For Enjoying Elisha S Gift

[17:54] * Sept was in a fairly good mood today, and determined to dress lightly despite the chill of autumn settling down on Paris above him. The scars on both of his hands showed clearly now, unconcealed by his clothing, and he seemed to have dropped all intention of hiding them anyway. The boy advanced toward the rendezvous at a leisurely pace, making some detours to admire the unique scenery
[17:54] * Sept of the Paris Geofront. Eventually, his destination would be reached. "Hello, Ginevre."
[17:58] <Ginevre> [Bathed in natural sunlight collected from the solar collectors that sat on the surface, the natural landscape of the Geofront could be breathtaking. It was green and smooth, with a few hills, and a large clear lake with sparkling water.-
[17:59] * Ginevre was sitting on a picnic blanket, wearing a blue dress, a wicker basket at her side. Various dishes and containers had been spread out across the blanket, including some of Sept's favourite foods. "Good day, Sera." She smiled.
[18:08] * Sept sat down on the blanket as well, cross-legged, and smiled quietly while taking in the view. He made some glances toward the edibles as well, but not hungry ones. It was more like he was just appreciating them purely for their aesthetic value.
[18:10] <Ginevre> "Would you like some cheese and melted butter croissants? They have bacon in them. Probably unhealthy but undeniably delicious."
[18:21] <Sept> "Oh? They do sound good. Yes, thank you." Sept seized hold of one of the croissants and bit into it. His smile continued unchanged, though there was a slight nod of approval to Ginevre. "It's very pretty here."
[18:53] <Ginevre> "Yes, it is. A beautiful, untouched wonderland, fit for anything you might want to do. Agriculture, settlement…" Ginevre smiled. A beautiful smile. "Or just keep it as it is."
[18:57] <Sept> "I like it like this." Another bite of the croissant. "But I guess it could produce a lot of food if it needed to, too… It looks like anything would grow here."
[18:59] <Ginevre> "Almost anything. This entire place is like a cradle of life." Said Ginevre, staring up at the distant 'sky', before looking back at Sera. "My beloved, he saw so many great uses for the Geofront…"
[19:01] <Sept> Sera's attention, she had it. He actually looked like he was participating in a conversation now, instead of like he was talking to himself. "Elisha..? Is this one of them? One of his ideas?"
[19:03] <Ginevre> "Hahaha." Ginevre laughed happily. "Most of it, yes."
[19:10] <Sept> "If not for the Angels…" Sept looked at the lake, wondrously clear. If Sept had seen this a year ago, he probably would not have called it water. Not when compared to Seine. "But we have this, at least. He gave this to us, and it's never going away, right? Even if we use it for a lot of other purposes, it'll still be the same place."
[19:15] <Ginevre> "No. I suppose it won't." Said Ginevre. "It might change, but it'll still be the same place." She turned to peer at Sept. "How have you been?"
[19:19] <Sept> The smile disappeared. "Hospital. They let me out yesterday, I… It was better than last time, I guess. They didn't bother me as much, at least. It was like some of the staff were even avoiding me. I just wish there was a better way to get through that…" A hopeful glance toward Ginevre.
[19:21] * Ginevre holds out a hand. She clearly wants Sept to hold out his arm.
[19:24] * Sept does without hesitation. His expression is still blank.
[19:26] * Ginevre takes Sept's hand, and gently runs a hand across the scar tissue. Her touch is cool. "These injuries… I wish you could avoid them." She said, sadly. "You should not have to bear them."
[19:30] * Sept looks at her, surprised. "…what do you mean? Ginevre, they're from our battles. Battles we won because the both of us gave it all we had!" Still, he didn't pull his hand back. If anything, he nudged it subtly toward her.
[19:33] * Ginevre continued to stroke the hand. "Neither of you should have to suffer." She replied sadly. "It hurts me."
[19:41] <Sept> "Oh…" was all Sera could say for some time. "But. That's not right. He's, we're doing it so you don't have to hurt. He's really happy and proud of doing such a good job of protecting you and Alexandre, he wouldn't want you to be sad for him."
[19:44] * Ginevre lowered her head suddenly, her fringe falling to cover her eyes. Her hand stopped, her head bowed.
[19:46] * Sept became a bit flustered. It felt a lot like he'd gone too far. "..Ginevre? Is something wrong?"
[19:48] <Ginevre> "No, it's…" She lifted her head again, blinking rapidly. "Does he really…? W-Well, that makes me feel very good. But… I know I shouldn't hurt, not when he and you are fighting for me, but… I miss him. So much."
[20:23] <Sept> "…" The near-panic was replaced by a look of guilt. "It's not fair, I'm sorry. And as long as One refuses to synchronise with anyone else, there's… nothing I can do to help."
[20:27] <Ginevre> "I know. I don't expect you to help. Once a person's gone…"
[20:33] <Sept> "…I'm sorry, but. Is he really gone? I mean, he's still in there, isn't he? If there's a way you could, when it's over..?"
[20:34] <Ginevre> "No." Ginevre shook her head.
[20:41] <Sept> "I see. Um. You don't have to talk about this if you don't want to, but."
[20:43] <Ginevre> "… It's probably best if I didn't. I wouldn't want to spoil this lovely picnic with my own problems. I would rather discuss you."
[20:47] <Sept> "Me? What would you like to talk about?"
[20:48] <Ginevre> "I want to know how you really have been. Not just with these injuries, but… We have hardly had the chance to talk at all recently about recent events."
[20:57] <Sept> "Well, ever since that attack, by the Covenant. It's been really quiet. I mean, not in a good way. They have Viviane, and Isaiah's in the hospital and they killed Rei… Everyone's just been busy with their own problems lately. Dorian says we're searching for them, but I don't want to wait, Ginevre. It's been so long…"
[21:00] <Ginevre> "You must miss her a great deal."
[21:05] <Sept> "Of course. She's very important to me."
[21:06] <Ginevre> "It sounds harsh, but you should consider yourself fortunate." Said Ginevre softly.
[21:08] <Sept> A look of pre-emptively sad confusion crept up on Sept's face. "..?"
[21:09] <Ginevre> "You will be able to bring her back."
[21:11] <Sept> "But I can't be sure. What if that man, what if Anwar was lying?"
[21:12] <Ginevre> "Then you will have suffered a great loss."
[21:19] <Sept> "…I can't imagine what that'd be like…" Sept tried regardless, as signified by the silence that hung in the air for several long moments afterwards. "Ginevre?"
[21:19] <Ginevre> "Mmm?"
[21:25] <Sept> "If I asked you a question you didn't want to answer, what would you do?"
[21:25] <Ginevre> "That depends. There are some questions that I would answer despite my misgivings, because of our bond. If the misgivings were too strong, I'd tell you. Or otherwise, I would lie."
[21:26] <Sept> "Ginevre?"
[21:27] <Ginevre> "Yes?"
[21:28] <Sept> "What do you know about my parents?"
[21:29] * Ginevre blinks, and then- stares. "Your parents…?"
[21:33] * Sept leaned forward urgently. "Yes! NERV and Section 2 know so much and you've followed me before and I'm okay with that now! But there has to be something you know about me that I don't!"
[21:34] <Ginevre> "Your parents were… Alright. What do you want to know about them?"
[21:38] <Sept> "I… You can just..?" Sept paused, clearly taken off guard. "Everything! I want to know who they were, what they did… I want to know something."
[21:40] <Ginevre> "Your parents were Jeremiah and Sharon de Pteres."
[21:42] <Sept> Goosebumps. "Jeremiah… Sharon." Sept tasted the words for a few moments, felt their texture. "What else?"
[21:43] <Ginevre> "They were murderers."
[21:54] * Sept lost his balance. Not easy when you're sitting, but such is the power of secrets. "M-murderers." Sera was shaking. "That's… why I'm. Why I was alone…"
[21:58] <Ginevre> "Yes." Said Ginevre. "They were members of one of the Mafia families in old Paris. Shortly after Second Impact, a rival family took advantage of the chaos to attack and wipe out your parents and their associates. Police officers investigating the attack found you, and took you to a local orphanage operated by the Roman Catholic Church."
[22:07] <Sept> "Old Paris… They died when they lost the city? Th-they died together. Protecting their f-family. I must've… escaped from the orphanage?"
[22:09] <Ginevre> "The orphanage was destroyed when you were seven years old. You ran into the streets and never returned."
[22:19] <Sept> "Ah… I, yeah. A-alright. That's…" Sera suddenly found a picnic set lying on the blanket. He chose a croissant and nibbled. "This tastes good."
[22:21] <Ginevre> "…" Ginevre reached out, gently stroking Sept on the head, running her fingers through his short hair.
[22:31] * Sept nibbled and accepted the stroke. He offered the woman a smile. A smile plagued by fear and uncertainty, but a smile nonetheless. Some time passed. "Thank you, Ginevre. Is it okay if we just… enjoy Elisha's gift for now?"
[22:35] <Ginevre> "Of course." Said Ginevre softly.

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