Fatima Nejem
Name: Fatima Nejem
Position: Leader of the Walpurgis Night
Sex: Female
Age: 19 (Born 1999)
Nationality: Berber Nigerian
Place of Residence: Synfront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Transparent white
Eye colour: Olive
Height: 5'10"
Build: Fit

Personal Details
"I'm glad that we could meet this time in better circumstances than last. Peace."
Fatima's Battle Theme

The calm, collected and cool-headed leader of the Nigerian mercenary group Walpurgis Night, Fatima Nejem acts with a sense of poise that belies her youth. The orphan of Moroccan migrants to Nigeria, Fatima's parents perished in the chaos of Impact; she was taken to the orphanage, which would ultimately become her home for much of her life. It was here that she met three other girls- Abeni, Ebele and Florence- that would become her sisters. The four of them would go on to form Walpurgis Night.

During a siege of Abuja in 2008, a Christian aid group entered the city to distribute supplies. Fatima and her sisters helped work with the group, which included a young William Weiss-Xylander and Mr. Blue. The group was attacked by militants and bailed out by Mr. Blue, then named Jesiah. The sisters armed themselves with the looted weapons, taking the first troubled steps down the path towards what would eventually become the Walpurgis Night.

She cares greatly for William, often visiting his bedside as he lay comatose on the Dorian. Indeed, not only were they close friends but they were also briefly romantically involved in the past, as Mr. Blue gleefully reminded William.

Personality-wise, Fatima is the calm centre of the group. She is generally unflappable, capable of issuing logical commands even in the heat of battle, and her anchored personality lets her curb the excesses of her teammates. For these reasons and others, she is the obvious choice of leader and representative.

She was chosen as the pilot of the new Divine Evangelion DEVA-01, a beast of a unit capable of withstanding all but the mightiest of attacks.

She is a practicing Muslim of the North African 'Impact Sunni' school, which developed as a moderated reaction to the intense violence and chaos of Second Impact. On a different note, Fatima owes her distinctive appearance to a case of Obey Syndrome, a strange post-Impact syndrome most commonly affecting children in the Southern Hemisphere and west Africa, which leads to odd mutations, often associated with transparent or translucent hair. Indeed, Fatima's hair, although in many ways identical to normal hair, has odd properties similar to glass or the like when it comes to light transmission; in perfect circumstances, it's possible to create a dazzling rainbow effect with it. Despite the seeming beauty of it, Obey Syndrome sufferers are often plagued with health problems, and Fatima herself can sometimes have anaphylactic responses to seemingly random stimuli (most notably, certain Mediterranean shellfish). Part of her drive to maintain in peak physical fitness is an attempt to stave off some of these issues.

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