Festina Lente

Service Hours:

Monday, Wednesday-Sunday
9 PM : Lounge opens (all but Fri)
10 PM - 11 PM : The Magic Hour - Pianist and Singer Xirinas Fae'driel
11 PM - 12 AM : (most commonly) Guest performer
12 AM - 1 AM : Wildcard slot (more Xiri, more guests, or other acts)
2 AM : Lounge closes

Tuesday : Closed
Ladies' Night Out : 8-9 PM Friday
Happy Hour : 7-9 PM Saturday

The Festina Lente is an upscale fey-themed lounge and casino establishment owned, run and hosted by Xirinas Fae'driel. It is a social hot-spot that got its start a couple of months to a year ago. It is notable because its entrance changes venue weekly, its front door a magitech-powered linked portal that is moved from place to place to keep things interesting. Not only does this allow Xiri to serve a wide variety of clients throughout the city and keep in touch with a wider array of people and cultures, it also allows her to run host nights on flying vehicles and other unusual places, for special events.

For instance, Xiri once ran a special evening under the name Stars and Nature: Evening Romance and actually parked the bar entrance at the top of the best hill overlooking Paxia during its twilight hours, moving a good portion of the tables and chairs out into a makeshift terrace. It was reportedly a hit among romantic couples.

The lounge is divided into a few areas: the bar sits squarely at the center of the establishment, surrounded by an expansive dining area that serves roughly 50 (roughly a 15 to 35 split from west to east; more tables face the eastern side than the west), with second-floor balconies for additional space and special reservations, bringing the total to about 75. At the eastern end is the stage, where Xiri's ebony grand piano sits. An accompaniment of saxophonists and double bassists often play with her.

The dining area also doubles as a dance floor for special nights; food is not served on such occasions.

To the west of the bar is the casino area. A roulette table takes up the center. Poker, blackjack and other card games is served on the northern side up to the main group poker table along an arched nook; dice, sleight-of-hand and other more unusual and exotic forms of gambling are served on the south side and typically rotate based on the culture. For instance, dwarven week features dwarven dice games. Keno and bingo (rotated) tickets are available, with Xiri herself announcing the winning numbers every hour.

The Festina Lente's claim is that 80% of the profits won in gambling go to charity; the remaining 20% go to maintenance and upkeep costs, and special events.

The main focus, outside of the gambling, of course, is the Magic Hour with Xiri, an hour of uninterrupted song and piano-playing performances. She usually rotates new material once every month or so with old classics, and combines cover-playing of popular standard songs with her own music. Xiri's genre is emotive singing with great emotional, tearful drawl, singing about heart-touching subjects as love, longing, loss and the rekindling of. She mixes it up, though; sometimes it's upbeat, staccato singing accompanied with airy country music. Other times she invites members of the audience to 'karaoke' her songs or others of their choice.

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