Felix Castillo Delgado
Name: Felix Castillo Delgado
Position: Chief of NERV Psychiatry
Sex: Male
Age: 83 (Born 1934)
Nationality: Spanish
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5'6" (167.6cm)
Build: Stocky

Personal Details
"Let's see… PTSD, OCD, Disassociation Disorder, depression, antisocial tendencies, mild paranoia… The list goes on. Commander Fontaine, I know you'll read this report, so let me make a request. I know sending underage teenagers out to fight eldritch abominations from space is how we get anything done, but can we really make an effort not to let this list grow anymore? Any more and I'm going to start having to make up new disorders just to describe the effects."

The oldest employee on NERV's payroll, Dr. Delgado is old enough to barely remember World War Two. He remembers soldiers suffering from trauma decades after the war ended; he remembers the paranoia, suspicion and bizarre psychology at play during the Cold War. But nothing compares to the sheer horror of Second Impact. Needless to say, he is no stranger to the effect of war and danger on the human mind.

Although a Spanish citizen, he studied in France for nearly all of his academic career and has since lived in both countries. An avid student of psychology even as a young man, he detested the trauma he saw during his travels; from shattered holocaust survivors to paranoid French ex-resistance fighters who now saw Fascism and Communism in every corner. The experiences made him a pacifist, and someone determined to combat mental disorders, especially traumatic ones.

Extremely experienced and learned, Dr. Delgado is a highly methodical individual who sees the pilots in an almost fatherly light (although admittedly, he sees most people in a fatherly light).

An ardent pacifist and humanist, Delgado detests the idea of children fighting, but acknowledges its necessity. The fight against the Angels is not a normal one- an enemy that cannot be reasoned with, will not listen to pleas and just kills and maims falls quite beyond the boundaries of pacifism. It's an awful fight, but one that must be fought.

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