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(13:26:00) * Sept entered the prison ward, walking with the newly-retrieved artifact strapped to his back. He'd been avoiding the place until now, but their latest trip out to the world had given him a bit of a confidence boost in these matters.
(13:44:31) Minaplo: [The prison cells were essentially surovite boxes, albeit with one section- the door- being made of a transparent surovite variant. It was sound proof, with communication being done via two connected phones built into the wall.-
(13:46:54) Minaplo: [The cell had a bed as well as a door at the back, presumably leading to the restroom. Agatha was inside, lying on the bed upside down, holding a digital tablet in the air and staring at it.]
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(13:54:58) * Sept knocked on the 'door' - though it probably didn't make much of a sound on the inside. He tried a button on the phone instead.
(14:05:24) Minaplo: [Agatha rolled over onto her belly, looking up at Sera with a slightly baffled expression. Slowly pulling herself off the bed, she walked over to the door and picked up the phone, tapping it.]
(14:07:18) Sept: "Heyo. Doing okay?"
(14:18:51) Minaplo: ["Bored. Why do you have a big shiny spear?"]
(14:23:06) Sept: "Knives got old."-
(14:23:22) Sept: "That was a lie. They let you -have- things?"
(14:30:51) Minaplo: ["Well, Yanmei came around and talked to all of us, or so she said, and I told her I was bored as hell because they wouldn't let me have a game console in case I turned it into a bomb or something, so she said she'd look into giving me things to do or moving me to a sweet, sweet battleship pad."]
(14:36:24) Sept: "Wow, I should've tried being a prisoner of war instead. That almost sounds comfortable."
(14:38:44) Minaplo: ["Are you kidding? It'd be awesome!"]
(14:42:23) Sept: "Yeah, I should've had her as my attorney, I guess. I… probably should've had -an- attorney."
(14:48:52) Minaplo: [She laughed. "It'd help, you know…"]
(14:57:19) Sept: "So we ran into Mary. There's the vaguest possibility of cooperation in the air, now."
(15:02:09) Minaplo: ["Really?"]
(15:08:30) Sept: "Well. We're all still in a stalemate. I have no idea where we're going from here. Vercingetorix just made an appeal for a permanent truce."
(15:17:33) Minaplo: ["Doubt it'll work."]
(15:23:46) Sept: "Yeah, of course not, but I'd like to at least figure out why. There's a ton of reasons for Mary to decline, but maybe one of them is more important to her than the others."
(15:28:37) Minaplo: ["Go on, then."]
(15:32:58) Sept: "The obvious ones are personal reasons. The suggested so-called deal would have 'our' side losing next to nothing, while she has to let go of any Instrumentality-based plans, and ultimately just comes out defeated from the whole thing. Her plans themselves could be important enough for her to fight to the death, as well."
(15:35:34) Minaplo: ["That's basically her in a nutshell, though."]
(15:42:18) Sept: "Yeah, but. Mmh. Caine Logic."
(15:57:04) Minaplo: ["Still, a temporary truce is… Good? I dunno what to say, really. Sorry, Sept."]
(16:02:52) Sept: "No, that's fine. I thought you might have known her better." Sera leaned sideways on the wall by the phone. "Do you mind if I ask some questions about you, though?"
(13:17:58) Minaplo: ["Provisionally don't mind, but if they're a little too personal I'm going to have to refuse. Case-by-case basis." She winked.]
(13:22:57) Sept: "I want to know how you got to be so stupidly well-adjusted. What's your daily life been like up to now?"
(13:25:55) Minaplo: ["That's a big question. Do you mind breaking it down into several smaller ones?"]
(13:30:22) Sept: "I assume you and the rest of the Primes spent have spent most of your time on the Damocles?"
(13:31:27) Minaplo: ["No, not really. Most of our time's been spent in the Synfront, actually."]
(13:36:36) Sept: "So what was your 'downtime' there like?"
[20:48] <Minaplo> ["Oh, you know. Leisurely, I guess. Read, surf the net, eat… I mean, I don't -have- to eat, but it's fun sometimes. Oh, play games. Board games, video games… Oh, there's this one game Scholastica loves to play and drags me along with it, you need to build cities and stuff…"]
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(14:23:51) Sept: "Yeah, no, food's definitely my favorite energy source, too. So most of your social interaction was with each other, then."
(14:25:39) Minaplo: ["Yeah. We didn't really have -that- much to do with the lesser Solomons, honestly."]
(14:31:21) Sept: "So by the way you haven't had much trouble at all adapting to your life, you all had some kind of memories implanted..?"
(14:43:38) Minaplo: ["Memories, as in… 'Fake' memories? Like remembering a granny who made cookies or something?"]
(14:44:57) Sept: "Well, more like information. You could certainly do it through a memory set, but… some kind of crash course on human society?"
(14:55:24) Minaplo: ["Oh, yeah. Pretty basic stuff, how to eat with utensils, languages, gestures…"]
(14:58:28) Sept: "And despite that, all of you retain memories from before you were brought back - or whatever you'd call it."
(15:01:38) Minaplo: ["Some memories to varying degrees, yes. Not all. The memories can be hard to parse."]
(15:06:11) Sept: "Ah. That's the part that separates you from anything we've accomplished before." Sera opened and closed his mouth, pausing again.-
(15:07:08) Sept: "Hard because… there's nothing to associate them with, or hard because you can't i…dentify, with the memories?"
(15:08:39) Minaplo: ["Hard because… Okay."-
(15:10:26) Minaplo: ["Did you know that if you took all the biological data of every human who ever lived and pooled it together into a single volume, it'd still be smaller than the amount contained in a single Angel?"-
(15:10:56) Minaplo: ["That's why. Because my current body is trying to translate memories held in my soul, but those memories are from a body utterly alien in nearly every way to my own."]
(15:16:21) Sept: "More than a bit of both," he concluded with a nod. "I understand. Then, your friend Augustine's obsession… do you think that stems from the same source?"
(15:19:44) Minaplo: ["Source meaning…?"]
(15:26:05) Sept: "Mm. A frustration with that incomplete recollection? Whether he's trying to find her to fill in the gaps, or because of a relationship they genuinely shared. Not… that it's going to change much at all, but."
(15:26:47) Minaplo: ["Well, the thing with Augustine is that he doesn't quite have that problem. His recollection, from what I can tell, is leaps and bounds beyond my own. His is nearly perfect."]
(15:30:15) Sept: "Yeah, that's why I… that makes sense. If that hadn't been the case, it'd call for a different approach. The insight helps."
(15:33:33) Minaplo: ["Good for you. You spoken to Yanmei about it?"]
(15:38:51) Sept: "Not really, it's just something I was wondering about for myself. Might as well cover something she might not have thought of while I'm at it. You know, like a good little underling."
(15:46:23) Minaplo: ["Attaboy." She grinned.]
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(16:05:01) * Sept laughed, continuing with a grin. "If only it was that easy. At least you've had your master picked out for you, and when you're off the clock, that's your own business."
(16:09:09) Minaplo|Out: ["That's an awfully charitible description of my life…"]
(16:11:37) Sept: "Elisha Caine was a known philanthropist."
(16:12:02) Minaplo|Out: ["You sure you don't mean philanderer?"]
(16:13:49) * Sept just winked at her.
(16:15:10) Minaplo|Out: ["Eww, don't even." Her forehead wrinkled, her lips curled into a grimace. "You were supposed to ask 'howso', and I'd go 'Well, he seems to have fucked a lot of people over', and we'd both share a laugh at our little play on words."]
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(16:19:28) Sept: "No, it's just… That seemed like an entirely fair description. And I'd still reject that other premis- mm. Nevermind. My bad."
(16:20:36) Minaplo: ["Entirely fair? Go on!"]
(16:23:14) Sept: "N-no? Elisha Caine was a genius and a humanitarian, and eternally loyal to his partner. I don't know where you'd get that kind of slander."
(16:26:57) Minaplo: ["Oh please. Handsome, intelligent, literally the heir to a secret uber-wealthy conspiracy-family… He must've gotten around a -little- bit. Had a lovechild here and there…"]
(16:30:13) Sept: "Plot twist, that's how I came to be. How would that not be weird with a Libido Effect, though?"
(16:31:42) Minaplo: ["Well obviously he could've had them before that."]
(16:35:00) Sept: "Well, yeah, but what does that matter? Those would the lovechilds of Elisha Caine, overprivileged student, not Elisha Caine, global mastermind."
(16:36:11) Minaplo: ["Well, it'd prove my point about the philandering…"]
(16:37:51) * Sept was snapped back to the actual discussion they were having. "…oh. Well, I guess."
(16:44:42) Minaplo: ["I guess that's one trait you haven't 'inherited', then~?"]
(16:48:47) Sept: "No, that's Aline."
(16:52:01) Minaplo: ["Oho, go on!"]
(16:55:23) * Sept blushed slightly. "I mean her unit! Evangelion Unit 00, that's the one with the- -IF- that trait exists, -then- it is in Evangelion Unit Zero-Zero. God."
(16:57:12) Minaplo: [She leaned forward, folding her hands together under her chin, tilting her head, smiling beneficently. "Is that so~?"]
(16:59:05) * Sept crossed his hands adversarially. "You can draw whatever wild correlations you want along the lines of pilot-unit compatibility, but I won't be confirming them."
(16:59:59) Minaplo: ["No no, I would never. I'm just wondering why you think zero-zero~"]
(17:02:41) Sept: "Because there are very clear lines you draw things like these on when you're a pretentious mastermind, and 00's the only possible candidate for an Eros fragment, okay?"
(17:05:58) Minaplo: ["Uh-huh. Okay."]
(17:06:39) Sept: "'Okay' is right."
(17:08:56) Minaplo: ["Sure." She grinned.]
(17:15:57) Sept: "Yeah, well." Sera rubbed his other arm. "Thanks for humoring me, anyway."
(17:16:17) Minaplo: ["Ditto?"]
(17:19:13) Sept: "Mm," he nodded enthusiastically. "Hope your conditions get better. Drop me a line if you need me to… I don't know, switch places or something."
(17:23:15) Minaplo: ["I don't think they'll like that."]
(17:23:25) Sept: "I don't think they'll notice."
(17:29:39) Minaplo: ["Pfft. You're not that pretty."]
(17:30:59) Sept: "With a bit of makeup?"
(17:31:12) Minaplo: ["Not even close!"]
(17:35:02) * Sept made a disappointed noise. "That's tough to hear."
(17:35:56) Minaplo: ["You've done something bizarre with your hair, that's your own damn fault."]
(17:39:49) Sept: "That's specifically -not- - mmh. Look, it's called permanent dye for a reason, and I couldn't well just spend hours every day with removal and color correction products, there're more important things than my hair!"
(17:40:35) Minaplo: ["Shave it all off!"]
(17:41:18) Sept: "Never."
(17:41:30) Minaplo: ["Do it! Buy a saffron robe to go with it."]
(17:41:51) Sept: "You're making fun of me and my hair."
(17:43:05) Minaplo: ["Of course I am. I can do it with other people, too. Here, check this out: what's the sound of one Mary Caine clapping?"]
(17:44:00) Sept: "Wh-what..?"
(17:44:17) Minaplo: ["No one knows! She's never clapped!"]
(17:45:16) Sept: "I'm sure she has!"
(17:46:02) Minaplo: ["Yeah, well, that's another zen conundrum: if Mary Caine claps, and no one's around to see it, does it make a sound?"]
(17:46:16) Sept: "…I'm going now."
(17:46:36) Minaplo: ["If you see Mary Caine on the road, kill her!"]
(17:49:05) Sept: "See you." He shut off the receiver and walked off.
(17:49:45) Minaplo: [Her voice cut off abruptly, but she could still be seen laughing and cackling wildly as he left.]

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