Felix's Spirits

(13:41:42) Sept: The Sera was in his natural habitat, stalking the corridors of the aeronautical psych ward. Were there any signs of Felixes?
(13:45:12) Minaplo: [There were, in fact. He could spy, through his natural wardcraft, that the front reception desk's electronic tracker said "DOCTOR CASTILLO-DELGADO IS CURRENTLY: IN".]
(13:51:05) Sept: And with a successful hospitalsense roll, Sera found his office with the door ajar, and knocked on it, lingering in the frame. "Hey. This a good time?"
(13:53:02) Minaplo: [Doctor Castillo was sitting at his desk, reading over a few reports. He looked up in mild surprise. "Ah, Sera. I didn't know we had an appointment…"]
(13:57:44) Sept: "We don't. This is a separate matter. You tracking Viviane at all?"
(13:59:47) Minaplo: ["Hm. I see. Well, come in and sit down and we'll discuss this."]
(14:06:41) Sept: "Right." Sera closed the door behind him. "I mean, she was more or less isolated so far, right?" He proceeded to take a seat.
(14:08:11) Minaplo: ["Hmm… I wouldn't say isolated. She had quite a few people to talk to, regular visits from Captain Zhang…"]
(14:14:16) Sept: "Sure, and this environment is a pretty drastic change. Do you think this'll change anything? With a bunch of Neospartans and other previous acquaintances around, you're not worried about stress or whatever?"
(14:15:48) Minaplo: ["Of course. I'm still maintaining regular sessions, and keeping an eye on her in case anything too untoward occurs."]
(14:23:59) Sept: "Of course. So. Is there anything I should keep in mind in any encounters with her? I know you're trying to encourage her to regain whatever she can on her own, but how do you talk to someone without mentioning things that could interfere with her memories?"
(14:25:08) Minaplo: ["Very carefully. Here's my advice: don't volunteer anything from her past. If she asks, then you can go ahead, using your own brand of common sense. She's a young lady, there's plenty of things to talk about besides her past."]
(14:29:05) Sept: "Sure, I can do that. But that -is- what we did last time. You can see how I'd worry."
(14:31:24) Minaplo: ["That's true. However, certain, perhaps not foolproof, yet nevertheless encouraging evidence suggests that we might have more success this time."]
(14:33:42) Sept: "I understand." He frowned. "If she displays an interest in me..?"
(14:34:48) Minaplo: ["Hmm. I don't think it's especially dangerous for her, although if it worries you, you are free to gently decline."]
(14:39:26) Sept: "Right. That's helpful, thanks. I didn't want to…" Handwave. "Had any time with the prisoners from the operation?"
(14:42:06) Minaplo: ["Several. Norling, Augustine…" He paused, looking uncomfortable, a little pale. "von Brandt."]
(14:43:54) Sept: "Not much of a talker?"
(14:45:20) Minaplo: ["Too much of a talker." Castillo shook his head. "He seemed to know me better than I did, and he seemed to know that. It wasn't pleasant."]
(14:47:40) Sept: "Huh. One of those guys. Think I could have a chat?"
(14:48:59) Minaplo: ["I wouldn't advise it."]
(14:49:16) Sept: "No?"
(14:49:47) Minaplo: ["If you want to, I advise you speak to Zhang first. She spoke to him personally."]
(14:57:21) Sept: "Ah. I'll see about that. Did you get a turn with Primes yet, though?"
(14:58:54) Minaplo: ["Like I said, I spoke to Augustine."]
(15:00:08) Sept: "Oh. -That- Prime. Anyway. Interesting observations..?"
(15:01:14) Minaplo: ["He seems quite reasonable, at peace with his situation. Answered my questions politely and honestly. Asked for more books to read, huh!"]
(15:08:41) Sept: "Yeah, that checks out. And that's all, I guess."
(15:09:57) Minaplo: ["What about you?"]
(15:12:36) Sept: "What about me? It took me a while to get my bearings after the Niagara operation again, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. Everything feels moderately under control."
(15:13:02) Minaplo: ["Why don't you tell me about getting your bearings, then?"]
(15:26:44) * Sept paused for a moment, gauging the change in the situation. "You know, Dreamer side effects. Short-term memory loss, anywhere between half an hour to a few hours to figure out what happened. Uncertainty and anxiety derived from that. But it passes. Of course."
(15:36:46) Minaplo: ["Of course." Said Felix. "Would you like something to drink?"]
(15:39:19) * Sept shrugged. "Yeah, sure. But we can just do this later if you'd rather I get an appointment? Or just shoo me out whenever."
(15:39:41) Minaplo: ["Right now is fine. I'm clear at the moment, anyway."-
(15:40:05) Minaplo: [He poured Sera a glass of armagnac, and placed it in front of him. "Tell me, if it's alright with you- what are your thoughts on the actual events of Niagara?"]
(15:44:03) Sept: "Mm. Well, the outcome was… beyond all expectations, but."
(15:44:20) Minaplo: ["But?"]
(15:45:54) * Sept took a sip, letting it linger. "She's supposed to be the squad leader, right? She couldn't know that was possible. Surely."
(15:52:08) Minaplo: ["You think she was being irresponsible?"]
(15:56:24) Sept: "I don't expect her to throw everything aside, I know how deep that bond can run, but… what will they do if I show the same degree of stubbornness, and they know I'm wrong? On these grounds, it's… It isn't consistent behavior."
(16:00:29) Minaplo: ["I see. And you knew that trying to save him was wrong?"]
(16:03:04) Sept: "-No-, but doing so would… not be."
(16:09:28) Minaplo: [Felix tilted his head. "Not an unfair judgement of the situation. Yet I think you'll find if the tables were reversed, Yanmei might be more consistent than you think. I suspect she'd take your side, even if not doing so would be an acceptable response."]
(16:12:33) Sept: "Yeah, she can answer that herself. I do know she deals pretty well with the pressures of her position."
(16:20:34) Minaplo: ["She does. She's strong, but it's also worth noting that she's much stronger when she can rely on Gabriel-Wei."]
(16:24:07) * Sept took a deeper gulp of the brandy and leaned back. "Absolutely. That's why I say the outcome was more than optimal."
(16:25:26) Minaplo: ["Of course. But there's no shame in having misgivings at the time. Hindsight is 20/20, as the cliche goes."]
(16:33:59) Sept: "Yeah. But it's something we'll still have to talk about among ourselves. To make sure."
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(16:37:10) Minaplo: ["Ah." He smiled a little. "One of your rooftop chats?"]
(16:37:51) Sept: "…our what."
(16:46:53) Minaplo: ["Where you all get together and talk things out."]
(16:49:12) Sept: "…yeah. Has that stopped you from listening in even once?"
(16:52:59) Minaplo: [He looked taken aback. "No, you misunderstand… Someone simply brought it up with me in a session."]
(17:02:49) Sept: "Oh!" Sera sounded surprised. "I didn't mean it like that. I just thought it would've been common knowledge, how deep the surveillance on us used to go."
(17:03:17) Sept: "Plural you," he added.
(17:08:28) Minaplo: ["I see. No, Sera, I typically try to avoid gaining information through spying on principle. Sometimes, inevitably, the information passed to me is achieved by spying, but there's not much I can do about that."]
(17:16:29) Sept: "Of course. I mean, to answer the question, yeah, that may very well be the scenario. But it could just as well be more casual."
(17:17:34) Minaplo: ["Ah, I see." He nodded.-
(17:18:25) Minaplo: ["You and Captain Zhang. How've you two been getting along recently?"]
(17:28:36) Sept: "Can't really say. Maybe this'll change things, but I can't see any reason for big shifts earlier."
(17:33:34) Minaplo: ["Well, perhaps you'd like to describe some recent incidents…?"]
(17:44:09) Sept: "Look, there haven't really -been- any incidents – I was tied up at Asgard Base for a long time, and since then, it's just been business matters."
(17:44:48) Minaplo: ["I see. Fair enough."-
(17:45:04) Minaplo: [Felix sat back, pondering…]
(17:55:03) Sept: "None of the prisoners are specifically off limits, right? We just need the usual permission if we need something off Augustine or any of them?"
(17:57:01) Minaplo: ["That's right."]
(17:58:44) Sept: "Alright. All for now?"
(18:01:21) Minaplo: ["So it seems, Sera."]
(18:04:57) * Sept gazed at the bottom of his glass for a moment. "Good taste. Thanks for the company, Felix," he nodded.
(18:05:32) Minaplo: ["You're always welcome here, Sera." Felix gave him a friendly nod of the head.]
(18:13:10) * Sept got up and headed for the door, but stopped before going for the handle. "Oh. That thing people say, where they don't want their demons to be killed or their angels might be gone with them?"
(18:14:44) Minaplo: ["What about it?"]
(18:17:31) Sept: "What do you think about that on a larger scale? If humanity's loneliness and insecurities were to be wiped out in favor of a massive gestalt consciousness? Would we still be a valuable addition to the universe? Assuming, again, a larger universe populated probably by more than just Angels and mankind."
(18:18:54) Minaplo: ["I suppose it depends on how you define a valuable addition in the first place."]
(18:25:02) Sept: "Mmyeah, guess you'd need to consider everyone else. It's a matter of great introspection, in the end."-
(18:25:57) Sept: "Ironically, you could only really pull it off -with- that kind of shared consciousness."
(18:34:27) Minaplo: [Felix chuckled. "In a universe as big as ours? Perhaps it's not as unlikely as you think."]
(18:37:56) * Sept looked back at him. "You mean that kind of thing already existing?"
(18:39:12) Minaplo: ["I mean, it beign possible without the sort of shared consciousness you're talking about."]
(18:39:15) Minaplo: *being
(18:41:15) Sept: "Hah, that's true." Sera clapped his hands. "Anyway, I'll see you."
(18:42:57) Minaplo: ["Cheers, Sera."]

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