For The Family

[18:48] <Sept> [[Session 19-1: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 4th December. Episode Title: For The Family.-]]
[18:51] * Sept stood in the elevavator currently on its way up to Ginevre Fontaine's office. He was visibly nervous, but notably less so than certain other times - for example, meeting with Yanmei and Isaiah some days prior. One of the boy's knives sat in a holster at his side. As he waited, he toyed with its handle, the steady hum of the elevator serving to calm him down some.
[18:53] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [The elevator slowly came to a stop. The doors opened, revealing a familiar sight- Ginevre Fontaine sitting at her desk. Reading a report.]
[18:55] * Sept stayed standing in the elevator, hands joined at his front. "Hello, Ginevre."
[18:56] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Good evening, Sera."
[19:00] * Sept stood still patiently, waiting for her to finish reading. His gaze slowly drifted around the room, staying somewhere slightly above floor level.
[19:03] <Ginevre`Fontaine> It took a few minutes. Eventually, the woman looked up, putting her report aside. "What is it?"
[19:05] * Sept entered the room as calmly as he could and found himself a chair. "It’s about Elisha."
[19:06] * Ginevre‘Fontaine let out a half-smile. "And here I was wondering if you wanted to know what I was doing."
[19:06] <Sept> "Um. Should I know?"
[19:08] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "No, Sera." Said Ginevre. "I was… Joking."
[19:09] <Sept> "O-oh. Sorry."
[19:09] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "It’s fine. What did you want to know about Elisha this time?"
[19:14] * Sept shook his head slowly. "It's not that, Ginevre. It's about 04."
[19:15] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "About 04?"
[19:19] <Sept> "Yeah. Um. Ginevre. I don’t think it's right."
[19:21] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Oh? And what about 04 has provoked this unique opinion? Could it be the bloodthirsty rampages?"
[19:25] <Sept> "N-no. I mean. No. It’s not right for Elisha. It's not right to keep him in both, a-and not at least try to have them work together. You, you get two working parts, but neither is r-really what he used to be."
[19:26] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Then I guess you’ll have to speak to Elisha about that, Sera." Said Ginevre sadly.
[19:27] <Sept> "What do you mean?"
[19:27] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "It wasn’t -my- idea to divide him into pieces."
[19:31] <Sept> "M-mmh. But… everyone makes mistakes. Or, you said you still don't know a lot of how they work, I'm s-sure there's something we, something I can do that he didn't think of."
[19:33] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Mmm. And is putting Elisha back together somehow more important than ensuring that his plan proceeds?"
[19:39] <Sept> "No." Sera admitted reluctantly. "But we can have both. We can always try. Isn’t that why Dorian made the arrangements for Yanmei and Aline? We… we -have- to be a family. It doesn't work if we can't get everyone to recognise it. We can't hurt each other. And th-that goes for 04, too."
[19:41] * Ginevre‘Fontaine let out a sympathetic sigh. "What if Elisha’s plan hinges on him being in pieces?"
[19:47] <Sept> "Then… I don't know. But he would've had to know we would want to do it, wouldn't he? It'd be an awfully big risk to take."
[19:52] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Yes, he would have. Elisha knew he left behind a loving wife who would want to put him back together." Said Ginevre. "But he also knew that a loving wife who let him be broken in the first place would ensure that if he wanted to be put back together, he would, when the time was right. And if not… Then he would not."
[19:54] <Sept> "…how would you know when?" Asked Sept quietly.
[19:55] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Well, I suppose Elisha would inform me of that, too."
[19:58] <Sept> "…mhh. I guess he would."
[19:58] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "I will tell you one thing, though."
[20:00] <Sept> "What’s that, Ginevre?"
[20:00] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "The day when Elisha Caine walks whole will come again, after the last Children of Adam have been destroyed."
[20:02] <Sept> "Children of- Oh. I see. Thank you."
[20:10] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "That isn’t a problem, Sera." Said Ginevre. "I'm sure he'd be pleased to know you cared."
[20:13] <Sept> "Thank you, Ginevre, but. I think Elisha can tell me that himself."
[20:14] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Of course he can." Said Ginevre with a smile.
[20:16] <Sept> "Then… you’ll allow me to synchronise with 04?" Careful hope in his eyes.
[20:17] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "If you believe it will help." Said Ginevre. "If you believe you can indeed synchronise with EVA-04, and delve into the remnants of Elisha Caine’s hatred, then you have my permission. On one condition."
[20:18] <Sept> "One condition?"
[20:21] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "04 is notoriously aggressive towards those who attempt to synchronise with him. To date the only person capable of sustaining a long-term synchronisation with 04 is Zhang Yanmei. The last person to try apart from her- Isaiah Gabriel-Wei- was capable of synchronising only for a brief second out of three attempts, and each attempt proved to be a very trying experience. Thus, should you be unable to maintain a synchronisation with 04 after three tries, then I will discontinue the attempts."
[20:25] * Sept nodded. "…alright. I think, by then, it’d be clear he doesn't want… me, or our help."
[20:27] * Ginevre‘Fontaine nodded and smiled. "I’m glad you agree. Shall we begin at once, then?"
[20:28] <Sept> "I… think so. Yes. I'm ready."
[20:34] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [It thus wasn’t long before the pair found themselves elsewhere- Fontaine in Command, having rapidly quelled any protests; de Pteres in an entry plug, slowly being inserted into the vertebrae of EVA-04, the infamous mad Evangelion.]
[20:37] <Sept> "Remember when I first synchronised with 01, Frédéric?"
[20:40] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["I do." Said Frederic fondly. "You faceplanted and I won 50 francs off half of the command crew."]
[20:41] <Sept> "I’m sure your bankroll allows for more interesting bets this time?"
[20:41] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["What are you suggesti-"]-
[20:42] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Frederic!" Said Sophie irritably. "I thought you promised me-"]
[20:42] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Alright, alright…"]
[20:44] * Sept laughed carefreely. "It’s alright. We can keep it a secret. Maybe you could keep it in a sealed envelope~?"
[20:44] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["I guess-" "Frederic-!"]
[20:48] <Sept> Another laugh, then silence for a while longer. "Wish me luck, though, Frédéric."
[20:51] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Good luck, Sera. Here comes the LCL." And Sept would see the orange liquid fill his plug.]
[20:53] * Sept let himself be drowned in the liquid with quite little discomfort visible in his vitals. The smell and taste was almost… comforting in itself by now.
[20:55] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["LCL immersion complete. Begin first contact!"-
[20:59] <Ginevre`Fontaine> [Frederic began the process…]
[21:03] <Sept> Sera’s heart rate climbed steadily as the synchronisation progressed - before spiking suddenly with a yell of pain from the pilot, his body convulsing for a moment.
[21:04] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> ["Abort!" The Synchronisationa attempt stopped immediately, leaving Sera in the plug alone. "Sera, you alright?"]
[21:05] <Sept> The boy’s breathing normalised soon. He was quick enough to recuperate physically, at least. "O-of course. Again."
[21:05] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> [Hesitation.-
[21:05] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "Again, Lieutenant Gosselin."-
[21:05] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Y-Yes ma’am! Begin first contact!"]
[21:12] <Sept> The anticipation was stronger this time, but equally interrupted by the spike. Another yell, but after that… silence.
[21:14] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "… Sera?"
[21:20] <Sept> "It’s him, Ginevre. I felt it, it's… it's the same as One. But he's not strong enough to actually do it, or I'm not open enough. -Again.-"
[21:20] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "… I see. Shall we go again, then? One last time."
[21:26] * Sept waited, until he felt the familiar hum of electronics and the beginning of the sequence. For a split second, there was a knife in his hand. After another, no more. The boy’s arm was bleeding, and he was yelling at nothing. "ELISHA! LISTEN TO ME!"
[21:27] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "…!"-
[21:27] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["B… Begin first contact!"]
[01:08] <Sept> Sera’s breathing and heart rate spike for a few moments, though likely not due to the synchronisation itself… especially seeing how halfway into the process, the values all fall into the normal range, even a little beyond. There is absolute silence from the plug, and a video feed might show a knife floating around calmly, and a pilot with a gash in his left arm… sleeping quite peacefully.
[01:08] <Sept> The silence, shared by most of the Command Centre, stretched on for ever, though any clocks might have insisted on something below the ten-second range. Then, slowly, the pilot opened his eyes. "Wh… where..?"
[01:09] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Sera? Can you hear me?"-
[01:09] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["… Synchronisation didn’t last longer than nine point three seconds, Commander. Just like with the Gabriel-Wei boy."]
[01:11] <Sept> "Ginevre… You're here. You just missed-" The second voice cutting in seemed to wake him up more thoroughly. "Oh. Right. I see."
[01:11] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Are you alright, Sera?"
[01:14] * Sept looked at his arm. "Um. Yes, Ginevre. I’d like a bandage, I think."
[01:17] <Ginevre‘Fontaine> "Of course, Sera." Said Ginevre miserably.
[01:19] <Sept> "Ginevre. Thank you."
[01:21] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "It’s nothing, Sera. Was it worth it?"
[01:21] <Sept> "And more. You saved lives today, Ginevre."
[01:22] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "In… Indeed…?"
[01:22] <Sept> "Yes."
[01:25] <Ginevre`Fontaine> "I see…"-
[01:25] <Ginevre`Fontaine> ["Extracting the Entry Plug… now."]

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