, Tycho fought demons and destroyed dark enemies all throughout the Republic.

Having surrendered his demon back into the ranks of the Order upon retirement, Father Tycho no longer possesses the abilities of an Oblationist; instead, he is best put to use guiding the order with his experience and knowledge.

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