For A Change Of Scenery And A Rest

[20:37] <Dorian> [[SESSION 9: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Season 2 Opening. Date: 3rd of June, 2015. Episode Title: For a Change of Scenery and a rest.-
[20:39] <Dorian> [It's a lovely summer day! One of the first of the summer days. It's a little warmer than usual; but winter's chill still hangs in the air in Paris-2, at least.-
[20:40] <Dorian> [Our scene? A private VTOL and Helicopter landing pad, owned by NERV, atop one of the buildings in the city. There our pilots have come, along with two of their guests; Isaiah Gabriel-Wei, Zhang Yanmei's good friend and now NERV nurse, and Viviane Fournier, Sept's friend and musical companion.-
[20:43] <Dorian> [The Bunnies- pretty Marianne, grinning Frédéric and cheerful, bubbly Sophie await, along with their partners- Marianne's brought along their redoubtable Major, Dorian Lachapelle, whilst Frédéric is accompanied by his little brother, Patrice.-
[20:44] <Dorian> [They're waiting for something- and in the sky, in the distance can be seen a rather large VTOL Transport; carrying their Japanese guests.]
[20:49] * Yanmei is looking a touch less confident than usual. With only a day or so since her release from the hospital, she'd barely had time to prepare. Dressing for cold conditions was simple enough, but the summer things she had brought along… were not quite right. For now she was wearing grays and pinks -
[20:49] <Yanmei> a sweater, skirt with thick leggings, long boots, and a knit cap to hide her hair, which was suddenly much shorter than it had been before. Too short for pigtails, anyway. Still, she tried smiling and chatting with the guests as they waited.
[20:54] * Sept was dressed quite formally - that is, not (entirely) in a track suit. Overall, his demeanour betrayed a nervousness, and he kept his attention on the Paris-2 skyline instead of the approaching VTOL.. ""
[20:55] * Aline was dressed for the cold, still, of course… in her case now, that meant wearing a longer black skirt, white blouse, modest boots, and a white blouse covered by a nice little black jacket. Also, a burgundy beret over her (still quite long) hair~ Emotionally, she was doing rather fine! And currently without a fellow-traveller… because her chosen fellow was over there in the
[20:55] * Aline distance, flying in the air~
[20:56] <Dorian> ["Let-me-" "No, you idiot, you can hardly-"-
[20:56] <Dorian> [Ding. The doors to the rooftop elevator slid open, revealing a striking sight.-
[20:58] <Dorian> [Asuka Langley-Soryu, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and black trousers, over which she wore a thick, blood-red coat. Her hands were bandaged yet, as were parts of her face- her right eye, however, was no longer bandaged but sporting a starkly black eyepatch.-
[20:58] <Dorian> [She glared out at them with utter determination, even as her legs started to tremble.]
[20:59] * Aline almost instantly reacted, with a charming little smile. "Oho. That eyepatch works pretty well~" Possibly too cheerful.
[21:00] <Sept> "Hello, Asuka!" Sera was clearly happy to see her.
[21:01] * Yanmei simply stared for a moment, before letting her own pleasant smile flourish again. "Welcome! So they actually released you? Or did you just manage to escape somehow?"
[21:02] <Dorian> ["Ha!" Asuka finally submitted to her legs, falling backwards… Into a wheelchair, which was being pushed along by a very put-upon looking Alexandre Fontaine. Asuka promptly slapped his hands away and started wheeling herself out, despite the bandages. "None of them had the heart to tell me I couldn't go~"-
[21:04] <Dorian> ["My loss." Grumbled Alexandre, raising his hands into the air. For a moment, however, he looked over at Yanmei- their eyes meeting for a second- and he looked away. Some things were best left forgotten.-
[21:05] <Dorian> [And, of course, there was a third person in that elevator. A tall, strong red-haired boy, who came out after Alex… And, unlike Sept, was quite happy to wear a tracksuit. "Yo."]
[21:12] <Sept> "Oh. Hello, Edgar." … "Uh. It looks like we've got plenty of people already… maybe I should stay and watch over Paris..?"
[21:12] * Aline …slowly turned around. But… no. Let's not say anything. Not just yet.
[21:13] <Dorian> ["W-what, you don't want to go?" Asked Viviane, her eyes wide. "B-but that'd be awful…!"
[21:13] <Dorian> ]
[21:14] <Sept> "No, it's just, I want to, but, what if something happens?"
[21:14] * Yanmei similarly glanced aside after the moment of uncomfortable eye contact with one Alexandre Fontaine. But she did rally enough to say something mean enough to break the ice. "Edgar again, hm?" she continued smiling. "So you two are like an official item now, or…?"
[21:14] <Dorian> "There are safeguards in place." Said Dorian smoothly to Sept. "Trust me on that. If you are needed, you will be used. Not before."
[21:15] <Sept> "But, what if… alright." Resignment.
[21:16] <Dorian> [Alex flicked his gaze over to Yanmei. "Yeah, sure." He said smoothly. "Edgar, we're lovers now. Don't forget that." "… Er, what?" "… Just go with it." "… I dunno, bro, I- that's kind of a big ask…" "Come on…"]
[21:17] * Aline suddenly realized what it meant… then… giggled a little. "Ah, ehe… you -do- make an adorable couple… Though I'm having trouble figuring out which one is supposed to be the…" She paused in thought for a second. "What were the terms…" Pause pause. "Ah! Right! Which one of you is the seme and the uke~ I can't quite figure that out."
[21:18] <Dorian> ["It's nearly time." Said Isaiah, carefully ignoring the newcomers. "How're you feeling?" He asked Yanmei. Isaiah's outfit tastes had changed rather impressively recently. A green military-style jacket was worn over a plain white T-shirt, along with long green trousers and boots.]
[21:18] <Dorian> [Asuka snorted at Aline's comment. Alex rolled his eyes.-
[21:19] <Dorian> [The sound of a VTOL was growing ever louder now. Aline (and indeed, everyone) would note that it was essentially right over head. So close…!]
[21:20] * Yanmei eyebrowtwitched, somehow managing to radiate amusement and profound irritation at the same time. Clearly, it was not the anticipated reaction that she was going for. At Isaiah, though, she softened up a little. "I'm feeling okay. You don't have to worry about me! What about you? Excited?"
[21:22] * Sept has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[21:22] <Dorian> ["Uh-huh." Isaiah nodded cheerfully. "I've never been to the mountains. Or… Anywhere, really. How about-" He stared up at the VTOL, the jet engines proving almost too loud…]
[21:23] * Aline looked up… "Ah, they're here!" …She, okay, had to /yell/ that to get the point across. No matter!
[21:25] <Yanmei> "Kinda hard not to notice that?" Yanmei's muttered remark was lost under the sound of the engine as well.
[21:26] <Dorian> [The VTOL landed, the doors sliding open. Out would come a few people.-
[21:28] <Dorian> [The first, surprisingly enough, to notice this would be Sept. He would hear, at first, a cry- "Nii-san! NIIIIII-SAAAAAAN!" … And then find himself the target of a white-haired girl sprinting at him and hugging him at top speed… Much to the unamusement of Viviane, who stared on in horror and dismay.-
[21:29] <Dorian> [Finally, out would come three other people. The first would be a woman Aline knew well- Dr. Ikari Yui, giggling slightly as she exited. Behind her was a little girl, of maybe 6 or so years of age, with brown hair, clinging to her mother's leg as she stared out.-
[21:30] <Dorian> [The third individual was… Not Shinji. It was instead a woman, with long blonde hair, green eyes and a faintly amused expression.]
[21:30] <Sept> "Tsubaki!" Sept returned the hug, unhesitating.
[21:31] * Yanmei eyed the reunion - Viviane's reaction to the reunion - and sighed, shaking her head.
[21:34] * Aline raised a brow at the lack of Shinji… Though… she did notice the young girl there, too. That must be little Rei then~. Hmmmm. Oh, right. Let's… deal with something. Aline sidled to the side, nudging Viviane in the shoulder - and making sure to speak in French. "What the girl said means 'brother'. It is a very very long story, that I don't quite know if he'll be able to explain."
[21:34] * Aline There, solemn duty done.
[21:34] <Dorian> [Barely heard amongst the noise was the sound of a -ding-. The elevator doors opened, revealing a flustered, rushed-looking Freya, who nearly stumbled out onto the pad. "Don't go! Don- Oh thank -god-." She straightened up- stared at the sight that Sera was now surrounded by- and… smiled.]
[21:35] <Dorian> ["A-ah. I…" Viviane stared at Aline. "I had no idea- they…" She scratched the back of her neck. What an awkward situation.]
[21:36] * Aline smiled disarmingly. "Trust me, I'll make sure to explain." …She did walk a bit closer to the VTOL in question, though. So where was he…
[21:36] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei seemed to literally backed off a few steps, glancing at the snuggly looking embrace. "F-Freya! Will you be joining us too?" she said loudly, hoping that Sept would hear and get his act together -quickly-.
[21:37] <Dorian> [… Dr. Ikari turned her gaze toward Aline, smirked, disappeared back into the vehicle for a moment. When she emerged, she was finally accompanied by someone. A young boy- or perhaps a young man, really. He had a gentle face, with black hair and blue eyes… And as he emerged, he quickly looked around the pad, before his gaze fell on Aline. He immediately reddened.]
[21:38] <Sept> "Oh. Hello, Freya." Sept called out from the midst of Tsubaki's embrace.
[21:39] <Dorian> ["Hi!" Said Freya cheerily to Sept, before turning back to Yanmei. "Yup. I had to beeeg Dorian to let me go. I think he used some sort of NERV-fu to let me go without having to pay for myself." She turned an amused expression back towards Sept.]
[21:40] <Dorian> [Speaking of Sept. Tsubaki, her large blue eyes staring up at him, tugged on his arm, pulling him toward that blonde woman. "Say hi, Nii-san. That's my sister~"]
[21:41] <Sept> "Really?" Sept smiled to the woman. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Sera."
[21:42] * Yanmei … almost raised a hand to her forehead at Sept's response. Freya's, though, earned another wave of bewilderment. Was she -okay- with this, or just pretending? She searched her face carefully.
[21:44] * Aline waved kindly… "Ah~ There you are!" (in English) And she walked up closer still to the VTOL. "Come on, don't be -that- shy. We're all here for fun! And not just -fun-, but FUN! …Even calm quiet fun is good, right?"
[21:46] <Dorian> [The woman smiled wryly, bowing slightly. "I'm Akagi Ritsuko- I, see my sister's already adopted you." She scrutinised her little sister for a moment, before turning back to Sept. "… Heh." She leanred forward slightly.]
[21:47] <Dorian> ["Ah, er…" Shinji reddened a little further, but he was able to give a furtive smile. "R-right." His eyes widening slightly, he made a bow. "I'm sorry. I don't really know what to do here…"]
[21:47] <Dorian> [Yanmei would find Freya's face to be full of the same cheerful sisterliness it always was. "Hehe."-
[21:48] <Dorian> ["Soooo." Speaking of Yanmei… She'd suddenly find that she'd attracted the attention of a certain pair of rogues. The Gosselin boys, of course. "My brother tells me you don't mind a flutter, young Miss Yanmei." Said Frederic, grinning.]
[21:48] <Sept> "..?" Ritsuko's response brought only confusion to the boy. Eventualy, though, he nodded and smiled. "It's nice to meet you, Ritsuko."
[21:51] * Aline smirked, now finally getting to basically Normal Conversation Distance with Shinji. "Oh, that's simple. Just say nice things about people because you just met them or just met them in person, maybe a few jokes, and then relax! Simple!"
[21:51] <Dorian> ["The same." Said Ritsuko. "Doesn't he have pretty blue eyes, Tsuchin?" "Un."]
[21:53] <Yanmei> Oh boy. She turned a glance from one to the other. "Tsk, tsk, you two. Trying to take money away from an innocent young vacationer. …What have you got in mind?"
[21:53] <Dorian> ["R-right." Said Shinji, straightening up. He stared at Aline for a moment, blushing still- looking as though he was about to shyly look away but keeping himself steady on will. "Y-you look nice."]
[21:54] <Dorian> ["Weeeell." Patrice snickered, nodding his head over towards poor, dumb Sept, whilst simultaneously putting an arm around an unwilling Isaiah. "Who wants to bet that trouble comes of -that-?"]
[21:57] <Yanmei> "Too easy. That Tsubaki is too clueless to get mad at him, so I predict the other two will, though, much to de Pteres' confusion."
[21:57] * Aline nodded, and… poked Shinji in the nose. "Thanks, and you're adorable as ever. I mean it isn't that hard to talk over email and on the phone, so just think about that, about the words on their own. I won't hurt you~"
[22:00] <Dorian> ["Ah!" Shinji leaned back reflexively as he was tapped on the nose. He did try to smile though. "I'll keep that in mind… Ah." He looked over at his mother and sister. "That's Rei, my little sister, and you know my mother…" At being mentioned, Rei retreated even further behind Yui's legs, staring out at Aline with big, big green eyes.]
[22:02] <Dorian> ["Hmm. You may be right." Said Frederic, tapping his chin. "Alright, alright, tell you what. I bet all of my August wages versus all of your August allowance that the conflict comes from an unforseen party."]
[22:05] <Yanmei> "Huh?" That was a lot on money! But it was… interesting. "Two fine, upstanding gentlemen like yourselves wouldn't -dream- of rigging this fine wager, would you?"
[22:05] <Dorian> ["I promise that the unforseen party will not be either of us."]
[22:05] <Aline> "Yes, I do know her well~" …Aline did not add 'and because of her I have a dangerous amount of knowledge, but I would not dare give that up' …but she was THINKING it. Other thoughts included a vague, vague awareness of the betmaking behind her, mostly hearing something about 'bets' 'allowances' and 'de Pteres'. Was this an /external threat/? Oh it is /on/. But that's not for now. Now's
[22:05] <Aline> for being cute. And in so doing, Aline knelt down, waving to the youngest Ikari family member with this utterly-cutesy vulnerable-type smile. "Konnichiwa, Rei-chan~"
[22:07] <Yanmei> "Hmmm," she panned the helicopter pad, making a note of possible unforseen parties (DORIAN). "You know what? I'll take that bet."
[22:08] <Dorian> ["Done." Said Frederic cheerfully, grinning. August was gonna be a fantastic month.]
[22:09] <Dorian> ["Oh." Rei let out a little gasp, hiding behind her mother entirely… Before peeking out again to shout something at Shinji.-
[22:09] <Dorian> [Shinji nodded… And Rei began to giggle endlessly. Much to the boy's consternation.]
[22:10] * Aline peeeeered at Shinji. "What… just happened there?" She didn't even get up from her kneel.
[22:11] <Dorian> ["She-She asked if you were 'the one'." Said Shinji, staring determinedly at the floor.]
[22:11] <Yanmei> "A pleasure doing business with you gentlemen~" Maybe she would buy a laptop with her new earnings.
[22:13] * Aline brightened up her expression… and poked him on the nose again. "Oh, right! Of course~ Can't let yourself be teased about something that's true, now can you?"
[22:16] <Dorian> [Shinji tried to tune out the musical laughter of his sister. "R-right! That's- that's right! You are…" Don't cover your face Shinji NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING-
[22:17] <Dorian> ["OOOOOI!" No one had been watching Asuka and the Boys. Now Asuka was trying to stand up again, but this time on the VTOL. "OOOOI! IT'S TIME TO GET GOING!"]
[22:19] * Aline suddenly snapped/leapt/otherwise moved in shock! "Eep! Right right okay let's go then into the VTOL right right." Aw, poor girl got startled.
[22:22] <Sept> "Ah." Sera snapped back into the moment from his thoughts. He nodded to Viviane and Tsubaki. "Shall we?" And, as the others filed past, stayed a while longer to gaze toward the skyline.
[22:23] * Yanmei stretched, nodding to Isaiah and smiling briliantly. "Time to go! The mountains. I've never been there before either."
[22:24] <Dorian> ["Then it'll be a precious trip." Said Isaiah cheerfully.-
[22:25] <Dorian> [By this point, Asuka had once again submitted to her legs and fallen into her wheelchair, where she was soon joined by Dorian and his oddly bulkier, heavier wheelchair. Why -were- the arms so big? But in the VTOL already were Marianne and Sophie, chatting animatedly about everything they were going to do, which seemed to involve an awful lot of outside fun.-
[22:26] <Dorian> [Sept would find himself a seat with Viviane and Freya on his lefthand side and Tsubaki and Ritsuko on his right- a veritable cornucopia of attention as Tsubaki chatted about random things ("Oh, we're gonna fly again!") and Ritsuko seemed to be staring at Sept's eyes with an intensely scrutinising look.-
[22:27] <Dorian> [Aline would find herself sitting next to her precious little Shinji, who had taken a window seat. The other two Ikaris would take up her other side.-
[22:28] <Dorian> [Yanmei would have the pleasant experience of sharing a seat next to Isaiah… And the far greater joy (of course) of being seated next to Alex and Edgar.]
[22:29] * Aline was quite okay with these seating arrangements - at least, hers. Ah~ Relaxing in the air~ "This just isn't the same in an aircraft…"
[22:31] <Sept> "Yeah… Do you like flying, Viviane?" Sept went with the flow of the chatter, though he found himself glancing toward Ritsuko every now and then. What was she after?
[22:32] <Dorian> ["R-right, you've flown with Zerogouki…" Said Shinji. "It-it must be… A lot more intimate, I bet."-
[22:32] <Dorian> ["Ah, it's alright. I'm pretty used to flying. I used to fly a -lot- when I was younger. Big planes, small planes, VTOLs, the works." Said Viviane cheerfully.]
[22:33] * Yanmei still couldn't believe that she had to spend her vacation with Fontaine and his lackey. Well, whatever. Make the best of it. She went to flip her hair… then remembered that her that was impossible at the moment, and lowered her hand awkwardly. "Well, it looks like we're finally off! Have you ever been skiing before, Edgar?" The lesser of two evils.
[22:35] * Aline nodded with a grin. "Oh, yes! Though also just… ahhh, nothing like doing unspeakable things to physics and getting away with them. That's the /life/, isn't it?" …Conscience. "But ah, that doesn't matter. Our destination is what matters!"
[22:35] <Dorian> ["Yep." Said Edgar, slamming his hands together. "I'm -mad- at skiing. You have no idea. I'll show you so hard, you'll wish you, too, were mad at skiing." "Dear Lord, Edgar, tone it -down-."]
[22:36] <Dorian> [The sudden feeling of -lift- as the VTOL took off into the air, the doors closing- dulling the sound of the roaring jet engines. Motion began… ANd they were off. Off towards a wonderful, new holiday- just rewards for a horrible battle.-
[22:40] <Dorian> [It was not at all a short trip. With a VTOL large enough to accomodate everyone -and- their luggage, you couldn't exactly ask for top speeds. Hours passed. The sun travelled across the sky. Little Ikari Rei fell asleep, head in her mother's lap.-
[22:41] <Dorian> [But eventually… They came to their destination. It was a ski resort, of course, on a snowy mountain- so snowy, in fact, that it was in sight of Switzerland, which, for all Sept knew, might be the place where snow -came from-. A warm, cozy-looking resort, belying its rather great size- enough for its own helipad, at least- twinkled below them.]
[22:42] <Dorian> [Finally… The VTOL came down, and the doors opened, letting in a wonderful gush of the coldest air they might have ever felt.]
[22:46] <Sept> "So much… snow." …was all Sera could say. He stared at the scenery, mouth open.
[22:46] <Yanmei> Arrival! Yanmei was among the first off the aircraft. She had spent the trip both engaged in pleasant conversation and sniping, mostly simultaneously aimed at two seperate targets. It was somewhat draining, and to make matters worse, some aches and pains were starting to set in. "Can't wait!" she beamed, ignoring them. "Look at how pretty this place is!"
[22:47] <Dorian> [Yanmei would quickly be buffted by the cold. It seemed to be bone deep.]
[22:48] <Dorian> ["W-wow." Isaiah stepped out after her, wrapping his jacket even tighter around him. "… This isn't anything like home. It's so -cold-!"-
[22:48] <Dorian> [Asuka and the Boys were off next. Asuka seemed determined to ignore the cold, and Edgar honestly seemed not to feel it. Alexandre, however, was neither the manliest of men nor the Unstoppable Trooper, and was starting to chatter.]
[22:49] * Sept stepped out, mouth still open. "What… what happened here?"
[22:49] <Dorian> ["What do you mean, what happened?" Asked Viviane curiously. Freya was busy snickering lightly to herself.]
[22:50] <Yanmei> "Nggh…" she sort of drew back into her sweater a bit. Her heavier coat was packed away in her luggage, so she would have to endure. "I know, right? I didn't think it ould get much colder than Paris-2, but…"
[22:50] * Aline stepped out, shivering a little, but trying to stand entirely normally. She diiid comment back, though. "Er, Sera. Nature happened."
[22:50] <Sept> "…oh."
[22:51] * Dorian wheeled himself off, going right by Yanmei as he did so. "Y'know, Yanmei, you'd be warmer if you snuggled up to Alex. Just a suggestion." Dorian winked, and rolled off toward the main building.]
[22:56] * Yanmei glared after him, grew self-conscious, and then forced out a chuckle for the witnesses. "He's always so full of jokes." It took effort not to insert the word 'tasteless' in there.
[22:57] <Dorian> ["Jokes, huh." Grumbled Isaiah.]
[22:58] <Dorian> ["O-oh, so… Cold." Mumbled Shinji as he followed Aline out, trying to melt into his jacket. Poor boy was unused to even the mild winter climate of France, nevermind an alpine mountain.]
[22:58] <Dorian> [Shinji was soon followed out by Yui and a sleeping Rei in her arms, the girl bundled up in three or four coats.]
[22:59] <Dorian> [Sept would feel someone tugging on his sleeve.]
[23:00] * Aline -did- have to hold back a nice solid 'awww' at the bundled little kid, but… instead… No, instead she'd push right up to Shinji, and wrap an arm around here. "Ah, right, it's always so hot in Japan, isn't it? There there, I'll help you keep warm~"
[23:03] <Yanmei> "Let's just go in! We can have plenty of time to admire things when we're dressed more warmly. And when we're skiing!" She could almost imagine it now - gliding gracefully down pure white hills in the pristine beauty of nature. Nature was something she had only really seen in travel magazines.
[23:04] * Sept didn't at first notice the tugging. After some moments, though, he yelped and turned around.
[23:04] <Dorian> [Shinji blushed. What else was there to do? But he submitted to Aline's snuggly grasp, ignoring the giggles and the gaze of his mother. She would eventually feel a cold hand on her's.]
[23:05] <Dorian> [Tsubaki held up a handful of snow to Sept. "Look. Snow." She stared at it, then up at Sept. "It's icy cold!"]
[23:06] <Sept> "Y-yeah. It is… Have you seen this much snow before?"
[23:06] <Dorian> ["No!" Said Tsubaki, her eyes wide. Then, with the sort of dedication you rarely see in Tsubaki, she packed it into a ball and unerringly threw it at Asuka's head.-
[23:08] <Dorian> ["!" Asuka reached up to touch her hair. A single touch… And then she smacked the side of her wheelchair. "Who did it?!"]
[23:08] * Aline just sort of… ahhh~ed, and tightened her grip around that hand, going on to watch Sera and Tsubaki play. …It was like she was their mom. Or something, probably just 'big sis'. Cloooose enough. Though then her gaze shiiifted. Looks like one of the other big sisters is about to attempt carnage. Best stay out of this.
[23:09] <Dorian> ["Guh. Right." Said Isaiah, who rubbed his shivering hands together and beelined for the front door.]
[23:09] <Dorian> ["… He did it." Said Alex, pointing at Isaiah. Asuka glared.]
[23:10] * Yanmei lingered just long enough to smirk at Aline's flirting… and then glared at Alexandre. "What? Stop making things up! You're awfully quick to blame someone yourself, Mr. Fontaine."
[23:11] <Dorian> ["That's right." Said the sweet voice of Marianne, guiding herself in and putting an arm around Yanmei. "Would Isaiah do that?"]
[23:11] <Dorian> [It should be noted that at this point, Dorian… Was answering a phone call. He looked rather serious, and he was staring at Sept the entire time.]
[23:12] <Sept> Eventually, even Sept would notice this. "…Dorian? It happened, didn't it? We shouldn't have left!"
[23:13] <Dorian> [Dorian held up a hand to Sept, and would finish his phone call. The phone slapped shut, and he pocketed it. "It's fine, Sept. Nothing bad's happening."]
[23:13] <Yanmei> "Of course he wouldn't. Isaiahs naturally harmless." Yanmei folded her arms haughtily, glad for Marianne's support. "If you're going to frame someone, at least make it believable~"
[23:14] <Sept> "…are you sure, Dorian?"
[23:14] <Dorian> ["The Third Child may be right." Said Asuka. "He certainly looks too… Harmless to do something like that. Now, can we get inside?"]
[23:14] <Dorian> "Quite sure. It's…" Dorian let out a humourless chuckle. "Today was supposed to be your weekly Synch Ratio test. Someone seemed a little displeased that you missed it.]
[23:15] <Dorian> "]*
[23:16] <Sept> "…oh. That's right." Someone else seemed a little displeased as well.
[23:16] <Yanmei> Inside. That was fine by her. She walked slowly, staying huddled next to Marianne, who was warm.
[23:17] <Dorian> "01 woke up momentarily. Looked around. Went back to 'sleep'. Don't worry yourself overmuch about it. It happens. We've had the same thing occur in 03 as well."
[23:19] <Dorian> [Inside… It was warm inside. A lot warmer, and Marianne, with a final ruffle of the hair, let Yanmei go.-
[23:19] <Dorian> [There was a receptionist waiting, staring at the group with cheerful friendliness.]
[23:19] * Aline blinked, for a moment, even while she was squishing against Shinji. And yes, squishing. "Ah. 04 and 00 were quiet, though, I imagine."
[23:20] <Dorian> "Nothing from 00 or 04, no."
[23:21] <Sept> "…oh. I'm sorry." It was more to himself than to anyone present.
[23:21] * Yanmei strolled right up to the desk with a smile of her own, smoothing down her hair and parting from the affectionate Marianne. "Hello! The party from NERV has arrived. We should be under the same reservation, I suppose?"
[23:22] * Aline nodded. "Noooot surprised." She did sort of peer at the receptionist, and got momentary pangs of 'oh shit classified information'… before realizing that the poor girl was either already thoroughly vetted by S2 or had no fucking clue what they were talking about.
[23:23] <Dorian> ["That's right." Said the (female) receptionist, who had just given a pair of keys to Yui (one for her, one for the little bundle of Rei). "You're listed under reservations made by NERV… The rooms, are, of course, all ready. Name and proof of ID, please?"]
[23:23] <Dorian> ["Everything ok?" Asked Viviane, putting a hand on Sept's arm.]
[23:24] <Yanmei> "For each of us?" She seemed surprised, but started fishing out a passport. "Zhang Yanmei."
[23:25] <Dorian> [Aline received a gentle nudge. "Oh, we… Should go to the reception, huh?"]
[23:25] <Sept> "Yeah… it's alright. I just, it's alright. Let's have fun, alright?"
[23:26] <Dorian> [The Receptionist smiled. "It's two to a room. Our deluxe double-queen package." The receptionist took the passport, checked it, and checked something off of her book, handing Yanmei a key. "Your room is B25. Do you have an Isaiah Gabriel-Wei with you?"]
[23:26] <Dorian> ["Right." Said Viviane, patting Sept on the arm. He was such a weird boy.]
[23:27] <Yanmei> "I do." she accepted the key, and jerked her head at Isaiah. "That's him."
[23:27] * Aline slowly nodded, walking in… and dragging Shinji with her. "Right! We should." …And thannkfully she arrived just in time to see Yanmei give her name and show a passport. To which Aline immediately responded by pulling out her French passport, NERV ID, and Paris-2 regional ID card all in one single stroke, at first just having a stack of cards and other such things in her hand…
[23:27] * Aline before sliding them in a fanning motion to show all three. "Aline Blanc."
[23:30] <Dorian> [Isaiah wandered over. What had he been doing? … Speaking to Asuka. Presumably despite her earlier claim she hadn't let things go just yet. "Oh, right… Signing in." He proudly pulled out his NERV ID card, presenting it, giving his name- and getting a key as well, with a black acrylic keychain with the code 'B25' etched into it.]
[23:31] <Dorian> ["Ah…" The Receptionist seemed a little overwhelmed by Aline's sudden presentation of -information-. But she was able to quickly cross Aline off, giving her a key to B20. "And do you have an Ikari… Shinji?" "Um, here." "Right, there you go…" Another key, also listed as B20.]
[23:32] * Sept dug through all of his pockets one at a time, finding the documentation in the last one. "Hello. I'm Sera."
[23:32] <Yanmei> "Rooming together, hm? Just like the hospital again." She smiled at him, then at the receptionist with a polite 'thank you'. Apparently she was about as phazed about this as she would have been with bunking with Marianne.
[23:34] <Dorian> ["Yeah." Said Isaiah, staring down at the key. He frowned, and leaned over to Yanmei, whispering something.]
[23:35] * Aline nodded, taking the key… and squishing against Shinji. Again. "Ah, so we're rooming together, that ought to be better than just being together out in public all the time-" …Closer~ "-you know?~"
[23:35] <Dorian> [The receptionist blinked at Sept. "Ah… Sera. Sera de Pteres?"]
[23:36] <Sept> "Yes."
[23:36] <Dorian> [Shinji was beet red. "…Mmm. That's… I hope it's warmer in the rooms." Said Shinji blindly.]
[23:36] <Yanmei> "That's right~ And…" She eyed Aline and Shinji with much amusement. Sera and Viviane with a bit less, however.
[23:37] <Aline> "I'm sure~ it~ is~" …Dear god this was too entertaining.
[23:38] <Dorian> ["Right!" Said the receptionist, who was a little put-off by Sept's… Attitude. But she soon handed him a key with a number on it (B15), and quickly took Viviane's details as well, handing her an identical key.-
[23:39] <Dorian> ["Oho. Rooming together, huh?" Said Freya suddenly, putting her arms around the two of them and grinning. "Be careful, Viviane." "H-huh?" "Just be careful~"]
[23:42] <Dorian> [Shinji, meanwhile, was just… He was glad his mother had already gone.]
[23:49] <Dorian> [Before long, however, everyone had been given their assignments. Tsubaki and Ritsuko had left, as had Alex and Edgar… They would never hear the end of that. Asuka and Sophie had gone off, Sophie cheerfully telling Asuka all about the battle above Paris-2.-
[23:50] <Dorian> [Patrice and Frederic were gone, cackling evilly, so you knew they were up to no good; Dorian and Marianne had gone off as well, and finally, Freya had a room all to herself. Before long, everyone'd been checked in- and the time was now theirs.]
[23:53] * Aline now stood about, as the collection of Parisian Pilots plus Love Interests(…?) were all that was left. "So… What's everyone want to do, now that it's a bit quieter?"
[23:55] <Sept> "I… don't know. What exactly -do- people do uh. Here?"
[23:56] <Dorian> ["Well, the brochure says there's a sauna here." Said Isaiah. "And a hot springs, too… And of course restaurants and bars and skiing, too."]
[23:57] <Yanmei> "Skiing!" Yanmei beamed. "I don't know how, but we could get instructions."
[23:58] <Dorian> ["It looks like it's too late for today, though." Said Viviane, a little disappointed.]
[23:58] <Sept> "…Skiing?"
[23:59] <Yanmei> "You've never seen it?" Yanmei patted Sept on the shoulder. "I'll explain."
[00:00] <Yanmei> "You strap on these bits of plastic, right? And you stand on top of a hill. And then you push off, and go down it really fast, gliding on said bits of plastic. There are these pointy sticks that you use to steer yourself so you don't crash into any trees or rocks and die. It's supposed to be thrilling!"
[00:00] <Dorian> ["…" Shinji blanched slightly.]
[00:01] * Aline nodded a little. "Yeah, the… skiing probably shouldn't be done right now. But we could do the hot springs or something! I'm sure that sounds like it might be nice, and a good shift from SO COLD, eh?" She did, though, add a rider. "Also absolutely no bars no no NONE… Not while I'm here." She also waved her hand. "Sometimes they're made of wood or fiberglass. And they're not
[00:01] * Aline -bits-, come on!"
[00:02] <Yanmei> "Whoops! Sorry, you're right. They can be wood or fiberglass too," she amended, nodding at Aline. "And no bars? Really? Not even to peek inside? I bet they're really high class."
[00:03] <Dorian> ["I can't drink anyway." Said Shinji.]
[00:03] <Dorian> ["… You can, actually." Said Viviane. "Here, at least."]
[00:04] * Aline nodded. "I shouldn't drink either. Reallllly shouldn't. That table incident… god, I don't want to remember."
[00:04] <Yanmei> "Table?" That caught her interest. She switched off, patting Aline on the shoulder now. "Do tell~"
[00:04] <Sept> "Hmm. Sounds interesting!" An enthusiastic nod toward Yanmei.
[00:05] * Aline now took -her- turn at being beet-red. "N-n-no. That's just gossip. It's better that I just leave it at that. It's really embarassing!"
[00:05] <Dorian> [Shinji gave -her- a comforting squeeze now. "You can tell -me- later, maybe…"]
[00:06] <Aline> "R… right, I guess maybe I can!" Still blushing, though.
[00:07] <Yanmei> "Hey, that's not fair!"
[00:19] * Aline sighed. "…Maybe sometime when I'm more comfortable. Sorry…" But, a pause. "Er. So what do you all want to do? I have to admit I'm not that interested in the sauna…"
[00:20] <Dorian> ["I… Veto the hot springs." Said Isaiah.]
[00:21] <Sept> "Maybe we could… go jogging?"
[00:21] <Dorian> [Viviane didn't seem to enthused by that. She could jog at home!]
[00:21] <Yanmei> "Y-yeah." said Yanmei. "I feel the same way about both the sauna and the hot springs. And jogging? In snow?"
[00:22] * Aline frowned. "Yeah, that seems really silly."
[00:22] <Dorian> ["Then we should eat." Said Shinji.]
[00:22] <Yanmei> "We could go out and look at it some more, though! Maybe they have places where we can do hiking, or something?"
[00:25] * Aline did nod. "Ah, ah, eating sounds fine!"
[00:26] * Sept nods as well. "Sure. That's a good plan!"
[00:28] <Yanmei> "Eat?" Yanmei hid her dissastifaction. An entire ski resort, and they just wanted to catch a meal? "Well, okay!"
[00:30] * Aline grinned. "I bet it all tastes good! Also indoor heating and nice decor, surely~"
[00:35] <Dorian> [Isaiah clapped his hands together. "Well, let's go!"]
[00:37] <Yanmei> "Right!" If they were going, they might as well go. Yanmei started off, peering around eagerly for signs or staff to ask directions from.
[00:38] <Dorian> [Yanmei would, eventually, find a sign with directions, leading to the 'premiere restaurant' of the resort, the l'Ouverture Restaurant.-
[00:39] <Dorian> [The restaurant itself was all polished timber floors and large tables. It felt warm, too; not only thanks to the heating, but also due to the roaring fireplace. The external walls were glass, giving them an unimpeded view of the terrain outside.-
[00:40] <Dorian> [It was mostly empty, too- except for Dorian and the Bunnies eating in one corner. And, together on a 'floor' above them, visible through the railings, were Dr. Ikari and Dr. Akagi.]
[00:43] <Sept> "Hmm. It -is- nice, Aline." Sept spun around slowly, admiring the place. "…I wonder if we could get something like this at headquarters?"
[00:45] * Aline would let Yanmei deal with the table-setting and similar. She seemed to revel in that. No, Aline would be eyeing around, and trying to pick out which table would be good… and of course peering about at the familiar faces nearby. Maybe she could try to finagle an upstairs seat… "Ah, ah, I don't think that'd be a good use of NERV funds… I remember hearing that after the last
[00:45] * Aline battle they were having to be very careful with things - why, I even heard the Evangelion Coloration Board was being cut back!" …That last bit, of course, being the running gag about the people who decide what color the EVAs are.
[00:49] <Yanmei> "Impossible. They would never cut that of all things." Yanmei, after a brief chat with whatever hostess was on board at that moment, gestured for the others to follow her. The table in question was right up close to the window, giving them a view of the great snowy hills and slopes -
[00:51] <Yanmei> It was also not too far from where Dorian and the bunnies were eating. The first thing Yanmei did when sliding into her seat was to swivel around and stare through the amazing window. "You could almost get vertigo from this place."
[00:53] <Dorian> ["And we're gonna slide down that." Murmured Isaiah, slipping into his seat next to Yanmei.]
[00:53] <Dorian> ["On bits of plastic." Snickered Viviane.]
[00:55] * Aline nodded. "Yeah, but don't woooorry. It won't be that bad, right?" She also looked out, and -resisted so hard- the urge to make yet another AT-Flying comment about the vertigo. She really was ego-tripping about that, wasn't she? "I almost wonder what it'd look like to hit those slopes in an Eva." Pause, then a light giggle. "…Other than basically wholesale destruction~"
[00:56] * Sept walked up to the window, staring out. "Wow…" He nodded at Aline's comment. "Yeah, maybe when it's all over..?"
[00:58] <Yanmei> "Come on, now. You really think they'd let us?" Yanmei seemed amused by that.
[00:58] <Dorian> ["… Do they let you guys pilot them whenever you want?" Asked Shinji, alarmed. Images of a Tsubaki strolling down the street in an Eva flashed through his head.]
[00:59] * Sept blushed a bit, though it was hidden well enough by his facing the window. "Well. You never know…"
[01:00] * Aline waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, no, no, that's just a flight of fancy. We only actually deploy for angel attacks, it seems. Though we do do some sync tests and stuff, but…" She looked at Sera with a disarming 'please don't get offended' look. "…Aheh, the most that comes out of that is some interesting conversation and sometimes a lot of headbutting.
[01:01] * Yanmei nodded, peering down at a menu. "They're actually the property of the UN. So it's not like we own and can do whatever we like with them?"
[01:02] * Aline scratched the back of her neck, only eyeballing the menu. "I keep forgetting NERV is a UN organization."
[01:02] <Dorian> ["W-well. That's probably a relief. I really wouldn't want your job at all." Said Shinji, sitting down.-
[01:03] <Dorian> ["I really wouldn't want it either. It…" Isaiah frowned at his menu, awkwardly breaking off from this brief conversation between the representative of France's awkwardness and Japan's.]
[01:08] <Dorian> [At this point, a waiter approached them. "Good evening, good evening." He said pleasantly. "Would you like some dri-" He stared rather blatantly at Sept.]
[01:08] * Aline slooow stared at Sera, then at the waiter, then at Sera.
[01:09] * Yanmei also stared between the two, confused.
[01:09] * Sept gave the restaurant his attention once more. "Hm?"
[01:09] <Dorian> ["Y-you're Sera de Pteres." Said the waiter, taking a step back. "Y-you three…?! Oh, o-ho wow…"]
[01:10] * Tao is now known as Oat
[01:11] * Aline suddenly realized what was going on. /This/. "Ah… uh… oh, I guess they don't give you the reservation list. Practical who's-who of NERV's here, you know. Just your everyday vacation, right?" …Nervous smile.
[01:11] <Sept> "Uh. Yeah. I'm Sera. Hello." Discomfort. Was he going to alert everyone to his presence?
[01:12] * Yanmei flashed the waiter a winning smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir." She'd had practice at this, apparently. "We hope you'll treat us well~"
[01:13] <Dorian> ["A-ah…" The man rubbed his neck. "Right! Right. Sorry. I should keep my composure. W-would you like drinks? We have many fine wines and other liquors, as well as other, more confectionary beverages…"]
[01:13] <Dorian> [Shinji felt very awkward right now. This, strictly speaking, was not the first time this had happened.]
[01:14] * Aline spent the briefest of moments intentionally misinterpreting 'confectionary beverages', with a sort of odd distant look on her face. "…Cake in a…" Snap back to reality! "Ah! What… uh. Do you mean by confectionary?"
[01:14] <Dorian> [Isaiah, strictly speaking, was used to this by now. Viviane, on the other hand, was giggling slightly.]
[01:16] <Dorian> ["Ah…" The waiter sighed slightly. "Soft drinks… And milkshakes and the like."]
[01:16] * Aline suddenly fistpumped for no discernable reason. "Some kind of fancy milkshake then~ Maybe a fine vanilla?~"
[01:19] * Sept latched on to the straw. "Uh. I'll have the same. Please."
[01:19] <Yanmei> "A glass of Chateau d'Yquem for me!" Stupid kiddy drinks. -She- was going to act sophisticated! Especially if there was a fan about.
[01:21] <Dorian> ["W-what she's having." Said Isaiah quickly, nodding his head toward Yanmei. Viviane was peering down at her menu. "Hm… Ah, I'll just have a bottle of the d'Orien, if that's ok!"-
[01:21] <Dorian> ["… I'll have the…" Shinji frowned at his menu. "Cola float."-
[01:22] <Dorian> ["Very well then, very well." Said the waiter, before heading off, leaving the kids to it.]
[01:25] <Yanmei> "So! You two." She nodded to Aline and Shinji. It was odd seeing the former act so… friendly to a new face. So naturally, assumptions had to be made. "Have you been together for long? Really, Blanc, you could have mentioned you had a long-distance boyfriend."
[01:25] <Dorian> [Shinji reddened. "Er, um…"]
[01:26] <Sept> "Boyfriend? …oh! I didn't realise." At this point, Sept joined the others at the table.
[01:26] * Aline …did that too. "Hey, it's… not really your business. Besides, I made all those dramatic declarations on the comms right before I fired th-…" She suddenly realized. "Oh. Right. But uh! I… didn't really need to say?…" This wasn't going so well.
[01:29] <Dorian> ["Well, I think you're cute together." Said Viviane firmly.]
[01:29] * Yanmei giggled, leaning back in her chair a little. "She is right, you know."
[01:34] <Dorian> [Shinji blushed. "W-w-well, we, we're- um, we think it's also cute to see you all here too. Together."]
[01:35] <Yanmei> More giggling at that. What was with this sudden urge to reach out and pinch the boy's cheeks?
[01:35] * Aline sort of… tried desperately to resume composure, by… agreeing with Shinji, including in tone. "Yes! Definitely! I mean you're definitely a cuter couple than with Alexandre. Edgar needs his guidance for their love to blossom after all!" …Okay, she added her own touch.
[01:36] <Yanmei> "W-wait. Huh?"
[01:36] <Dorian> ["…" Isaiah blushed. For a single, brief moment, his eyes met Shinji's, and then quickly turned away as they transmitted a brotherly spark of 'Aw, no.']
[01:38] * Aline knitted her hands together, while sweating nervously. "It's it's teasing because you know Dorian teases you that you're paired with Alexandre though you actually sorta attack each other so I made up the idea to make a joke about Alexandre and Edgar because the two keep turning up together and it's funny, right?" …The sheer look of panicked desperation on Aline's face was cute…
[01:38] * Aline and disorganized as hell. "Hahahaha. Funny! Haha. Ha!"
[01:40] <Sept> "Hehe." Sera got the joke~
[01:40] <Yanmei> "Yes, but… That wasn't…" …the issue of her confusion, she finished in her head. But poor Isaiah was sitting right there, and. "Ha…hahaha," she made herself join in. Yes, laugh the unbearable awkwardness away!
[01:42] <Dorian> ["H-ha. Ha." Isaiah joined in, excelling in the arena of awkward.]
[01:42] <Dorian> ["I thought Alexandre liked Lillian?" Asked Viviane.]
[01:44] * Yanmei cut off her laughter abruptly. "Does he now~?" She said silkily, turning this bit of information around in her brain.
[01:44] * Aline sudden headtilt. "…Really? I would not have even guessed!"
[01:45] <Dorian> ["Yeah… But now that you mention it, Alex and Edgar -do- make a cute couple after all. Love to blossom~" Viviane started giggling.]
[01:45] * Aline nodded. "It's at least… entertaining…"
[01:49] <Dorian> [The waiter appeared! Luckily for him. Drinks were served… "… You know, it's a wonderful starry sky tonight."]
[01:50] * Aline almost instantly grabbed her thick white liquid container, sipping the deep vanilla juices with -lightning speed-. "…No light pollution~"
[01:51] <Yanmei> "So it is!" Yanmei accepted her glass. "You are so lucky to see such great scenary each evening."
[01:51] <Dorian> ["It is a wonderful job. And a wonderful night for a romance~" Said the waiter, putting an arm on Yanmei's shoulder and Shinji's respectively.]
[01:52] * Aline did one of her now-routine shifting stares…
[01:52] * Sept accepted his drink as well, sipping it slowly, spectating the conversation.
[01:52] <Dorian> [Shinji stared at that hand.]
[01:54] <Yanmei> "…?" Yanmei chuckled, and patted the waiter on the arm. "Now, now. Don't get the wrong idea. You'll make his -actual- girlfriend jealous."
[01:55] * Aline leaned into her milkshake, sipping again. "…Well, something like that. Less jealous, and more…" She didn't really know how to describe it, but -did- trace her stare to the waiter with a sort of 'what are you, stupid?' impression. But not an overly harsh one!
[01:55] <Dorian> [The waiter stared back at Aline. "… Enjoy your drinks." The Waiter slowly shuffled away, humiliated.]
[02:00] * Aline frowned. "…Was I too harsh?"
[02:04] * Yanmei gave the girl a somewhat sympathetic smile. "Well…" she trailed off, and then picked up a new line. "If you feel bad, just apologise later."
[02:05] <Aline> "Ah, probably a good idea." She did briefly look up, as though she felt like she was being watched… but didn't quite see anything to really indicate that.
[02:13] <Yanmei> "Hey, hey. Shouldn't we decide what to do tomorrow?" she suggested, trying to cheer things up again. "We could probably get those skiing instructions~"
[02:15] <Sept> "Yeah! That sounds great!"
[02:15] <Aline> "Yes! I guess I can learn how it feels to crash into a big freezing snowdrift on bits of plastic!" Aline giggled lightly. "I kid, though, it sounds like fun!"
[02:17] <Yanmei> "It's settled then~" she beamed. "I promised Clement I'd go easy while I was here. Buuut…" she peeked out the window at some of the taller hills.
[02:18] <Dorian> [Isaiah quirked an eyebrow.]
[02:19] <Yanmei> "… or maybe not?" She smiled sweetly at him.
[02:20] * Aline stared out. "…Maybe a beginner's slope or something?" She shrugged almost helplessly. "It could be worse. You could be like Asuka, trying sooo hard to stand then having to slump back into a wheelchair after every little outburst of guts. You -can- walk, after all."
[02:21] <Dorian> [Isaiah smiled. "Asuka is definitely trying too hard." But he nevertheless patted Yanmei's hand. "I think you're fine to try. So long as you listen when I tell you to stop."]
[02:23] <Yanmei> "Yes, yes, I know." She sobered a little, thinking, but broke that off to nod at Isaiah. "Asuka… she'll get better, though, won't she? If she'd had a few extra weeks in the Medical Division Hospital, she'd be fine?"
[02:24] <Dorian> ["She will. Providing she doesn't hurt herself again…" Isaiah frowned.]
[02:25] <Aline> "Right, it was just an example! I mean, dad's pretty beat up too, say. But no, I think the report just said you had scarification and lung damage?" Aline Blanc: Totally reading her fellow pilots' medical reports.
[02:27] <Yanmei> "Ah… you know about that?" Yanmei shifted in her chair. "You sure do snoop a lot~"
[02:27] <Dorian> ["…" Isaiah averted his eyes slightly, looking down at his arms for a moment. Arms that remained, even now, scarred in places.]
[02:28] * Aline pointed a finger out, almost accidentally nose-poking Shinji again. "Someone has to!"
[02:28] <Dorian> ["… I-I remember watching that. In the sky." Said Viviane gamely. "The ground was shaking all the time…"]
[02:28] * Aline then nodded… "…Ah? Where were you during all of that, anyway?"
[02:28] <Dorian> ["Ah!" Shinji jerked his head back at that. "N-nothing wrong with being snoopy, right?"]
[02:28] <Dorian> ["I was with the refugees." Said Viviane.]
[02:32] <Aline> "Ohhhh." She did, though, realize her mistake. "As long as no one gets hurt…" She looked back and forth between everyone assembled. "It was really something, wasn't it? …Hey, Sera, how was it for you? I know for me it was a lot of heeeavy focusing and trying to pay attention to all the little beeping indicator lights and then psshew and then uh… the head thing."
[02:37] <Sept> "It was… I liked it. In a way. I mean, I got to stand up to the Angel. And I didn't let you down, right?"-
[02:37] * Sept suddenly became aware of Yanmei. "I mean. Sorry, I didn't mean. Sorry."
[02:43] * Yanmei smiled back at him gently. She was keeping all of her guilty feeling about the fight - and poor Isaiah - away from her face with practiced composure. Bad idea to flash bad feelings around when they were supposed to be enjoying themselves. "Think nothing of it, de Pteres. But… maybe we should order some food now. How many of you have looked at your menus yet? Tsk tsk." She opened hers, peering intently down at it. It felt relieving to have so
[02:44] <Yanmei> something blocking her face.
[02:45] * Aline shook her head. "It's… probably alright… But no, you didn't. And hey, it would've been worse for her if you had fallen!" But, another sigh. "Either way… I see. I just didn't know if there was some kind of horrifying pain or other thing after it uh, blew up in your face. I guess it was alright." …Though, a bit mortified at missing the point of a restaurant, Aline then brought
[02:45] * Aline up the menu in front of herself, as well!

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