For The Female Of The Species Is More Deadly Than The Male

[00:33] <Mary‘Caine> [On the 1st of October, Zhang Yanmei received a message. The contents were simple: "Come to my residence in Hamburg-2 on the 6th of October. Your transport and accomodation have been arranged. - Mary Caine"]
[00:33] <Yanmei> Odd. Very odd. She initially considered sending a polite refusal. How many times had she been warned about Mary Caine in some form or another, after all? But in the end, she went along with it, sending a message ahead that answered in the affirmative. Now she was waiting at the transportation pick-up site, dressed in an understated gray business skirt suit, determined not to
[00:33] accidentally drop clues about the butterflies in
[00:33] <Yanmei> - in her stomach.
[00:33] <Mary`Caine> [A shiny black car arrived with a stone-faced, quiet man driving. Wordlessly, he drove Yanmei to the local airport- but instead of sending her off on a plane, they were given passage in a helicopter to Hamburg.-
[00:33] <Mary`Caine> [Several hours later, they arrived in Hamburg-2, the helicopter setting down not at the airport, but instead beelined towards the outskirts of the city- and Yanmei would soon see why. A mansion stood on the edges of the city, large, a deal larger than even de Orleans’s. It was imposing, and awe-inspiring in a gothic way. Within the expansive boundaries of the estate was a helipad,
[00:33] and it was down upon this that the helicopter rested.-
[00:33] <Mary‘Caine> [There, Yanmei would be given a moment to compose herself. Outside, waiting at the edges of the pad, was an elderly man in a stern suit.]
[00:33] <Yanmei> The meeting hadn’t even started, and she was already stunned. Even de Orlean's estate didn't have a helicopter landing pad on it - although, to be fair, she had never been to the roof or any other place where such a thing might be hiding away. When she finally emerged, she was all smiles, gazing at the man waiting outside for her. She didn't have much hope for him being like Lucille,
[00:33] but…-
[00:33] <Yanmei> "How do you do?" She extended a handshake.
[00:34] <Mary‘Caine> [He shook her hand slowly. "I am fine, mademoiselle." He said in mildly accented German. "You must be the lady Zhang?"]
[00:37] <Yanmei> "That’s right. Thank you for the hospitable greeting." She musn't stare openly in awe at her surroundings. It was fine in the relative privacy of the helicopter, but not out here, where there were more eyes on her. Anyway, she was in a conversation.
[00:42] <Mary‘Caine> [He gave her a quaint half-nod. "I am Abelard, Master of the Household, the manager of Lady Caine’s estate. Does the day find you in good health?"]
[00:47] <Yanmei> "It does! And yourself?"
[00:50] <Mary‘Caine> ["I am quite well." He said. "But we must not tarry, Mademoiselle. The Lady is waiting within."]
[00:52] <Yanmei> "Of course." Yanmei nodded, and collected her resolve, her shoulders straightening a bit. "Please lead the way, Mr. Abelard."
[00:59] <Mary`Caine> [He nodded, then turned around and walked towards the door, down the tiled pathway towards the ornate mahogany doors. He pulled them to the side and ushered Yanmei in.-
[01:05] <Mary`Caine> [They emerged into an empty, but very attractive waiting room, with an unlit fireplace, expensive, decorative chairs, and a heavy wooden door with a very ornate carving. Abelard led her through this door as well, into a massive, grand hall, with a masterfully sculpted metal chandelier above, and a heavy wooden staircase leading to the second floor. It was up this floor that they went now…-
[01:05] <Mary`Caine> [Through another hallway, to a specific door. He stood to the side. "She’s inside."]
[01:09] <Yanmei> "Thank you." She moved in to knock gently before opening the door.
[01:14] <Mary‘Caine> The office was not quite as splendid as the rest of the house. It was functional first and foremost. A large window sat at the far wall, through which could be seen Hamburg-2, its buildings stark even against the grey sky. The carpet was a dark, regal blue; bookcases lined the walls. Before the window was a desk, thick and heavy-looking, laden with books and a computer; and behind the desk sat Mary Caine, her piercing, gimlet blue eyes focused on Yanmei like an eagle’s on a mouse.
[01:23] * Yanmei stared back. She had quietly spun a greeting in her mind, but now she forgot it -completely-. At least the smile remained, and if she was shaking, it wasn't too obvious. "Chairperson Caine. It's good to see you," she said finally.
[01:25] <Mary‘Caine> "Zhang. It’s been awhile. Sit down." She gestured towards a spare chair.
[01:27] * Yanmei obliged, forcing herself to not to move too quickly. "You have a lovely home," she began conversationally. "Thank you for inviting me here."
[01:30] <Mary‘Caine> "This is the Caine residence." Said Mary. "Has been for generations. I grew up in this household. So did my brothers, as well as my parents. Not a thing in this household happens without it being known to me."
[01:37] <Yanmei> "That’s very impressive, given its size and the estimated staff needed to keep it in running order. Surely, that's a testiment to your managerial skills?" When in doubt, flatter.
[01:38] * Mary‘Caine stared at Yanmei keenly for a second, before continuing. "… Do you know why you’re here?"
[01:40] <Yanmei> "I was hoping," she said with a smile, "that you could enlighten me."
[01:41] <Mary‘Caine> "You are here because I have decided that you will be my informant within NERV."
[01:43] <Yanmei> "…I was under the impression that the Human Instrumentality Committee was already being kept up to dates on developments through its UN Attache…"
[01:43] <Yanmei> ^date
[01:44] <Mary`Caine> "She is proving less than apt. Her failures began the moment she was dispatched, and whatever information she provides has been mediocre at best." Said Caine coldly. "She is a waste of time."
[01:48] <Yanmei> "And you’re convinced that I'll be more competent, Chairperson Caine?" There was growing confusion on her face now. "I doubt I have the training or connections that Miss Delacour has."
[01:49] <Mary‘Caine> "Regardless, you are capable of gaining access to sensitive information thanks to your experiences and position."
[01:53] <Yanmei> "I think you’re overestimating my capabilities in that area. I simply take orders from my Operation Director. If additional information is disclosed to me, it's through his or her discrection."
[01:55] <Mary‘Caine> "Nonsense. You synchronise with EVA-04. That in itself would be enough to qualify you."
[01:58] <Yanmei> "You want me to share my experiences with the synchronization process?"
[02:00] <Mary`Caine> "There are many things I want you do do. I am going to ask you some questions. Once the questions are done, you will leave. Once you walk out that door, you will report to me weekly."
[02:02] <Yanmei> "And if I fail to report in?"
[02:05] <Mary`Caine> "If you fail to report in once, I will attempt to ascertain the reason as to your failure. Should the reason be a sufficient explanation, such as being in a coma or being literally unable to contact me, then there is nothing I can do and I will have to find some other way to contact you. Failure to contact me through sheer negligence or by choice will bring consequences."
[02:17] * Yanmei looked down for a moment, considering. "…forgive me, Chairperson Caine, but I don’t feel comfortable with these arrangements. Surely there's someone else more fitting for this role…? NERV has an entire department dedicated to keeping surveilance on its employees. An individual from there would certainly like the blind spots I have concerning NERV's plans and higher-ranking staff."
[02:18] <Yanmei> ^lack the blind spots
[02:18] <Mary‘Caine> "Zhang, you’re a fool if you believe that I don't have someone already in Section Two. Don't waste my time."
[02:29] <Yanmei> Of course she would. Come on, Yanmei, think! "What about the Technical Divisions? After that fiasco at Eden Base, Doctor Riel would probably be eager to make some sort of deal. Plus, you did indicate that you were interested in the EVAs…"
[02:33] <Mary‘Caine> "Dr. Riel is already sentenced to death once the war with the Angels is concluded. Considering I wanted her dead the moment she returned, and it was Fontaine’s weaseling that her sentence reduced, I doubt she'll be -that- eager. Besides, she can't tell me anything about the Evangelions that I don't already know. You, on the other hand, no doubt can tell me many curious notes of information."
[02:36] <Yanmei> "But I have little incentive to cooperate either, barring an aversion to the punishments you hinted to earlier."
[02:37] <Mary‘Caine> "Fortunately, that’s all I require."
[02:40] <Yanmei> "…" That… made her skin crawl. Yanmei shook her head. "There's nothing I can do to make you reconsider?"
[02:41] <Mary‘Caine> "No."
[02:45] <Yanmei> Maybe if she turned and ran away… but there was that servant she had left just outside. He was probably still there. Plus, she was all the way in Hamburg, a city no doubt crawling with Caine influence. So even if she got free from the estate itself… her shoulders sagged a little.
[02:45] <Mary`Caine> "You will comply?"
[02:48] <Yanmei> "If I said ’no', would it make a difference?" she muttered.
[02:51] <Mary‘Caine> "Of course. I cannot literally force you to comply. If you wish that much to resist me, then you’re quite welcome to do so."
[02:54] <Yanmei> "Th-then, I'll decline." She wasn't looking directly at her, least she lose her nerve in that cold stare.
[02:55] <Mary‘Caine> "Very well. Then I have one favour to ask."
[02:55] <Yanmei> "Yes?"
[02:56] <Mary`Caine> "I would like you to inform Isaiah Gabriel-Wei that effective immediately, he is to be transferred to Boston, where he will begin his career as the pilot of EVA-08."
[02:58] <Yanmei> Yanmei’s head snapped back, eyes wide. "That's… that's a decision you can't make without approval from the Human Instrumentality Committee! You can't -do- that!"
[03:00] <Mary‘Caine> "And with Ginevre Fontaine’s resignation from NERV, the Committee is now down to seven members. In fact, if the vote to make him a pilot were to occur today, I believe the result would be 4-3 in favour of 'yes'. So yes, in fact, I -can- do that." Said Mary Caine coldly. "Either you become my informant, or he becomes my pilot. The choice is yours."
[03:04] <Yanmei> Her head buzzed. For an instant, she saw Isaiah's face, smiling, as he played with Lizzie. He was probably doing something like that this very moment, enjoying his dream of being a daddy, even if he was only a temporary one. -
[03:07] <Yanmei> And -she- had enjoyed it too, hadn't she? He was happy, not just with the baby, but with this life. And… she needed him too. An undeniable fact, now. "I'll do it." She was looking down again. "Just… please don't do that."
[03:13] <Mary‘Caine> "Very well." She folded her hands together. "Then we will begin. Let’s start with the Eden Base incident."
[03:14] <Yanmei> "Yes," she said miserably. "What do you want to know?"
[03:15] <Mary‘Caine> "Everything. From other reports I’ve read, you experienced visions, a result of the AT anomaly. What did these visions contain? I want precise, detailed answers."
[03:23] <Yanmei> "When we first arrived, there were visions of the NeoSpartan training that was conducted there. Just voices, things we could hear and didn't see properly. As we moved on, we saw other things. The Angel Qaphsiel was there, and we fought with EVAs that dissolved as soon as they were struck. There were indistinct dark shapes too, that attacked everything, but we didn't know what they were."-
[03:26] <Yanmei> "After that, the visions seemed to be different for each person, our individual fears and insecurities come to life. At one point, they tricked us into lowing our EVAs' AT fields, and then assaulted us with more painful things. I hallucinated about feeling Isaiah die. Later on, I dreamed about someone who claimed he was my father, and who then changed into a monster and attacked me."-
[03:29] <Yanmei> "That was right before the battle with, ah… a giant phantom thing. The warmup to 07, I guess you could say. We also dreamed about the NeoSpartan program in a little more detail. Events pulled from Asuka Langley Soryu's mind."
[03:30] <Mary‘Caine> "Indeed? Elaborate on those."
[03:34] <Yanmei> "We saw them arriving at Eden Base for the first time, and being greeted by Doctors Ikari, Riel, and Elisha Caine." She kept an eye out for reactions to that last name. "We also saw Asuka years later, after the numbers of the children in the program had dropped. During that time, we also overheard a conversation between Ikari and Riel, with the former saying she couldn’t take it anymore and was returning to Japan."
[03:36] <Mary‘Caine> "-Precise- details, Zhang. Let’s start with the first one. The NeoSpartans being greeted by Ikari, Riel and Elisha." Her face was impassive, but her eyes shone disturbingly brightly at the mention of that name. "What happened? What did they say?"
[03:39] <Yanmei> "The children arrived by train. They were… mingling, getting to know each other. Then they were taken to a large indoor place inside the Base. Elisha Caine did most of the talking. It was just a greeting. 'Welcome to the program, I'm sure you'll make us proud as you advance through it, you're all the hope for the future.' That sort of thing."
[03:46] <Mary‘Caine> "Hmm. Anything else?"
[03:47] <Yanmei> "No. After that, he told Meir to take the kids to their dorms. Then the vision ended and the next one began."
[03:53] <Mary`Caine> "No. There’s something you're not telling me." Said Mary coldly. "Do not play games with me, girl. Start again."
[03:57] * Yanmei was quiet for a little while. "He… wasn't happy about his job. Complained about the orders he was given, and said they were ridiculous, and that he couldn't do them."
[03:59] <Mary‘Caine> "What orders were these?"
[04:00] * Yanmei shook her head. "He didn’t say. It was something his father wanted him to do. That's all I know."
[04:02] <Mary‘Caine> "He -did- say, didn’t he, Zhang?" Said Mary immediately.
[04:05] * Yanmei went quiet again, frowning to herself, looking away again.
[04:07] <Mary‘Caine> "What did he say, Zhang?"
[04:11] <Yanmei> "G-gestalt consciousness." Her hands formed fists at her sides. "The attempt to turn the children into a single entity. One that went mostly well, apparently."
[22:54] <Mary`Caine> "So he did not approve of the attempt to create a gestalt consciousness."
[22:56] <Yanmei> "That’s right." Surely, it was an attitude she must have been aware of herself?
[22:58] <Mary‘Caine> "And what was the next vision?"
[23:03] <Yanmei> "A discussion between Doctor Ikari and Doctor Riel. They discussed Asuka Langley Soryu’s apptitude, and Doctor Ikari's departure from the Gestalt Project. Then Doctor Riel revealed her intention to reverse the effects of the project on the children they had experimented on."
[23:10] <Mary‘Caine> "So she was planning to reverse the effect even then." Said Mary, frowning slightly. "Did they discuss anything else?"
[23:11] <Yanmei> "No. That was everything."
[23:12] <Mary`Caine> "Liar. What else did they discuss?"
[23:16] * Yanmei faltered, and a look that was equal parts flustered and frustrated crossed her face. It was a moment before she made herself go on. "Zeppelin-Soryu, Asuka’s mother," she muttered. "They said she was in EVA-02."
[23:17] <Mary‘Caine> "Yes. I know that. What else?"
[23:21] <Yanmei> "I think… that was all." She tried scrunching her brow a little, as if struggling to remember.
[23:23] <Mary`Caine> Mary was silent for a moment before continuing. "Who is EVA-00?"
[23:24] <Yanmei> "00? How would I know?"
[23:27] <Mary`Caine> "You don’t know?" A flicker of irritation crossed Mary's face. Her eyes narrowed dangerously. "What happens to you when you pass out during synchronisation tests?"
[23:29] <Yanmei> "I'm not sure what you mean," she said smoothly.
[23:30] <Mary‘Caine> "There will be severe repercussions for you if you continue to lie to me, Zhang."
[23:32] <Yanmei> "R-repercussions…" A flicker of visible anxiety.
[23:34] <Mary`Caine> "Yes. So. Let me ask you again- what happens to you when you pass out during synchronisation tests?"
[23:36] <Yanmei> "Sometimes I hear 04’s voice. But it's hard to make out what it's saying…"
[23:37] <Mary‘Caine> "Zhang?"
[23:37] <Yanmei> "Yes?"
[23:37] <Mary`Caine> "Is it not the duty of a mother to keep her child from harm?"
[23:38] * Yanmei stared at her, a terrible sinking feeling taking hold.
[23:39] <Mary`Caine> "Now then. What -really- happens?"
[23:43] <Yanmei> "It… talks to me. About many things. Last time, it was about chemistry, and the nature of human souls, and the libido effect."
[23:43] <Mary`Caine> There was the momentary flicker of triumph in Mary’s eyes. "What did it say about the nature of human souls?"
[23:50] <Yanmei> "That… a person's soul retained memories from their past lives, and was the core around which a protective AT Field formed." Her voice was quiet. "That there were some souls that weren't like others, and that came from an ancient race that predated humanity. That the Evangelion Pilots had souls like that, which made us special."
[23:52] <Mary‘Caine> "Then you know of the First Ancestral Race, then."
[23:53] <Yanmei> Yes."
[23:53] <Mary`Caine> "Do any of the other pilots know of their existence?"
[23:54] <Yanmei> "Not that I’m aware of?"
[23:55] <Mary‘Caine> "What did 04 tell you about the Libido Effect?"
[00:01] <Yanmei> "That it was a partial merging of two souls, and that over time, the people who had it could use it as a source of mental and emotional strength. After getting strong enough, they might even gain awareness of their past lives."
[00:02] <Mary`Caine> "Have you gained any such awareness, Zhang?"
[00:02] * Yanmei shook her head.
[00:06] <Mary`Caine> "Zhang, have you ever fought Isabelle Bellamy in hand-to-hand combat?"
[00:08] <Yanmei> "Wh-what? Isabelle? Why would she…?"
[00:08] <Mary`Caine> "She would be an implacable foe if she learned that her daughter died on your watch. Even by accident."
[00:11] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei had long ago staunchly decided that crying in public - especially in this office - was something she wasn’t going to do. For a moment, she wondered if she would break her word to herself, but it passed, and she collected herself once more.-
[00:13] <Yanmei> "It was just a dream! I didn't understand it at first, but after talking to 04 I thought it might be more significant…"
[00:13] <Mary‘Caine> "What was the dream about?"
[00:17] <Yanmei> "T-two lovers. They were beautiful. But they were sad, too, because their leader had come up with a plan that would make them separate for a while and that might also make them lose their memories. Genders… one was female, but the other was harder to make out. The female made the other promise that they would come when she called to him. Then there was a bright light, and they were lifted up to a big thing in the sky."
[00:18] <Mary`Caine> "Did Gabriel-Wei share this dream?"
[00:21] <Yanmei> That seemed to take her off guard. "I don’t… he didn't say…"
[00:26] <Mary‘Caine> "What do you know about Destiny?"
[00:30] * Yanmei hesitated. "The idea of a predetermined future?"
[00:31] <Mary`Caine> "In the context of Metaphysical Biology."
[00:32] * Yanmei hesitated again, thinking of sweet little Elizabeth as she played with Isaiah.
[00:33] <Mary`Caine> "Answer me, Zhang."
[00:38] <Yanmei> "Y-yes. It’s a term that's been used liberally among scientists and idealists. The concept that there are beings out there, like the Angels, who don't have to worry about it much. But creatures with weaker AT Fields, like humans, are manipulated by Destiny to an unknown end."
[00:39] <Mary‘Caine> "Has EVA-04 ever discussed Destiny?"
[00:41] <Yanmei> "It’s confirmed that Azariah Caine wanted to free humanity from Destiny by changing us all into Angels."
[00:41] <Mary‘Caine> "Anything else?"
[00:43] <Yanmei> Lizzie flashed in her mind’s eye again, her own fear bottling. "Not that I can recall."
[00:45] <Mary‘Caine> "Gabriel-Wei would be severely disappointed if he saw how carelessly you gamble with the life of his beloved Elizabeth…"
[00:50] <Yanmei> "N-no… please don’t." Yanmei shook her head, desperately. "It s-said that our Destiny was driven by the being known as Lilith."
[00:51] <Mary‘Caine> "Yes, go on. There has to be more. Did he mention anything about countermeasures? Attempts to halt Destiny? Anything?"
[00:58] <Yanmei> "He resents this destiny, but… countermeasures? He hasn’t said anything like that…"
[01:00] <Mary‘Caine> "…" A flicker of disappointed frustration in Mary’s eyes before she continued. "Ayanami Rei. What is your relation with it?"
[01:01] <Yanmei> "Rei? She's my friend."
[01:03] <Mary‘Caine> "Does it possess free will? Has it expressed any long term goals or desires?"
[01:05] <Yanmei> "She does. Everyone does, and she’s no excepion. Long term plans… to help people in the name of love and justice?"
[01:07] <Mary‘Caine> "Has it told you about any dreams, like the one you had?"
[01:08] <Yanmei> Further confusion. Yanmei shook her head.
[01:09] <Mary`Caine> "Has it made many friends?"
[01:10] <Yanmei> "Yes. She makes friends easily because of her personality."
[01:11] <Mary`Caine> "Its personality? Elaborate."
[01:12] <Yanmei> "Cheerful, supportive, innocent, caring… she’s a very nice girl."
[01:13] <Mary‘Caine> "Does it have any special companions? Confidantes, romantic liaisons?"
[01:15] <Yanmei> "Why are you so curious about her?"
[01:18] <Mary`Caine> "I have my reasons. Answer the question, Zhang."
[01:21] * Yanmei frowned a little. "Most recently, her future Operations Director and her seem very close to each other already."
[01:22] <Mary`Caine> "How far would either of them go to protect the other?"
[01:26] <Yanmei> "I don’t know. Rei is an excellent combatant and very brave, so she would probably go fairly far without much physical risk to herself. As for him, I just don't know."
[01:26] <Mary‘Caine> "Very well. Zhang?"
[01:27] <Yanmei> "Yes?"
[01:28] <Mary`Caine> "You’re free to go. However, I have several assignments for you."
[01:30] <Yanmei> Yanmei's body stiffened a little. Assignments. It wasn't enough that she was making her report in when something happened?
[01:33] <Mary‘Caine> "Firstly, you are to discover if EVA-04 possesses knowledge of any countermeasures or plans to prevent, halt or destroy Destiny. Secondly, you are to question Ginevre Fontaine in regards to whether or not Elisha told her of these things. Thirdly, you are to question her as to the nature of her relationship with Elisha, specifically whether or not a Libido Effect was formed. Fourthly, you are to question Ayanami Rei regarding any dreams it may have had. And fifthly, you are to question Ayanami Rei regarding its supposed hopes for the future and plans."
[01:35] <Yanmei> "And what comes of a failure to complete these ’assignments'?"
[01:37] <Mary‘Caine> "Pray you don’t fail."
[01:41] <Yanmei> "…" For a moment, her eyes burned. But… the question and answer session had taken its toll, too. She was tired. Slowly, she turned to go.
[01:42] <Mary‘Caine> "Zhang?"
[01:43] * Yanmei stopped short. "Yes?"
[01:43] <Mary`Caine> "Have a safe trip home."
[01:45] <Yanmei> "…I’m sure I will." She grabbed the doorknob, and made her move into the hallway.
[01:46] <Mary‘Caine> Mary Caine’s eyes burned into her back as she left.-
[01:46] <Mary‘Caine> [In the hallway, Abelard was waiting. He gave Yanmei a dainty bow. "I pray all went well, Mademoiselle? Come, the helicopter is waiting."]
[01:49] <Yanmei> "Why, thank you." She offered the man a polite smile in return. "Please lead the way."
[01:49] <Mary`Caine> ["Of course."-
[01:50] <Mary`Caine> [He led her back towards the Helicopter, and a minute later they were off again, leaving the Caine residence and Hamburg-2 behind.-
[01:50] <Mary`Caine> [They progressed westward. An hour passed…]
[01:55] * Yanmei had taken the trip in tired silence up until that point, a gloomy aura sinking in around her as she stared from a window. Suddenly, her posture changed, growing rigid…
[01:57] <Yanmei> And after a minute or two she reached for her phone.
[01:59] <Yanmei> Isaiah. She dialed his number from heart, and settled back into her seat uneasily.
[02:00] <Mary`Caine> [It rang for a few seconds, then…-
[02:00] <Mary`Caine> ["Y-Yanmei!" Isaiah’s voice, panicked. From the faint sounds of chatter and bustle in the background it sounded as though he was out in public. "L-Lizzie's gone-!"]
[02:03] * Yanmei lowered the phone a few inches. And then she was out of her seat, scrambling for the pilot's cockpit.
[02:04] <Mary‘Caine> ["S-She was here, just a second ago, I-I turned away for a few seconds…"-
[02:05] <Mary`Caine> [The pilot was concentrating on piloting, naturally…]
[02:06] <Yanmei> "Turn around," she ordered. "Turn this thing around right now!" To Isaiah, "Where are you?"
[02:07] <Mary`Caine> ["I-I’m at the shops! M-Montrouge…" He was barely holding it together.-
[02:07] <Mary‘Caine> ["You want us to go back to Hamburg?" Asked the pilot irritably.]
[02:09] <Yanmei> "Yes!! It’s an emergency! …Isaiah, Isaiah, breath, okay? I need you to call Section 2 immediately. You have your NERV phone, right?"
[02:09] <Yanmei> ^breathe
[02:09] <Mary‘Caine> ["R-r-right…!"-
[02:10] <Mary`Caine> ["Fine, if you say so." Said the pilot, rotating the helicopter around to return to Hamburg.]
[02:14] <Yanmei> "Can you do that, Isaiah?" She didn’t seem like she was going to sit down any time soon. "I'll be here, so as soon as you're done with them, talk to me, okay?" She pulled out her own NERV phone, and stared at it a moment, her head spinning.
[02:16] <Mary‘Caine> ["A-Alright-!" He didn’t hang up, but she could faintly hear him dialling his other phone…]
[02:18] * Yanmei finally made her move after coaching herself to breathe as well. It wasn't Marianne she ended up calling from that line. It was Gilles de Orleans' estate.
[02:18] <Mary‘Caine> [Beep… Beep…-
[02:19] <Mary`Caine> ["De Orleans residence." Lucille’s voice.]
[02:20] <Yanmei> "It's Zhang Yanmei." Talking became painful for a moment. She forced her way through it. "Elizabeth, she…"
[02:22] <Mary‘Caine> ["What is it?" Asked Lucille.-
[02:22] <Mary`Caine> [… Her personal phone started to beep. Someone was trying to call through.]
[02:22] <Yanmei> Quick check of the number. One she recognized?
[02:23] <Mary`Caine> [It was not.]
[02:25] <Yanmei> "Please, hold on… it." Her head was spinning faster. "It might be the kidnappers calling. I’ll be right back, Lucille." And she switched phones.
[02:26] <Mary‘Caine> [The voice was cold. Familiar. Too familiar…-
[02:26] <Mary`Caine> "Do not lie…"-
[02:26] <Mary`Caine> [… Then the line went dead. A second later, the phone rang again- from Isaiah.]
[02:28] * Yanmei kept the phone to her ear, struck numb and mute, even when it started up again. With tears gathering, she answered once more.
[02:30] <Mary`Caine> ["I-I found her!" Stammered Isaiah. "S-She was… S-she was off- n-near the Roman Pizza…" He was crying a little. "S-She was sobbing, s-she must’ve run off and gotten lost…"]
[02:33] <Yanmei> "Gotten… g-gotten lost…"
[02:34] <Mary‘Caine> ["Y-Yeah… S-she’s alright, n-not hurt… H-Heh. S-sorry to get so worked up…"-
[02:34] <Mary‘Caine> ["Mademoiselle Zhang?" From the NERV phone.]
[02:36] <Yanmei> "S-sorry, Isaiah. Hold on a minute please?" She swtched phones again. "Miss Lucille! I’m.. I'm so sorry, it was a false alarm. I was just so…" She was suddenly glad that they were talking on the phone. Her face was bright red, and those tears were still there.
[02:37] <Mary‘Caine> ["Oh, I understand." She said, her tone supportive. "That tends to happen with little ones. Best to keep a close eye on them."]
[02:39] <Yanmei> "R-right. Um. W-would it be all right if the three of us came to visit soon?"
[02:39] <Mary`Caine> ["You are always welcome."]
[02:40] <Yanmei> "Thank you. I’ll speak to you again soon."
[02:40] <Mary`Caine> ["Of course. Good day, Mademoiselle Zhang!"]
[02:42] <Yanmei> "Y-you too. Thank you," she said again. The NERV phone went back into her pocket. Then she leaned into the cockpit once more, exhausted, apologetic, to inform the pilot that the emergency had passed, thanking him for his cooperation under a trying circumstance.
[02:43] <Mary`Caine> ["What a mess." Muttered the pilot- before turning the helicopter around and back towards Paris-2.]

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