Focuses: An Introduction

Focuses reflect the career choices your Dwarf has taken. Focuses inform a Dwarf's starting characteristics, skills, Aptitudes, equipment, and Professions. Your Dwarf may only choose three Focuses, so choose wisely.

At the core of each choice below is the 'Profession'. Professions are key in developing Fortresses, and are used almost exclusively in the Fortress Development Phases of the game. You will notice that below, several different Focuses offer the same Profession. This is intentional and designed to show off the different facets a single Profession can have. Note: There is nothing preventing you from taking several Focuses that offer the same Profession. Whenever you take the same Profession twice, you simply increase your starting rank in that Profession by 1- Initiates become Adepts, Adepts become Masters. This can result in highly specialised Dwarf Heroes who will dominate in their field. However, do note that this comes at a loss to breadth. Having multiple Professions grants your Dwarf a much more diverse skill set to develop.

Artificer Profession

Commander Profession

Doctor Profession

Engineer Profession

Farmer Profession

Governor Profession

Magus Profession

Metalworker Profession

Ranger Profession

Scholar Profession

Weaver Profession

Woodworker Profession

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