For Confronting Fear Itself

[20:18] <Dorian> [[Session 17: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 5th November, 2015. Episode Title: For Confronting Fear Itself.-
[20:19] <Dorian> [The klaxons sound. All across Paris-2, they sound, security cars rushing through the streets, directing civilians into bunkers. For many civilians, this is old news- but for the newcomers, this is a scary, confronting situation- but a situation for which they were no doubt prepared. No one entered Paris-2 without knowing the risks.-
[20:22] <Dorian> [A kilometre below the receding skyscrapers and essential buildings sat the pyramidal structure of NERV HQ. It was in a high state of alert, the corridors full of people rushing to and fro. It was this building that acted as the keystone behind the Evangelion Project- the Earth's only line of defense against an unimaginably powerful enemy.-
[20:23] * Dorian waited, staring sternly up at the holographic map. He waited for his pilots to arrive.
[20:27] * Yanmei walked briskly through the door with her worried submerged beneath her usual smile, and nodding to her Operations Director, began to strip off her coat. She had been half asleep when the alarm had sounded, but now her heart was pounding wildly.
[20:30] * Aline made her way down with a sense of poise. Almost… not quite relief, but a tension not fraught with the same terror that the new citizens above had. Her coat didn't come off, but it was a somewhat light, and had already been unbuttoned most of the way to begin with, black flaps flipping every which way. Again, she seemed much more calm than she really should have been.
[20:35] <Dorian> [The holographic screen flickered for a moment- before an image appeared. A slender, bipedal creature, with four arms covered in what looked like… wood. The lower arms were thin, ending in claws, whilst the upper arms were thick, with what seemed to be spikes emerging from its elbows.-
[20:36] <Dorian> [A shining red core sat embedded in its chest, protected by what resembled a rib cage.-
[20:36] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, its face was blank and empty, a white oval… Before it suddenly melted into a shape. A face. An undeniable -human- face.-
[20:36] <Dorian> [OBJECT: Ninth Angel. CODENAME: JAMAERAH]
(13:39:07) * Yanmei gazed up at the image without much of a shift in her expression. Somehow, though, the transformation alone had unnerved her. "So! What do we know so far?"
(13:39:53) Dorian: "It… Is hungry." Muttered Dorian. "It consumed a forest on the way here. That's when it started growing that wooden carapace."
(13:41:25) Sept: "I… don't suppose we could feed it something soft. Or flammable." Sept muttered, regretting saying it… basically even before saying it.
(13:42:11) Yanmei: "Wood's pretty flammable?" Yanmei pointed out.
(13:42:13) * Aline stared impassively, registering a small amount of surprise at the human face, but… resuming her original gaze afterwards. "Interesting. The…" She waved her hand. "Face. Did it do that before?"
(13:42:37) Dorian: "It assumed the face after it consumed the 6th Armored Company." Muttered Dorian.
(13:44:24) Sept: "…oh, dear. We're lucky it didn't assume their armor."
(13:45:30) * Aline nodded, rather succinctly. "Ahhh… Absorbs traits, then. I thought maybe that was a reaction to being watched. Though it may well be a bit of both. Hmmm…" She seemed a bit clinical about this, all said.
(13:46:20) Dorian: "We need to be cautious about this. Trying to ignite it is a commendable plan, but creatures with sufficiently powerful AT Fields can suppress flames." Said Dr. Riel, who was staring avidly at the screen.
(13:46:58) Yanmei: "I would assume that getting close to it would be a no-no, correct? Unless it can consume things from a distance."
(13:48:08) Dorian: "We suspect it would have trouble devouring an Evangelion." Said Dorian. "The battle plan is simple- Sept acts as point, but doesn't engage in melee. We have Yanmei and Aline engage from range, before moving into melee once it hits Sept."
(13:53:11) * Yanmei simply nodded, hiding any frowns for another time. She had the feeling this thing would surprise them somehow.
(13:53:30) Sept: "So… how did it 'consume' all of that? Should we just watch out for its mouth, or has it done anything else?"
(13:54:06) Dorian: "Its face turns into a maw, that rapidly devours everything within with a kind of acid." Said Dorian.
(13:56:30) Aline: "Ah. I know how that tends to go." She rubbed her hands together. "Either way, we'll keep tighter to our strengths, and I have a few more tricks. Picked up something from Sam that'll prove handy, actually."
(13:58:38) Sept: "Sam?"
(14:00:45) * Aline smirked. "Samandiriel. The prior Angel. I managed to figure out his 'AT Torpedo' technique - the one that enfolds a projectile with an energy shell that violently collapses deflective AT extensions."
(14:01:13) Dorian: "Alright. That'll be handy." Dorian nodded. "Pilots, to your Evangelions! We sortie as soon as possible."
(14:04:12) Sept: "Okay, Dorian." Sera runs off, but not before glancing at Aline worriedly in response.
(14:05:03) * Aline headed off too, and swiftly at that. She knew why Sera looked at her weirdly, but didn't quite know why it was that big a deal. Yet knew. …It's complicated.
(14:06:40) * Yanmei missed the glance, but her thoughts were elsewhere, her footsteps slow.
(14:09:26) Dorian: [It wasn't long before the pilots were fitting themselves into their plugsuits- and from then, it wasn't long before they found themselves submerged in LCL, the kaleidoscopic Synchronisation having just taken place…-
(14:09:41) Dorian: [("Sera, is everything alright? Your Synch Ratio is fearfully low…")]
(14:10:39) Sept: "I, well, it's nothing… Just. Worried. It'll be alright."
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(14:18:08) Dorian: "Well, we'll trust your word. Yanmei? Aline? How're you going?"
(14:19:34) * Aline made a little nod from inside the plug. "Okay! Sync isn't as high as I want it, but I kinda ask for a hell of a lot most of the time. It's still quite good - probably all the stressful events from the previous weeks."
(14:21:49) Yanmei: "Nothing unusual from my end, Major," was Yanmei's simple reply.
(14:41:20) Dorian: [The room suddenly trembled violently.-
(14:41:38) Dorian: [("Layers 1 through 3 have been destroyed, Major!")]
(14:44:37) Dorian: [The room trembled yet again. The distant thundering sound of metal collapsing and being twisted could be heard. ("Layers 4 and 5!")]
(14:45:52) * Yanmei …tried to ease up on the deathgrip on her controls. It wasn't a conventional earthquake. And even if it was, she was in an entry plug, mostly out of harm's way.
(14:47:19) Sept: "Dorian, d-do we still have enough time for the plan? I could go in and try to…"
(14:48:06) * Aline almost instantly butted in. "Sera! Not much has changed. It'll be distracted by our AT Fields when we get up there!"
(14:48:51) Dorian: "Actually, there's been a change." Said Dorian. "The Angel is almost directly above your launch port. Sept, your mission is to engage it lightly before pulling back. Do you understand me?"
(14:49:00) Dorian: [The Evangelions were secured into their magnetic elevators…]
(14:49:40) Sept: "…Alright, Dorian. I'll make sure it notices us."
(14:49:53) * Aline nodded. "Ohhh, okay. Sorry." She then looked up. This wasn't that bad. Comparatively.
(14:50:10) Dorian: "Evangelions…"
(14:50:17) Dorian: "LAUNCH!"
(14:50:32) Dorian: [Each pilot would feel a sudden lurch of gravitic stress as they were catapulted upwards, emerging into the orange afternoon sky of Paris-2…]
(14:53:09) * Yanmei blinked in the bright sun, raising 04's rifles on instinct more than anything. She moved forward, just a few paces, ducking around a building or two, her form shimmering slightly as her AT field materialized.
(14:53:18) Dorian: [Just in time for an inoccuous, grey cube of a building to split in half, a sophisticated Positron Cannon- pointing at the sky- to emerge straight up, then swivel around on a turret base to face the Angel.]
(14:57:31) * Aline readied herself as she deployed, inhaling, and exhaling in time. The telltale shimmer of her AT Field coming to life flickered around 00, before one of its wings subtly shifted, tracing a green light over to the angel's head… plopping the target beacon right on its forehead. "Best for me to leave it for Sera. Designating the head, that might disable it faster to hit there!"
(14:59:19) Dorian: [Jamaerah seemed not to notice the blinking red light upon his forehead… But instead turned and started running straight at 01- trying to grab The EVA's arms in its own!]
(15:07:36) * Sept reacts slowly, struggling for a few moments before managing to swat away the encroaching hands. For a moment, he grips his knife tightly, but still patiently raises his field in order to get the Angel's undivided attention. A noise - a sort of psychic static - faintly echoes in the nearby Evangelion units as Sera concentrates all the power in his field on Jamaerah.
(15:08:28) Dorian: [Jamaerah's face widens and tautens as its mouth lets out a hollow roar. One of its upper arms launches a massive ram at 01- which barely goes wide, but the sheer force behind it splinters the ground.]
(15:13:10) * Yanmei broke into a light run, steadying her rifle close to her body and firing as she went! The bullet… shot just barely past the Angel, just shy of grazing it. "Ngh."
(15:13:48) Dorian: [Another Positron turret emerged, this one bursting out of the ground near a cemetery! Its twin opened fire on the Angel… And missed.]
(15:17:10) * Aline tried to take aim, while she held onto the designation beacon… but her blast still went wide - she couldn't draw a bead on it, unfortunately!
(15:18:47) Dorian: [Paying no heed to the beams of antimatter energy igniting the sky above its head, Jamaerah struck out again- and, grabbing 01's pylons with its upper arms, managed to get a good grasp on 01's hands…]
(15:24:56) Sept: There were various grunts and other noises as Sera continued to essentially wrestle with the Angel. Good sportsmanship was observed thus far.
(15:25:33) Dorian: [Jamaerah seemed to be giving way for a moment- before redoubling its efforts!]
(15:32:12) * Yanmei gave it another shot, this time striking true! Or… she would have had the AT Field not absorbed the blow. Damn. De Pteres' nuetralization must not have been enough!
(15:33:36) Dorian: [Another actinic blast of positron energy fired towards the Angel, but missed yet again…]
(15:34:04) * Aline stared at the battle, and just… well, sorta continued to stare, before shrugging her shoulders - 00 almost did the same thing, but she reined it in. "Ugh, this is getting nowhere. Closing to neutralization range!" With nary a gesture, 00 just sprung into the air, landing beyond the Seine, and casting just the tiniest bit of extra energy into that effort!
(15:34:56) Dorian: [For a split second, Jamaerah's attention seemed to be on Aline as a pair of eyes formed in the back of its head, staring at her… Before vanishing.]
(15:39:56) Yanmei: "Tch." Yanmei threw her own efforts into nuetralizing… and aimed one of her own glowing violet designators at what would have been right between the appearing and vanishing eyes on the back of the creature's head.
(15:40:56) * Aline followed the designator with her eyes, and belted off a positron shot, but it… it just wasn't accurate enough. "Damnit! I'm losing my touch."
(15:48:20) Dorian: [The back-and-forth continued between EVA and Angel…-
(15:48:27) Dorian: [("The MAGI has finished its report, Major.") Marianne's voice.-
(15:48:30) Dorian: ["…"-
(15:48:36) Dorian: [("MAJOR!")-
(15:48:44) Dorian: [("AT FIELD DETECTED FROM THE SOUTH!")]
(15:48:51) Dorian: "WHAT?!"
(15:48:56) Dorian: [("I-It's a Pattern Blue! It's another Angel!")]
(15:49:50) Dorian: [With a crackling breaking sound, a shape burst into existence in the southern half of Paris-2. It… Was a black blob, composed of seemingly viscous liquid… And the only defining trait was a basic, simple white mask.]
(15:50:45) Sept: "Wh-wha-agh?!" Sera lost balance again, trying to once again struggle back into control.
(15:52:52) * Aline looked back and forth, finally starting to look worried. "…Well crap."
(15:53:22) Yanmei: "Two of them." She was gritting her teeth. "Very well. We'll just have to hurry up and finish this one!"
(15:58:36) * Yanmei sprinted forward with that, thrusting one of her spears at the back of the creature's head! "Disable and kill! Quickly!"
(16:17:38) Dorian: [The Angel screeched as Yanmei's bayonet dug into the back of its head- before a solid Positron blast smote its side.-
(16:18:04) Dorian: [Then, simply put, the world changed. An expanding sphere of purple light rushed forth from the new Angel… Rapidly covering the entire city.-
(16:18:37) Dorian: [The EVA pilots would find themselves… Surrounded by a dense fog, a fog with shapes merging and roiling; gaping maws, people, faces… Communications with HQ suddenly silenced.]
(16:21:39) * Sept , still struggling to keep Jamaerah away from him, was more flustered by this than merely the arrival of another Angel. What had it done to Paris? "D-Dorian? Aline? Yanmei?"
(16:25:50) Yanmei: "De Pteres!" She sounded relieved. There was someone, at least, and she was close by, visible just on the other side of the monsterous Jamaerah, weapons still up, but seemingly frozen in shock.
(16:26:20) * Aline recoiled in shock at the… sudden change. "What the hell?" She tried to squint, and… "Wait… okay, there they are." 00 lifted off into the air, but the sudden movement must have disrupted the fog around herself, because… when she landed and established visual contact again, she wiiiidely overshot her mark. "Damnit!"
(16:27:16) Sept: "Wh-what is this? What are they doing, Yanmei?"
(16:29:30) * Yanmei shook her head inside the plug, though it was probably unseen. "No idea? We can't do anything with that Angel still clinging to you, so… let's take it out and figure out what to do next!"
(16:37:17) Sept: "Right!" The Angel finally backed down from its hold, leaving Sept free to lunge at it with his knife. The blade connected with two of the creature's arms, leaving light wounds. But they were wounds nonetheless.
(16:43:27) * Yanmei made her own attack, slashing with the bayonet after dodging and blocking an attack or two herself now… but it didn't even leave a mark!
(16:51:43) Yanmei: "Ah-!!" A sharp intake of breath, disbelieving, horrified. And then… a scream, agonized, tapering off to gurgles. Yanmei gripped her chest as if something was lodged there, still choking, vision darkened… fading… What was this? What…?!
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(16:56:20) Sept: "Yanmei? Are you alright, Yanmei? Yanm— o-oh. No, no, no, I-I'm so s-sorry, so sorry, s-sorry..!" Taking a few very quick steps backwards, Sera broke off into a full run, away from the Angel and Yanmei, quickly disappearing into the fog.
(17:06:51) * Aline slowly trundled south - or what she thought was south, based on the streets she could see, to go get plugged back in. But… thoughts and memories came back to her. "What if I…" She reached out with 00's hands, and, closing her own eyes while the Eva stared on with so many of its own, she forged a wall, a wall from within their souls. "This glorious barrier… My greatest defense!"
(17:07:13) Dorian: [The field split the oozing purple sphere apart… It started to flow around it, but only in a linear line.]
(17:08:41) * Aline smiled widely, and excitedly tried to switch back on her comms to try to raise HQ. "Command, command, this is 00, come in please. This is Evangelion unit-00 to NERV command, please come in!"
(17:09:42) Dorian: "…" Silence, then… "EVA-00! Situation report!"
(17:12:28) * Aline clapped her hands. "Yes! Ah… Right, right! Shortly after the new Angel arrived, some kind of purple field came into place. Could hardly see past 00's arms-length, and I sorta ended up jetting off the wrong way out of disorientation, overextended my umbilical's range. It must be cutting off comms too, at least within the field area. But…" Her smile was still there. "My barrier
(17:12:30) * Aline field seems to be blocking its emissions, so right now I'm in a clear 'shadow' of the zone. Yanmei and Sera are still in it, presumably with the initial Angel."
(17:15:17) Dorian: "Hm… Your orders are to secure EVA-04 and EVA-01."
(17:15:41) Aline: "Got it! Slow going 'cause I'm trying to keep this field running, but I'll head over there."
(17:17:12) Dorian: [Meanwhile, in the field itself, Jamaerah had tilted its head at Yanmei… Then, greedily, stole her Positron Rifle. Its face vanished, replaced with a giant maw, which it rapidly shoved the Rifle down… munch. Munch. When it was done, one of its hands had grown into a grotesque fleshy replica… Before it impaled 04's right arm on a ram.]
(17:21:05) Dorian: [… Suddenly, Aline's field cracked and shattered, and she was engulfed once again.]
(17:22:50) * Aline punched her control panel softly. "Damnit!" …Softly because stuff was metal, yo. So instead, her concentration suddenly free, she… decided to just do the mundane thing and grab that umbilical and plug it back in. "It must be neutralizing me, and I can't tell whether or not it's even losing field power by doing that. Fuck, fuck, fuck!"
(17:41:21) Dorian: [Aline couldn't see Voriel… But she could feel its actions.-
(17:42:52) Dorian: [Meanwhile, Jamaerah smashed into Yanmei. Claws raked EVA-04's arms, body, ripping out chunks of armour and flesh. A final smash through the chest brought EVA-04 to its knees.-
(17:43:10) Dorian: [… But then, in the silence and secrecy of this illusionary world, something happened. As EVA-04's eyes flickered… And whited out…-
(17:43:42) Dorian: [… They suddenly opened again, red, blood red. Its titanium dentures ripped apart with a wrenching sound of squealing, tearing metal- and a howl of -rage- rippled through the air.]
(17:47:59) * Aline was blissfully unaware of the immensely doom-filled surprise that was waiting for her. In fact, blissful was probably in all honesty a good word for it, because in response to some invisible force, Aline let out her own howl. Howl of… incomprehensible pleasure, which was accompanied by bodily twitches all over, and a /deathgrip/ on one of her control surfaces (fortunately not
(17:47:59) * Aline pulling the trigger)… and her eyes briefly losing focus to an almost ridiculous amount. Let's count her lucky for not having comms.
(17:56:35) * Sept was lost. Completely and utterly lost in his own city. He'd lost Yanmei, he'd lost himself, and he'd lost… that. Sera shuddered and looked over his shoulder out of some primal habit. …but it was there. Right there, where he was looking to assure himself that it wasn't there. Sera immediately lost whatever semblance of himself he'd managed to get hold of during the respite. "I'M SORRY!!" he screamed, retreating.
(17:57:19) Yanmei: Unhindered by an attack that glances off its AT field, 04 lunges forward, claws shimmering tearing into the the AT of its own foolish opponent, and shredding it like paper.
(18:05:42) * Aline took a heavy breath, sweat mixing into LCL, and a dazed expression on her face. At least… for a handful of seconds, because then the girl /sharply/ pinched herself on the cheek. "Damnit, pull yourself together, Aline!" …And then inspiration hit. 00 reached out with one hand, and tugged at the umbilical slightly. Aline smiled a bit when she got it taut… and then began to inscribe
(18:05:42) * Aline an imaginary circle with it, heading due southeast along the edge, where she figured the first Angel still was!
(18:17:12) Sept: Suddenly, the figure of EVA-01 would re-emerge by its original launch point. Sera's voice returned futilely to the interior of 04's plug, breathing heavily. "Y-Yanmei! You're alright! I-I-I found you, I can help you now! Yanmei?"
(18:19:11) Yanmei: The only response to Sept's offer… was a low, gutteral -wrathful- growl, as 04 slammed its fists into what remained of the Angel's AT field. So close!
(18:20:40) Sept: "I-I-I-I left you and it's happening again, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so sorry…" Once again. Sera found himself retreating slowly.
(18:24:20) * Aline …stared out to the side, and… for the briefest of seconds she just sort of looked at it. The… thing. The other-00. She actually gingerly reached out and poked it, wondering if it was an illusion - or at least a poor illusion.
(18:24:38) Dorian: [Tink. It was totally solid.]
(18:24:46) Sept: "No no no no no you're wrong I know because it's me I'm in the plug and I have One please stooooop…"
(18:25:16) Sept: In the depths of his plug, Sera was clutching his head, practically in a fetal position.
(18:28:43) * Aline stared a bit longer, shook her head, and then… cautiously backed off right almost smack into Jamaerah. Surely this was a good idea.
(18:32:10) Dorian: [Jamaerah was not fond of this situation, and with a burst of AT Energy, fled…!]
(18:38:52) * Aline frowned, and while she seemed a bit distracted, sorta muttering something quietly… she did raise another comm channel. "Hey, uh, Sera? Yanmei? Can you receive me? I can see you, so if light passes through radio wa- oh hell only one of you might even get that. I think I can talk! Can you hear me?"
(18:42:00) Yanmei: Yanmei's plug is completely silent. 04 is turning its frustration at losing its prey upon something else now - its own dark mirror image. Claws rip through its throat, and tear down its front!
(18:42:21) Dorian: [The shadow EVA holds up its arms- then, the solidity of the image collapses, turning to stickly black goo.]
(18:42:22) Sept: "A-A." A pause. Sera slowly looked back up at the communications displays. "A-A-Aline? Is that… you?"
(18:48:23) * Aline hastily replied, starting at first normal… "Yeah! I'm being bugged by something and I'm not sure what it's going to do and I…" Her voice trails off. "I uh… er… well…" Then it wavered into basically incoherent moans of abject terror while she looked up at… something wide-eyed. Then the link suddenly died off.
(18:52:21) * Sept was cowering away from 00 and 04, still retreating very slowly. "N-no, why are you, you have to know you're different..!" Sera neatly ducked under the image's swipe. "NO! YOU ARE DIFFERENT!" He knew he was crying, but his vision stayed unhindered as he leaped at the impostor, the enemy.
(18:56:31) Dorian: [The dark EVA-01 resisted for a split second… Before its entire torso swelled, orange and green becoming oily, slick black- before it burst.]
(18:57:37) * Sept …was not particularly consoled by this. The whining from the plug continued. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I had no choice…"
(19:06:30) Yanmei: A second EVA would come to face Sept next… although it wasn't one of the dark figures. 04 narrowed red eyes at him… and charged! Claws aimed at 01's throat now as well, hooked, as if meant more for strangulation than gashing.
(19:07:37) Sept: "No, Yanmei, please, please, I didn't mean to, I didn't, AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH-" The voice cut, suddenly.
(19:26:45) * Aline stared, again, sort of just… dumbstruck. "Yanmei? Uh. I… I think the Angel just mindcontrolled me. I… I'm sorry." She had, apparently, full-auto bursted 04, and unlike when she was attacking the Angel, hit /remarkably well/.
(19:30:46) * Yanmei was silent. 04, however, turned slowly, new wounds scattered across its body, its breaths coming in deep steady, low rhythm. It -howled- and then it lunged, striking out at the 00, red eyes narrowed with pure hatred.
(19:37:50) * Aline was left in a sort of addled daze, between the pain of being torn into by 04 and then that /thing/ doing things to her mind and good god she was sorta perverse but this was crossing the /line/. The poor girl tensed up and wailed in conflicting emotions and god nobody was even conscious to hear her (thankfully). What a mess.
(19:49:42) Yanmei: The EVA was far from finished with that. It loomed for a moment, an then struck again, vengefully, going for an arm and slashing deep into it, past skin and muscle.
(19:56:14) * Aline comes to again, just in time to… realize that 00 was on the ground. And to stand up and… attempt to shoot at the dark reflection. She could feel it /doing/ things to her. It had to die. A positron shot. It missed. 04… 04 was in control. Aline hardly was in control, herself. No idea what happened to Sera. What. A. Mess.
(20:05:45) Sept: With a sudden gasp, Sera - and with him, 01 - came back to life. "Aline? Where did you… ALINE!" Thinking no further, Sera dashed at the two figures, trying to distract 04 with a knife sweep and tackle it away from the seemingly helpless 00.
(20:06:56) Dorian: [EVA-04 turned as 01 rushed towards it. With a roar, the AT Field flickered to life, deflecting 01's attack… Before it pounced, maw and claws free and gleaming with blood and steel.]
(20:07:42) * Aline tried to cry out. "I-I-I'm still here! 04… it… it's berserk. The Angel it it it it's trying to break us. I'
(20:08:25) Aline: *I'm trying to hold on but I almost can't hear 00 at all. I just need to turn this thing around and-and I can head north t-t-to try to kill it."
(20:19:06) * Sept deflects most of the blows' force with his shield, 04's naturally and inhumanly sharp implements only glancing Sept's arm… And not 01's. "A-Angel. Right. North. I can k-keep her still for now, Aline, I-I think we have to… Disable 04."
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(20:28:01) * Aline nodded. "P-p-prepare for restoring comms." …And with a defiant grunt of weariness, Aline marched 00 northward, its wall sweeping into place and beating away the fog. …only briefly. "Fucking hell! I walked right past it! If 04 wasn't busy going fucking nuts I'd ask Yanmei to try to send out a ping but but but but NOOOOOOO." Her terror and weariness, it seemed, was only broken by
(20:28:02) * Aline /searing cynical rage/.
(20:28:06) Dorian: For a split second, Aline is able to contact main command- then. Silence.
(20:36:54) Sept: "It's right here? I… it's making her do this, isn't it? Yanmei, stop! Yanmei-" Another claw parried with his shield. "STOP! YANMEI!!" His voice was filled with rage, rage quite different from Aline's. Pure, selfish hatred. But 01… stood still, -emanating- that emotion even when otherwise completely motionless.
(20:37:38) Dorian: [04's claw punched into 01's shield, and whereas 01 was silent, 04 was not, howling its fury for the world to hear.]
(20:46:59) * Aline was stomping around doing… something odd. Her AT wall was flitting around this way and that, creating gaps in the illusion field around it. "Where are you…" She paused on her way back to the evafight. "…Ah! Flow reversal, must be close." Then, the barrier whipped about in a wide circle, before finally settling to the west of 00, casting all Eva units back into the light. Aline
(20:46:59) * Aline definitely leapt at the chance to open comms again. "I don't know how long this will last. I'm trying to locate the target by using my barrier as a scanner - by measuring when I enter the 'shadow', I can guess where it is. It's somewhere due directly east of my position. Any support would be lovely, but I don't know what you can even give. 04 is berserk, by the way."
(20:47:29) * Aline facepalmed. "West. WEST."
(20:47:32) Dorian: [An arm ram smashed against Aline's barrier from within the Illusion field.]
(20:47:59) * Aline paused. "Also found the other Angel. Just tried to hit the barrier."
(20:47:59) Dorian: "Berserk?! Dear Lord…"
(21:04:51) Sept: 01… came back to life once more as Sera's scream was heard from within, assaulting 04 in vicious Eva-to-Eva action.
(21:07:18) Dorian: [04 seemed to hardly respond to the pain in its chest as it leaned forward, gouging 01's face with its claws.]
(21:08:31) Sept: There was an ever-so-subtle shift in nuance in the pilot's screaming as the pain filtered through, but the Evangelion's stance remained the same.
(21:08:52) * Aline began to step forward, and was muttering… "Where the hell are you you cheeky little…" Plip. Plip. Was that a contact? "Wait… I…" She wasn't really capable of brightening up now, but Aline sounded less /pissed/. "There it is! Sending curent position now." Aline quickly used magic neural interface stuff to (sluggishly) transmit the coordinates to HQ.
(21:09:39) Dorian: [Jamaerah was standing, staring at Aline, its arm rams ready… Whilst Voriel hovered above it, its face staring at Aline in that expression of permanent mild curiosity.]
(21:11:36) Dorian: [Meanwhile, there is a horrified silence as the Command Tower stare at the two Evangelions slugging at each other with abandon.]
(21:21:17) Sept: EVA-01's stance seems horribly inviting of a brutal unstopped assault once more, but 04's attacks merely glance the AT field. Sept raises his knife for another lunge, but… suddenly stops, as the communications are cut once more moments after the beginning of what sounds only like deeply suspicious moans.
(21:22:12) * Aline quickly came on the comms, not too long before they'd be cut /again/. "It messes with our minds please /ignore that/ please."
(21:22:46) Dorian: "…"
(21:25:31) » Join: Mu (ten.nozirev.soif.lfpmat.951-352-77-27-loop|enilA#ten.nozirev.soif.lfpmat.951-352-77-27-loop|enilA) (clones with: Aline)
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(21:28:48) Dorian: [Meanwhile… 01 receives a temporary reprieve as EVA-04, suddenly seeing Jamaerah… Withdraws, and with a bloodthirsty roar, sprints across the field, smashing through a building and jumping off the foundations to, in an impressive display of ethereal grace… Land straight on Jamaerah, digging its claws into the Angel’s face. With a roar, the face is ripped off entirely, leading to
(21:28:48) Dorian: Jamaerah to shove 04 back… The face quickly regrows, but deep gouged scars run across its left side.]
(21:34:40) » Netsplit ( ‹-› 1 quits: Aline
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(21:37:46) * Aline marched about again, trying to get a bead on the goddamn thing. She spotted it again, floating there being the troll it was, and… "I'm about to lower the shield so I can put all my concentration into firing. Give me /all/ the targeting data 00 and the MAGI can give you, I'm gonna need it to hit this little shit." Once any telemetry went through… Aline would, with a single breath,
(21:37:46) * Aline let the barrier fall… only to replace it with a stream of blazing positrons. "Get. The fuck. Out of. Our. HEADS!"
(21:38:09) Dorian: "Sent! FIRE!-
(21:38:59) Dorian: [Voriel reacted too slowly, putting its faith in a worthless AT Field… Which immediately split apart, smashing a Positron beam into its face. It stared for a moment… Before giving out a cry, and collapsing into a boiling, smelly puddle of superheated Angel.]
(21:43:09) » [ notice from Stelas ]: [Global Notice] Eraniss is back.
(21:43:34) * Sept re-enters the comms with the tail end of a deep sigh. With relatively calm surveying of the battlefield, he discovers Paris to be restored to its original glory, barring a few holes and missing buildings. With measured steps, Sept positions himself between 04 and 00, sort of idly neutralising the Angel's field wit hall of his own. And, reaching his intended destination, he reaches out to give 00 a hug. "It's alright now, Aline."
(21:45:00) Dorian: [… And then, Jamaerah turns to Aline, a split-second glance.]
(21:45:25) * Aline …briefly sputtered a few comments. "Thanks. Losing… something… attacking. Get away, please."
(21:46:39) Sept: "It's alright. I won't let them get to you."
(21:55:56) * Sept turned around slightly so he could barely see the two figures battling it out from the corner of his eye. Noticing the Angel's attack on Aline in time, Sept reached out with his shielded hand - calmly - and blocked it, before taking a few light running steps and slashing at the creature.
(21:56:50) * Aline used the opportunity to basically rush at the Angel. Her control of 00 was halting and stilted, but she was /determined/ to go in there and turn it into paste. RAWR.
(21:56:57) Dorian: [EVA-04 lashed out, grabbing one of the perfidious ramming arms. With an incredible feat of strength and ability, it dug its claws deep into the flesh, cutting straight through the armour, and hooking one of the tendons, which it ripped out- the entire muscle line hanging like spaghetti from the pained Angel's arm- and that's when Sept added to its misery.]
(22:02:18) Dorian: [EVA-04 rapidly followed up its assault- and before long the area was coated in blood as claws and teeth rended Jamaerah's body, the angel crying in pain and helplessness.]
(22:02:33) * Aline tried to get about doing that whole pasting, but… amidst the rage and mental fatigue and the terribly weak sync ratio… all she did was bite air.
(22:04:09) Dorian: [A lance of light narrowly missed Aline's head… Then, suddenly, with a horrific rupturing sound, the entirety of its body split in half, and it collapsed in pain and agony, a torrent of blood rushing through the streets, sparking power lines and sweeping away cars.]
(22:05:20) Sept: A light, carefree laughter comes from 01's plug.
(22:05:35) Dorian: "Stop laughing and -end it-!"
(22:09:00) Sept: "Calm down, Dorian. Just a bit… more." After veeery slightly longer than "just a bit", Sera stuck his blade into the Jamareah's core, and took a step back, like a craftsman examining his work.
(22:10:25) Dorian: [… Then Sept would feel an incredible weight as EVA-04 pushed him aside, hard enough to send the Evangelion skidding through blood.-
(22:11:33) Dorian: [EVA-04 stepped on the Angel, one leg pinning the Angel's pelvis to the ground, the other kneeling as it started ripping into the torso. Whole gobbets of meat and flesh vanished into that bloodstained maw as the berserking beast stripped its flesh apart, straight down to the bone.-
(22:12:12) Dorian: [Finally, it gripped the Angel's ribcage, the one protecting its Core… And pulled, and pulled, snapping it clean off. Its prize now clear, it reached over, and with a gleeful howl, violently tore off one of the arm ram limbs…-
(22:12:22) Dorian: [Grabbed the meat of the arm in its teeth… And pulled.-
(22:12:25) Dorian: [And pulled.-
(22:12:31) Dorian: [And pulled, until it held the Arm Ram in its hand.-
(22:13:44) Dorian: [And with this ram, it raised it into the sky- and -down-, through the Positron arm, pinning the Angel in place. Again, now, with the other arm ram… Pinning the other, unchanged claw arm. Jamaerah had been crucified.-
(22:14:38) Dorian: [With a hideous, insane howl of what sounded like laughter, the berserk Evangelion grabbed the Core within its hand… And squeezed… And squeezed… And squeezed a little more, until it shattered with an almighty burst of light.]
(22:16:59) Dorian: [A howl of fell victory rang through the air. EVA-04 stood up, tall, bestial… And held something in its hand.-
(22:17:18) Dorian: [The head and tattered remains of flesh of the upper part of the Angel, which… It draped around itself.-
(22:17:29) Dorian: [Wearing flayed Angel flesh as a cape…-
(22:17:35) Dorian: [… Its eyes went dark. And it went still.]
(22:19:50) * Sept shielded his eyes from the light, stumbling backwards onto the blood-filled streets. For the last time that day, Sera de Pteres found himself retreating in fear.
(22:20:31) Dorian: "… what."
(22:20:45) * Aline …just… stared. "W-well… battle… over then. Tell… tell Dr. Delgado he's gonna be… v-v-very busy." She held her head, and shuddered. "Oog…" After only a few seconds of staring blankly into nowhere… Aline passed out in her entry plug, leaving 00 to just stand there, making the whole thing look like a highly macabre statue garden.
(22:21:17) Dorian: "… Damn. What the hell happened?" Muttered Dorian. "I have a lot of flightlogs to go over…"

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