For The Dream Of Darkness

[19:10] <GM> [Night time. The time? Sometime past midnight. The blazing stars in the sky are clear and undiminished. The moon shines in the sky, reflected on the ocean below. Waves lap the shore.-
[19:11] <GM> [Sera de Pteres lays in bed. He is asleep.]
[19:15] <Sept> There was some faint mumbling from Sera's bed. He stirred.
[19:19] <Sept> "mmnphere grmnh."
[19:26] <Sept> "…wheeeereeee…"
[19:27] <GM> [A smell reached Sera's nostrils- the metallic scent of blood.]
[19:29] * Sept gasped and opened his eyes, looking around frantically.
[19:31] <GM> [Sera… Was not in his bedroom. He was not in the resort bedroom. The place… It was strange. It seemed domestic. It was certainly -a- house, but not any he knew. He lay in a large double bed. The room around him showed the signs of someone who was well-off, but not extravagant. He was alone.]
[19:35] * Sept edged toward the side of the bed and sat up. Had it been a dream? "Hello?" he called out.
[19:37] <GM> [Silence in the room. But that smell of blood was growing stronger.]
[19:38] * Sept stood up, advancing toward the nearest door with cautious steps.
[19:39] <GM> [The door opened- and led into a living room. It was a high-tech, quality living room with soft couches, a few large televisions, and an expensive kitchen… And a balcony.-
[19:40] <GM> [The balcony looked out upon a city. It looked like Paris-2… No. Some things were different. The skyline was different. Altered. Crooked. And the Seine… It ran orange and slow. It ran with LCL.]
[19:44] * Sept slid open the door to the balcony slowly, slouching outside. "What… happened?"
[19:48] * Sept couldn't bear to look at the sight. He sat down, leaning back on the balcony. "Who are you?"
[19:49] <GM> [The words echoed off of the walls… It even echoed on the thick air of Paris-2, bouncing around- amplified a hundred times until the entire air was thick with the words. "Whoareyouwhoareyouwhoareyouwhoareyouwhoareyou" was all Sera got back- a cacophony, a storm.-
[19:50] <GM> [A humanoid figure stood at the far end of the living room, seen through the open glass door. It was shrouded in a black cloak, a black hood; its features couldn't be discerned.]
[19:54] * Sept looked up at the figure, covering his ears. But still the noise kept ringing, echoing ever stronger. "Who are you?!"
[20:00] * Sept hung his head, ears still covered. "No, no, I don't want to know go away please leave me alone"
[20:01] <GM> [The figure raised a hand. For a split second, Sera would see a twinkle of light, then a rainbow corona- before a wave of force spread throughout the ground. The balcony started to crumble.]
[20:06] <Sept> "No! You'll make me you'll make me do things it won't be me it'll never be the same it's alright if I'm alone, PLEASE!" Sera's echoed voice and the lament of the concrete were starting to hurt his ears.
[20:09] <GM> [A howl split the air- the howl, the unmistakeable roar of an Evangelion. The shape stood stock still. It didn't move- just stared at Sera.]
[20:12] * Sept stood up, slowly, calmly. "Please…" He approached the figure, looking down.
[20:13] <GM> [The figure turned and escaped through a door at the far end of the room- the door remained open for Sera.]
[20:19] <Sept> "No, don't-" Sera gave chase! He almost ran into the doorframe, but emerged unhurt into the corridor, wiping his eyes to clear up his vision.
[20:21] <GM> [Sept emerged… In a massive room. It was easily five hundred square metres wide, and 200 metres tall. At the very end of the room- arms spread, legs together, pinned and bound to the wall, cables and massive plugs running from its neck and chest- was EVA-01.-
[20:22] <GM> [The room itself was uniformly dark and grey. He was not alone here, of course- apart from EVA-01, stood also that dark figure, staring up at the Evangelion… Before turning to look at Sera.]
[20:24] <Sept> "One…" Sept turned to the figure. "Why?" he demanded.
[20:29] * Sept growled. "He's not incomplete! Release him now!"
[20:29] <GM> [Sera would suddenly find a knife in his hand.]
[20:33] * Sept ran toward the darkness, leaping and swinging wildly at what he estimated to be neck height - he still couldn't look straight at the figure.
[20:37] <GM> [The figure sidesteps! As Sept lunges, it swings a hand into the back of his head, hard.]
[20:43] * Sept falls to the ground, hard, but immediately clambers back up. His right hand is bleeding on account of him refusing to let go of the knife. "I don't care about that! LET HIM GO!" The boy went in for another assault.
[20:51] <GM> [The knife flew forward. An AT Field shimmered for a moment- split- and the knife embedded itself into the shape's chest.]
[20:56] <Sept> "Of course! You're in my way, just like the Angels!" Sept turned the knife with all of his strength. "Is that enough?" The boy asked, grinning, barely keeping himself from laughing out loud.
[20:57] <GM> [The shape wavered as the knife turned. In the distance, 01 shuddered slightly.]
[20:59] <Sept> "To One! To -myself-!"
[21:01] <GM> [The black cloak fell away like water. Sept would find himself holding a knife embedded in the chest… Of what was unmistakeably EVA-01. A 01 the size of a man.]
[21:08] <Sept> The grin stayed, but Sept's eyes widened in abject horror. He let go of the knife and stumbled backwards, finding himself on the ground again. "What whwhwhy who NO you're not me let me go!"
[21:10] <GM> [The Evangelion-man grabbed the knife and ripped it out of its chest. It stalked over to Sera, standing over him- and with one arm, grabbed his head, crane-like, and pulled him into the air.]
[21:14] <Sept> "No that's not right I remember it was all different before it was just me and Freya and Alex and Ginn-NO LET ME GO!!"
[21:16] <GM> [An AT Field rippled through the air. For a moment, it expanded around the Evangelion-man… Before touching Sera. A similar bubble appeared around Sera… Before fading.-
[21:17] <GM> [Sera would feel… Agony. Not a physical agony but a mental one- his very being, his very mind being divided and split. Being ripped apart, crudely. Concepts and beliefs carelessly separated- an apartheid of the soul. His essence was being torn. He was being divided.]
[21:25] * Sept screamed. Just screamed, at first. It was all he could do. But eventually, his fading thoughts would focus on one thing, and one thing only. "FREYA!!"
[21:26] <GM> [A single moment of pain- terrifying, frightening pain. And then…]
[21:26] <GM> [… Sera would wake up.]
[21:32] <Sept> Heavy, desperate breaths, the kind a drowning man takes above the surface. Sera was covered in sweat, and found everything else on the bed to have been relocated onto the floor. Having convinced himself that he was still alive, he inspected the rest of the room cursively.
[21:34] <GM> [It was his own room. Or rather, the room of his at the resort… It was as he left it, except his partner was in the corner of the room, staring at him, a trembling, shaking phone in her hand.]
[21:46] * Sept gasped and looked away when he noticed Viviane, frantically crawling backwards, until he could touch the wall behind him. He looked down, and muttered to himself quickly. "Who, who. Sera? Sera. Seraph. Sera. Cai- Ptere. Pterode. De Pteres. Sera de Pteres. Sept. Sept…" He looked up, staring at Viviane, yet not quite… -seeing- her. "V… Viv? Viviane. Four- NO. Viviane. Viviane."
[21:46] * Sept Sera's breath stabilised, slowly, as his eyes stayed fixed on the girl. Eventually, excruciatingly slowly, understanding would return to those eyes. "Viviane…"
[21:54] <GM> ["S-Sera…" Viviane was trembling. She wasn't moving any closer. "S-S-S-era…"]
[22:00] <Sept> "Viviane… what… What happened?" There were tears in Sera's eyes, but his tone was completely normal, even if his voice was a bit hoarse.
[22:02] <GM> ["Y-You were having a nightmare. Y-You were sc-sc-screaming a-an-and-and you w-wouldn't wake up-" The door was thrown open. Someone entered the room- a blonde girl. Freya. "Sept. Are you alright?"]
[22:06] <Sept> "I don't. I don't remember. It was important. What was it?"
[22:08] <GM> ["Viviane rang, said you wouldn't wake up…" Freya was here to take control of the situation. She crossed over to Sept's bed. "Sept…?"]
[22:13] * Sept flinched as the girl approached. "Freya… That was important too. Why? Why can't I remember, Freya?"
[22:16] <GM> ["I… I don't know, Sept. But let's not worry on that now. Let's worry about getting you cleaned up."]
[22:23] <Sept> "Right. That's right, disinf-" Sept looked at his right hand. There was nothing wrong with it. "Oh. Y-yeah. Let's." He crawled his way off the bed and stood up somewhat shakily. The shower did seem like a good idea.

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