For Soft Drinks And Plans

[05:39] <Sept> Paris-2, [Outside Pilot Zhang Yanmei's Apartment. A few hours ago, the girl's birthday party had died down quite naturally without dramatic conclusions or interruptions. It had been a good day for Frédéric.-]
[05:41] * Sept stood hesitating just outside the apartment door with a light sweat, his hair a bit more messed up than usual. Maybe she wouldn't be home..? Thus consoling himself, Sera knocked on the door.
[05:43] <Yanmei> There was at first silence, and then the sound of approaching footsteps that paused as whoever it was checked the peephole. Then the door opened! Yanmei stood there, in high spirits but a little tired. -
[05:45] <Yanmei> She had changed into a more comfortable t-shirt and pajama-pants combination, the latter of which had little yellow ducks printed on it. "De Pteres!"
[05:47] * Sept made his best cheery social face. It wasn't much. "Hello, Yanmei! Um, happy birthday again! How are you?"
[05:48] <Isaiah> "Someone at the door, Yanyan?" Cried Isaiah distantly. Sounded like he was in another room.
[05:49] <Sept> "O-oh. That's, Isaiah? He's with you? Should I..?" Sera took a tentative step away from the door.
[05:51] * Yanmei tilted an ear at Isaiah's call, but rather than answering, she nudged the door open a little wider. "Nah. Come in, de Pteres. Didn't I mention that he was staying with us for a while?" She flashed a grin. "Actually, we just finished dinner. Would you like some? Maybe a drink?"
[05:54] * Sept glanced at the corridor once more before stepping in. "Oh. I guess. Thank you. A drink would be nice."
[06:00] <Yanmei> "All right, then!" Yanmei shut the door and began to lead the way back to the kitchen. The apartment nicely enough, despite a somewhat strange zebra-stripe motif that persisted in some of its rugs and furniture. It seemed as of someone had made an effort to break it up so that it wasn't terribly overwhelming, though. "Look who came to visit," she announced, upon reaching the kitchen.
[06:02] <Isaiah> "Oh, hi, de Pteres." Isaiah was fresh from a post-dinner shower, preparing for an early night, and it showed; his hair was extra-fluffy, as it always was after a shower, and he was clad in a light blue nightgown and a thick pink bathrobe with floral print.
[06:03] * Sept faced somewhere just shy of the boy before turning back to admi- let's say examine, the décor. "Hello, Isaiah. How are you doing?"
[06:03] <Isaiah> "Oh, I'm alright. How're you?"
[06:06] * Yanmei found some glasses in the meantime, and some soft drinks, which she arranged on the table. "You just missed Marianne. She crashed really early today. C'mon, take a seat."
[06:07] <Sept> "Good. I'm good." He was preoccupied with the texture of a counter on the side for a few moments. "Ah. Marianne. Right. Thank you." A seat was taken. "You both enjoyed the party?"
[06:10] * Isaiah took a seat, discreetly tightening his sash as he took a glass. "It was ok."
[06:12] <Yanmei> "Better than okay~" Yanmei picked up her own glass, and smiled into it. "It was the nicest thing. Everything about it was perfect."
[06:12] <Sept> "Any exciting gifts?"
[06:13] <Yanmei> "A phonecall from home. And a locket. And a car!"
[06:14] * Isaiah sipped his cola, and blushed slightly.
[06:16] <Sept> "Sounds nice! The locket, though… was there some use to it, or just prettiness?"
[06:18] <Yanmei> "Well…" How to explain this? "It was a gift that had a certain sentimentality attached to it. So~ it's a gift that means a lot, get it?"
[06:19] <Isaiah> "It can remind you of people you keep close to your heart." Said Isaiah. "Sometimes people who aren't around anymore."
[06:20] * Sept nodded neutrally. "Mmh. I think I understand."
[06:22] * Yanmei glanced at Isaiah a little worriedly when he mentioned people not being around. His breakdown was still very fresh in her mind. "What about you, de Pteres? Did you have fun at the party?"
[06:23] <Sept> "Um." Sera struggled with how to word this. "I… had fun." he concluded, the last two words stressed.
[06:27] <Yanmei> Nothing suspicious about that at all. Yanmei decided to just take that as a 'yes' at any rate. "Well, that's good! You know, I managed to get a few pictures of the EVAs before the crew took down those hats they were wearing."
[06:29] * Isaiah let out a giggle. "I do like how they looked with those. 01 looked a bit like a christmas t-" He paused, and stared off into space, struck with inspiration.
[06:31] <Sept> "Oh? It's too bad San… *03* couldn't join them. But I'm sure those will be fairly unique photos!" He ignored Isaiah as well as he could.
[06:33] <Yanmei> "It'd be a little hard to get pictures of 03 when it's in Japan," Yanmei smirked. "Maybe they'll do something similar for Tsubaki's birthday, though?"
[06:35] <Sept> "Um. No. She, 03. Uh. It's… not in Japan, apparently."
[06:35] <Yanmei> "Oh?"
[06:36] <Sept> "Tsubaki showed Sangouki to me, they brought it here, by sea. They're… 'deploying' soon."
[06:37] <Isaiah> "Huh? What for?"
[06:37] <Sept> "I don't know…"
[06:37] <Yanmei> "…oh." Yanmei took another drink.
[06:39] * Sept did the same. Sufficient awkward levels achieved.
[06:39] <Isaiah> "I wonder if they'll deploy the others…"
[06:40] <Yanmei> "If they brought it here, then something big is happening, without a doubt," Yanmei concluded with a frown. "And… maybe. Asuka didn't mention anything about 02, so she's probably out of the loop. Otherwise she'd be bragging about it?"-
[06:41] <Yanmei> "Units 07 and 08 are still under construction, so it looks like it'll just be us four."
[06:42] <Sept> "It was just 03, yeah. I would've seen the others."
[06:43] * Yanmei nodded. "If it wasn't so late, I'd call up the Major and see what this was about. But I'm sure he'll talk about it later."
[06:44] <Sept> "Yeah. But if he hasn't told us so far, would he tell us even if we asked?"
[06:44] <Isaiah> "Might be a secret…"
[06:45] <Sept> "But then why would they tell Tsubaki and not us…" The question was rhetorical.
[06:46] <Isaiah> "It'd be hard to hide anything from her if they're moving an Evangelion, too."
[06:47] <Yanmei> "It'd be hard to hide anything from anyone. I'm sure certain parties would be pissed if they found out that a fourth EVA was in Paris-2 without a good official reason. Saying 'it's a secret' really wouldn't cut it."
[06:48] <Sept> "I'm not so sure about that… I don't think she'd object to having Sangouki around anywhere she went. But… hm. We'll find out about it eventually. Nothing we can do about it now."
[06:50] * Yanmei shrugged a little. "Wait and see, I guess?"
[06:54] <Sept> "Yeah… As always. Train and prepare when we can. Have you been able to keep up with your training alright?"
[06:58] <Yanmei> "Naturally. I think I'm even showing a little improvement. Apparently my aim's improved a little?"
[07:02] <Sept> "Mmh. That's good. I've been training with firearms too, recently… What about um. 04?"
[07:03] <Yanmei> "What about him?" Yanmei leaned back a little, wryly. "I haven't been in the entry plug since the last fight. Probably won't until they make me."
[07:05] <Sept> "Mmh." Fiddle, sip, fiddle. "I've been thinking about what we talked about, the other day…"
[07:06] * Isaiah was quiet whilst the pilots discussed horrible pilot stuff, but he tilted his head curiously at this.
[07:07] * Yanmei folded her hands, and flashed Sept a somewhat encouraging look. "Yes?"
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[07:21] <SyntaxTerror> "I, we. I thought, it's not fair that you're the only one who… who has an Eva like that. It's not fair for you or 04 or anyone."
[07:27] <Yanmei> We? That made her a touch anxious. Was he spreading news about this around to people? "It really is sweet of you to worry. But it's not one of those things that can really be helped? So…"
[07:30] * SyntaxTerror is now known as Sept
[07:33] * Isaiah was giving Yanmei a strongly sympathetic look.
[07:34] * Sept squirmed for a moment. "Yanmei, what I mean is. Th-the Units have personalities, and thoughts, and feelings. But… 04 is just a part of what E-Elisha was. And… Yanmei, I know One, and I know what 04 is missing. What parts of it were taken away. I want to synchronise with 04, Yanmei."
[07:35] <Yanmei> "No."
[07:36] * Sept blinked. "Y-you can't just. Yanmei."
[07:36] <Isaiah> "… It's a bad idea for anyone but Yanmei to synchronise with 04." Muttered Isaiah.
[07:37] <Yanmei> "04 …has a history of attacking the people who try to synch with it." Yanmei was not looking at Isaiah deliberately. "It's dangerous, Sera."
[07:39] <Sept> "I don't believe that. I know Elisha. It doesn't matter if it's a different side of him, I -know- him. I know it'd be dangerous. But, I -can- do something, and that's a lot more than we usually get! I can help you, both of you!"
[07:39] <Isaiah> "You're wrong!" Shouted Isaiah suddenly. "You- You have no idea what it's like! What -he's- like! He's a monster!"
[07:41] <Yanmei> Shit. "Isaiah…" She put a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him.
[07:42] * Sept was taken aback by the outburst. "Wh-what do you know? Don't say that about him! You have n-no right..!"
[07:42] * Isaiah was trembling, and he barely registered Yanmei's hand on his shoulder. "They made me synchronise!" He said, anger and hurt in his voice.
[07:46] <Sept> "…" Sera faced the boy for the first time now, studying his face, half in shock himself. "I-I'm sorry, Isaiah. Why d- no, it doesn't matter, I'm sorry." He returned to stare at his drink for a moment, before addressing Yanmei again. "I'm sorry, Yanmei. But…"
[07:50] * Yanmei took a deep breath. "The Elisha you know in 01 isn't the one that's in 04, de Pteres. Hostility seems to be his default setting, if you get my drift? Naturally, you could go over our heads if you're that determined, but I would strongly advise against it."
[07:52] <Isaiah> "He gets into your head." Mumbles Isaiah. "He strips you apart and makes you do things you don't want to do. Makes you see things you never want to see. Lies, but some of it is true, but so awful that you never want to see it. He turns you into his toy."
[07:57] <Sept> "And that's why we have to stop it. He -has- memories from before. He has to remember how the Elisha Caine from before was much greater than what he is now! I'm prepared for it. I'd rather not do it without your consent, or your help." A much quieter voice. "It'd be the best present…"
[08:02] <Yanmei> "What do you intend to -do-, exactly." Yanmei frowned. "Even if you aren't attacked, do you honestly think you can change the nature of 04 just by talking to him?"
[08:10] <Sept> "Not… change. Restore. Make him remember everything else he wanted. Anything else. He must know he used to want those things. They're in there, they have to be."
[08:16] * Yanmei stared. "Whatever else he wanted was ripped out of him and pushed into 01 a long time ago. You know that, right?"
[08:21] <Sept> "…I know. But -I- remember those things, even if he doesn't. If I can instill or give back the slightest sense of… family, in him. It'll be worth it. Even if he's been broken beyond repair, he… there's no reason, nothing to gain from abusing his pilot."
[08:23] * Isaiah was remaining quiet for now, timidly nursing a glass of cola in his hand.
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[08:28] <Yanmei> "It's… not as if he's incapable of feeling affection, or even comraderie." Yanmei struggled with the words she picked. "He knows what jealousy is, and we've… even managed to cobble together some sort of a working relationship." She leaned back in her chair again, eyes on the grain of the kitchen table, but not seeing anything. "Abuse, huh?"
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[08:34] <Sept> "Did I say something wrong? It's like he doesn't trust you, or value you at all, doing… -that-. He has to understand he can't use you as just a way to do whatever he wants. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
[08:37] <Yanmei> "Who wouldn't? But this method of achieving it… I have a really bad feeling."
[08:41] * Sept shook his head, facing Yanmei, unhesitating. "Don't worry about me, Yanmei."
[08:48] <Yanmei> "You say that so easily." Yanmei gave a sad, wry smile of sorts. "You really are clueless about what you're stepping into, aren't you? Look. Just take a while and think about this, okay? Or, talk to your beloved Commander Fontaine." Her eyes hardened a little. "Unfortunately? 04 isn't mine in any sense of the word. Not in terms of ownership, or really, control. I'll say it again: I don't like this plan one bit. But I can't bar you from trying it."
[08:48] <Yanmei> - bar you from trying it."
[08:52] <Sept> "I know. I… I just thought it was important to talk to you about it first. Thank you for the drinks, Yanmei."
[08:55] <Yanmei> "Of course." Yanmei drowned the rest of hers. If she liked wine a little more than she did, she might have started on that next. "Are you okay with getting home by yourelf? It's pretty late."
[08:57] <Sept> "I'm okay. Goodbye, Isaiah. Goodbye, Yanmei." Sera made his way to the door, and stopped there. "Yanmei?"
[08:58] <Yanmei> "Yes?" She was still holding her glass.
[08:59] * Isaiah gave Sept a halfhearted wave.
[09:00] <Sept> "Um. Do your best on that week, okay? I don't want you two to fight anymore. I'll do my best here."
[09:03] <Yanmei> "Yeah. I know." She rose a little from her chair, turning to face him properly. "I'll do my best. You have a good night, won't you?"
[09:05] <Sept> "Yeah. Goodbye, Yanmei." The door opened and shut. And the boy was gone.
[09:06] * Isaiah let out a long sigh, hovering over his cola like a depressed man.
[09:07] * Yanmei didn't look like she was doing much better, sinking slowly back down to the table. "Idiot," she muttered quietly.

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