For The Joy Of Little Rei

[16:57] * Isaiah stared awkwardly at the mound of hot chips, melted cheese, little bacon bits and gravy that sat in front of him. The meal itself wasn't awkward, but…-
[16:59] <Ikari‘Shinji> "H-How’s your meal?" Asked Shinji quietly.
[17:00] <Isaiah> "Erm. I-it's pretty good." Said Isaiah. He looked up at Shinji.
[17:01] * Ikari‘Shinji looked back for a moment.
[17:01] <Isaiah> Simultaneously, they broke eye contact. This ritual had happened about four times in the last 20 minutes. The shy boy herding instinct could only do so much.-
[17:02] <Isaiah> "S-So. Um. How’re you and Aline?"
[17:03] <Ikari‘Shinji> "O-Oh, w-we’re good." Said Shinji.
[17:03] <Isaiah> "Oh. That's nice."
[17:03] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Yeah."
[17:04] * Isaiah nibbled on a chip quietly.
[17:04] <Ikari`Shinji> "S-So, um. You and Pilot Zhang…?"
[17:04] <Isaiah> "N-No."
[17:04] <Ikari`Shinji> "Ah."
[17:06] <Isaiah> "… Nice day."
[17:06] <Ikari`Shinji> "Y-Yeah. It’s warm, but it's not… A humid warm."
[17:07] <Isaiah> "…"
[17:08] <Ikari‘Shinji> "… So, um. The Major was telling me you, um. Saved Pilot Zhang’s life?"
[17:09] <Isaiah> "Ah…" Isaiah blushed. "I-I prefer not to talk about it."
[17:10] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Oh. S-Sorry."
[17:12] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah nibbled a chip.
[17:15] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Zaizai!"]
[17:15] <Isaiah> "!" Isaiah immediately looked up.
[17:17] * Ikari`Rei was pelting across the deck, running willy-nilly, a giant grin on her face as she practically vaulted into a chair. "Zaizai!" She said, following it up with Japanese.
[17:19] <Isaiah> "Hi, Reirei." Said Isaiah, beaming at the girl. Almost automatically he pushed his bowl toward her, before turning to Shinji. "What did she say?"
[17:21] <Ikari`Rei> ["Oh. She said she wanted to go see the city!"]
[17:22] * Ikari`Rei was cheerfully digging into what had once supposed to have been Isaiah’s lunch.
[17:22] <Isaiah> "Oh. Erm…" Isaiah looked around. Where -was- Dr. Ikari, anyway?
[17:24] <Ikari‘Rei> ["Ah. I think she wants you to take her in."]
[17:26] <Isaiah> "Huh?" Isaiah blinked. "Why me? I don’t even speak Japanese!"
[17:27] * Ikari‘Rei giggled and said something. She fully expected her brother to translate.
[17:27] <Ikari`Rei> ["Ah… She just thinks you’re the best."]
[17:29] * Isaiah blushed. "W-Well, I don't think…" He looked down at Rei. "Wouldn't you prefer to go with your brother?" He pointed at Shinji.
[17:30] * Ikari‘Rei simply stared right back. She smiled.
[17:35] <Isaiah> "W-well, I guess that’s alright…" Said Isaiah uncertainly. He had a lot of doubts about this… They'd been able to communicate a little through gestures and pointing, but still… He stood up.
[17:41] * Ikari‘Rei leapt out of her chair, immediately taking Isaiah’s hand.
[17:42] <Isaiah> "Are you coming, Shinji-san?" Asked Isaiah quietly.
[17:42] <Ikari‘Rei> ["I don’t think she wants me to come."]
[17:54] <Isaiah> "O-oh. I see." Isaiah scratched the back of his neck. "W-well… Erm. I guess I'll see you later, alright? Let Dr. Ikari know what's going on. She has my number."
[17:58] <Ikari‘Rei> [Shinji nodded. "Alright. Have fun, Isaiah-san." He smiled, and said something to Rei.-
[17:58] * Ikari`Rei frowned, and snapped something right back- before she started to tug on Isaiah’s hand.
[18:00] <Isaiah> "Haha. Hold on, hold on." Isaiah chuckled helplessly as he let himself be led on. Such an energetic little girl!
[18:05] <Isaiah> [It didn't take long for the two of them to cross through the resort and out into the vibrant life of the city. The sun was high in the sky, bathing the area in bright sunlight and warmth. Isaiah felt a little uncomfortable; he was used to the cool and cold, and even then, he was fairly pale…-
[18:13] <Isaiah> "So, you happy up there?" He asked.
[18:14] <Ikari‘Rei> "Hehehe." Rei had, at some point, coaxed Isaiah to put her on his shoulders once again. She was cheerfully mussing up his fluffy blonde hair and giggling as she looked around, drawing murmurs of ’adorable!' and 'awww' from passersby.
[18:48] <Isaiah> "So. Where do you want to go first?" Asked Isaiah. He knew full well that she couldn't understand him, but…
[18:51] * Ikari‘Rei peered down at Isaiah. "aisu kurimu?" She tried experimentally.
[18:54] <Isaiah> "Huh? Hm…" Isaiah frowned for a moment. "… Oh. Wait. Ice cream? You want ice cream?"
[18:56] * Ikari`Rei nodded eagerly!
[19:05] * Isaiah took them by an ice creamery. It was an interesting place, full of colours and crisp cold air; the bainmarie full of colourful and appetising flavours. A few minutes later (and a bit of ’translation'), the two of them walked out with ice cream cones; Isaiah with a mango scoop in a cone, Rei with a strawberry and passionfruit monstrosity, topped off with caramel topping. It was an accident waiting to happen.
[19:12] * Ikari‘Rei was determined to enjoy her accident, no matter what. She licked away, keeping a precautionary hand on Isaiah’s head as they walked. "Zaizai?"
[19:12] <Isaiah> "Mmm?"
[19:14] * Ikari‘Rei pointed at a poster. It was one of -those- posters; the Evangelion Bond posters. The Evas stood at attention, staring up at the sky; the pilots in their plugsuits, ready to fight; the message.
[19:18] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah stopped. He stared at the poster for a moment, before walking over to it. The picture used old images… Yanmei still had her pigtails in the image. He stared at the sketch of her for a moment, before looking up at EVA-04.-
[19:19] <Isaiah> The next thing he knew, he suddenly had the poster in his hand, scrunching it up. With unexpected vehemence he hurled it aside, his head suddenly throbbing with unlovely memories.
[19:22] * Ikari`Rei was very quiet. Rei was fairly sensitive to Isaiah’s moods, and… Well, he was angry. And upset. You didn't need to rip a poster off a wall to realise that. "… Z-Zaizai?"
[19:23] <Isaiah> "A-ah, er… Sorry, Reirei." Said Isaiah, trying to smile up at her.
[19:23] * Ikari‘Rei smoothed his fringe down in a consoling manner.
[19:24] * Isaiah really did smile at that. He lowered his head once more and continued on. What else could you do with a little kid who didn’t speak your language?
[19:31] <Ikari‘Rei> [A surprising amount. Rei was the sort of child to point Isaiah in all sorts of directions and stare at things even if she had no idea what they were. They visited a pet shop, where Rei was given a kitten to pet (pictures were taken); they found themselves in a book store at one point, where Rei tried to make Isaiah promise to read the books to her; and finally a toy store, where Isaiah cheerfully blew 200 francs on his companio
[19:32] <Ikari`Rei> n.-
[19:35] <Ikari`Rei> [It was emerging from this toy store that a voice cried out to Isaiah, although he didn’t realise it until he was tapped on the shoulder. "Excuse me."]
[19:37] <Isaiah> "Hm?! Sorry?" Isaiah turned suddenly, staring at the newcomer.
[19:46] <Ikari‘Rei> [It was a girl with brown hair- taller than Isaiah, although that wasn’t hard. She was wearing a dark blue sundress and a scowl. She held out a particular clump of paper. "I saw you rip this down."]
[19:47] <Isaiah> "H-huh?" Isaiah stared at it. Yes, he could recognise the colouring- it was that poster. "So…?"
[19:49] <Ikari‘Rei> [This only seemed to anger her more. "You should be ashamed of yourself! How can you rip this down? What kind of person degrades the image of our popular heroes? Those people saving our lives?!"]
[19:59] <Isaiah> "I-I’m sorry? I didn't mean-"
[20:00] <Ikari‘Rei> ["They risk their lives, you know! How can you do that to them? Don’t you have any consideration for what NERV does?!"]
[20:02] <Isaiah> "H-H-hold on! Please!" Isaiah fumbled in his coat for a moment. In his hand was his wallet, which he flipped open. "S-See? That's my ID! I work for NERV!"
[20:03] <Ikari‘Rei> ["Despciable! Utterly d- huh?" The girl stopped mid-rant, and peered forward. Stared at the ID. "Wait, no way."]
[20:05] <Isaiah> "Y-yes way!" Replied Isaiah desperately. He took the ID out and held it out to her.
[20:09] <Ikari`Rei> [She took it. "Huh." She flipped it over. "Huh…" Then looked back at the picture- and the name. "Huh! Really? You’re the one who ran into 04's body after the last battle, right?"]
[20:09] <Isaiah> "H-How do you know that?"
[20:16] <Ikari‘Rei> ["Ah, no no no. This is all bad. I’m sorry." She held the ID out again. "I'm sorry for yelling at you. My name's Natasha Volkova. I'm part of NERV Russia."]
[20:17] * Isaiah took his ID back, staring down at it for a moment before pocketing it. "NERV Russia?" He stared back at her for a moment. "… Are you a pilot?"
[20:17] <Ikari‘Rei> ["On the spot, Mr. Gabriel-Wei!" Said Natasha cheerfully. "… Well, not yet. But I will be. One day -soon-."]
[20:20] <Isaiah> "Huh." Isaiah looked up at Rei bemusedly for a moment, to see what she made of this, but she was mostly watching the newcomer with curiosity. "Ah. So… So a potential pilot, then. What are you doing here in the Riviera?"
[20:21] <Ikari`Rei> ["The Commander bade me came." Said Natasha. "She wants me close for some reason." The girl winked at the last word, as if she knew -exactly- what the reason was.]
[20:22] <Isaiah> "Oh." Said Isaiah quietly. "Maybe you’ll be getting your Evangelion soon."
[20:23] <Ikari‘Rei> ["… Yeah, that’s what I thought." Said Natasha, seeming momentarily put out by Isaiah's response. She'd been hoping for a wink back or something! Ah… "Well, I'm sorry for my snapping. It is just, the pilots are heroes to me."]
[20:24] <Isaiah> "Heroes…" Isaiah frowned slightly. "W-well, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you or your heroes- to me they're friends, and I feel a little weird about seeing them on posters."
[20:25] <Ikari‘Rei> ["It is fine." She smiled. "You are a hero, too! A lot of people in NERV were talking about you after your heroism."]
[20:26] <Isaiah> "Er." Isaiah blushed and took a step back. "I… I wouldn’t call it heroism. It… Please don't say that."
[20:26] <Ikari‘Rei> ["…?" Natasha frowned. "I’m sorry, did I cause offense again?"]
[20:27] <Isaiah> "No, it's fine, it's- it just feels weird to hear people say that."
[20:28] <Ikari‘Rei> ["Oh. Why? You don’t want to be a hero?"]
[20:28] <Isaiah> "N-Not really."
[20:29] <Ikari‘Rei> ["Oh." She said again. "Well… You are staying at the resort with the others, right? The Commander?"]
[20:29] <Isaiah> "R-right."
[20:30] <Ikari`Rei> ["Why don’t we walk back together?" She gave him a friendly smile. "We can talk."]
[20:31] <Isaiah> "Um. Actually, Rei and I were still going to be awhile…"
[20:31] <Ikari‘Rei> ["Oh." She blinked for a moment, then smiled. "Alright. But you visit me when you get back, alright? Room E65. You can tell me about the heroes."]
[20:32] <Isaiah> "Er, ok."
[20:36] <Ikari`Rei> [She hovered for a moment, then seemed to frown- but before long was smiling again. "Alright. Goodbye, Mr. Gabriel-Wei! I will see you later." And with an eager wave, she started to head off at a fast pace.]
[20:36] * Ikari`Rei waved, too!
[20:37] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah shook his head as she headed off. "What… A strange girl." Murmured Isaiah to himself. "Alright, Reirei. Let’s go hit up that park."-
[20:37] <Isaiah> And with that, he took a decidedly different direction and started to head off, little girl on his shoulders.

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