For A Request For Help

[10:14] * Aline had headed down into the NERV medical wing on this day, a day not too long after that fateful argument atop a roof. She knew that she couldn't ask straight-up, but… Aline needed answers all the same. So why not… why not the person closest to her? To Yanmei, who Aline now had precious little idea what to feel about. That… that is why she now found herself knocking at Isaiah's
[10:14] * Aline door. "Isaiah… It's… it's me, Aline. Is it okay to come in?"
[10:19] <Isaiah> "…? A-Aline? Er, please come in, it's fine."
[10:25] * Aline opened the door, then… Her face was already twisted in worry, and she was wearing… she was actually wearing that blue ocean-print dress. "Thank you… I.,. I had some questions… not too many. I won't… bother you too much."
[10:26] * Isaiah was sitting on his desk again- did he ever actually sit on his chair?- staring at Aline with worry. He nudged a spare chair towards Aline. "Feel free to sit down and tell me what's up, o-okay?-
[10:27] <Isaiah> [Pilot Lupe- the large, limping wolf, sat on his bed, staring.]
[10:32] * Aline did briefly eye Lupe, but… she had tried to take care of him before Isaiah took over. So she felt… maybe some kinship. So Aline shot a light little smile at the wolf, before going ahead and sitting down. "Okay, uh… I don't want to sound uh, gossipy but has… has Yanmei said anything bad about me? Anything like… like me being crazy, or… me not knowing anything about her,
[10:32] * Aline or… I don't know, but something like that? I mean, not just recently, but at all?" …She looked pretty shook up about it.
[10:36] * Isaiah frowned, scratching the back of his neck. He seemed concerned. "Uh, not that I can recall. I-I don't really remember her speaking much about you at all…"
[10:45] * Aline frowned right back, sort of… drooping a bit. "Oh. Well we… we were talking about stuff… and then she got really mad at me after I… after I was shocked at… uug, I should start from the beginning. We were talking about secret-like stuff, and I don't know if you know but I really want to know all I can about that sort of thing. I said something that made Sera nervous, and
[10:45] * Aline when I tried to comfort him by saying we needed proof, and to seek the truth, she said she didn't care, and… I was… I couldn't believe it. I didn't know why she'd be so against that! Then I… er, I mean she… said there was no point because of the whole… situation not changing." Aline was… trying, /trying/ to not be a total wreck. "And and I said that she was just being miserable
[10:45] * Aline and rejecting that because she just wanted to keep hating everything about the life she was stuck living in… I also said - I don't think I said it the right way - that I… I-I-I couldn't live like that. I couldn't just sit there hating people and things. And I don't even hate being a pilot that much, it's… it's terrifying but it gives me an actual purpose in life instead of just going
[10:45] * Aline to school then coming home to nothing even though someone's supposedly there and and I love science and I'm practically rewriting it by doing what I do as a pilot and Yanmei just only cares about the fear and being trapped and why is she trying to shatter my dreams just to make me hate it like she does? Why?!"
[10:51] <Isaiah> "Er…" Isaiah stares for a moment, suddenly feeling way out of his death and aaaaa. But he rifles through his bag- takes out an ice-cold water bottle and offers it to Aline. "T-Take a bit of water, ok? And I'll try to ask a few questions because I'm really c-confused…"
[10:55] * Aline quickly took the bottle of water and… practically chugged it. She did stop, juuuust long enough to nod. "Y-yeah, go ahead and ask."
[10:57] <Isaiah> "A-Alright, so… Y-You're looking for answers. Secrets and stuff, right? T-To what?"
[11:01] * Aline looked at the room around her. "Th-things like…" She leaned in and whispered to him. For the sake of this scene, though, this will be depicted! ("Like… NERV's secrets. Our nightmares. The truth behind… all the things we deal with. Things I can only whisper in places that aren't safe.") But Aline pulled back, then. "Yeah, so… that and also like… science. Like knowing the
[11:01] * Aline inner workings of AT Fields and how Angels think."
[11:02] * Isaiah blanched at the mention of nightmares… He looked away for a moment, and tried to gather his thoughts. "I-I see. A-And Yanmei said she didn't care?"
[11:03] <Aline> "Yeah, l-like… it wouldn't change anything. That we still had to shut up and do what we're told. So she didn't think she had to look for them." Aline frowned heavily. "It might hurt sometimes but… I really do need to know. It keeps me from thinking about even worse feelings…"
[11:04] * Isaiah fidgetted. "I-It's… Not that she doesn't care, exactly… I-I don't think."
[11:06] * Aline stared expectantly. "So if it's not that… what is it? Why would she say that whole thing about it not mattering and that we basically had no hope like I was stupid for not thinking that way, then?…"
[11:07] <Isaiah> "Y-You like to confront these things, don't you? Pull them out into the open and really look at them, even if they're horrible…"
[11:10] * Aline tilted her head now, as if… well, she was honestly surprised that more people didn't think that way. "I do… I do, yeah. If we don't face them and either accept or solve them… we'll never leave them behind. I learnt that really early, y-y-you know."
[11:15] <Isaiah> "Ah… W-Well…" Isaiah rubbed his neck awkwardly. "Y-Yanmei doesn't think like that. She likes to bury things deep down, either until they don't matter or she forgets…" A momentary pause. "O-or when she can deal with them on her own terms, you know? Yanmei is a very private, private person… She hasn't even talked about this to me, yet. She might've felt offended that you were trying to infringe on that."
[11:21] * Aline squirmed, and her face twisted even more. "B-but then she just grows… more and more bitter and hateful until I'm /right/ by calling her that. I don't want to be right with that." She shook her head a bit. "Doesn't she know that's unhealthy?"
[11:32] <Isaiah> "B-But how is trying to -pull- it out of her going to help? How is trying to make her play by your rules going to do anything, Aline?"
[11:34] * Aline stared down at the floor. "You're right… I just wish she… wouldn't have attacked me for it. I… I didn't even… it wasn't even out of malice, but she… uuug. I can apologize but I want… I want to be sure she won't just yell at me and hurt me again…"
[11:36] <Isaiah> Aline would find herself being hugged tightly by Isaiah, sitting on the edge of her chair. "Aw, Aline. She was probably just really scared, you know? I'm sure if you apologised- and I had a word with her- she'd apologise right back."
[11:39] * Aline … went ahead and hugged back. She felt weird about it, a little, and it even looked so. "O… okay. I probably should try not to… just say things so directly then. Maybe try to… try to get it to be like a therapeutic… setting, maybe. That she only has to listen to it if she trusts me, and if not I can… shut up about it."
[11:41] <Isaiah> "W-Well, why don't you try to just… Be her friend, first, before you start trying to help her problems? That's the best way to get her to trust you, I think…"
[11:42] * Aline blinked. Then blinked again. "Oh… uh… okay. Before you said that that sorta… was how I was someone's friend."
[11:45] <Isaiah> "W-Well…" He patted Aline on the head. "I can try to help her for now, ok? You can help her by… Being her friend maybe in a different way to that other time. Try to just enjoy her company. You -know- she respects you."
[11:47] <Aline> "Right. I… guess I should be, huh? I'll try to come up with some way of being aroudn her and liking it. We've… done it before, so it shouldn't be that hard." She smiled. Or, to some extent, tried to smile. Recovery from a funk is not instant…
[11:48] * Isaiah gave Aline a big encouraging smile. "That's the spirit. I'll help you with it, too. And… She hasn't given up totally, you know. Not as much as you might think."
[11:50] * Aline looked genuinely surprised at that. "…Oh? Really?… How so?"
[11:51] <Isaiah> "D-Did you know that Commander Fontaine is… Was? Thinking of making me a pilot? She even made me synchronise with 04…" A shudder. Isaiah went cold for a moment. "B-But Yanmei wouldn't have it. She's fighting, doing all she can to make sure that doesn't happen, even if she knows that the Commander… P-Probably can't be stopped…"
[11:56] * Aline stared wide-eyed. "With… with 04?! N-nobody deserves to use that /thing/. Yan-Yan has to deal with it day in and day out, but… she doesn't deserve that kind of torture either…" But Aline smiled then. "So I guess you two really do love each other. I'm glad… I was worried that she might've been lonely too, but… er…" Aline blushed to add to her little smile. "…I guess
[11:56] * Aline I'm biased. N-not everyone loves the same way I do."
[11:59] * Isaiah blushed. "W-We do. Erm. I-It's not the love you and S-Shinji share… B-But it's love. W-we're soulmates, in a platonic way."
[12:01] * Aline nodded. "It-it-it's okay. I'm… weird and perverted a little too. That's what I meant by that… Of course she's… not crawling all over like that, it's… that's what my kind of thing… is." Dear god. That blush was glimmering like a red star."
[12:03] <Isaiah> "Uh." Isaiah reddened deeply, staring at Aline. "E-Erm, um, w-what…"
[12:05] * Aline was practically curling up in a ball. "Y-you know. Like… wanting… that kind of thing… so badly and… er… Maybe we should forget I said it…"
[12:06] <Isaiah> "O-Oh. E-Er. R-R-Right." Isaiah sits back on the desk, because awkward zone ensues. "… S-So, erm, y-you and S-Shinji…?"
[12:09] * Aline blushed deeply. "Y-yeah. It took a while to get him… er… emotionally ready…" She muttered a bit, but it was thankfully audible. "Not a bad curry chef though…"
[12:10] <Isaiah> "…"
[12:10] * Aline sort of 'plipped' into a frantic mode. "I-I-I mean we cooked curry and /then/ we… no, no, food is… weird! Weird like that!"
[12:11] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah is staring utterly red-faced. he is probably the -first person in the entire world-… -Who isn't in Section 2-… To learn about Aline's sexually active activities. "W-Was it nice?"
[12:13] * Aline nodded multiple times in quick succession, with a little pout on her face just to show how awwwwkward this was. "Yes. It… it was good. I hear that sometimes the girls that are really excited for it before they have it are… disappointed, but… not me… it was good."
[12:13] <Isaiah> "I-I m-meant the c-curry…"
[12:14] * Aline bluuuuuuuushed even more. "Oh god sorry sorry sorry I it was good I made it with him and let him take one of the bowls home and and I had the rest with Sophie and she loved it to and aaaaah sorry for not knowing which you meeeeant."
[12:16] * Isaiah is covering his face and just aaaa. "T-This is so weird…"
[12:16] * Aline drooped a little. "Y-yeah I know… that's… that's why I said the whole forget-I-said-it thing… like we could talk about the weather or… something."
[12:19] <Isaiah> "… E-Er. S-So. Um. I have a wolf."
[12:20] * Aline gazed lazily at Lupe. "Yeah, you do. Guess you and Dr. Riel have something in common."
[12:21] <Isaiah> "Oh?"
[12:21] <Aline> "Yeah. How she has that baby tiger. So you know… you both have exotic predators for pets."
[12:23] <Isaiah> "O-Oh." Isaiah rubbed the back of his neck. "I-I guess that's true."
[12:24] * Aline nodded. "Though I guess that's the only thing. I don't even have a pet or anything… He does seem cute in a sorta could-eat-your-face way, though." …She honestly meant the cute part.
[12:27] <Isaiah> "H-he's not very violent." Said Isaiah cheerfully, walking over and sitting down next to the wolf, which sleepily laid its head on Isaiah's lap. "But you should get something. A kitty. Or a rabbit!"
[12:28] * Aline tilted her head a little. "Rabbit? That's a different one~"
[12:29] <Isaiah> "W-Well, they're fluffy and cute… A-amongst other things."
[12:31] * Aline narrowed her eyes slightly… "You're… not gonna forget that, are you."
[12:32] <Isaiah> "S-Sorry." He said, abashedly.
[12:33] * Aline then lightened her expression again. "Right. Sorry, too. Just… I really shouldn't have gone on about it… It's too embarassing…"
[12:34] <Isaiah> "W-W-Well… Um, I-I think it's good. T-That the two of you are so close. S-Shinji seemed like a pretty lonely boy to me."
[12:38] <Aline> "Oh yeah… Really lonely. Really, very…" Aline seemed pretty… empathetic about that? "But I do what I can. I guess someone that… lonely, is someone helping is a really good thing for."
[12:39] * Isaiah smiled. "And… Is he helping you?"
[12:48] * Aline nodded! "Yeah!… After that one depressing thing that is unfortunately sorta secret too, he… really helped. So it's mutual. I'm happy that it is…"
[12:52] <Isaiah> "Sounds like you two are perfect."
[12:53] * Aline blushed at that, but cheerily. "Th-th-thank you!"
[12:54] <Isaiah> "That's alright. How're you feeling?"
[12:57] <Aline> "A little better now, yeah. Thanks… I know I waited a while, but I had to… I had to clear it up somehow. Thanks for listening." She nodded her head happily.
[13:00] * Isaiah nods! "If you want me to come with you to help talk to her about it… I'm happy to do so."
[13:04] * Aline smiled softly. "Yeah… When the time comes, I think I will ask you to help. I'll be less afraid that way."
[13:04] * Isaiah nodded! "Alright~"

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