Angelzoology Pt 1

Angelzoology, Part One

The threat of the Angelspawn uprising was one acknowledged by all sides of the war. With this in mind, the Federation began putting together an investigation team to analyse the threat and see if they could isolate the causes.

There were two individuals that seemed perfect for this role. Remy Fabien Awala, the youthful, passionate naturalist whose videos had been seen in schools the world over- his natural intelligence, skill and understanding of animals and Impact Ferals would be very useful, and his combat ability was also definitely important.

The other was Albus Mortens, the Apostle Prime of the Wizard Army. Apart from his own knowledge and intense curiosity, his incredible power meant he should ultimately be able to handle most threats and keep Remy safe.

And so it was that they were commissioned by Chancellor Zhang herself to begin investigations into the Angelspawn resurgence, which they were only too happy to do. Equipped with a VTOL, an AC Suit and standard gear, they set out for West Africa, which had numerous sightings of 'Smart' Spawn and, despite being UN occupied, had some distance from the UN's locus of power in Kenya- even though the team had been given specific broadcast codes that they could use to keep UN forces from attacking them, one could never be too careful.

Their official goal here was to locate 'smart' Spawn and disable or capture them for study back in the Federation.

However, unknown to Yanmei, Remy had other ideas, or rather, certain unsanctioned approaches to achieving that goal. Remy had built a device, which Albus had dubbed the Angelica Dominatus (condemning Remy's original name as unwieldy and lacking in gravitas). Using the AT Scanner, Surov's records about the creation of the Friend-Type Annihilator and similar tech as a foundation, the Angelica would theoretically be able to exhibit some form of control over an Angelspawn by using bursts of signals designed to resonate with AT Fields. The idea was that with the proper usage, the device could 'imprint' on an Angelspawn and bamboozle it into identifying a specific individual's AT Field as that of its master. If successful, the new Master would be able to give it basic commands and ultimately train it to obey more complex ones.

However, the Angelica had never been tested in the field, and both Remy and Albus were certain that the device would be less effective the more potent the target and its AT Field was. Despite this, both of them were eager to test it out, with this mission being a proof of concept: if they could dominate an Angelspawn and bring it back willingly to the Dorian, then not only would they be successful, but Chancellor Zhang would be forced to admit that there were ways to handle Angelspawn besides destruction! It was the perfect plan.




Primary Objective
Secure a living Angelspawn and return it to the Dorian.
Secondary Objectives
Disable an Angelspawn in combat and contain it with the Spawn Net or Use the Angelica to dominate an Angelspawn


Not Difficult. Expectation of combat with powerful foe. Mission is estimated to take between 5-8 turns to complete normally.

Personnel Allotments

Minimum Allotments Allowed
Remy Fabien Awala and Albus Mortens.
Maximum Allotments Allowed
Remy Fabien Awala and Albus Mortens.

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Essential Equipment
One FAF. Long Range VTOL, one Assault Wolf, Angelica Dominatus, Spawn Net
Recommended Equipment
Armour and Weapons for Remy. Albus may use his custom equipment.


Duration: One Turn
Expires: Turn 5
May Be Undertaken: Once

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