For Everything Is Forever

(10:42:52) * Aline had ended up, today, exploring the artificial wilderness of the Geofront… She was, at the exact moment, sitting down by a stream in what looked more like a gym outfit than her normal clothes - a sleek turquoise tracksuit-like outfit to be precise - and humming some unplaceable tune.
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(10:53:05) Sept: [There was rustling from a nearby bush.]
(10:54:57) * Aline naturally turned to look! "…Ah?"
(10:56:42) Sept: "Yes, I found her. Thank you, Jeanne." Came the hushed voice, though clearly not quite hushed enough.
(10:57:46) * Aline …then… /stared/ at the bush. "Excuse me. /What?/" She blinked a bit more, then… repeated (sorta) the question even more flatly. "What the hell, Sera?"
(11:01:27) * Sept emerged, blushing and looking everywhere except at Aline. "Oh. Hello, Aline. Uh. Sorry, I was. Um, I was looking. For you. I wanted to make sure you weren’tinthemiddleofsomethingbutIguessthatdidn'treallyworksorry."
(11:02:58) * Aline just… continued to stare. "Okay, I get you looking for me. But…" She looked closely at him, looking to see if there was a radio or phone in use. "What's with talking to Jeanne?… Or yourself?"
(11:10:53) Sept: "Oh you heard that too." Sept looked deeply ashamed. Urban ninjas across the globe were hanging their heads. "Well. She… knows where to find everyone? So I call her sometimes, or visit. I think the two of you would get along well!"
(11:12:56) * Aline was /still/ staring at him sharply. "…No. We wouldn't. What even makes you think that?" …She wasn't /pissed/ per se, but Aline was definitely sounding rather put-off now.
(11:16:38) * Sept looked up now with a certain insistence. "I mean the both of you like to know things and find new things to learn and..! Right? And aren't the both of you doing it so you can protect people?"
(11:19:42) * Aline …sighed deeply. "Jeanne watches people. Tracks them. Spies on them. I study science and things like that. And Jeanne can be pretty… harsh. Not all knowledge feels the same, Sera." …Though then she paused. "…When did you start thinking that way? Last time I told you about learning things you seemed to hide from the idea."
(11:25:19) * Sept walked up to the stream now, sitting down and watching the flow of the water. "I… ran into Elena. Clement. She explained it to me, or some of it. Why you do that. Uh I mean not you in specific but people. And I don't think One would want me to look away because it's hard or it hurts or anything, either… Elisha knew a lot of things. Did you know this place is his, too?"
(11:27:30) * Aline looked up… but then smiled cryptically at Sera. "If it is, it's only partly so…" A light chuckle. "Either way, he is quite the biologist, so I can imagine that the life here was very much a work of his."
(11:46:07) Sept: "Yeah, it's… really pretty. Maybe you'll be able to make something as beautiful, too? One day?"
(11:47:33) * Aline blinked a few times, sort of pondering that line a bit. "…Ah? In my own way, I already have, even if it only lasted for about a minute."
(11:53:58) Sept: "Oh? That must be nice. I hope I can get to see it, too." Sera kept his eyes on the stream, but he smiled. "…it must be really nice." He repeated.
(11:55:39) * Aline looked pretty surprised. "…You did. I was referring to that portal I made. I… I did what might in another time be impossible. You don't get the science behind it, but… it's the beginning of things humanity has only dreamt of before. Space and time… will be mine to command."
(11:56:36) Sept: "But that's… what the Angels have been doing. Aren't you afraid?"
(11:58:33) Aline: "Afraid of what? Angels walk - sometimes, anyway - but do I fear walking?" She seemed almost baffled. "What do you think I should fear?"
(12:04:54) Sept: "This isn't about walking, you know that… I just think maybe, some of this stuff isn't suited for us. They're already worried about what we'll do with the Evangelions when there are no more Angels, so what about things that are even more advanced than the Evas themselves? Don't you think it's a bit too fast..?"
(12:10:15) * Aline stared into Sera's eyes for a good long while. "You know…" Staaaaare. "The rest of humanity might not be ready. But… The Evangelions are few, and limited in scope. And only us Children can use them, so far. That might change as the pre-Impact generations die off, but until then, what I said holds." But she shook her head. "Human progress has already passed the 'could kill
(12:10:16) * Aline ourselves hundreds of times over' limit. Indeed, you've seen examples of it, and heard of others. I stood underneath one in all its fury - the N2 Mine. But… breaching space and time, while it /could/ be used to harm… also opens amazing dreams. I don't think there's a limit on its distance. If I knew what I was doing, I could eventually open gates to other worlds, new planets around new
(12:10:17) * Aline stars in new galaxies. If we stood afraid of these things, people like Elisha would have never made what they had."
(12:19:29) Sept: "Mmh… I guess it's alright for now." Sept fidgeted for a while, about to say something for quite a while before actually doing so. "Aline, the reason I was looking for you was, I just wanted to say. I can help you look for the truth, if you still want. Maybe you can help me find out more about… me, in return. And, and my parents? It's hard to find out anything from that long ago…" Sera was holding his breath, maybe not literally, but otherwise. He looked like he'd just confessed his undying love to Aline and was waiting for an answer.
(12:20:58) * Aline tilted her head back and forth. "Oh… ah, well, I guess that'd be good. Though if you think you're ready, there's probably some things I could tell you, too. But… I'm not sure /how/ much I can get on your past. Remember, I learn about science better than people."
(12:27:40) * Sept practically bounced. "Oh, a-anything's enough! Thank you, it'd mean a lot if you even tried… Ginevre already gave me the names, too! Just, anything else would be… nice."
(12:28:44) * Aline pondered that. "I… guess. Really, Yanmei is much better for asking about people…" She then frowned. "Really, I'm not good at it…"
(12:32:53) Sept: "It's fine, it's fine! I still trust you, Aline~ So… was there something you wanted to tell me, then..? I'll. I can try my best to help you figure it out."
(12:38:17) * Aline waved her hand a little. "Well no, no, not /immediately/. I just meant that you might be ready for more of it. You… surely you have more to ask me about or tell me or something? Most people wouldn't go to the trouble of asking the head of Section 2 where I am for just one thing…"
(13:16:12) Sept: "Oh. I, well. Maybe I wanted to see if I could find out more before I talked about it, but…" His tone, as well as the message his voice carried, kept meandering. "You know how I'm not as good at science and figuring out people as you or Yanmei and you said I never have a reason for doing any of that even when I have to do it… And how I'm really only good at piloting One, and protecting you and killing. Well. I think my parents maybe were the same way. I think maybe that's how I'm supposed to be, too?"
(13:19:43) * Aline frowned… deeply. "I'm sorry, that… no reason thing… I was really angry. I didn't mean it…" But… "What do you mean, your parents were the same way? I don't quite remember what my mom used to do, but my dad's just an architect. Doing the… /things/ I do are nothing like that."
(13:28:28) Sept: "But, no. It has to be. They were… in the mafia, in old Paris. Jeremiah and Sharon. In the confusion after Second Impact, they were killed and I was left." Sera looked at Aline in a way that wanted to underline what followed. "If I don't remember them and continue their work, no one will, it'll, they'll never have existed…"
(13:32:27) * Aline …scrunched her face in multiple directions. "…Mafia. Uh… well, that part's fine on its own but uh… uh…" She shook her head violently, sending her hair whipping all over the place, before quickly tilting it down then looking back at Sera. "That doesn't make any sense, Sera. You don't remember people by… copying what they once were. You remember them by /remembering them/.
(13:32:27) * Aline Find photos. Learn stories. Because… Because…" Aline herself got this expression of Very Important Stuff now. "They still exist, in a certain way. Have you ever heard of someone referring to an AT Field as a 'soul'? And do you remember how I said even humans have them? AT Fields, that is."
(13:37:24) * Sept looked like he could go into panic retort mode, but was pre-emptively silenced by Aline's expression. "Y-yes?"
(13:44:45) * Aline raised a finger. "I have become aware of the fact that… All souls return to their creator… and are released back into the world to be reborn." She said this with dead seriousness. "I say this as a scientist, not as if I were talking about religion."
(13:47:34) Sept: "A-ah. You're sure." Sept took a moment to examine the idea. "So you mean… They're somewhere out there? In a way?"
(13:51:40) * Aline nodded. "Yes. Of that I'm sure. They naturally won't remember anything, but… the deepest part of themselves lives on, each in a new person, somewhere. It's…" Aline smiled softly. "It's like another fact of science. 'Conservation of Energy'. Nothing in this world is truly destroyed. It just changes shape. Even if I were to smash a building into rubble, everything from the sound
(13:51:41) * Aline of the hit, to the rubble left over, would still have what that building once was. Souls working the same way seems logical, right?" Her smiled became a lot more… serene, somehow. "Everything is forever, in its own way."
(14:03:47) Sept: "Everything is… forever. But, at the same time, you can never quite get anything back to the way they were? Like, old Paris? They built a new one, but it can't have been the same to the people who lived there… Oh, no, Jeremiah and Sharon lived there! And th-they lost it and now they can't remember so no one can comfort them about it… Oh, it must've been horrible..!" Sera looked up at Aline. Tears were welling up in his eyes.
(14:11:44) * Aline …stared at Sera in a way that suggested she was /thoroughly and completely/ baffled at what he was on about. Eyes wide, mouth agape… "Wha… Huh? What are you talking about?… I…" She reeeeally had no idea, and was tripping over words to describe it. "But it… it doesn't matter, it… Memories are just memories! What's it matter if it's not the same, people grow and change
(14:11:45) * Aline and the world grows and changes, and uh… change is life itself, and… how can you possibly even be ready for the present if you're so worried about the past?! Because of that… none of what you're saying makes any sense to me."
(14:27:34) Sept: "i-it's not just memories! If Paris was still here, I would've known them! They'd s-still be here! Just like your parents and Elena's and Isaiah's and we'd have fun and I could keep them safe and make sure they never lose Paris! It's not just memories…" After a pause, he added, "s-stupid idiot Angels" in a low but sincerely menacing tone through the tears.
(14:35:23) * Aline continued to stare that same way. This was getting nowhere fast. Soooo damn fast. "…Huh?" She… paused a bit longer. "But if old Paris still existed then your parents would've done a lot more to keep you safe than you ever would to them…" She started to count on her fingers as she went through subjects. "We could assume then that if Paris was still standing, then more than
(14:35:25) * Aline likely given where it was, you'd have to have prevented Second Impact from having happened, which also means the Evangelions would've never been built, you would never have met Elisha /or/ Elisha-as-01, and probably not me or Elena or Yanmei because your parents would put you in some fancy school no doubt while Yanmei would be back in China because there'd be no NERV - it formed after the
(14:35:27) * Aline EVA research was complete - to take her here, and me and Elena and everyone you've met in Paris-2 since you became a pilot would be living lives away from you and… you'd just be a young boy in a mafia family, not the protector of any Paris." She frowned deeply, at the end of that little rant. "Even the worst of things in the past are /needed/ to create the present. I've hurt too, you
(14:35:33) * Aline know."
(14:50:13) Sept: Sniff. Tearwipe. "You've hurt, but you still have so much… I never had any of that, but I was… comfortable. Why does it have to be one or the other? Wouldn't removing the worst things from the past create a -better- present?"
(14:52:43) * Aline shook her head. "No. 'What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger'. Your parents' death was tied to you learning skills and gaining a position that let you become a hero. Without a life on the streets, you probably wouldn't be as good at it as you are now. Without the disaster that killed them, as I said, there'd be nothing for you to pilot." She sighed. "Without realizing it, they gave
(14:52:44) * Aline their lives so you could be something bigger than they'd ever be."
(15:02:53) Sept: "…" Sept had run out of emotional momentum. "You're right… sorry. I guess, even now, I was hoping they'd be alive somewhere. But you're right. I'll try to be happy here with what I have…"
(15:06:25) * Aline …frowned. Again. "…I… didn't mean to break you, it's just… I can't make sense of how you think, so I just…" Aline bit her lip. "Just… speak."
(15:14:00) Sept: "No, it's alright, this is. I'm supposed to be trying to make sense of your thinking, even if it's, uh. Uncomfortable. And I'll keep trying, because that's what Elisha would want and I'll try to not be weak about it…"
(15:21:33) * Aline …put her hands on Sera's shoulders, suddenly. "Then tell me. What makes you uncomfortable about how I think?"
(15:30:51) Sept: "I don't know, Aline. You're always so ready to question everything… I guess since I never really knew anything about myself, I felt I have… no right to do that. And Freya used to say how easy I was to manipulate… I got cheated more than a few times, it was just easier to leave that to everyone else. It just goes against everything I've, um. Survived on, so far. It doesn't feel safe. It feels… uncomfortable."
(15:41:17) * Aline released her hands, but… chuckled lightly. It was not as… light-/hearted/ as it could be, more almost forced or awkward. "Aheh… But I'm not you. And we have very different capabilities. I can… see beyond. That doesn't make sense on its own, but… My world isn't just far from yours in normal ways, but ever since I've really become a pilot, it's deepened. But even before
(15:41:18) * Aline that, all the mysteries of the universe were there for me. I read about science. Second Impact fascinated me just because I sat there thinking 'no matter how terrible it was, I have to know about the /power/ behind something that could do that'. I'm sure you've seen my performance during one training session or another. I'm a so-so shot. I can't handle a knife worth a damn. And I wear out
(15:41:21) * Aline real fast. I don't have the strength of body you have… so I put it in my mind and soul. And a strong mind can ask the questions, but see when they can be tricked." But… she shrugged openly. "That said, a lot of how violent and angry people can get doesn't make sense to me. At least, not why they do that. So I'd still have died on the streets or something like that. Different lives."
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(15:50:25) Sept: "Mmh." Sera nodded slowly. "And that’s why we both have to be pilots? Why we all have to be in this family… even Shinji?"
(15:51:41) * Aline shrugged helplessly. "We're pilots because someone, or maybe even some/thing/ made it so. Even if the people in charge choose them… I get this sinking feeling that there's some stranger reason why. We're caught in something bigger than any of us.
(15:57:18) Sept: "…I think that might be something everyone who's ever lived has felt, Aline."
(16:01:07) * Aline almost grinned at that. "I guess so! See, it's not that hard to understand, once you get past the other stuff."
(16:04:45) * Sept almost smiled, too. "I guess so. Thank you, Aline. I guess you'd like to continue your walk?"
(16:09:26) * Aline actually stood up, in response to that. "Yeah, I think so. Gives me more time to think about things." She stared at the stream… then her eyes seemed to shift towards the - no, under the - Central Dogma building in the distance. "Like who I am, I guess." She began to walk away… But Aline had one last little comment. One little… hint. "Or what I am." But she started to pick up
(16:09:27) * Aline pace after that.
(16:15:39) * Sept promptly files the comment under 'explanations to ask for', and turns around. But not for long. "Oh! Almost forgot! Jeanne says you should try the northern shore of the lake, something about optimal taste-aesthetics ratios? Have fun!" And he was off.

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