For The Love Of Life 1 2a2

(14:53:42) Minaplo: [Joan stepped forward, placing her hand into the alcove…-
(14:59:12) Minaplo: [And the northern door opened, revealing a dark room, a darkness thick enough that even their torches had trouble penetrating.]
(15:01:35) Sept: "Let the light of our souls illuminate," Sera shrugged, walking in.
(15:19:30) Minaplo: [Joan followed, the door shutting behind them, plunging them into almost pure darkness.-
(15:19:38) Minaplo: ["So then."]
(15:24:58) Sept: "You missed all the excitement at Vercy's base. Let's start figuring this room out. Stick together or split up?"
(15:32:45) Minaplo: ["Split."-
(15:33:07) Minaplo: [And without waiting for verification she turned and walked off into the darkness.]
(15:34:21) Sept: "Quelle surprise." Sera, too, wandered onwards, then.
(15:39:44) Minaplo: [Sera followed the wall west for a few metres. There was an engraving on the wall…]
(15:40:42) Sept: "Something on the walls." Sera squinted, trying to make sense of it, tracking the edges of the markings with his hands.
(15:44:01) Minaplo: [It was an engraving of a bird. The bird was in flight. A full sun hung over the bird. Above the sun was two vertical lines, side by side.]
(15:47:05) Sept: "A bird say anything to you, symbolism-wise?" He kept following the wall onwards.
(15:48:21) Minaplo: [Silence.-
(15:48:49) Minaplo: [In fact, Sera would suddenly 'feel' silence too. He felt as though a tight pillow had been clamped over his mouth…-
(15:56:46) Minaplo: [… It'd only be a few seconds, but the terrifying moments had lasted much longer. The inability to breathe, the burning, panicky feeling as his lungs screamed for air…-
(15:57:17) Minaplo: [He found himself sprawled on the ground, next to the door he'd entered in. Joan was next to him on all fours, coughing.]
(16:01:42) Sept: "Hhgghhow..?" Sera forced himself at least up to a sitting position, if he'd have to defend himself.
(16:09:58) Minaplo: ["Don't… Bloody know." Joan got to one knee, then struggled onto her feet. "I thought you grabbed me at first!"]
(16:14:25) Sept: "Didn't." Still gasping for breath, he stood up again. "… Stick together?"
(16:20:12) Minaplo: ["Fine."]
(16:24:49) Sept: "Let's just see how far out we can get. There must be a pattern."
(16:25:08) Minaplo: [She shrugged. They both stepped forward…-
(16:25:20) Minaplo: [And woke up seconds later, sprawled on the ground, their chests burning.]
(16:34:07) * Sept chose to just lie on his back for a while, this time.
(16:34:40) Minaplo: ["T-thanks for that." Grumbled Joan.]
(16:36:21) Sept: "Hh… Didn't see any engravings over there, right?"
(16:38:39) Minaplo: ["Yeah. Bird."]
(16:42:01) Sept: "With a sun?"
(16:42:44) Minaplo: [She nodded.']
(16:44:28) * Sept gazed up at the ceiling. "Thought it might've just been a warning - a test of stamina. But… what about the two lines?"
(16:46:05) Minaplo: ["I don't know. A number? 11?"]
(16:51:33) Sept: "Doesn't ring a bell. Sathariel was the Eleventh. Doesn't seem relevant."
(16:52:17) Minaplo: ["Take off your angel-coloured glasses. It could mean something else. A date…"]
(17:01:52) Sept: "Ngh, too vague, we're not gonna get through by remembering Armistice Day."
(17:05:55) Minaplo: ["Then list the entire engraving with all the details."]
(17:11:29) Sept: "Two vertical lines, sun, bird. Top to bottom. I could be represented by a bird, I guess. But again, I don't see why."
(17:12:31) Minaplo: ["'Pteres'?"]
(17:14:44) Sept: "Yeah. But nothing to confirm it. What's a sun in here?"
(17:15:33) Minaplo: ["Far away?"]
(17:20:39) Sept: "Hah. Lines could just be 'two'. Us. The engravings."
(17:21:33) Minaplo: ["Two. I suppose."]
(17:32:03) Sept: "I've got nothing. I'll… take another look over there. We got a bit further by sticking to the walls."
(17:37:53) Minaplo: ["Alright, then. I'll go my way?"]
(17:38:47) Sept: "If you want. Switch sides for science?"
(17:39:03) Minaplo: ["Fine."]
(17:48:54) * Sept headed east, then, keeping the wall in sight.
(17:49:43) Minaplo: [And Joan did the same.-
(17:50:52) Minaplo: [It happened instantly once more. Sera's vision went black and he found himself sprawling… This time on something strangely soft and warm.]
(17:54:54) Sept: "What's… different?" Sera said, frustrated. "What was it about the first time?"
(17:55:21) Minaplo: [Something struck his back- a fist. "Getoffrightnow!"]
(18:01:30) Sept: "Ow, wh-" Sera somehow managed to obey, finding himself a polite half meter away. "… sorry."
(18:06:49) Minaplo: ["Grr." Joan leapt to her feet, and despite her hidden expression, it was obvious that she was angry. "I… Urrgh. How dare this… thing insult us so? How the hell are we supposed to make progress?"]
(18:09:23) Sept: "And what does it have to do with us?" Sera stayed on the ground, a hand on his forehead. "Or Fragments, or…"
(18:10:15) Minaplo: ["Look. There's only one thing we haven't done." Said Joan. "Taken our first path again. If we can do that, then…"]
(18:12:33) Sept: "Of course. Maybe we'll come up with the solution once our brains stop getting oxygen." He got up, ready to head out as they had.
(18:17:15) Minaplo: [… And this time he wasn't suddenly suffocated. He found himself back at that infuriating engraving. The bird sat there beneath the sun and two lines, mocking him, for it was a bird and was free, and he was stuck in a puzzle room.]
(18:21:31) Sept: "Everything okay?"
(18:24:33) Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(18:27:59) Sept: "Did you continue following the wall the first time?"
(18:28:33) Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(18:34:16) Sept: "Does the engraving itself respond to touch, maybe? Cover up the sun on your end?"
(18:39:20) Minaplo: ["… Alright."]
(18:39:54) * Sept did the same, still thinking about possible interpretations for the whole thing.
(18:40:02) Minaplo: [Nothing.]
(18:41:52) Minaplo: * RETCON ALERT *
(18:42:34) Minaplo: [Nothing happened at first… But then Sera noticed subtle differences. The engraving was changing, like a river changing its path… Now the bird was flying in the opposite direction from the sun.]
(18:42:50) Minaplo: [Or rather, in the opposite direction of wherever it had been flying.]
(18:45:14) Sept: "…mm. See that?"
(18:45:47) Minaplo: ["Yeah."-
(18:45:53) Minaplo: ["It changes back if I uncover the sun."]
(18:49:16) Sept: "A direction? We're supposed to switch sides or head out from here?"
(18:49:38) Minaplo: ["What do you mean by 'switch sides'? I go over there and you go over here?"]
(18:50:12) Sept: "Yeah. But we can't keep blindly experimenting with movement forever, either."
(18:51:18) Minaplo: ["Right. If we do we're fucked, so…"-
(18:51:26) Minaplo: ["You think this is a clue to direction?"]
(19:00:48) * Sept checked if any of the other symbols harbored such interactions. "Well, covering the sun would check we're here, so it's possible. Otherwise… something that goes one way by day, the other by night, something like that."
(19:01:24) Minaplo: [Only the sun was interactive.-
(19:01:48) Minaplo: ["Something to do with birds and the sun?"]
(19:05:49) Sept: "Migrating? Navigation? If it's literal birds, I guess it wouldn't refer to day-night cycles."
(19:06:15) Minaplo: ["Migrating? Like, flying south for the winter or something?"]
(19:06:56) Sept: "Yeah. If nothing's changed, we're still at the south end, right?"
(19:07:25) Minaplo: ["Right. My helmet has a compass, yours ought to as well, and this engraving is to my south…"]
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(19:13:36) Sept: "Ugh. 'Migrate' north, then?"
(19:14:16) Minaplo: ["… Yeah. I suppose. Migrate north… Two? Two metres?"]
(19:15:11) Sept: "Yeah, start with that. If we get more than one pace, that's progress. Ready?"
(19:15:42) Minaplo: ["Ready."]
(19:17:51) Sept: "Three… two… Here goes." Sera tried to resist the urge to take a deep breath - it'd only feel worse when it was kicked out of him.
(19:27:01) Minaplo: [Nothing. He wasn't impeded at all.-
(19:27:07) Minaplo: ["… Huh. Progress."-
(19:27:17) Minaplo: [He could see the faint outlines of an engraving on the floor, about a metre ahead…]
(19:40:34) Sept: "I'll keep going to get to this engraving." And so he did, carefully approaching.
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(19:54:07) Minaplo: [He could see it clearly now. It was an engraving of a man, wearing a long white robe and a tall mitre, wielding a heavy mace in his right hand, holding his left palm up facing outwards. He was standing on a dark platform, and behind him was a wall. Above his head was an open book, bearing the following: '2:315'.]
(20:03:10) Sept: "Christian? Or would there be more numbers if it was? Mm. Some kind of priest?"
(20:06:27) Minaplo: ["Possibly. I don't think bible passage numbers go as high as 135, though."]
(20:07:20) Sept: "Yeah. It's 315."
(20:07:31) Minaplo: ["It's 135."]
(20:10:21) Sept: "Alright. White robe, pope hat, mace in right hand, left palm out. Book above him with 2:315."
(20:11:19) Minaplo: ["Yeah, white robe, mitre, mace in… Left, right palm out, book is 2:135."]
(20:13:42) Sept: "So hands and 1-3 switched."
(20:14:08) Minaplo: ["Yeah. Any ideas?"]
(20:19:57) Sept: "Assuming this is still just movement… That'd mean we'd be going in opposite directions. There's no room to go backwards, so that leaves five possibilities, if diagonal is possible."
(20:22:17) Minaplo: ["Four possibilities. If there's no room to go backwards, then neither one of us can go forward either. So that's west, east, northwest and northeast."]
(20:32:41) Sept: "Yeah. So this figure… the one hand's a stop sign, but the other's armed. Neither are inviting."
(20:36:12) Minaplo: ["Ugh. It's not a stop sign, it's a blessing gesture."]
(20:40:18) Sept: "Look, he's clearly put these in here just to fuck with me," Sera argued to the disembodied voice of the Angel who killed a hundred thousand of the people he'd lived to protect. "He knows I'm all about the orient."
(20:43:21) Minaplo: ["So you're saying it's no occident that they're here?"]
(20:50:33) Sept: "Of course it's not. So you're saying we should follow the raised hand. What about the numbers?"
(20:52:46) Minaplo: ["Well, uh… If we assume the numbers tell us how far we need to go, the 2 could be metres, like with the migration one. So 2 metres to the direction of the hand…"]
(20:53:06) Minaplo: [Her lack of comment on the hundreds was conspicuous.]
(21:01:57) Sept: "Since only two are switched, could mean those should be disregarded. Either way, what's the semicolon for? Turn after 2 metres?"
(21:03:11) Minaplo: ["Oh, that could be it. We ought to test the 'blessing hand' theory first though."]
(21:04:31) Sept: "Agreed. I go left, you go right?"
(21:05:25) Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(21:07:27) Sept: "Right- I mean, yes. Three, two, go."
(21:08:12) Minaplo: [Whump. Black.-
(21:10:19) Minaplo: [Sera's vision swam blurrily back into focus. He was on his back, and Joan was next to him, her head lying on his chest, a rib of her ornate helmet jabbing awkwardly into his throat.]
(21:14:52) Sept: "…'s that leave… thother way?" Sept turned his head to have the helmet be less of a threat to his windpipe.
(21:17:20) Minaplo: ["Uggh." She rolled off. "Damnit. What the hell? What did we miss?"]
(21:23:40) * Sept picked himself up. "You shouldn't trust… priests? I have an AT weapon that's a mace?"
(21:26:06) Minaplo: [She sighed. "Let's start from the top. The image. Describe it to me again, in case I missed a discrep."]
(21:28:48) Sept: "2:3… 2:315, right? Yeah. In an open book. Mitre, guy in white robe with a wall behind him, l- left hand out, a mace in the right one."
(21:29:56) Minaplo: [She shook her head. "I can't think of anything."]


(14:03:19) * Sept peered closer - despite their stumbling so far, it was still going a bit too smoothly to truly be Gendo's handiwork…
(14:12:49) @Minaplo: [Engraved into the stone was a circle shape, the border of which was an inch wide. Engraved into the inside of the circle was a thick T, which separated the circle into three parts: a large semicircle at the top, and two quarter-circles on the bottom-left and bottom-right.-
(14:18:53) @Minaplo: [Just above the intersection of the T, on the semi-circle part, was a curious engraving of a six-pointed star. Within the star was a cross, and intersecting the base of the cross was a crescent.-
(14:19:53) @Minaplo: [There were small engravings in the bottom-left quarter-circle as well. In the centre of the quarter-circle was an engraving of a two-headed eagle; to the right of this, against the T-engraving (about down the middle of the T's stem, in fact) was an engraving of a laurel.-
(14:21:52) @Minaplo: [The bottom-right quarter-circle sported one engraving, about three quarters up the base of the T; three triangles arranged in a row.-
(14:22:48) @Minaplo: [Finally, the sun was engraved, outside of the circle, at the very top of the image.-
(14:23:09) @Minaplo: [Below this diagram was engraved the following:
(14:24:53) @Minaplo: [The star-cross-crescent symbol, and a 1; the three triangles, and a 2; The two-headed eagle, upside down, and a 3; finally the laurel, and a 1.]
(14:39:42) Sept: "Yeah, it's kicking off, here. Complicated circle?"
(14:41:39) @Minaplo: ["Complicated circle, full of engravings, yeah."]
(14:46:47) * Sept set off, then, to describe the distribution of the circle parts, the symbols in- and outside the circle, as well as the numbered ones, checking for differences.
(15:16:24) @Minaplo: ["Alright. I have the same circle, but my symbols at the bottom are: Laurel 1, Triangles 2, upside-down eagle, missing its right head from my perspective 3, star-cross thing 1."]
(15:18:18) @Minaplo: <Left head*>
(15:21:35) Sept: "Alright. So the last and first numbered symbols are switched, and a different head is missing."
(15:24:32) @Minaplo: ["Ok. So… Deciphering these engravings is our priority, right?"]
(15:34:35) Sept: "Yeah. The three overlapping symbols are all the same family of religions. Eagle and laurel probably point to Rome… but I guess the eagle's been used further down the line, too. The last one… mountains?"
(15:41:32) @Minaplo: ["It could be. You think Rome and three religions… Meaning what?"]
(15:52:14) Sept: "Well, looking at it, the way they're placed a bit haphazardly, it's got to be a map. But the segments can't be the equator. If the numbers signify distance, again… Then that leaves direction. Relative from where?"
(15:57:14) @Minaplo: ["If it's a map, then… So, the laurel and the eagle represent Rome, the mountains… Oh wait, what if the religious symbols just mean 'the Abrahamic world'? So the mountains could mean Persia or something."]
(16:09:34) Sept: "Or further east. Bunch of places in Asia have a thing for mountains. Shinto especially, I suppose. But the directions should still stand."
(16:12:06) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, but you don't see a Shinto shrine on this map, do you?"]
(16:12:47) Sept: "No, I don't. I'm fine with narrowing it down to that area."
(16:13:31) @Minaplo: ["Alright."-
(16:13:51) @Minaplo: ["Then that means I head west, right?"]
(16:15:20) Sept: "You think the segments are there just to signify left, right and front?"
(16:17:27) @Minaplo: ["Sure! Uh, wait, no. What's the difference between the eagle and the laurel?"]
(16:26:43) Sept: "Eagle's upside down and missing a head. The feet are pointing diagonally?"
(16:27:34) @Minaplo: ["No, I mean, they have to mean something different, so they can't -both- mean 'west' for Rome."]
(16:35:26) Sept: "Mmh. By the logic of the last engraving, either toward or away from each other?"
(16:38:01) @Minaplo: ["Maybe… Probably?"
(16:38:02) @Minaplo: ]
(16:38:43) Sept: "Want to test out the first parts?"
(16:43:49) @Minaplo: ["Alright. So where do I go? West?"]
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(16:49:45) Sept: "Yeah. And I'll head forward. North. I'll go north."
(16:54:18) @Minaplo: ["Right then. On three?"]
(16:56:01) Sept: "Yeah. Three, two, one…"
(16:56:25) @Minaplo: [Whump.-
(16:57:21) @Minaplo: ["Success! Hey, how'd you go?"-
(16:57:29) @Minaplo: [He was alone this time. And nearly suffocating.]
(17:03:04) Sept: Trying to take a deep breath, he just made it worse and ended up wheezingly coughing his burning lungs out, without really managing a reply.
(17:03:36) @Minaplo: ["Uh oh. Sounds like you fucked up~" She let out a sweet-sounding giggle.]
(17:08:32) * Sept spat, climbing back to his feet. "What else could it mean, then?!" He traced his way back to the last engraving.
(17:12:21) @Minaplo: ["Well~ It worked for me, so…"-
(17:12:31) @Minaplo: ["Here, let's look back at what you've said. You said this was a map, right?"]
(17:17:01) Sept: "Yeah. Your sun was up north, as well, right?"
(17:18:09) @Minaplo: ["Yep. But I've been thinking about your Rome comment. If these -are- locations, then they must have specific meanings, including the Abrahamic symbols one. It has to be a place."]
(17:22:10) Sept: "Well, it would make sense for it to be Jerusalem, leaving it somewhere in between the rest of them."
(17:22:52) @Minaplo: ["Yeah, but Jerusalem isn't -north- of Rome, is it?"]
(17:23:27) Sept: "We hardly have room to go backwards, but… yeah. It seems that way."
(17:26:49) @Minaplo: ["So what does that mean?"]
(17:29:33) Sept: "If you place Jerusalem on the "map", it'll more or less be south from the center. But that leaves us traversing backwards for the next engraving."
(17:32:25) @Minaplo: ["I'm confused. Explain that to me again?"]
(17:34:30) Sept: "If we interpret that symbol as "south", then nothing points us forward. But I suppose it's possible there's still something we haven't seen between us and the entrance."
(17:34:56) @Minaplo: ["You've missed a step. Why is it south?"]
(17:39:23) Sept: "Because it's east from the eagle and laurel, and west from the mountains. If we're looking for directions, that leaves "stand still" and "south"."
(17:40:04) @Minaplo: ["Mm… Alright. Well, I went west, so I'm waiting on you now."]
(17:51:31) * Sept tried again, then, heading stubbornly south from the last engraving.
(17:51:45) @Minaplo: [Whump!-
(17:51:59) @Minaplo: [The only sound he'd hear as he came to would be Joan's laughter. "Oh man, I think I heard it that time!"]
(17:59:23) * Sept took a minute and, gritting his teeth, retraced his footsteps once more. "Can't… imagine it referring to anything but Jerusalem."
(18:01:12) @Minaplo: ["Ok. So if it's Jerusalem, and I think you're -right-, then what if everything else is wrong?"]
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(18:09:50) Sept: "What do you mean? That we have the other cities wrong, or the entire premise?"
(18:13:02) @Minaplo: ["It could be either or. Let's look at it like this: what's south or, hell, southeast of Jerusalem? Egypt, not Rome! Rome on a map is of a higher latitude than Jerusalem, so it should be -above- Jerusalem. And I don't really know if there's a lot of notable mountains in Arabia, either. So either we're misinterpreting the other signals, or there's something else we're not getting."]
(18:19:45) Sept: "Now you've confused -me-. You mean southwest, right?"
(18:22:04) @Minaplo: <DOUBLE RETCON: Southwest of Jerusalem*! Sera gets to make a different pose!>
(18:31:02) Sept: "Mm. It would make more sense to refer to Egypt with the pyramids. In that case, you can still justify Jerusalem and Constantinople if you assume the sun is east. Leaving Greece for last."
(18:33:38) @Minaplo: ["The sun… As east? Wait, you're saying this is an -east- justified map?"]
(18:38:37) Sept: "Even if that was true, we'd still be missing the relative directions. What's the central point?"
(18:45:52) @Minaplo: ["The only thing I can think of for you is that Jerusalem is towards the sun, so 'Jerusalem 1' would be one metre towards the orient- east. And since I went one metre -west-, it'd form symmetry!"]
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(18:50:15) Sept: "That seems valid, but the rest of them don't align quite so well. But since… Athens? — worked out as west for you…"
(18:51:49) @Minaplo: ["I do think it's Rome, but this can wait. Try it out!"]
(18:53:05) Sept: "Very encouraging to work with you," he said as he stepped off the engraving onto its east side.
(18:56:27) @Minaplo: [… Whump!-
(18:57:04) @Minaplo: [… Was the sound that Sera -didn't- hear this time. Instead he found himself staring at Joan, a flat metre to his east, actually able to see her… Mostly. "Hahaha! Hell yeah! Progress?"]
(19:00:29) Sept: "But at what cost..?" It was meant as a joke, but not delivered like one.
(19:02:28) @Minaplo: ["A few minutes of oxygen. C'mon, give me a fist!"-
(19:02:40) @Minaplo: [A hand emerged from the gloom, curled into a tight fist.]
(19:07:32) Sept: "Ugh." Sera hesitated, but gave it a tap, careful not to lean out too far.
(19:11:19) @Minaplo: ["Geez, that's it? How unsatisfying. So what next, then, hmm?"]
(19:21:18) Sept: "Geez, sorry. Next is the pyramid symbols. And we have to figure out if that direction is relative to the "places" we're in now, or that central point we were working off of earlier. If it's the latter, we both… head southwest?"
(19:23:46) @Minaplo: ["Possible, although it'd break symmetry…"]
(19:33:24) Sept: "It'd be the same direction for me even if it was relative to the last destination. So I guess… I can test out both of those at once."
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(19:44:15) @Minaplo: ["Hmm. If it's relative on our current location on the map, so Jerusalem for you and Rome for me, then it's Southwest for you and Southeast for me. But if it's working on that same central point, then we've started at the same spot and gone outwards. And as far as I can guess, the median point between Rome and Jerusalem would travel directly south to hit Egypt."]
(19:51:48) Sept: "I see. So you think there is a provable, specific central point at the middle of the circle?"
(19:53:42) @Minaplo: ["I dunno for sure, but it'd make sense if you worked mathematically. What's east of Rome and west of Jerusalem? Since we both walked the same distance, and both started at the same place, it'd have to be an equidistant point between the two… Although, hell, I could be wrong."]
(19:54:06) Sept: "Well, you could easily prove your theory."
(19:54:51) @Minaplo: ["Heh. So you want me to test it this time, huh?"]
(19:55:50) Sept: "You seemed pretty confident about it."
(19:56:38) @Minaplo: ["Ah…" She coughed. "W-Well, I mean, it's only fair? After all, I -am- the superhuman, and you've been beaten up plenty, so… O-Of course I'll test it this time."]
(19:57:29) Sept: "Hah. Of course."
(19:58:47) @Minaplo: [She took a deep breath. "Two south… Alright." She let the breath out, and took a step south…-
(19:59:13) @Minaplo: [And another, and another. "H-Hey, it worked!"]
(20:00:20) Sept: "So what are the segments of the circle, then..? Let's see if you're right." Sera headed south, as well.
(20:01:28) @Minaplo: [And Sera, too, met with success and a lack of air-exodus.-
(20:01:47) @Minaplo: ["The segments? Uh… If I had to guess, they'd be Europe, Africa and Asia."]
(20:03:55) Sept: "Mm. Red herring, then. And next, the eagle's heads."
(20:17:03) @Minaplo: ["Well, what do you think?"]
(20:21:45) Sept: "Well, first of all, the eagle's more or less northwest from the median, right? I'm wondering if it being upside down and missing a head are two separate factors, or one thing calling for a mirrored course."
(20:31:18) @Minaplo: ["Mm… We're missing a different head, so I definitely think a split is involved somehow. The first step brought us together, the second step was a little journey, the third step is a split…? Maybe?"]
(20:39:12) Sept: "I think we definitely don't have space to go that far backwards now, so… do you think it's diagonal from the central point? I had the left head, so I go left, and so forth?"
(20:40:58) @Minaplo: ["That works."]
(20:42:58) Sept: "My turn, then?"
(20:43:22) @Minaplo: ["Sure."]
(20:48:12) Sept: "Wish me luck." And he stepped into the unknown northwestern abyss.
(20:51:30) @Minaplo: [… And he found that the gloom parted for him, and surely did he know that he was safe… About three metres from where he'd been.-
(20:51:47) @Minaplo: ["I didn't hear a 'whump!', so…" And soon Joan headed off herself.-
(20:51:50) @Minaplo: ["And one last step!"]
(20:54:03) Sept: "The opposite of the first one, so just outward. I go west, you go east."
(20:58:37) @Minaplo: ["Yep."]
(20:59:02) Sept: "Three, two, one…"
(21:01:07) @Minaplo: [One last step, and Sera was back at the western door.-
(21:02:00) @Minaplo: [As he took the step, a shape began to emerge out of the stone; a single round button, and arranged around it in a circle the following words: "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world".]
(21:03:51) Sept: "Don't think pushing a button is going to make it so."
(21:04:38) @Minaplo: ["Heh. But it might make it all right in this goddamn room, so I'm not going to be picky."]
(21:09:44) Sept: "Yeah. On three?"
(21:11:09) @Minaplo: ["Sure."]
(21:12:04) * Sept counted down again, and punched the button.
(21:19:08) @Minaplo: [The stone recessed into the larger door- and from that epicentre, lines began to spread across the surface. Within ten seconds, the lines had joined up to the wall in ten different places.-
(21:19:40) @Minaplo: [With a grinding, grudging sound the different pieces of the door began to recede into the wall, slowly, but surely, until the entire doorway was clear.-
(21:19:50) @Minaplo: [The sound was echoed on the other side of the room- Joan had done the same.-
(21:23:33) @Minaplo: [Within a second of the doors opening, the oppressive, gloomy darkness filtered away. Sera's goggles began to do something- he could see the entire room, the engravings, Joan…!]
(21:25:04) Sept: "Well, shit. I think… it may be safe?" Sera waved an arm out in front of him, as if he'd be able to feel the force that kept choking them.

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