For Sating Curiosity

[16:38] * Aline found herself staring out at a group of people in various costumes, almost suddenly and without warning - though… for some reason it didn't seem to bother her, as she looked down… and noticed that she herself was in a costume too. This time, though, she was in something more resembling a fancier japanese-schoolgirl outfit in muted greys and purples. She almost thought that the
[16:38] * Aline prop blade strapped to her side might be some magical-girl-show reference, but… she couldn't piece together which character would fit that. The fact that her hair was tied off into a single looooong braid also made her wonder. But it was fine. It was just a costume~
[16:42] <GM> [And indeed, all around her were a swirl of colours and people in fantastical outfits, all of them wearing a mask…-
[16:43] <GM> [A young man with a rich red-and-gold military uniform, with long fantastic blonde hair and a mask approached her, bowing. "May I have this dance~?"]
[16:46] * Aline blushed deeply, and… put a hand to face as a sort of gesture of shyness… and realized she must have forgotten her mask - assuming she even wanted to in the first place. It was sort of confusing. "Uh… uh uh… okay." She nervously extended a hand.
[16:49] <GM> [The man took her hand, his own clad in a white velvet glove.-
[16:50] <GM> [Slowly, he started to guide her into a gentle, slow dance.]
[16:53] * Aline accompanied his movements, and… tried to follow into it. To some extent, she was moving naturally with it, but to another, she couldn't help but look nervous - each smooth step was matched by hesitations on other steps of the dance. She didn't say anything, though.
[16:53] <GM> ["How do you feel?"]
[16:56] * Aline blushed deeply, and… looked down with a sad look. "I feel… nervous." Her voice was halting and awkward, perhaps hiding something despite being honest about something else.
[16:56] <GM> ["Why do you feel nervous? Are you afraid of me?"]
[16:59] * Aline was hesitating more in her steps. "…Yeah. I… guess I am."
[17:08] <GM> ["Why?"]
[17:11] * Aline felt a bit incredulous at that, but… tried to suppress the tone of it. "I don't know you, and I… forgot my mask, but you didn't." As if the simple explanation was all it needed.
[17:12] <GM> ["So…" The man reached up and took off his mask. he was… An incredibly -beautiful- man. There seemed to be light in his very face as he placed his mask on Aline. "Now you feel better?"]
[17:16] * Aline almost gasped, but then… she… shook her head. "Not just yet." She took the mask back off, and just… put it down or put it somewhere - it was /away/, that's what mattered. "I know this is a masquerade, but… let's be equal. That'd be better, right?" She wasn't /afraid/ anymore, but she still sounded uncomfortable. Off.
[17:17] <GM> [The man blinked, then smiled. "As you will!"]
[17:20] * Aline nodded. "Y… Yeah, let's dance some more, okay?" She still moved awkwardly, but was trying to initiate it now. Maybe out of a desire to move on past the misunderstanding?
[17:22] <GM> ["Of course." And they continued to dance…-
[17:23] <GM> [Eventually, an odd thing started to happen. As the two continued to dance, others saw them without their masks- and slowly started to remove their own.]
[17:24] * Aline saw them do that, looking about curiously… and drawing back shyly. "I… guess I started a revolution, huh?…"
[17:25] <GM> ["It seems that you did. How remarkable you are!" Said the man cheerfully.-
[17:25] <GM> [Eventually, before long, no one was wearing any masks- anywhere…-
[17:25] <GM> [… And Aline would find that the entire room and frozen in time, except for herself.]
[17:28] <Aline> That worried Aline deeply, and she shot a glance all around. "What…? What happened? Did… d-did I do something wrong?"
[17:30] <GM> "You removed everyone's masks. The nature of the entire scenario has changed, and no longer has any effect… By inflicting an unnatural action upon a natural scenario, any data is now… Worthless." Came a voice. It was oddly emotionless, except for the mild tone of querant curiosity.
[17:34] * Aline stared out into… effectively nowhere. "But… but I didn't have mine. I felt wrong without one, but… but but I had to do it the way I did." She shook her head. "Because it'd be unfair, literally unfair, to just have someone else take the blow. Even if it was inappropriate, it wouldn't be /fair/."
[17:38] <GM> [Aline would notice, now, that the people farthest from her were starting to dissolve into black essence…-
[17:39] <GM> "So if you feel wrong without one, thus must everyone else feel wrong without one?"
[17:46] * Aline frowned. "They… chose to. Seeing my example. Just the partner was the only one I asked specifically…" Aline was beginning to fret and panic at the scrutiny. "You're clearly trying to study me, but what do you /want/?"
[17:47] <GM> [More bodies started to dissolve.-
[17:47] <GM> "Why did you not consider that your partner was fine with 'taking the blow'?"
[17:49] <Aline> "I don't know." Aline pouted at that. "Or don't know precisely. I just… want it to be even. I don't like people taking burdens bigger than mine when they don't have to. If it were… were more serious then maybe. But just little things like that, I don't want there to be that… that… line."
[17:51] <GM> "Do you dislike being apart?"
[17:57] * Aline felt her discomfort briefly concealed by confusion. "Apart… alone? Or apart like standing out among a group?"
[17:58] <GM> "Both."
[18:04] * Aline bridged her hands slightly, so that she could drum her fingers against one another. "More alone than anything else. I already know I'm unusual. I look different, I think different… it's not standing out on its own… It's…" She drummed a bit faster, "Being hurt by it. Or hurting someone else by making them do it. I… I really don't like having to hurt other people on my behalf!"
[18:04] * Aline …Though she realized it before, it was at this precise moment that Aline really commented on… "Surely, you already got some impression of that before?"
[18:09] <GM> [Finally, the last few people left in the group dissolved, her partner's mask being the last thing to fall. As it fell into a puddle of sticky black essence, it started to stretch and expand, until it formed a perfect circle with three equidistant eyes- or two eyes and a mouth? Slowly, as the essence started to gather together, it formed a fat, round mass of black, that floated into the air, the mask still attached.-
[18:11] <Voriel> The Angel ignored her query. "Does the fact that you are different automatically mean you will be caused pain?"
[18:14] * Aline frowned again. "No. It'd be only if it was a difference that encouraged that. Being the only one ill-prepared for something. Being resented for some positive trait… or being unfortunate enough for someone's faulty prejudice to cover something I happen to be." While her words were precise and rational, Aline's emotions showed fear and repulsion from the Angel.
[18:16] <Voriel> "Ill-preparation… Resentfulness for positive traits… Prejudice." The Angel repeated these terms. "So, not wearing a mask to a situation where everyone is wearing a mask is ill-preparedness. But why would you be resented for positive traits?"
[18:21] <Aline> "Because…" Rationality. The ability to simply explain. It gave her that distance, the ability to not think about… /that/. "…Some who don't have that same trait, will wish that they did. And in doing so, some personalities respond to it with jealousy, anger for others being better than them. It… isn't rational, but it has a clear emotional basis…" Tone wavering. Aline couldn't
[18:21] <Aline> quite pull off the distancing effect.
[18:23] <Voriel> "Yes. Let's talk about the -emotional- basis." Said Voriel, his voice remaining monotone curious. He floated towards Aline, until his face was a mere foot from her's.
[18:24] * Aline shuddered, backpedalling slowly. "L-l-like what about it in particular?!"
[18:27] <Voriel> "You are 'afraid' of me right now, yes? Fear." It paused to consider this, even as it maintained the same distance from Aline. "It is because of this fear that you are walking away from me right now, yes? Emotional reactions like this, are they grounded in rationalism, or are they not?"
[18:32] * Aline shook her head violently. "No! They are no less valid from that though!" She wasn't running, or even speeding up, but Aline's steps seemed more desperate, perhaps because she was paying more attention to it. "Emotions create… responses that operate intuitively. Th-th-that inform priorities and order needs. Fear, self… self-preservation. Instinctive aversion t-t-to a harmful
[18:32] * Aline circumstance, to a… position of weakness. Please stop, you can uh find out or analyze or something some other way."
[18:36] <Voriel> "No. I require data. This is the most direct path." Said Voriel. "We are going to do some tests. You are going to tell me how you feel, and what the purpose of that emotion is. If we work hard, by the time you retain full consciousness, I should have finished a good one-fifth of my catalogue!"
[18:42] <Aline> Bewilderment… then anger. "What?! You don't even have your own body anymore! This… this is pointless. Just leave me alone." Aline glared ferociously at it. "Leave me /alone!/"
[18:43] <Voriel> "Pointless? Why?"
[18:45] * Aline sputtered at it and shook her finger. "Be-because you're being carried in me. It's only a matter of time before you have to go. Much shorter than otherwise. That understanding will just… just die off!"
[18:46] <Voriel> "Before I have to go?" Asked Voriel. "Why do you think that?"
[18:48] * Aline looked shocked at the need to explain it, and while in a mere second she realized why she had to… but she was still angry. "Because something that harms me… why would I allow it to continue to exist here? Within me, in my sacred space. You're harming me and you're here so it is only… that I gather the will to /remove/ you."
[18:50] <Voriel> Voriel stared at Aline for a moment. Then, its eyes -shone-, a starburst of light with a corona of rainbow energy.
[18:56] * Aline held up her hand and tried to 'block' that, but it was no matter. Her words turned into a scream. "N-n-n-no! Stop it! I don't need to feel that again, it… it hurts. It hurts!"
[18:57] <Voriel> Suddenly, the effect stopped. "See? The fact that I can still do that proves I -do- have some kind of power here. Excellent!" The voice was -almost- gleeful, yet not in a malicious way. "What was that emotion, by the way? I will dub it 'A1'."
[19:00] * Aline shuddered heavily, and actually stumbled backward onto the floor. "Wh-which one? You tried to create 'regret', but the fear and pain and the violation just from you trying to do that… you can't isolate them that easily!"
[19:00] <Voriel> "Why -not-?"
[19:07] * Aline sighed, emotional weariness actually winning out. "Because the act of testing, in and of itself, is making me emotionally respond. I wouldn't have wanted to hurt you if you didn't keep doing things that make me fearful and pained. You… You don't have any inborn concept of emotions, do you?"
[19:09] <Voriel> "Not really! I have some twinges that I suppose you could refer to as 'emotions', but my intellectual processes are just -that- powerful that compared to my conscious thoughts, they seem highly unimportant. I guess the most notable is, you could say…" His eyes sparkled once again.
[19:12] * Aline held her head for a moment or two. "…Curiosity. Not surprised… Samandiriel felt that, though not as /intensely/. I imagine none of your kind has had much in the way of experiences." …Though, as she rode out the emotional firestorm… "Hey. Does that work the other way around? That is, can you open yourself to /me/ trying to think of a feeling?… I might not…" A drooping of
[19:12] * Aline her expression. Stillll a bit traumatized. "…Be as hostile that way, if I can direct the information. I /do/ understand it better to begin with, no?"
[19:15] <Voriel> "There is no reason why not!" The eyes lit up once again, but remained lit this time.
[19:16] * Aline nodded as calmly as she could imagine… "Okay. I'm going to… Well I still feel pretty bad so I'm going to start with the negative ones. I can distract myself with the intellectual pursuit so that I can… er… start to recover."
[19:19] * Voriel was silent, its head bowed in what could be grief… Or honestly just thought. The face was hard to read.
[19:21] * Aline nodded slowly. "Yeah, sorry about that, I… take the pain seriously. That's probably the most intense negative I want to show… Again, I'm a little glad that you agreed to this, because… as much as I'm terrified and resentful, I know you… really aren't the same mentally, so I can try to… to work through this. I can try." She was fighting back tears, but continued to
[19:21] * Aline concentrate.
[19:23] <Voriel> "This is difficult to internalise. I am going to need some time."
[19:24] * Aline took a breath. "I can… give you time if you need to." She wasn't able to hold it off anymore, but that sort of patient, almost maternal look of concern her face suddenly assumed made them seem somehow not as… bad, a set of tears.
[19:26] <Voriel> "Don't suppose you can send it over again, can you?"
[19:29] <Aline> "I can try… Repetition… Mmm, I guess that's not… too bad." Even so, she curled up… like she had in the medical tent. The same message would come across - small variances just because of time passing, but she made sure to note with an impression that she couldn't do it perfectly, but it was still the same feelings.
[19:32] <Voriel> "This is very fascinating." Said Voriel curiously. "But it is very difficult to categorize in my usual way. There is a ridiculous level of interconnectedness at play. These emotions are very -messy-!" It was a mild admonishment. "They are also… Impairing my thoughts a little bit. One moment. If you can keep sending it over, what I will do is try to amplify the feelings within myself and see what happens."
[19:34] * Aline raised a finger. "…I'd warn you to be very careful about that. And… yes, uh…" The finger went down to curl its 'parent' hand against her knees a bit more tightly. "Emotions trigger or relate to others a lot, much as one intellectual idea can logically lead to another. But… sending, just remember that these negative emotions can become crippling when too strong."
[19:49] <Voriel> "I am aware! You pilots were not the first of the Lilim I ever-" his eyes flickered for a moment, and he reeled backwards, his voice becoming a keening cry for a split second before… Silence. "…"
[19:50] * Aline suddenly stared frantically, actually now worried. Her concentration on the emotions weakened. "You… ok…ay?"
[19:51] <Voriel> "… So I now have a new definition of pain. Thank you for broadening my experiences."
[19:53] * Sept (if.atsiakajaal-asile.712-58-511-88a|rreTxatnyS#if.atsiakajaal-asile.712-58-511-88a|rreTxatnyS) Quit (Quit: I wonder what this does?)
[19:53] * Aline tenuously began to feel relief, but… "Ahh. You're… welcome?"
[19:56] <Voriel> "It is interesting that, at the highest levels of intensity, the emotions really do interfere with the thought processes. And humans -use- these emotions as part of their decision making?"
[19:58] * Aline nodded curtly. "Yes. We're born with them to begin with, but they do create directions to categorize thoughts in. Sometimes, though…" She looked down at the ground. "Sometimes the places they lead the thought process to are 'archaic', designed for a stage of evolution where rational thought wasn't as developed or demanded-for as it is now. But at other times they can outstrip a
[19:58] * Aline human's ability to recognize things - natural fear impulses can be processed faster than rational warnings against a danger."
[20:01] <Voriel> "I had originally thought they were far more simplistic than this. Things you had no control over. And in some ways you don't, but in some ways… Integrating them so fully into your thought processes is a fascinating resolution nevertheless." Said Voriel. "Very well then! I have a proposal."
[20:04] * Aline quirked her head to the side. "Proposal?"
[20:05] <Voriel> "I don't want to die." Said Voriel matter-of-factly. "And simply put, trying to oust me right now would be a very poor move. One day, you might have what it takes…" Voriel floated up close again. "But that day isn't -now-, and that's where we are. So until that day comes, I want to live -right where I am-."
[20:13] * Aline did… actually, nod at that. "…I was pained at the time I said that. I /did/ after all choose the negative emotion to send very carefully, because… that had dominated my thoughts at that." She frowned heavily. "It's hard to do, but… I know a little bit more about why. Much of the seeming cruelty we humans see in your kind comes from completely not understanding each other -
[20:13] * Aline and then is aggravated by otherwise having no reason to care - the 'war' for who Earth will be the world of is a big cause of that, but…" Aline smiled, it was a weak, pained smile, but she honestly meant it. "But I can try to learn to forgive, as long as we both cooperate while you're still here. If nothing else, witnessing things through my eyes would be a powerful instructional tool,
[20:13] * Aline right? I'm just happy that you meant it out of curiosity. Some humans… they'd do things with the same emotional impact as what bothered me, but they would honestly mean it as a way to extract feelings of power. So… that's at least a comfort." Aline finally uncurled, sitting crosslegged now. "I'm already a bit off from the normal human standard. Having you floating in here, if you'll
[20:13] * Aline behave kindly… is surprisingly not as severe as it initially seemed."
[20:23] <Voriel> "Oh, don't worry. I think I have a feeling of what not to do to you, or at least I will learn it." Voriel started circling her slowly. "Of course, it -is- an instructional tool for me. I do not really -care- how I go about gathering information about you Lilim. Whether it's through your eyes or by dissection- physical or mental- my curiosity is sated either way and my knowledge expands." Said Voriel. "Whether the Lilim hate me or not for that is not really my concern…" Voriel paused. "… Interesting."
[20:25] * Aline wagged a finger at that. "Being hated leads to a lack of cooperation, slows the process… and makes things try to destroy you, you know." But… then she stared up. "Which particular thing is so interesting?"
[20:29] <Voriel> "Not my fault." Said Voriel, before continuing. "Your sea of consciousness has been host to one of my kind before. Dare I say I sense remnants of…" A pause as he parsed it, calling on Aline's human knowledge. "The Knight here?"
[20:31] * Aline raised a brow. "I didn't know there were still traces of him here. We… spoke too, yes, and he had left a piece of himself here. But he… had less of a grip, so the most I could do was comfort him as he faced death." Aline was visibly sad about that. "We have a sort of… mythological-sounding name for him. 'Samandiriel', I believe. The reference as a knight is… interesting,
[20:31] * Aline though."
[20:37] <Voriel> "I am unsure as to how to really explain what -we- call The Knight." Said Voriel. "That is the best translation I can give based off your own knowledge. A warrior of skill and grace. That is how I remember, back when Mother first created us. That is the sort of soul she gave him. I doubt he remembered it- that is my domain."
[20:42] <Aline> "That'll… actually do, though. We humans - …that is what we call ourselves - obviously can't be made so purpose-built." Aline did sort of find an amusing fact there, and now that she was completely on 'neutral' grounds it didn't seem so hard to be honestly intrigued… "That's a thing I've been wondering for a while. You're the second entity to call us 'Lilim'. We're… technically not
[20:42] <Aline> hers - in the sense that we emerged by an accident. I /guess/ it's a way to distinguish us from yourselves on a more biological level, but it still feels odd to me."
[20:44] <Voriel> "Look at it from our perspective. You are the offspring of the enemy- and coincidentally -you- are the ones who have settled and colonised the Earth. You don't see… Animals building those slave beasts of yours, do you?"
[20:49] * Aline nodded. "I know that. I guess I feel… dissociated from her because of the fact of accidental emergence. I guess that also leads to that other thing. This is… tragic, really. While some of us can be nasty and harsh and cruel, on both sides, whether willfully or out of misunderstanding… I'm still disgusted by the /binary/ of it. I know Earth is special - it certainly is from
[20:49] * Aline the human perspective - but… is there nothing that can be done? I don't care if it's my kind instead of yours that has to deal with some kind of compromise setup, but it…" Aline frowned significantly. "It's like I said before, so many times. How it's always one or the other. I guess it's hard or impossible, but… ugh. It's just like that masquerade experiment. I don't /like/ having to
[20:49] * Aline have one or the other pay the price. I guess this'd seem overly simplistic of a want, though. I know other humans might consider it childish."
[20:57] <Voriel> "I'm sure Mother and the other Seed have a perfectly good reason for it." Said Voriel.
[21:03] * Aline traced a circle on the ground semi-dejectedly. "Or their reasons can't cope with the existence of another Seed on the same world. I'm just a little person but… but…" The finger doing the tracery just folded back in line with the hand's other fingers, and she let it go limp. "…I guess it doesn't matter. My wants must be too insignificant in comparison. Just offspring, a child.
[21:03] * Aline Not meant to forge the actual destiny of anything, not even in my own society - itself just a small fragment compared to the… the other things. Seeds of Life." She clenched the other hand into a fist, but any defiance in her voice was tempered by an equivalent amount of despair and feelings of meaninglessness. "Screw that."
[21:07] <Voriel> Voriel hovered around for a moment. "If you say so~" Said the Angel eventually.
[21:10] * Aline sighed. "…Right. So… so… now what?" She was at a loss, obviously.
[21:14] <Voriel> "Well, I -had- planned on categorising your responses to emotional stimuli over the course of a short period of time, but now I cannot do that, can I? Instead, you can tell me a story."
[21:14] <Aline> "Well, that /would/ be better, yes. What… kind, if any?"
[21:16] <Voriel> "Tell me about…" Voriel pondered. "Lilim relationships. I am a solitary creature, and as you noted, I did not really enjoy a -positive- relationship with my dear brother The Student."
[21:27] <Aline> "Well…" Aline thought long and hard. "Well… The strongest is probably the best to start with. Shinji Ikari… the person I love. It's… it's sort of funny how it started. See, it was after the… let's see here. The first of your kind to attack. After we defeated him, the people wanted to know what was going on - the organization that made the creatures we use is very secretive, you
[21:27] <Aline> see, and that was the first time any of the people who live in this city saw them /do/ anything. So us pilots went out and answered questions. Some other interesting relationships actually interfered in the flow - rivalry, of someone towards Yanmei - but things proceeded fairly normally. Shinji's mother was actually there, and while she was responsible for a lot of things that would lead
[21:27] <Aline> to the creation of my organization? She did want to ask about my progress with things, and such like that. It turns out though, that word of my actions had spread to her homeland… and her son - yes, Shinji - was interested in me. We exchanged e-mails - go ahead and pull knowledge from me to make sense of these trappings of human life if you need to - for a good while, and… well. I
[21:27] <Aline> thought he was cute. Can you guess what kind of emotional response 'cuteness' is based off of?"
[21:30] * Voriel just stares at Aline. "Not a clue~"
[21:43] <Aline> "Fair! It's…" She smiled a bit. "Based on a sort of extension of the nurturing instinct. I saw his social awkwardness, his emotional fragility, youthful features, kindness… those traits made me feel like protecting him. But nonetheless… We shared thoughts and feelings, even though we just sent words back and forth, we weren't that different in some ways - shy, kind, somewhat intelligent…
[21:43] <Aline> So there was a mutual bond. Eventually? Eventually there was a special vacation, where we went to exotic and interesting places nearby to relax and enjoy ourselves… and that was the first time I got to /physically/ meet him." Aline giggled a bit at the next memory. "For a few weeks he actually was a bit afraid of being touched - he thought that just by getting emotionally close to me,
[21:43] <Aline> we'd hurt each other! But… but there, there his emotional 'weaknesses' were actually strengths. By opening up and trusting him… giving him reasons to trust me… he got over that fear, and we genuinely enjoyed just being together. Because of that sort of bond, I was actually able to be so confident about it that I knew, deep within my self, that neither of us would dare to willingly
[21:43] <Aline> hurt one another, simply because we knew each other so well, were already kind people… and we truly loved each other by then."
[21:56] <Voriel> "Fascinating! So the two of you bonded over similarities, and over an aversion to hurting each other…" If Voriel had been human he would've been taking notes. Despite this, Aline got the feeling that he was anyway. "And of course, the emotion. Of 'enjoying' each other." He continued to orbit Aline. "And all of this stemmed from the nurturing instinct?"
[21:58] * Aline waved her hand. "No, only the reason we met. That is, that the instinct was why I felt interested in him, and /then/ the bond was able to form over other basises, both emotional and intellectual!"
[21:58] <Voriel> "That seems very circumstantial…"
[22:04] <Aline> "Thaaat'd be because it was." Aline winked, finally becoming more comfortable. "Most people, I imagine, wouldn't even be able to realize that circumstantiality for what it was… but it's vital to our society. Just as the laws of physics leave interactions of subatomic particles up to chaos, so too do many human interactions rely on the chaos of who you meet, why you meet them, and what
[22:04] <Aline> impulsive desires, feelings, or even memories of entirely rational ideas they might conjure in you, based on your personality and life and even just the events at that exact moment." But then Aline's smile - which formed with the wink - widened. "Had any number of those chaotic little variables changed for my meeting with /you/, this conversation wouldn't be happening. From something as
[22:04] <Aline> simple as the battle going differently, to my emotional state being different enough that I wasn't able to go beyond my fear and pain, or even bigger-picture aspects like my experiences being different enough to change some of my baseline personality."
[22:14] <Voriel> "Lilim are weird." Said Voriel. "In that sense, that means that Lilim relationships, Lilim society, Lilim -everything-… Everything that occurs with you Lilim actually only possesses a remote chance of actually happening." Voriel started floating higher now, so that he was staring at Aline from above. "How do you function like that, so -dominated- by the chances of the world?"
[22:26] * Aline shrugged openly, hands wide to the side. "Ah, ah, a mystery, isn't it? But…" She smiled even more. "The limited scope of our interactions makes it possible. Even if I never have a chance of meeting literaly millions of other people… or my life with the ones I do meet could change in an infinite amount of different ways… It only looks so hellaciously overloaded with chaos
[22:26] * Aline because there's so many chances to see it." Her tone was, fortunately, still kindly, if a bit playful. "Don't you realize, that much of what happened even to you was merely predicated on outside factors that you then tried to reign in? The way the Student reacted to your actions, the types of people and things that faced you… even something as simple as the order in which you found things
[22:26] * Aline to study, all depended on the lay of the land, the decisions of the other beings involved, and so on. It is better to only think of that level of uncertainty as a theoretical exercise, and instead limit your focus to what you /can/ be clearly aware of. That's how my kind functions in that."
[22:34] <Voriel> "Naturally, but for most of my existence, things have, to my eye, been entirely within my control. Let us say that on a particular day, a Lilim was taken by me and studied. It does not matter if that Lilim's ancestors a thousand years ago changed the day they conceived and thus never brought about that Lilim's existence. I was always going to take a Lilim on that day and study it." Said Voriel. "I am a solitary creature, and furthermore I am a creature immune to many, -many- of the chaotic whims that shape a Lilim. I lack a society to shape me, and I am freed from many environmental pressures such as the threat of time, or… Until recently… The danger of death. Simply put, I am a creature whose identity changes the world, not the other way 'round as it is for you Lilim." He started floating higher and higher. "Which is why you are all so fascinating to study~ So helpless and uncontrolled. You are all essentially a combination of random events and ideas bound together with a sliver of identity based off of those very same things. We children of the Seed are eternal. We are unchanging, except when -we- decide to change." He started spinning. "And I think you're starting to wake up now~"
[22:39] * Aline stared about… "And I would suggest that that constant pressure of change is exactly why that threat existed~ Slivers operating as a whole more elaborate than one individual. But… a~nyhow, if I am to wake, then so be it. This if nothing else is going to be interesting for both of us, if in different ways entirely."
[22:40] <Voriel> "Most definitely~"
[22:40] <Voriel> [… And then she awoke.]
[22:43] * Aline certainly /felt/ unusual after all of that. But… with a little bit of levity, started to go about getting ready for the day~

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